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Orlando Bloom: UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador!

Orlando Bloom: UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador!

Orlando Bloom has been appointed a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, in recognition of his commitment to the rights of children around the world.

“I look forward to working with UNICEF as they continue to make the world a better place for children,” says the 32-year-old British actor who has already seen the work UNICEF is doing in Nepal, Russia, and Sarajevo. “UNICEF doesn’t just deliver humanitarian aid, which is what they are known for all over the world. They also educate and provide tools which help women and children face challenges specific to their own lives. I responded to how UNICEF works as much as I did to the work itself. I look forward to learning more and to supporting UNICEF any way I can.”

To celebrate 20 years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, Orlando will, this week, record a PSA for UNICEF on the importance of clean and accessible drinking water.

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  • @49

    The delphi girls are the ones who should be charged with slander/libel. They spout the most hateful lies about Miranda, just because she dares to date Orlando. If you visit their site, you will find pages of libelous claims. You will also have proof that they are the ones who started the stupidity about the UN being PR pawns. At first I couldn’t believe that they would try to twist something so good, into something so despicable. But that’s their forte’. They are hateful, obnoxious and repulsive.

  • @#51

    They wouldn’t see the good in something even if it bites it in their a$$es.

    #50 If Orlando would find the cure to cancer they would say he did it for PR & money. LOL

    Sometimes I wonder from what nuthouse they escaped.

  • mia

    I have to admit that for me there is something strange about those celebrities who are appointed UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors. The idea is perfect. A lot of bad things are happening to children all over the world and they need protection and help. What I found odd but very interesting is that celebrity people who are involved in UNICEF projects are popular and most of them ( in my country) very rich. Really rich, among the richest in the country. But, their main job is to push and convince other people – common people who are not rich to donate money or other things. I am not sure that they ever gave any coin of their money. And their sympathies and nice words are not going to feed the hungry children. UNICEF needs money and I think that celebrities should give some on the first place. I don’t know for Orlando, but I remember that he was working on the help phone during the fire in Australia. At the same time we red how much money for the fire victims was donated by N.Kidman, K.Blanchet and many others. So, who helped victims better? Orlando with his nice words or Kidman who gave money for water, medical supplies, food, blankets … No hard feelings, I am just asking.

  • @mia

    This is not helping your cause, mia. For the last time, it’s UNICEF the ones that decide which celebrities are named Goodwill Ambassadors. There’s no publicity stuff in there, and you should be ashamed of these accusations of trivialization of something as serious as people in desperate situations, that you and your little cult throw at Orlando and much worse, at UNICEF.
    Orlando has taken part in many charity events and trips, as UNICEF explains. You just have only heard of Nepal and the Australian telethon because unlike other celebrities he doesn’t take cameras with him when he does something good. It’s not only that he does a lot for charity, but he also doesn’t advertise it, showing a lack of pride that should be admired, not insulted.
    Good for Kidman for giving the money from her confortable sofa, but Orlando encouraged people to give their money and gathered it, picking up a phone for a whole night. He worked and I’m sure he gave money too (without advertising it). But since nowadays some people know the price of everything and the value of nothing, I don’t expect you to share my views.

  • @mia

    Some people make it public when they spent money and/or do good and some don’t.
    I doubt the UNICEF ambassador title is given easily by them. IMHO a celeb has proven in many ways that he/she is really intrested in the work and the projects they’re involved.

  • Actually

    the Goodwill Ambassador title is not a title given just to honour the celebrity, but to make said celebrity accept a commitment with the cause. Orlando won’t just “look good” with this title, he will also have to accept the responsibility it represents. And I doubt UNICEF hands this responsibility to someone they don’t find capable or committed enough for it.
    It’s extremely easy for a rich person to give money ONCE even if of course it’s a generous gesture. The difficult task is to actually do something, work and travel for the cause, and convince others to join it.

  • Look here…

    I’m not sure if Jared will let me put this video up or not. It is a you tube video of a lady from the UN talking about Orlando becoming a Unicef ambassador.

    Unless my hearing is incorrect, it sounds like the lady said that Orlando requested to become an Ambassador. Around 24 seconds on the clock counter, she says, “yesterday he said he wants to be an ambassador for children’s organizations….”

  • @look here…

    And despite not deserving to be named an Ambassador at all, despite being selfish, vain and irresponsible, UNICEF named him an Ambassador only because he said he wanted to become one, right?? Pleaaaaase! LMAO
    Correct me if I’m wrong but that lady also said something like “he’s been named an Ambassador IN RECOGNITION of his work with…” didn’t she? That sounds like it was their idea.
    He probably did say he wanted to become an Ambassador because I guess that he must’ve been asked if he wanted to become one before naming him, because being an Ambassador is a responsibility.

