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Kris Allen's Album Cover Revealed?

Kris Allen's Album Cover Revealed?

Check out the new (rumored) self-titled album cover for American Idol Season 8 winner Kris Allen.

His current single is “Live Like We’re Dying” and the album is scheduled for release on November 17th.

About five days ago, Kris was asked how close he was to finishing the album. He told EW, “We’re still writing some more songs for the album, and just putting some finishing touches on other tracks, going back to do some minor vocal takes, and that’s kind of it. We have a lot of songs that are almost done, and with a little bit of work we’ll have them completely done.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Kris Allen’s album cover? Think it’s real?

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  • suzy q

    So cute…can’t wait for his album.

  • Jane

    Wow! Sure hope that’s the cover. He looks amazing!

  • LuckyL

    No. You’re consistently posting rumors lately. I expect a response from his “reps” soon.

  • nicole

    if this is the album cover, I like it

  • alycia

    i can’t wait for his album!i love him!!he’s so stinkin cute!

  • alycia

    i can’t wait for his album!!his voice is amazing!he’s so stinkin cute!!

  • Liz

    Wow. That dude’s hot! I’d hit it. I mean, I’d buy it!

  • sara

    That’s hot!!!

  • Aiden

    I love his single “Live Like We’re Dying” so far. Really shows good taste in music and the versatility of his style and vocal range. I’m really counting on Kris for a kick-ass first Idol album.

  • deedee

    He’s so yummy. I like his voice, I hope the album is good.

  • n_n

    Kris who???

  • krisfan

    Probably what album will look like…. at least according to Barnes and Nobles. I cant wait i am so excited!!!!!

  • Domi

    Oh Kris, why do you have to look so good?
    And his single is fantastic, I love it!

  • Paulie

    This picture looks like something naughty is going on off-camera and Kris is looking sideways to make sure no one is around.

  • Fritz

    It was posted on the Barnes & Noble website. It is a safe bet that someone broke an embargo on the cover and title and posted it ahead of schedule.

    The Susan Boyle cover that was posted on is real, too.

  • jello

    Please no! I hope not. No matter how hot he looks, this is not what I consider a cool album cover. *sigh* I was hoping for an indie and/or artistic feel to it. Plus I’m not big on leather jacket like that on guys (too Grease-ish or Fonzie-ish). Even a t-shirt (or button-shirt) would have been better. Sorry, just my opinion. I really really hope this is not the one.

  • jello

    It also has no title, which makes me think this is not the real one. Unless they’re decided on a self-titled album.

  • bella

    he is such a cutie.

  • Aubrey

    I would suck the cum out of his balls with the intensity of a thousand fiery suns. That said, as hot as he may be, this guy is a try-too-hard wannabe. Judging by the (lack of) sales of his single (itunes #112 as of this writing), and lack of general interest in anything related to him (google his name; more articles featuring the dreaded Mr. Lambert will pop up than anything about this guy) I would venture a guess that he debuts MAYBE at #4 or #5 on the Billboard Albums chart, quickly falling off and releasing another lackluster single that does even worse, before he finally gets dropped by his label & the so-called “fans” move on to the next season of AI.
    But fear not, loyal Kris fans- he will always have the distinction of having won American Idol Season 8. He will probably always be able to make music (no matter how small or independent the label he records for may be). He will be able to move back to Arkansas and live in a big house with his pretty (run of the mill) blonde wife, have a couple kids, and live more comfortably than he ever would have without this whole humiliating experience. I’m not psychic, but I’ve been around long enough to know the way these things work. The guy just doesn’t have the charisma to make it happen. And the world keeps on spinning…

  • wm


    Wow Aubrey! Is that you again? You go on every article about Kris to post negative, hateful comments. Kris was one of the most genuine, unique artists on the show and one who NEVER tried too hard. His talent comes naturally. You really need to grow the hell up! Are you still angry that your fave didn’t win Idol? It’s been over for 5 months! Time to move on and get a life. Obviously you have nothing better to do with you time then to find fault with Kris. Go away!!!

  • In The Know

    Can Kelly Clarkson sell out a theater in 2009? TV is an unsustainable driver for a music act.

    The world is forgetting this kid before it even hits………..they’ll be hype and then he’s gone.

    AI people are disposable widgets most of whom have minor league talent.

  • KEN

    love him!!!!!!!!!

  • Rachel


  • Leeah

    It is his album cover. I love it. So hot. I really can’t see why they can’t make him into a Keith Urban/Jason Mraz kinda thing. As far as I’m concerned, he has just as good of a voice as both (if not better), and is way better looking than the other two (which helps with females :)), and I think he could do well.
    I was surprised how poorly his single did… part of it is the fact he has no promoting either. On ITunes, they barely even showed the sign for his single… it was hidden and you had to click on the arrow for the second page of “singles”. He has the opportunity to do really well… if not, I think he is still going to have some good music.