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Ryan Phillippe & Abbie Cornish: Harvest Festival!

Ryan Phillippe & Abbie Cornish: Harvest Festival!

Reese Witherspoon hits the softball field to shoot new scenes for the Untitled James L. Brooks Project on Monday morning (October 12) in Philadelphia, Penn.

Yesterday, papa Ryan Phillippe and his girlfriend, Aussie actress Abbie Cornish, were seen taking his kids Ava, 10, and Deacon, 5, to their school’s “WC Eagles Harvest Festival” in Brentwood, Calif. Abbie was seen snacking on some blue raspberry cotton candy while the kids were seen decorating their own frisbees.

15+ pictures inside of Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish celebrating the Harvest Festival…

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ryan phillippe abbie cornish harvest festival 02
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ryan phillippe abbie cornish harvest festival 04
ryan phillippe abbie cornish harvest festival 05
ryan phillippe abbie cornish harvest festival 06
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ryan phillippe abbie cornish harvest festival 10
ryan phillippe abbie cornish harvest festival 11
ryan phillippe abbie cornish harvest festival 12
ryan phillippe abbie cornish harvest festival 13
ryan phillippe abbie cornish harvest festival 14
ryan phillippe abbie cornish harvest festival 15

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# 1

Looks just like her mom

# 2

Love this couple they are a lovely family. Abbie is wonderful in Bright Star everyone should check it out. The kids look so happy. Ava on the tramp what a cutie.

# 3

Seriously dude, how much does Reese pay you to push her, even in a post that would seemingly be about Ryan. You do realize there is a new law that requires bloggers to reveal when they accept money to promote a product. I think selliing Reese falls into that category.

# 4
Pattycake @ 10/12/2009 at 3:14 pm

Check out Deacon’s little fake tatoo. Ryan seems to have one peeking out from under his right sleeve too. Is that real or just a show of solidarity with Deacon? This family is soooo adorable. Too bad you don’t have the one of Abbie and Ryan smiling at something Deacon is saying. Looks like a good time had by all. Mmmm. Cotton Candy.

# 5

it’s nice they all get along

# 6

I see that Reese is back filming after spending 3 days with Jake, Friday in Pitt and the weekend in NY.

# 7

It’s great that Ava and Deacon smile and look relaxed and happy with Ryan and Abbie. They certainly don’t with Reese.

# 8
reese is hag @ 10/12/2009 at 3:32 pm

Why did you spoil this post with Reese Witherspoon’s fugly face?

# 9

Abbie is gorgeous and probably a lot more fun than whitherbeard.

I hope she gets an Oscar nod for her turn in Brightstar. She was fantastic.

@Tish: LOL!
Jake’s beard is bored in Philly and needs her gay friend to help her shop!

#7 Rena

Do you really believe that they are not so happy with their own mother? How do you know that? They seem to be very well adjusted kids and are a credit to both their parents. Reese handled the divorce very well considering her ex cheated on her with Abbie. She is a lady and never spoke out, was never interviewed and tries to protect her kids from the media as does their father. The important thing is that the kids have a secure and loving life with both their parents despite the divorce.

Pattycake @ 10/12/2009 at 3:47 pm

@anna: Ahh, you call it being a lady, I call it passive agressive behavior. Don’t you think that Reese and Ryan were separated before it was announced? I mean, he had his kids on set with him in Austin when Deacon was only two…no Reese in sight. But I agree that both parents deserve credit for these well adjusted children.

Nice to see Ryan and the kids.

Ava=Mini Reese. Looks just like her.

not_a_strawman @ 10/12/2009 at 4:26 pm

Awww. Such sweet pictures! They look really happy. Cute kid and lovely couple.

I’m sure they prefer fun stuff like his over just walking around looking bored with Reese.

only 2 pics of reese =[
she looks adorable as always tho
and in the other pics it looks like the kids are having a blast

norwegian @ 10/12/2009 at 5:32 pm

Yes, it’s nice that everyone seems to get along.

These people are role models for keeping your mouth shut and going about the business of living your life. Put the kids first by keeping quiet. Reese knows that Ryan and Abbie took all the bad press, she made sure of it but R&A didn’t get down into the mud and try to defend themselves even though they could have.

Hark! It’s Ryan PeePee Pance and Abbie Cornholee!!!

The cutest lil kids in the world!!! Deacon’s going to he a heartbrkr!
Abbie is gorgeous!!
Ryan is keepin it together :)

I love them!

oh no! why did bitchface have to put her pic in there and spoil everything? Is there anything this woman won’t do for publicity?

wow, from the comments above, Reese is the bad guy even though it is a proven fact that Ryan cheated on her.. and they had little children together.

contrast that with brad pitt, who did not have children with ms. aniston, who told her about his attraction to angelina jolie and by aniston’s own admission, did not cheat.
not just double standard but QUADRUPLE STANDARD. i think it is because ryan did not really trade up, but brad traded WAY, WAY UP!

kids are cute!

seriously i hate abbie, she is a complete homewrecker

you dont get involved or even flirt with a man who is married wit two children.