  • Look here…

    @ 58

    no they probably asked him if he would be an official ambassador. I never said that he accepted it because he was selfish or vain. You are the one who is assuming that.

    you are the one who assumes what others are feeling, or what they are implying. must be difficult to live feeling so much negativity about others on a daily basis. all those nasty feelings you direct toward them do not hurt them, they only hurt you.

  • amazing

    No! You didn’t say that they asked him if he would be an ambassador, you said that he requested to become one. Now you’re changing your words or swallowing them because you saw you’re wrong.

    I’m not assuming anything, there are several people on this thread saying that all this is for publicity and that none of his charity work is worthy because he hasn’t advertised around the money he’s given or the work he’s done. Yes I tend to get nasty as fuq when people disrespect UNICEF and badmouth people who work to help others, and even more nasty when the reason to do this is something as shallow as not liking the person he chose as a partner.

  • Look here…

    @ 60

    so I admitted I was wrong. I guess there really is a first time for everything.

    I wonder though, not insinuating anything bad by this, how many trips with Unicef he did before they considered asking him to be an ambassador? Did they ask him right away, or after he made those trips with them?

  • Amazing

    The lady of the video from your link answers your question but you were focusing on something different when you saw it.

  • Look here…

    @ amazing

    do you have all the answers then?

    just a simple question. I’m not insinuating anything.

    if they didn’t ask him until now, I am very happy he said yes. If they asked him from the beginning, I can understand why he would wait, to make sure he had enough time to devote to the cause and all that.

    I’m just wondering what you think my feelings about this are?

    I don’t think he is doing it for PR or anything like that. I just think that maybe he wanted to make sure he would have the time to devote to it.

    no I didn’t completely understand that they asked him first. I was under the assumption that he went to them and asked if he could be made an official ambassador.

    I am just wondering did they ask him when he first started doing work for them, or after he had done it for a while?

    just a simple question. so what if I got confused. do you always enjoy making fun of others when they don’t understand something? you don’t sound so “amazing” to me. I think you should change the name you post under.

  • amazing

    I think it’s of common sense that you don’t go to UNICEF and ask them to name you an Ambassador, just like you don’t ask The Academy to give you an Oscar. He did something to deserve it and then the UN decided to give him that title.
    Your video said he was named an Ambassador for his work in Nepal, Russia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. If that isn’t clear enough for you…
    And I suggest you to change your attitude as I’m not the kind to suffer fools.

  • Look here…

    @ amazing

    no thanks. I like my attitude and myself just the way I am. It’s not worth it to try and get on your good side.

    have a nice life.

  • mia

    To 54
    As we can see from the comments above, you are not totally right about the way of becoming UNICEF gwa. Orlando asked for it. And about „nowadays some people know the price of everything and the value of nothing“, I am not that kind of people. If I can I help in many ways. But I am not waiting for anyone including celebs to tell me to help or to invite me to help. What kind of morons are you talking about? Are you talking about people who can help but they are not going to help until someone popular, beautiful, well known invite them to help? They can help but they will not until Orlando Bloom tells them??!!!!??? This is crazy and I think you can give some credit to normal, common people. Because I believe that everybody who can help is helping, and if someone can not or doesn’t want to help nobody is going to make him. Not you, not Orlando Bloom. So all that bla bla stories are for nothing. And btw it reminds me on the presidential campaigns all over the world- when celebs are suggesting people for whom to vote. The funniest situation ever. Because, their suggestion is for sure the main reason to make your choice.

  • @66

    So you are saying that you knew all about the problems that children face in remote Nepal? And that showing people what the actual conditions are in third world countries will NOT make them more aware of the day to day problems that others face just to survive? And that by putting a celeb’s face to get people’s attention won’t make a difference? Then you know NOTHING of the reality of charity and its various causes.
    Charities have to fight for attention. The average person has only so much money or time that they can donate every year. The charites hope to strike a cord with the viewer, by placing a well liked celebrity at the forefront. Kind of like advertising for a product. Advertisers use celebs all of the time to grab your attention, this is no different. But the difference with UNICEF, is that they don’t use just any celeb who wants to hook their name to them, they only use celebs who not only walk the walk, but show serious dedication to their cause. Paris Hilton would love to have the publicty of having her name attached to the UN, but that’s not how they work. Do you think that they would give her the title if she asked? NO.
    Orlando has proven his dedication to their work, and they have ‘rewarded’ him with the title of Ambassador. But that isn’t just a title, it’s a job. A job that he is willing to do. Orlando has already made a difference. THAT’S why he has been officially recognized.

  • @mia

    Where did you get that he asked for it? The UN made clear that they named him an Ambassador to recognize his work, it’s pointless to contradict them. But even if he had asked to be named an Ambassador, more credit to him for actually asking to seal a commitment.
    My comment about the price of everything and the value of nothing I’m talking about individuals that bow down to people who give money once and pat themselves on the back, but look down on people who dedicate not only their money but also their time and effort to help, and besides don’t boast about it.
    And like #67 said, how is a common person supposed to help if they are unaware of the problems in the world to begin with?