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Hayden Christensen & Rachel Bilson: Papaya Pair

Hayden Christensen & Rachel Bilson: Papaya Pair

Hayden Christensen and his fiancee Rachel Bilson step out for some Cuban food at El Cochinito Restaurant in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon (October 11).

The couple (both 28) later did some grocery shopping at Nature Mart, where they purchased a pair of papayas and some energy drinks.

Hayden wore his favorite green John Deere cap, Nike “Dunk” High Tops, “Doheny” denim by PPD Jeans and, Lacoste cardigan (he’s the brand ambassador)

15+ pictures inside of papaya pair Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson

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  • Why?

    Talk about distance! Sure they’re ‘together’. Hey, HC, you’re supposed to walk next to your loved one, with your arm around her. Look happy for crying out aloud, you’re supposed to be in love!

  • ob

    PDA isn’t for everyone, guys.

  • shadowy

    Yah I agree and he was supposed to hold her hand while they were walking just like that La Coste Fashion show. And now got zero PDA show off. Just look at the photos, a lot of solo shots coz they’re 1 KM waking away from each other LOL at this always comedic duo – never failed to be that amusing!

  • wytner


  • Viper

    Guess they paid the paps to tip them out again just so people truly believe he adores her…NOTTTT. Guess that will make other happy who live to worship these two.


    When you love someone you would never walk that far away even those that don’t get into PDA don’t do this drawling more attention towards them being a laughing stock in Hollywood.

  • liz

    I thought Hayden was in detroit.

  • jessica

    why she only smiles for the paparazzi when she was alone or with friends? this girl is really strange.

  • ob


    from what i’ve read about the movie, it’s supposed to start filming in the middle of october, so maybe he’s headed there soon?

  • liz

    I read an article that this movie will begin filming tomorrow (12), why he is still in LA?

  • lisa

    hayden used to be so pretty, happy, fun, knew how to dress and now I see these pictures and the only thing that I see is a hayden sad, tired, I never saw recent pictures of him smiling :(

  • searlus

    Whoa look at that… an another “obligatory photo op!
    Hey Manakin, where are you manners (if you even have one!), if you cant even hold your fiancee’s finger, carried her shopping bags or leveled up w/ her centipede walking, just let her take the lead, what if she would trip or fall off from a man’s hole, you would never know what had happened coz you’re light years away from her. But from the looks of it, Manakin migth even dont care and most likely would say ” hey what are you doing down there, get up & hurry up. There’s another phot op we should do after this one… LMAO!!!

  • Smilehexe

    No “active” contribution to farm work or sporty activities (as supposed by a long term fan on IMDB), and not on a movie set like hoped by the ones who still consider themselves his fans – just the regular walking around in L.A. (which he claimed to hate, but pictures say more than his words obviously) doing nothing with his fiancé who is just as useless than him – doing nothing and even taking care to be photographed whenever doing nothing.
    When will the few left fans of this guy ever wake up and see him how he REALLY is? There is no life in him, he is not active (and therefore not sexy either), he’s just lazy and wastes his time, money & whole opportunities. Being an “active” personality and HC do not go together in one sentence, this guy is an 28-years-old retiree who has lost any interest and passion. And OMG, he does not even hide it! It’s all in the open right in front of you, girls, just open your eyes finally!

  • Nay

    You post about this NOBODY every single bloody day! How much is she paying you?

  • she shall remain nameless

    Eww why is Hayden dressed so stupid??? Rachel seems to be the more stylish out of the two.

  • antwacky

    These CLOWNS really make me LMAO on how they continuously & desperately keep up showing off themselves on how they’re soo in-lurve & are just meant to be w/ each other… but it was just all boils down to a “desperate PR & a never-ending curse”.

  • lou


    Agreed. Gwyneth Paltrow and hubby avoid any kind of PDA too and have had rumors about them. He even spoke about it and how he avoids it and even not being with Gwyneth or keeping his distance in public.

    As to Vanishing, some articles say October 12 and others just middle of October and he may not be needed right away.

  • Gasol16

    Sorry! This is my last reply to this stupid thread, I actually agree with Smilehexe for a change, Not supporting her but, can actually agree what she is saying for a change.

  • sharon

    I agree there is always a gap between them …but remember they are keeping their relationship private ( YEA RIGHT) !!!
    Like they say pictures speak for themselves

  • lou


    Yeah but, have you seen all the pictures or just the ones the paps want you to see. Perception is relative.

  • antwacky

    @ Gwyneth Paltrow and hubby avoid any kind of PDA too and have had rumors about them………


  • antwacky

    Part 2:
    Undeniably & proven how private they are… glad to know that Gwyneth & Chris are genuinely & consistently showing their affections towards each other even at their very “candid” moments.
    Case Closed.

  • Bloomsbury

    @20 &21
    Please stop posting photos of gawky Gwyneth and her look-alike goofy hubby. They simply aren’t visually pleasing.

  • antwacky

    Pleasing VS Genuine…. Im for latter all the time!

