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Hayden Christensen & Rachel Bilson: Good-Bye Kiss!

Hayden Christensen & Rachel Bilson: Good-Bye Kiss!

Hayden Christensen (in Creative Recreation Milano Highs) plants a good-bye kiss on fiancee Rachel Bilson in their Toyota Prius at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon (October 12).

Rachel dropped off Hayden, who is headed to somewhere with colder weather as he carried his winter coat through the security checkpoint. He’s rumored to be headed to Detroit, Michigan to start shooting his new horror thriller Vanishing on 7th Street.

Later in the day, Rachel was seen pumping up her car at a local gas station.

20+ pictures inside of Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson‘s good-bye kiss…

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rachel bilson hayden christensen goodbye kiss 01
rachel bilson hayden christensen goodbye kiss 02
rachel bilson hayden christensen goodbye kiss 03
rachel bilson hayden christensen goodbye kiss 04
rachel bilson hayden christensen goodbye kiss 05
rachel bilson hayden christensen goodbye kiss 06
rachel bilson hayden christensen goodbye kiss 07
rachel bilson hayden christensen goodbye kiss 08
rachel bilson hayden christensen goodbye kiss 09
rachel bilson hayden christensen goodbye kiss 10
rachel bilson hayden christensen goodbye kiss 11
rachel bilson hayden christensen goodbye kiss 12
rachel bilson hayden christensen goodbye kiss 13
rachel bilson hayden christensen goodbye kiss 14
rachel bilson hayden christensen goodbye kiss 15
rachel bilson hayden christensen goodbye kiss 16
rachel bilson hayden christensen goodbye kiss 17
rachel bilson hayden christensen goodbye kiss 18
rachel bilson hayden christensen goodbye kiss 19
rachel bilson hayden christensen goodbye kiss 20

Photos: WENN, Limelightpics
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  • Halli

    Hayden Hayden Hayden… you can do so much better.

    Drop this has-been and save your career.

  • tonie

    Probably headed to Detroit to start work on Vanishing.

  • lola

    I don’t see any kiss!? :p

  • nadin

    His home town is not Vancouver

  • liz

    Cuuuuuuutee! *-* (Hayden)

  • lida

    my lovely couple but why she did not go with him :-(

  • Why?

    Well that was quick! Fly in, be seen with the ‘love’ interest, get papped, fly out. Ain’t love grand! Talk about a flying f***!

  • lida

    i don’t see any kiss why :-( french kiss mmm… :-)

  • Why?

    His sex life must truly suck, or he’s got a bit on the side.

  • jessica

    he probably is going to detroit to film her new movie, she was not with him because she has a program in wednesday to appear, I think they will be reunited at the premiere in NY, I Love You

  • s


    fly in from where? for all we know hayden has been in LA the entire time

  • hal

    vanishing on 7th street was apparently starting to film today in detroit, so he is probably headed there :)

  • Just Jared

    @tonie: Thanks!

  • camille

    Hayden was in LA one day?!

  • Jake G

    Hayden kissed the beard?
    Well done!

  • omg

    it was so nice not seeing these two (mainly her) on this site for so long and now they are back. . . .why?

  • s


    i don’t think so. there haven’t been any hayden spottings since he left nyc (after fashion week). he may have been in LA the entire time until today!

  • ???

    What kiss ???

  • sofia

    That’s awful – you can’t even say goodbye to your boyfriend without being photographed.

  • lexy

    There’s RB again – tipping off the paps and pimping out her relationship. I wonder if she was upset that Kim Kardashian’s on the cover of Cosmo and won the Style Siren awards. It must kill her that Kim’s so gorgeous, popular and successful and people truly think of Kim as a fashionista.
    So what’s the Hayden movie about? Let me guess – it stars Gary Coleman and Todd Bridges? Has he hired Rachel’s people to represent him – he’s certainly not getting any decent material. Then again, he’s got to take what he can get to pay for Rachel’s life style. Paying the paps to follow this has been can’t be cheap.

  • Anakin

    Heads up, RB will on the Bonnie Hunt Show this Wednesday, the haters will get another chance to critique her appearance, does life get any better for them than this?

  • Viper

    What kiss he leanded into her hey JJ if you think he kissed her then show it. not just report it love the press attention they try to parade around.

  • lexy

    Hey notice that now he’s gone she can smile at the paps…and they follow HER to a gas station. Don’t stick around LAX to see if they can spot some other celebs but follow the nobody to a gas station.

  • LuckyL

    She looks sick.

  • lexy

    Anakin, let’s hope her PR people prep her this time. So when they ask what the movie is about she can do better than “it’s about love in NY” – LMAO!!!
    I wonder if they’re saving the real publicity for the movie for other, well known actors. You know to appear on the popular shows like The View, Ellen, Conan…then again the other actors actually have jobs – she’s probably all they’ve got.

    Go Anakin stand by Hayden’s woman side!!! Pretend you’re HC and hitting that!! Maybe you should call yourself Obi Wan though.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i have 2 say some of the arguments about rachel tipping off the paps are plausible
    pics are pretty boring, nothing outta the usual

  • jane

    The fact that HC is really into this girl is only working against him. Love is love but who is the object of his desire a stupid, talentless ditz. This guy does not need much to be in love.

  • jane
    I don’t remember her engagement ring if it had double diamond bands, but if it did not that the second one must be a wedding band?

  • tonie

    Could be just “accessorizing the ultimate accessory” again. Good eye Jane, I totally missed that.

