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Chris Brown Drops His Pants

Chris Brown Drops His Pants

Boxers or briefs? Blue Briefs!

Chris Brown arrives at LAX airport with his bodyguard in Los Angeles on Tuesday (October 13).

The 20-year-old hip-hop artist has slowly been working his way back into the music world. His recent single, “I Can Transform Ya”, featuring Lil Wayne has been doing well and his 2008 hit, “Forever” worked its way back to #1 on the iTunes R&B chart.

A new single, “So Cold”, was just leaked onto the Internets and Chris tweeted about it, saying, “OMG as you all know a song leaked today from my album called so cold.. im a lil upset but i pray my album doesnt leak..”

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  • Nay

    Oh my.

  • LuckyL

    He’s so f*cking unattractive.

  • anne

    he looks like an owl. just…god.. oO

  • kate

    so ugly im not even kidding!

  • SaraS

    Why are you even reporting on this a-hole?? God Jared you’re such a celebrity suck-up.

  • rihanna

    can u all please get of his dick and leave him alone……

    i love u baby stay strong

  • susan

    Ewww a woman beater who looks like a hot mess. Jared have some class. STOP REPORTING THIS CRIMINAL!

  • Lawlsy

    Has anybody noticed the black dot on his underwear where his butt hole should be? That’s hilarious. What’s that about?

  • disney

    this abusive boy is so fukking ugly

  • Elin

    …douchebag royale

  • susanist

    The titles of these songs suggests he is unrepented and reveals his true mindset.

    “I Can Transform You” just like I did Rihanna from a world class beauty to a black and blue ho.

    “So Cold” is his heart. This is the typical American Punk who once he gets in trouble plays the redemption game. Talks god constantly and tries to look like a pitiful hound dog whenever he can for the cameras.

    The people working with him are pathetic punks and all the males who come within striking distance of him but do not kick his ass are pathetic punks too.

    All who buys his recordings are twisted and perfect examples of the decline of America. All of them should be airlifted at once and thrown into Afghanistan so they can be target practice for the Taliban.

    He’s laughing at us by daring to come out with these song titles.

    He ain’t sorry for anything he did to Rihanna. The bitch had it coming. He’s just sorry for beating her ass so severe it could not be hidden away. OK so where’s the real men who will come forward? This entire genre of hiphop is full of shit peopled by would-be pimps.

    Again. There’s ample room for them to work out their aggressions in Afghanistan. What’s taking the US govt. so long to call for a Draft? Oh yeah, they are a bunch of Punks in decision-making and policy-making roles to.

    Get these Punks off the streets and into Afghanistan, Iraq or whatever other pathetic Muslim country we will soon be at war with.

  • mika

    i know hes a girl basher and all… but i can’t help but thinking hes hot.

  • susanist

    And for all these fools wearing sagging pants showing their underwear or crena analis you can’t be so dumb as to not know the message you are sending. Chris Brown understands at an instinctual level he should be in prison where someone can take care of that arse. So too the rest of this human refuge stalking the streets. Watch and see. As the economy sinks further most of these vermin will increase their assault on the weak and elderly invading their homes etc.

    Remember Rosa Parks was a victim of a home invasion and yes the piece of crap knew who she was and to my knowledge is still alive because no one in prison had any honour to do the right thing about him. Can you imagine Albanian, Sicilian, Chinese or Latino gangsters allowing someone to live who assaulted someone of matriarchal status and was ‘caught’ and sentenced to prison? So what if Rosa Parks forgave him, where was all the Jay Z type gangsters to avenge her?

  • Jacqueline

    he needs to pull up his f&cking pants, damn lunatic!

  • susanist

    Then maybe you should give him a chance to transform you in the same manner he tried to do for Rihanna. Of course this is called ‘Stockholm Syndrome.’ So many women have been conditioned to accept being beaten by men as the proper correction. Which is why you find something ‘hot’ about someone who admits he’s cold-blooded when it comes to dealing with women but is a punk if it comes to Afghanistan.

  • Josh

    Be nice
    What he did was an awful thing to do but we can’t act cold in response
    Give him a chance…we’ve certainly given other people a chance like MICHAEL VICK WHO FUKKKING WAS TORTURING DOGS AND OJ SIMPSON WHO DICED UP HIS WIFE!

  • Girlii

    OMG… you’ve got to be kidding me. Do you remember what he did to you. OMG!

  • kayla

    nice ass Chris!!

  • lala


  • TrueSoul

    LOL.. some of you need to get a life.

    I hope everyone has been to the local abuse shelter or donated since you all r so passionate about Abuse,
    He received his punishment, and is performing it. So i wish him well.. hopefully he is able to help other young men not make the same mistakes..
    but society just want to lynch him.. smh

    and he’s not a Hip Hop Arist.. he’s not a rapper. he’s an RNB singer

  • g!na

    g*ay azz! he likes to beat girls! such a wuss! try fighting men instead! ugly pansy!

  • Shakera

    He’s really not that attractive. Like ugh! Not to mention the fact that he is abusive… It makes him even uglier. NEXT!