  • Voice of reason

    The movie has not started yet, so no great surprise he is back in LA although I would have thought he would be in Canada over thanks-giving, but I guess it’s his chance to be in LA and Rachel is Co-hosting an event for charity so maybe they are taking a couple of days to be together–

    @smilie you don’t know what he does or does not do on the farm, or who he REALLY is, anymore than I do. He looks to have a bit of a tan which is much better than his normal pale color. Hey at least he has had a shave which should please some people.

    I’m liking the shirt and Jacket RB is wearing.

  • chauncey

    Coup-let who continues to WH*0*RES out together for nothing still stays & stuck together!?
    Someday we’re all going to look back at how ridiculous these 2 are and we’re all going to laugh hard.
    Oh wait… we’re doing that already LOL!

  • kelly

    Um, isn’t NYILY out this week?, just saying…….

  • S

    Hayden holding his Darth Vader keys, kind of cute….

  • lexy

    This poor guy is so whipped he hasn’t put 2 and 2 together and figured out that the paps show up b/c SHE TIPS THEM OFF!!
    THAT’S why he’s in a hurry and she’s taking her sweet time strolling in back of him. She can’t smile b/c he might catch on that they’ve been tipped off. But we all know she normally does and talks to them.
    Hayden looks like a guy on his way to the supermarket. Rachel looks like her usual self – someone who wants to look decent in the pics the paps take of her.
    Rachel doing CHARITY work??? Do tell?? Isn’t her idea of charity work showing up at an AIDS event to talk about her fake career??

  • Smilehexe

    @lexy: Do you really believe that HC doesn’t know? OF COURSE HE DOES, he is fully involved in these media games. I think you’re in denial and try to make RB the only scapegoat. IMO they are both in, as otherwise it would never happen the way it does, and that for many years already. They are laughing stocks, both of them, and obvious losers.

  • jane

    I agree with Smilehexe. He is someone who will pretend that he is above it all but will do anything to make money and her PR team tells her to tip the paps for publicity to promote them and she does it and he knows it. He is all about making money, nothing else. She makes more money than regular girls he dated that is why she is preferable to him. They both look like they very seriously work on this relationship, he supports her in every way, make no mistake of it and it only goes to show what a person he really is, they are both liars.

  • jane

    BTW, she looks horrendous without make up and those are not hips, those are saddle bags below the hips. He is totally into this relationship in my opinion and that is his level. He is a Loser with a capital L. You all had hopes for him and you were all wrong, it is the critics, who depicted his stupidity and inability to act were right. He is also a liar.

  • ?

    it’s their monthly photo-op. it would be funny, if it wasn’t no transparent.

  • kosher

    @#3 – Yah I agree and he was supposed to hold her hand while they were walking just like that La Coste Fashion show

    Its already been done, out & accomplished for the sake of HC as being the present endorser of LaCoste.
    So for now, he’s back to his old normal & regular self as being “stoned, filthy. sloppy, devious & apathetic”.
    So suck it up all those very few remaining HC gullibles LOL

  • Voice of reason

    @lexy as per your request:

    scroll down I assume you can do that

    It’s for Guess she is Co-Hosting on Oct 22 for the charity Invisible Hand.

    @Kosher it’s Lacoste–insert shaking my head here—–and just who is more gullible me or you? you spend alot of time typing, adding to things, when you obviously don’t like HC at all, that’s a wild concept.
    Do you have a sport team you admire? do you go to the greatest rival even though your team is not playing them–just to bag and bad-mouth? Just curious on your motivation.

  • unreechy


    Actually the INfamous duo could even go off & out of HW for a much much looonger period of time and or better yet never to be seen, feel & heard about them anymore. In fact they don’t need anymore to promote NYILY that would be shown this week as the movie itself had “lots & enough” stars who are truly bankable, popular & relevant than they are.
    Just imagining HC(sic) standing besides present hitmaker Shia Le Beouf, the former would totally looked like a wash-up has-been as one couldn’t help to note something like “where is his (SW) fame had gone by now”… & as for BilHo, no need to put any kind of emphasis on her HW status as she is a “Non-Lister-Hacktress” to begin w/.

    To SmileHexe : How nice you’re seem to be on active & combatant mode once again – keep it up even if its more than you can bear – lol!

  • Anakin

    JJ needs to implement a log-in system to control multiple username posters, even that idiot PerezHilton has one. You’ve got the same rejects saying the same things about these two.

    These people go out to eat and shop a little and people are criticizing how far they stand apart, omg, get a friggin life.

    Even I admit HC looks like he got dressed in the dark,lol but RB doesn’t look any different than someone you’d walk by on the street.