Marriage counsellor @ 10/13/2009 at 12:49 am

Reese and Ryan were NEVER married! Pitt and ANISTON were NEVER married. Marriage is an institution created by GOD-Once you’re in you’re in-Those ppl had civil unions. Once things became less than civil-they legally dissolved that union-People who are truly married NEVER divorce-

oh please, this is Hollyweird, home wrecking is one of the nicer games played there!

I love Reese. She is a well grounded lady. At least she didn’t whine about her divorce in the media for attention. Reese didn’t use her divorce for a pity party. I have a lot of respect for her. I appreciate that Reese did not try to tear Ryan down in the media.

Thank God RP didn’t have a pathetic ex hounding his back like Pitt did…. whew!
Glad RW moved on with her life.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Abbie and she is honestly the sweetest person. Her and Ryan were at a bar, although we didn’t see her at first, my friend happened to mention how hot he was as she was walking by and she totally joined the conversation. It took us about 10 minutes to realize it was her and the whole time she sat at our table joking around with us and making jokes about how hot Ryan was. We felt pretty stupid when he came over and asked her if she wanted a drink and we realized who she was. We apologized, but she insisted it was fun and hadn’t joined in to be mean or spiteful. We ended chatting with her throughout the night, and at one point she even came over and asked us to dance with her.

Ava’s a stunning child, looks like Reese that’s 4 sure, I don’t think I’ve seen a child that resembles their mum as much as her.

Deacon looks like both but I see Ryan in him more particularly around his face.

Reese stinks @ 10/13/2009 at 4:45 am

@Pam: LMAO!

Reese used her divorce to make herself look good, and her gay friend & fake bf Jake Gyllenhaal is used to get her a lot of publicity and media attention.

Reese Witherspoon is just another fake-nice phony.

I love abbie and ryan together they are such a sexy couple. you can see how much happier and healthier ryan looks now compared to when he was married. he is so much better off. i hope he got lots of money.

karasoolie @ 10/13/2009 at 1:08 pm

LOL! At Reese’s bucktoothed, no lip smile hovering over Ryan and Abbie and the kids. She looks demonic!

both kids look adorable,so similar to cutie Reese. Good for Ryan and Abbish,but the kids are just great.

Pattycake @ 10/13/2009 at 6:18 pm

I see Reese’s bitter, bitter minions are on line. You’re enough to drive people away from Reese…it’s working for me.

Ryan Phillipe got entangled in a gossip trap much like Brad Pitt.
Other celebs like Tom Cruise and etc have been in that trap, only to come out of it relatively unscathed because their ex wasn’t opportunistic and despicable enough to play the victim card and help the press spread its lies and wrongful villification like the rotten fraud Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer created an era of pseudo-morality, pseudo-victimization, and sick self-righteousness from a world that is actually lacking in morals. Many of the celebs in the past who actually committed adultery never received this kind of hatred. You can’t
trust what the media prints about Pitt-Jolie, even if they claim it was statements made from their mouths. So many lies, distortions, contradictions, fallacies, and spin. The problem is that because Jennifer created a newer, colder mentality and spiteful, presumptuous attitude; any celebrity in that gossip trap will be wrongfully convicted as guilty by the corrupt media and heartless public.

Please post my comments asap because it is the truth.

It is common for the tabs and gossip columns to link co-stars together by gossip especially when it has been well-known for years, the marriage has been on the rocks. It is even more likely for tabs to
spark rumors when there is a great chemistry and bond between the actors. It can create messy circumstances for actors because when they finally end their unhappy marriages…they might want to move on with somebody they already know and have great chemistry with…
like the accused co-star. In fact, the unfounded ill will over false accusations might even bring them closer together.

Shame on you people for condemning and trashing these three people. I know for a fact that Ryan did NOT cheat. Though nothing he says will matter to most of the world because of the preceding gossip. He and Abbie became very close but they did NOT have an affair and she did not wreck his marriage. It was very similar to Pitt’s situation.
They moved on with the right woman despite the rumors. The tabs kept jumping the gun and linking them together before they officially became a romantic item because they predicted they might get together for real because of their great chemistry and solid friendship.

Ryan gracefully defended himself with class several times from the
false allegations. Abby has stayed mostly mum, knowing denials even if they are true will just spark more unfounded anger from a vicious, gossip mongering world who seems to be more affected by lies than real scandals. His romance with Abby actually began a year
after he and Reese separated. She moved on first with Jake in a serious relationship ( she also knew Jake when she was married)
way before the divorce was finalized. So why the double standard?
As soon as Ryan and Abby got together, the media wrongly labeled them as adulterous using the old gossip like they did with Pitt as soon as there was evidence he was with Jolie, even though it was months later.

