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The Girls Next Door Are Back!

The Girls Next Door Are Back!

Major changes shook up the Playboy Mansion last season when Holly, Bridget and Kendra said goodbye and moved out of the famous address they once called home.

But now a new chapter of The Girls Next Door begins as three new blond beauties, Crystal and twins Karissa and Kristina, settle into life at the Mansion.

The new season follows Hef and his new girlfriends as they embark on fresh new adventures. The wild ride begins when the new season of The Girls Next Door premieres TONIGHT (October 11) @ 10PM ET/PT on E!.

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  • christine

    “Sexiest Woman Alive dangling her adorable little puppy like a yo-yo. It doesn’t look like the dog is in pain…”

  • Rhonda

    I don’t think I’ll like these girls as much. Don’t seem to have the personality of Holly, Bridget and Kendra.

  • Ha-Ha

    Big deal.

  • Anastacia

    without kendra it’s total bullshit….

  • ava rose

    It’s official…i don’t think anyone really likes them and it’s not so much that the public are mean, these girls are just…bleehhh. Holly seemed like she really did love Hef, Bridget was just the sweetheart who was just a doll and baked cupcakes and planned parties for everyone and Kendra was just a “g”, athletic, and just funny. These “new” girls are just dumb. Have you see their interview on “chelsea lately”? The twins are soo immature and crystal looks like she’s better than both of them. At least w. the original “girls next door”, they did sincerely care for Hef and you know it wasn’t all for money b/c they left after a while…they wanted to live their lives too

    btw: there was a rumor that these 3 girls were beeotches at Kendra’s baby shower. Bridget, Holly, and kendra were excited to see Hef and the 3 girls were locked up in another room

  • kate

    I like the other three better.

  • Mattel toys rock

    Hef looked bad having three paid playmates,Holly,Bridget,Kendra.

    They did have sense and did have personalities.
    They helped Playboyas a brand with the tv show, their apperances by request and 3 photo shoots.
    The girls have moved on with jobs,money,etc.

    The new girls look bad.Cheap. Hef looks more stupid.TGND were Holly,Bridgett,Kendra. They were young enough tobe hisgranddaughters,but they had real familiesandwere not bad people.

    The twins have a rap sheet .No one knows the other girl.What a mess.

    I don’t think the show will succeed.

  • cutie pie

    I would never watch those sleazy people if i was getting paid too~~ no class at all , abunch of gold digging “H’s”

  • jen

    I can’t believe they’ve actually continued the show without the original 3 GND. Holly, Kendra, and Bridget made the show what it is and made it popular and people fell in love wtih them. THese new girls are basically being handed an already successful show and they’re just trying to cash in on it. I definitely won’t be watching the show because the 3 girls come off as complete idiots and i feel like i would actually become stupid if i watched them.

  • Melody

    @Anastacia: agree!

  • helen w.

    i’ve never known… are they like that on real life or it’s just a show?

  • AutumnM

    I don’t like these new girls either. Holly, Kendra and Bridget were fun to watch and likeable overall. These girls seem kinda snobby. I wont be tuning in.

  • *** JAMIE ***




  • LuckyL

    No one cares about them though. And they seem like deep down in side, they’re horrible people. No matter what I’ve said about the other three, you didn’t feel that way.

  • blah

    Why is it always blonde bimboos? I mean they are not the only women in the world. These three are not even cute, just whores. I guess that must be the requirment. Kendra was ugly and so was Holly so i rest my case

  • marisa

    H to the O to the ‘ to the S

  • lakers fan in boston

    i never even watched the last GND so i really couldnt give an eff
    it amazes how far some women will go just 2 get money and fame
    i mean f’ing an old guy and changing his diapers is going far

  • Pooter

    It should be titled” The Three Bimbos Are Back, YUCK” !

  • ewww

    Sorry but the show has run its course, the other girls were ok but we all know it is a fake and these girls just ooze sleeze among other things. I hope ther is another show that can take its place soon. Well a monkeys ass will do.

  • Nikki

    Sorry, but i’m not watching that show anymore!
    I completely LOVE Holly, Bridget & Kendra!..
    And i think that without them, it’s not going to be as fun as it was on previous seasons!.. those new girls just seems none-personality-playmates.. I don’t like them!

  • pickles

    These 3 new bimbos are not playboy material. OMG pot bellies and flat asses. Dumber than dumb which makes Hef look bad. Why couldn’t he just go out with class and not sink to this level.
    Sad, really sad.

  • ovah

    the 3 new girls don’t have any personalities. The show is ovah. Put a fork in it. Eww! and hef slept with Crystal’s mother.

  • J


    HOLLY , BRIDGET , KENDRA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • J. Ryan

    yeah its official i won’t be watching this… these girls look stupider than those idiots from sunset tan. seriously E!? just let it go… why can’t anyone in hollywood just let something die? you got lucky once, doesn’t mean its gonna happen again. same with disney and high school musical 4. just let it die.

