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Scarlett Johansson Sings on 'The Ellen Show'

Scarlett Johansson Sings on 'The Ellen Show'

Scarlett Johansson sings her song “Shampoo” with Pete Yorn off their new album, Break Up, in stores now.

Scarlett says, “It’s been really exciting to hear people tell us that, you know, they like it and that it’s catchy. They’re singing it all day.”

Pete adds, “I figured, you know, most actors are multi-talented. They’ve got to be able to do a lot of things and they probably have some ability to sing.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Scarlett’s live singing — YAY or NAY?

Scarlett Johansson Sings on ‘The Ellen Show’
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  • LuckyL

    Too many actors and actresses try to be jack of all trades and end of being master of none or diluting their talent in their prime occupation to mediocrity.

  • LuckyL

    Actually, I should just say entertainers in general.

  • michaela


  • erica

    She’s ok, not great though. Yes, she can carry a tune, but so can most people, that’s really no reason to try for a singing career.

    I personally don’t like her voice and think she should stick to acting. It annoys me when actors want to be singers and singers try to be actors. Yes, some people can be jack of all trades, but most can’t.

  • Tom

    That was boring. Her music sucks. I wish she would just make good movies. She never lived up to her early promise.

  • becky holland

    I like them. Catchy. she has a sweet voice.

  • LuckyL

    I skipped to the actually performance after a few seconds of the practice. Very painful. He sang she spoke. She simply has a sultry intonation to her voice. She did not sing.

  • LuckyL

    The practice part really exposed her.

  • debra77

    I have to say I really liked the song. Cute and catchy

  • TR

    HORRIBLE!!!!! Why does she sing with a country twang??? Jesus, this woman made my ears bleed and cats are running in every direction all over America!! Wasn’t her acting enough torture???

  • cute

    Cute girl. O.k. voice.

  • nay

    not a fan! I don’t think she is pretty at all…..

  • eden

    i love Scarlett, but she should really stick to acting.

  • Britt

    Who lied to Scarlett and told her she could sing?

  • AutumnM

    Her voice isn’t bad but that performance was pretty boring. Pete Yorn showed Scarlett how it was really done. He sounded so much better. Scarlett is no natural when it comes to singing and performing. She should stick to acting.

  • BO

    scarlett u r no alanis

  • yep

    She’s pretty but keep that day job.

  • chelsey

    Sounds country.

  • andrea

    0 stage presence!

  • me

    sucks sorry

  • rosie

    Whoever told her to make a record has a cruel sense of humour. It’s a lucky thing for her that she still has large tits.

  • pretty young girl


  • kate


  • namers

    He’s cute.

    That’s all I got.

  • karmaisa

    she sucks, stick to your day job…wait NOOO thats acting we’re all screwed

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  • pheby

    I hope her husband doesn’t have to sit and listen to her sing. EEEK!

  • pheby

    I don’t know why everyone thinks she is so gorgeous. She is rather avg. looking. I see people who look like her all the time. I think it is that her breasts are real. Such a rare thing in Hell Ay.

  • elia

    stooooooooooooooooop scarlett you are kill me

    your music sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks

  • elle

    Scarlett .. please do not sing

  • stefan

    oh mmmy goood this is the most painful boring performance and the most i can’t describe her or his voice and the most non talented couple i’ve ever heard so far this year,just stick with your acting and fix your hair and have some confident on the stage b…h

  • Anna


    Hell yeah.

  • anon


  • oh boy

    Her 1st album was horrible so this one is no different. I dont like her especially Paltrow in Iron Man. Many actresses are better fit for the role like Sarah Lancaster for Pepper and Black Widow by Rhona Mitra.

  • Rose

    That is a HELL NAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the crap, she sucks!!!

  • rebel

    Scarlett can sing. And maybe not like a billboard-chart-idol like Leona Lewis or whatever… but in her own, indie, sort of way

    Plus, love the songs!

  • KA

    so so …

  • Yep

    Even on the recording it sounded like someone tried to treach her how to sing, 5 minutes before she sang.
    There are actors who know music and singing all their lives.
    Scarlett sounds like she started singing 2 seconds ago, and it shows.

  • Yep

    It’s really odd that she is supposed to be an actress but has no presence or charisma when on stage.
    Even if she could be more natural and had it in her musically (which she obviously doesn’t), she doesn’t look alive and comes across as boring on stage.

  • Lisa m.

    i love that song and i love scarlett’s voice

  • Eva

    I think she should take some lessons from a professional singer to develop her voice. As it stands now, she sounds like my mother when she sings in the kitchen… Though, I think my mother is more charismatic. Scarlett looked very uncomfortable on stage, sort of “just there”.

    I had to chuckle at her statement that, because she is an “actor” she is likely multitalented… Calling yourself an actor is not enough to become one, nor is it enough to suddenly become a singer, dancer, painter, etc… You actually must posses those talents first…

  • KatieF

    Nay. She’s okay….. but not good enough to be performing…. or making a CD. I like ScarJo but no. I’m sorry

  • r2101

    I like it! scarlett’s voice is perfect for this type of music. somebody said, not the leona lewis type of voice, but for this type of music, her voice and yodeling is wonderful.

  • bella

    wow . . .what was that about???

  • dxmanners

    God, I hate Ellen. What cunt. America’s fascination with her is frightening…

  • uck

    Yuck. This is horrible and kind of embarrassing. Is she serious? Alanis wipes the floor with her.
    This is really painful. wtf is she doing? I don’t get it…

  • Courtney Cox-Zucker

    A little pitchy there dawg.