I feel sorry for them. It is so corrupt to bash people with lies and then act all pious about it. It is wrong to believe tabloids. People use to give celebs the benefit of the doubt knowing how gossip can conflict with real life but because of Aniston who selled the media’s pseudo-scandal the press was profitting from…people now seem to believe everything they read. Reese Witherspoon doesn’t deserve to be insulted this way. She reacted with integrity and class. She hasn’t
said or implied anything about the accusations. She did not use her friends to talk trash to the gossip columns, tabloids, and media outlets
in a underhanded manner like Aniston. She did not launch a PR Campaign to become more powerful and popular out of misguided pity like Aniston. She and Ryan has a strong friendship, trust, and respect in their marriage. He denied the accusations and she respected that. I have nothing but respect for Reese Witherspoon.
She is a truly nice person and should be America’s Sweetheart unlike
the devious, calculating, manipulative mastermind who increased
the media’s corruption & deception a million times over. Abby Cornish a talented actress and a good match for Ryan. She did nothing wrong.
It is a shame that like Angelina, she has been wrongly labeled a homewrecker. God knows the truth. Bless these people who have deal with such cruelty and nonsense. I wish nothing but the best
for Reese, Ryan, Abby, Brad, and Angelina.

It is also sick and insane how millions of people threw out any accurate or fundamental understanding of Brad Pitt’s personality and character over the past 10 years to fully accept a false premise against him. Now the media makes a point to spread lies and negative spin regarding everything including the adoption of his children and genuine devotion to charity while Aniston the liar and social climber gets all of this sick love and favoritism from the press & public at his expense. Jolie reformed and became a humanitarian way before Pitt came into the picture. I can go and on. Pitt is actually one of the few guys in Hollywood who has morals, characters, and values. He would NEVER cheat and he would never cross that line.
He was actually betrayed three times in the past by cheating girlfriends. Gwyneth Paltrow was one of them. His romance with Jolie unexpectedly began about 3 months AFTER his breakup. If you knew anything about his marriage or can see through Aniston’s false persona, you would understand why his marriage really fell apart.
It was a mutual and amicable breakup that was years in the making.
I also need to clarify that Pitt and Jolie have NEVER said they fell in love during that movie. Those were fabricated statements and distortions from the media dished right before the release of their movies. Pitt did clarify he did not cheat on Aniston, only for the media to create more spin against him to block out the message. Aniston even acted like Jolie made inappropriate comments by taking words out of context from an older interview that was distorted to begin with,
and acted like Jolie confessed to an affair when she clearly DENIED it in that Vogue Interview. That interview was unfavorably edited but Jolie just tried to describe her friendship with Pitt on the set and clearly said their romantic relationship began after his separation. A lot of details in the chronology and development of their misportrayed relationship was cut out of the interview. As for Jolie, she was a very different woman in the Billy Bob days. And for the record, she though Billy Bob was single because he lied & said he had broken up with Laura so he could hook up with her. Jolie ending up taking the fall for that and was wrongly labeled as a temptress. Pitt had no history of that whatsoever and has always been against infidelity.

Aniston was NOT betrayed, wronged, humiliated, or even dumped. She has no claims to victimizations. She even has warped people’s mind and maturity into thinking that merely being attracted to somebody is infidelity by labeling it as emotional infidelity. Pitt is a very moral man and he did NOT cross that line. It was a friendship, not a romance, so it was NOT emotional infidelity. He was not viewing Jolie or any other woman as a love interest during his marriage. Aniston and Cox takes comments out of context in which he said he connected
with Jolie well and made it look like Pitt was making improper statements and pining for her when he was not. If that was the case, wouldn’t have Aniston said that in the beginning? The breakup never would have been amicable and why would she release a joint statement? All her words before had indicated it was a mutual and mature breakup. Then when Pitt hooks up with Jolie, three months later, she backtracks and acts like her marriage fell apart because of another woman. When it was to her advantage, knowing her A-list position and popularity would fall once Pitt was out the picture, she
throws him under the bus and makes him an ongoing target for press slander.

There was so many diabolical discrepancies to what Aniston said about herself and Pitt in that infamous Vanity Fair interview that was the nail in Pitt and Jolie’s image coffin. She even got her nasty friends to lie on her behalf and claim that having kids was never a priority for
Pitt. She never expressed an interest in children before this and had a liberal attitude towards marriage..then she flips a switch and acts like
was yearning for babies and is all about a purist attitude towards
marriage. She made disrespectful comments publicy about Pitt saying he wasn’t her soulmate and maybe not the right guy for her.
Not to mention the trash talking she and her friends spread against Pitt during their 7 years together because of her petty insecurities and
envy. When the truth is that Pitt always wanted kids, has stated this back when he was dating Gwyneth, way before Aniston, and had
a traditional outlook towards marriage before Aniston. Then she also acts like loved Pitt so much when she did nothing but use him and pretend to be something wonderful she wasn’t.

They were uncompatible in many ways and had been unhappy for some time. They split up December 2004 and annouced it January 2005. Pitt and Jolie hooked up in late March, shortly after that W shoot.
Jennifer is not a victim. Pitt and Jolie are a good couple and don’t
deserve any of this negativity

Only disapprove of the real philanderers, they are plenty of them in Hollywood. Leave Pitt, Jolie, Phillipe, and Cornish alone. Leave
the nice and talented Reese Witherspoon alone. She didn’t have to play the victim card to stay in the A-list because she truly is a beauty
and a talent. She acquired her A-list success on her own, not by riding on Ryan’s coattails. Jennifer is a disgrace to all celebs and women.
What I said was the truth, but most of the world won’t accept it.

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