  • J. Ryan

    yeah its official i won’t be watching this… these girls look stupider than those idiots from sunset tan. seriously E!? just let it go… why can’t anyone in hollywood just let something die? you got lucky once, doesn’t mean its gonna happen again. same with disney and high school musical 4. just let it die.

  • OhMyGod

    OhMyGod, I saw the show on the rerun.OhMyGod, the twins,OhMyGod, airheads who talk in unison and say,sing OhMyGod over and over.
    They did everything Kendra did in the pool at the Palms -Playboy penthouse.

    The other girl,talked to her mom on the phone and sat in at Mary’s desk
    i n the chair in front of Mary’s desk.
    Boring .

    Hef isdumb.Old businessman.He should have stopped withHolly,Bridget,andKendra.

    This show was bad. The other girlsH,B,K, had
    spunk.Thoughts.Personalities.They did not all look alike either.

    This is a bad rerun.

  • dude

    Come on-a My House, a My House
    We’re twins and we like money spending
    Come on-a My House,a My House
    we’re gonna show you fake ass girls, and a goldigger or two ehhh

    Come on-a My House, a My House!
    a My House!

  • KA

    Must they have sex with the old man?!

    I just feel it’s wrong … so low class…

  • SouthAfricanGirl

    I’ll give these three new girls one season

  • tiffany

    That is so awful that they made their dogs pink. I hate these girls

  • HA!


  • uggg!

    Complete trash is what I saw last night!

    Anyone who thinks it is cool for a child to be at a signing for a nude magazine is stupid. I also find it pretty gross that the twins run around naked with each other and stuff. I felt dirty watching their photo shoot.

  • twpumpkin

    I watched it last night. Horrible! These three scream LOSERS! Not the same without the original girls. Hef does not seem to like them that much either. The twins are really bad.

  • xander

    Hef should’ve consulted The Psychic Twins on Tyra before he hired
    these bimbos! This is going to be a train wreck.

  • K

    who cares why does’nt this old fart give up the charade? there’s no way he’s having sex anymore! go get your diaper changed Hef! and why does anyone care about a man who made a living out of exploiting women and the whores who use him to get free rent and fame? he makes porn and marketing him as a man to look up and girls thinking it’s ok to look up to these whores is what’s wrong with America today.

  • STD’s

    All I can think of when I look at this pic is Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
    Well, said, K #35.

  • GirlNextDoor

    Found full episode online!

    Major fannnann

  • Sarah

    I won’t be watching this show anymore. These girls have about as much personality as a wet paper towel. They’re not dumb-funny like Kendra was, they just seem really dumb. Kenda, Holly and Bridget had personality, esp Kendra. I don’t actually think they’re that attractive either – if the twins lacked the twin thing, they’d just be two semi-attractive, bland chicks and playboy would never have been interested in them.

  • Teresalmao

    Holly would have loved him forever and continued his legacy after he’s gone in a respectful, dignified way, to homor his memory. All she wanted was him.He said that he wouldn’t divorce the mother of his youngest children for her and broke her heart. As soon as the wife went after his money, he filed for divorce. When that happened, my first thought was Holly. I know that had to have hurt her deeply. A blind man could see how much she loved him, and she put up with his lifestyle just to steal the precious moments they did spend together. I think she picked Chris to show Hef publicly that she could have any man she wanted, but broke it off with Chris when she realized that he couldn’t fill Hef’s shoes. I said a prayer for Holly when Hef filed for divorce. I prayed he would realize life was too short to go another day without true, romantic, passionate love. I hoped he would make Holly’s dreams come true. Everyone on this board is slamming the new show. I think thee ratings for GND was so high because, whether we want to admit it of not, with true love, age doesn’t matter! Everyone tuned in for the love story that it was. People are pissed now because it looks like Hef is putting it in our faces that Holly didn’t phase him and sex is all that matters. It made him look bad when he had his #1 girlfriend’s Mother in bed! Creepy. Still, I hope he discovers that he won’t live another day without Holly. She showed him what it felt like to have another chance at true love. Hef may have given her a great lifestyle, but Holly gave him something more valuable, her love, her youth, and her 20′s. It’s not too late Hef!!! You would be the biggest hero in America if you moved the new girls across the street and asked Holly to COME HOME.

  • http://Jared Pam

    omg I WAS the number one fan with Bridget and Holly!!!! These 3 are horrible. I WILL NEVER WATCH IT AGAIN. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE GIRLS!!!!!???? It was honey, honey, honey, to hef, should of been wallet, wallet. wallet. Please do not watch this mess! It needs to be off the air. YUCK!!!!!

  • Elizabeth L.

    I am very proud of Crystal. She looks beautiful and has a huge heart and to whoever says shes fake your wrong. Stop talking shit and telling lies lossers! Love you Hefs girls! Ill be watching!

  • Elizabeth L.

    I am very proud of Crystal. She looks beautiful and has a huge heart and to whoever says shes fake your wrong. Stop talking shit and telling lies lossers! Love you Hefs girls! Ill be watching!

  • Elizabeth L.

    @ovah: Thats not true!!

  • rob555

    Girls Next Door 2008 and 2009 Calendar and Wallpaper Download