  • Smilehexe

    @#27 – S
    NOTHING is cute about that guy, absolutely nothing.
    @#30+31 – jane
    Thank you very much, and I also fully agree to what you’ve said!
    @#33 – kosher
    “So for now, he’s back to his old normal & regular self as being “stoned, filthy. sloppy, devious & apathetic”.
    So suck it up all those very few remaining HC gullibles LOL”
    Well said, and you had me ROFL with this speech.
    @#34 – Voice of reason
    Be careful, dear, you’ve just gained back respect by some of us regulars, and now you’re risking to losing it again by falling back into old habits and defending this useless guy as you do usually. I know it’s hard, but come on, you can do it! Use your brain cells and get rid of your believe in this hopeless case once and for all! ;-)
    @#35 – unreechy
    Yes, back for now. Just have the time as an appointment was delayed to another date – and I really cannot believe that HC still has just one single fan left, no matter how hard I try to understand. This guy is so useless and treats his fans like the biggest fools, and it’s so very obvious I just don’t want to believe that my cosexuals are indeed THAT naive?! (And him being sexy cannot serve as an excuse anymore in the meanwhile – as he’s really just a bore, correction, a dirty bore.)
    But I know I shouldn’t be here, as every post is supporting this useless couple which I really try to avoid usually.
    @#36 – Anakin
    “…lol but RB doesn’t look any different than someone you’d walk by on the street.”
    Hey, finally you admit it! Wohoo! We have to mark that day red in the calendar, I guess! LOL

  • buburuza

    I dont like how this woman dress at all. And she has such large hips.

  • Sophie

    Why are people picking on them? They do and behave like a regular couple. Just because they choose not to show affection in front of cameras doesn’t mean they’re pretending to be a couple. I think Hayden learned his lesson while dating Sienna Miller and how they were splattered all over tabloids.

    Also I believe Hayden and Rachel’s relationship, physical or otherwise, is pretty intense. Still waters run deep and no one can judge anyone on a few pictures. I’m not a fan of either, but he’s clearly in love, she’s in love with him and they’ll have a great life together.

    And just so people know, “whoring” in front of cameras is what Hollywood is all about. Rachel may be paying JJ, but the attention she’s getting from bloggers like us is exactly what she’s looking for. There’s no such think as bad press. She knows exactly what she’s doing, keeping her name in the press.

  • jane

    @40 Sophie
    Their relationship does seem intense but not in the context of love, it is more to proof something, like that they are in love and that they support each other. It does not seem spontaneous, more laborious.

  • Anakin


    “…lol but RB doesn’t look any different than someone you’d walk by on the street.”
    Hey, finally you admit it! Wohoo! We have to mark that day red in the calendar, I guess! LOL!!

    It wasn’t meant to be derogatory, was she supposed to look different than anyone else, like maybe worse LOL! You can only hope LOL

    And to clear up some confusion, it’s ok to insult 2 people who are in the public eye as long as there’s some truth to those insults, which many of them aren’t, unlike Jessica Alba’s kid whereas the truth or beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and who’s world they must live in to think that kid is either cute or beautiful.

  • Jake G

    wait for the beard!

  • Sophie

    @41 jane

    I think they’re very much in love; they’re just keeping it to themselves. Besides, we don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors on that farm up in Canada, lol. Since Rachel’s mother is a sex therapist or counselor or what not, I’m sure she gave her daughter all the tools she needs. Hayden’s happy with her and whether she’s dump or talent less, she at least must keep him satisfied in IMHO.

  • Smilehexe

    Sure, she keeps him “satisfied”, laughing in mockery.
    1. She’s almost never around, they’re barely together. From my experience men want what they enjoy far more often than only once all two months. And RB is like never on that farm (and I guess he neither, but much more on the Bahamas – without her as she’s busy media whoring in mostly L.A. and sometimes NYC).
    2. He sure does look happy! (NOT!!!)
    3. This man seems to me as if he is interested in absolutely nothing, including sex. One dead fish.

  • jane

    I agree, he looks satisfied. He has a devoted sex partner who makes more money than regular Jane, he feels content. I think that they will definitely get married and I think more and more he is trying to spend more time with her and please her, especially, considering that his career is not much to brag about, he is going down to her level. I think they are a good match. I think he lost all his great hopes and aspirations he had at the time of SW fame. I think that his true self has come out and he is dealing with it in a pragmatic way and in his own way he seems happy. Some people settle for less and are content.

  • jane

    It is not the happiness you are referring to, it is more learning to be satisfied with what you can get.

  • Smilehexe

    I might have problems with my eyes but i don’t see a man who is content with himself. I see a grumpy unsatisfied seeming one.

  • roquefort

    This is how you wear a peacoat and look like you’re in love all at the same time -

    Matching peacoats – check
    Matching hairstyles – check
    Man purse – check
    Fake smiles – check

  • jane

    Well, she certainly was not in love with HC. Have to give her credit for that. At least she likes them creative and smart not stupid and talentless.

  • Smilehexe

    I think the only reason this relationship between HC & RB goes on and probably leads into marriage is making bucks together – it’s all about the money as both of their careers are basically over, but together they still get some (undeserved) media attention. I would call it a “contract-love” in which the word “love” must not be understood literally.

    Thanks for posting! Cute pic!