  • Stella

    EVERYONE….you need to get over the “he beat Rihanna” . That stupid stuck up Alien head hit him too. GET OVER IT. It was months ago. Chris Brown has more talent and better looks than Rihanna will ever have. Team CHRISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

    The End.

  • lex

    EW gross.

  • christina

    I aint supporting anything he does.

  • Vanessa

    I noticed that too! So gross! Ew… :(

  • Nicole

    I love Chris Brown!!! No one cares about the haters commenting on here. He still has fans LOL give up haters

  • Nicole

    I love Chris Brown!!! keep it up just jared. The fans love him.

  • Rachel

    i think its funny that all haters comment on CB but they claim to hate him so much. I dont get it. Good luck Chris with everything. You have my support

  • sunny

    There’s a poo stain on his underwear!

  • Lily

    oooh he is sexy!

  • Wayne

    While I don’t condone hitting on girls, sometimes these things happen. He’s not a classic abuser, just some guy who lost his rag due to the particular situation at the time. He seems to have sorted himself out now, more importantly Rihanna has moved on and forgiven him, so guess we all should too. Wish him luck!

  • Hmmm

    supporting him, is the same as saying you support an abuser, nooooo thanks!!!!

  • Gabe

    @g!na: learn how to type FKN MORON!

  • just a gal

    disgusting!!!! nobody wants to see that!

  • g!na



    Why can’t you haters get over it. Chris has moved on.. hes admitted his mistakes and moved on, Why don’t you, You Do You Chris.. We love ya! Can’t wait till CD comes out,

  • Robert

    the folks responding on this web site are so uneducated…..its just unbelievable. as a LCSW for nearly 20 years, i work with people everyday who learn how to transform their history of violence into productive behavior. since 1 in 4 women are victims of DV, imagine how many women and men engage in violence everyday in the United States alone. most people don’t end up in jail on a first offense no matter whether they are a celebrity or not. imagine how full the corrections facilities would be if we put so many MILLIONS of people in prison for engaging in domestic violence. It would be such a nice change of pace if people who respond to these articles would educate themselves before responding and actually put some thought into their opinions before opening their mouths!

    chris brown is a huge talent who will pay dearly by being on probation for 5 years, doing 500 hours of community service, 1 year of domestic violence counseling and therapy and having the wrath of ignorant people hating him for making a mistake at the age of 19 YEARS OLD!!

    When most of us make a mistake, we don’t have the wrath of the world to deal with, we don’t get articles that judge whether or not we are sorry, we don’t have people calling on us to stay in the house and quit our jobs. We suffer the consequences, learn from them (or not) and move on with our lives.

    I doubt that most of the ignorant, judgmental fools responding to this post would know how to carry themselves with half the patience and grace which Chris has displayed. He is a decent young man who MADE A MISTAKE!!! It is all those on here who are calling him ugly, judging him, and vilifying him who clearly have problems and clearly don’t know how to engage in critical thinking when it comes to living in the real world.

    When we reject and shame people in our society who make mistakes, we only further to isolate them and insure that the behavior which they engaged in will continue in our society. Step out of the ignorance and THINK before you respond!!

  • me(:

    Love him. TEAM CHRIS!

  • me(:

    @Robert I agree with you.
    People have no idea what they are talking about and just decide to bash him hoping that his fans won’t help him climb back to the top. He’s still here people and we’re not letting him go anywhere. Get over it. I support him 100% && no that doesn’t mean i support abuse. Obviously if i meant that i would say that. Obviously he was young && made one mistake. It happened eight months ago. GET OVER IT!

  • **Jamie**

    One mistake and he ruined his career. Shame really. As Rihanna and Chris were cute together.

    I hope Chris knows what he has missed out on.

  • Tealeaf

    He is so annoying, arrognant and immature…Ewww

  • Tealeaf

    Now she is copying Pepe Le Pew

  • helen w.

    hm, chris, are you sure YOU didn’t leak it?
    you know the worst part? I’m not into your kind of music, but I thought you were good. I ALWAYS defended you. but now I look like a clown, with good reason to.

    (yes, I know it’s not him, it’s just that I wanted to tell him that in the face and sse what he’s do)

  • OhMy

    He is just too cute!!!

  • OhMy

    @ 41

    Yeah he missed out on getting Herpes!!!

  • You are not perfect

    Are you perfect? He has admitted his guilt, accepted his punishment, and still he is not allowed to move forward. Maybe you should judge your own lives instead of everyone else’s. By the way, his single is #1 and 2 on R & B itunes. He has a concert coming up and tour dates. So, I guess that fat lady has not sung yet. But, He does need to pull up his pants.

  • darrelyn

    what happen to this picture?lol

  • MzCommentary

    Jst a thought….
    I rlly didnt pay attention 2 rihanna until this whole ordeal happened….i knw that thts nt gud bt its so true…
    bt anywho….y r ppl taking pics uv his ass anyway???

  • MzCommentary

    I cnt wait 4 him 2 come out with tha next album….its gonna b a hit….