  • jane

    accessorizing or more like training HC to get used to the idea and showing what kind of band she wants, really, unless they are married, it is kind of inappropriate to wear a wedding band, on the other had it is Rachel Bilson, she is a mentally challenged idiot, I would not be surprised. I am telling you, as far as I am concerned they are married, she keeps him on a very short leash and he is just been too unlucky before so he thinks this is how she loves him.

  • nikomilinko
  • Jezzpuss

    Looks like Trashcrap and Batcrap are at it once again or strike once again. Both look like they have not bathed in a while. The stinking pair deserve each other. Please leave LA then. The foul stench in HW will have clean air for a change.

  • Mary

    “The fact that HC is really into this girl …”
    He doesn’t give a sh!t about her.

  • jane

    It does look like he turned to her to kiss her from the pic above.

  • lexy

    Well it’s pretty hard to kiss someone when you both have on sunglasses and he’s wearing a baseball cap, she’s in the driver’s seat and she’s also pretty short.
    Thanks Lakers fan for admitting that it’s odd the paps keep getting photos of this has been. She’s no Britney Spears or Angelina Jolie who have paps in front of their house following them around. She’s not being photographed at popular celeb hang outs (though for once at least with LAX it’s plausible since paps do hang out there). She’s not exactly Lindsay or Mischa who the paps follow around b/c they’re hoping these 2 will do something crazy. And yet they always manage to “find” her at this hidden photo shoots or the underground parking lot at Target. Is Target the new Fred Segal?

  • jane

    Lexy, you are really good, it did not occur to me that it is indeed hard to kiss in glasses in a cap. I think JJ is overpaid to promote RB. They are making up stories about her now. Possibly.

  • atlqueen


  • jane

    Why do you people fly off the handle, it is so rude, just let others say what they want, they will anyway.

  • atlqueen

    On second thought keep goin girl. The more you talk the more JJ posts and banks which also means the more I see them. It also means that they get on your nerves more, too. Lol! I’m sorry, continue, stupid.

  • atlqueen

    Don’t tell me about rude. All you’ve been doing is being rude to these two. And you’re right they will say what they want. Unfortunately, on this board it works against them and they just don’t have a clue.

  • aaaaa
  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    i watched this guys star wars movies today and i must say – he almost ruined them! no wonder all star wars fans hate him. cant believe this guy even got the role.. i cant believe he got a role after it. damn his personality-less ass cant act.

  • Voice of reason

    @lexy– your comment about sunglasses had me ROTFLMAO lots of people can and do kiss while wearing sunglasses and/or prescription glasses, with hats on.

    As for the ring yes it does look different if you keep posting about it, JJ will have the “exclusive” denial and then a reason to post even more pictures for your viewing pleasure.

  • atlqueen

    Oh, the love….. I didn’t think that pic existed. I thought the one JJ posted was to lead us all on.
    Why do you think I was so rude? She doesn’t even know what she’s talking about.
    He didn’t uff up SW. No one but the creator himself had the lead role in that. Either way, U geeks still killed it at the box office. If he was that bad word would have got around and no one would have seen it. You guys were just looking for something that GL wasn’t offering. I on the other hand was pleased with the entire outcome.

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  • jessica

    hayden and rachel kissed? is a miracle! is just me or someone noted that they only kiss in public in october? LOL

  • reedley

    Totally doing it now… infront of their pap groupies?!
    HOw classy… thought they were that “private” as they claimed for a very long time?!
    Good Yuck now for MORE media pimpings & PDA from now on and watch out now haters & believers for the new Spiedis version 2.0!

  • Working Housewife

    Okay. I’m a working housewife and work part-time plus, taking care of the household, kids, dinners, etc. The Bonnie Hunt show?? She still around? Did not know. I never viewed her show.

    Anakin has classiflied all housewifes as being lazy, probably fat which, I’m no way not and watching soaps and the un-talked about Bonnie Hunt show. I don’t and never viewed the Bonnie Hunt show and would never watch that. The only thing on the t-v in our home is sports, Travel channel and sometimes food tv network. The Bonnie Hunt show is not a big accomplishment for Rachel. Who watches that cr&p? Honestly? Losers like Anakin that lables some as jealous fat housewives. Guess again a$$hole.

    Your probably some obese fat loser with acene that cannot land a date with your superior male chauvinistic attitude. Your a pathetic imbecile who has no life and is probably more then likely gay to classify housewives all in the same class. You FATSO has probably never lifted a finger in your life and just open your big fat pie hole to get attention on Rachel or JJ is paying you well for supporting their stupid cause.

    I can careless about her being in the Bonnie Hunt show. So what? It is not David Letterman or Leno. Bonnie Hunt is a no body and a dingy bubbly blond with some personality more the Rachel’s. If, you watch Bonnie Hunt it only screams you must be gay and lazy posting on the boards 24/7 defendng HC and RB. Take a good look in the mirrior. Your just as much as hater to fans and non fans of RB and HC bashing them. Makes you no better. Plus, you make no sense??!

    I say Hayden should marry Rachel as soon as possible. He will never get any better and this is all he can get. Proof of it shows. The two are perfect for each other. So, I hope with my long winded speech they do marry and do it soon b/c they will look like even more fools in action otherwise.

  • shadowy

    @ #46-48
    That goes to say that they’re totally “browsing” what everyone had been commenting on their JJ post. Whereas from their last thread, majority are commenting that they both looked more like a “business partners” instead of being an engaged couple.
    And now on their next photo ops, they now look & act “re-brief” on what would be the next scripted paparazzi pics. most esp. Haydamn… just extremely predictable!


    horrible actor-actress