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Dita Von Teese Encounters Rude Paparazzi

Dita Von Teese Encounters Rude Paparazzi

Dita Von Teese hides her face with her hand after reportedly encountering a rude photographer at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday (October 12).

The 36-year-old burlesque beauty usually doesn’t cover up her face but apparently this time, she says the paparazzi were rude. Dita wrote on her Twitter after being photographed, “Nice welcome to LAX. If pics run with my hand over my face, it’s because this paparazzi was shouting in my face ‘pose, you f’ing b—-.’ For the record, I have never encountered a paparazzi like this one. They are usually quite polite with me.”

Be nice, paparazzi! I’m your biggest fan, I’ll follow you until you love me…

Dita was just in France shooting her cover for Harper’s Bazaar Russia.

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Credit: Matingas; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • nina

    Just goes to show what sucmbags paparazzi are!!

    Why be so rude to Dita who does nothing wrong, and does not deserve to be treated like this, a******!!!!

  • becca

    That’s ridiculous!

  • Posh

    Pose you f—ing b—ch, seriously, that’s rude and direspectful she was right to cover her face, Im sorry that happened to her.

  • jess

    These photographers are out of control.

  • LeviKlein

    DANG, news travel fast! She barely had the time to twitter about it, and the pics are already posted!

  • Hannah

    Dita always seems to be polite so why call her names? I’m sure the guy would have gotten his shots without the name calling.

  • Lowest denominator

    I hope TMZ shows this footage.
    That is tacky as hell.

  • xfiles

    What an impatient asshole. She’s leaving an airport not on a fashion runway. She doesn’t have to ‘pose’ for anyone.

  • ummahyk

    well…she doesn’t have a bodyguard to smash that animal ‘s face?that is sooo disrespectful..she should fight back…and sue him and obtain the right at least for that photographer not to come near here.

  • ummahyk


  • Twilight

    That’s quite scary to have someone come up to you and shout in your face. Any deranged bitch can be a pap.

  • Fleur

    Those are the scumbags you now find in L.A. My friend, a native of Culver City, thinks this invasion of ants is going to get worse. He now lives in Oregon. Those guys are unable to show any class or any respect for anyone, especially women. That paparazzo wasn’t well raised by his mother. Ms. Von Teese handled this uncomfortable situation quite well.

  • mike

    Oh dear oh dear, somebody said something unpleasant! Nasty paparazzi nasty nasty man poor Dita! FFS!

  • dani

    Sounds like an escaped mental patient.
    Poor Dita having to put up with that dick!

  • Cassie

    Some do that deliberately to provoke a reaction.

  • eon

    There’s tons of airport photos of Dita Von Teese and she always look happy. For her to complain this time, tells me the guy must have been a real douche bag.

  • Matingas

    and the “tons” of pics of dita von teese in the airport are from the same photog.. ME!

  • Shar

    She does look upset. She’s a celebrity but that still isn’t an excuse for some man to call her a bitch because he wants to take her photo.

  • James

    @Matingas: Doubt it. If you were a real photographer, you’d be working not hanging on a blog.

  • meme

    Where was the Count?
    Dita needs her hottie bf to protect her from these creeps.

  • whatev

    stakerazzi need to serve jail time. following women at night, terrorizing people with their families, causing car accidents…all of them should be registered with the police .

  • goodkitten

    It’s a shame one bad apple has to ruin it for the bunch.

  • Eva

    How rude! To shout abuse at her is just inexcusable…

    And, when someone normally so patient with photogs does not want their pitures taken, the photog should stop. Plain and simple!

  • blueberry

    I believe Dita. She always seems nice to the paparazzi so I don’t think she would lie.

  • Bauergriffinonline

    @Matingas: Sure, dumbass, you’re the guy who took the pics and I’m Bauergriffinonline.

  • Cammie

    She has a twitter…

  • Darya

    I notice by watching TMZ that the paps are becoming increasingly rude and prying when cornering a celebrity out in public. They use intimidation tactics. If the celebrity is nice and answers their dumb questions then they praise the celebrity to the skies on the t.v. show. If the celebrity doesn’t want to be bothered and doesn’t answer, then they are trashed and often ridiculed. Some of the questions asked by TMZ photogs are not rude. They are just plain stupid, so bad in fact that the celebrities can’t find an answer to such nonsense. I no longer watch the show.

  • ha!

    @Matingas: Sure you do. If you were a pap, you’d be out working and taking pictures. And if you took photos of Dita before, she would have recognized you and said, “I don’t know why Matingas is being such an ass. He was always so nice before.”

  • 0000

    Now I understand why Britney hit the paparazzi with her umbrella… LOL Dita could use her Louboutins, I would pay to see her throwing her stilettoes to them, something that will never happen anyway, it’s not Dita’s style and above all, you can’t hurt such pretty shoes! ;-)

  • Dita Von Teese

    … I am the real Dita Von Teese and I want you to leave me alone!

    LOL ;-)

  • Gemma

    What an a-hole!! Dita is always ALWAYS nice, polite and well behaved towards everyone. She’s even polite to people who are rude to her on twitter!!

    And even if she was not, you do NOT attack a woman and call her a ”F***ing B*tch”, thats not okay!

    Dita fans need to start an online petition to get that idiot paparazzi fired!!

    Obviously he has no idea how to do his job, or any job for that matter, that kinda crap even gets you fired from a hot dog stand. He has to be either mentally challenged or on drugs.

  • LuckyL

    I never seen her cover-up her faith. And she’s always honest. How terrible. I hope she chooses France. LA is full of animals.

  • mike

    @ Eva i so agree, there’s no need is there to be so rude. When I did the pap thing we were never ever rude nor did we ever swear at celebs. it’s a question of pride in yourself and those around you….. alas times change and the world is full of scum bags. Dita should have stayed off twitter tho and this pap would have no exposure to bath in tonight! Read this

  • LuckyL

    faith= face*

  • sj

    @Dita Von Teese:


    Btw James obviously he’s not a “real photographer.” Chasing and hurling obscenities at someone doesn’t take much skill.

  • Chef de Cuisine

    What is covering her face going to do?

  • **Jamie**

    rude paps!

    thats like going on your first date and yelling “go out with me you f-ken b-iatch”

    never a good tactic

  • lakers fan in boston

    finally a sensible person
    cant stand dita as well, she’s a pointless person
    so glad this happened =]

  • abby


  • KA

    Some or Most Paps are JERKS AND SAD LITTLE PPL …
    Low Life Human beings …

  • Gunta and friends

    Although I don’t side with the photographer, I do believe that the lady needs a wake-up call. I think we should all pray for her……

  • ratbastard

    well I guess you shouldn’t have stripped, shown your labia, and sucked your way to mainstream “fame” if you didn’t want to deal with the photogs, you whore!

  • Rattlesnake

    You cry babies, you were not even there to see what really happened…. yes some paprazzi are rude, but don’t throw the whole bunch of them under the bus… while you pus are sitting at home watching soap operas and idiot TV shows those guys are out in the street for 12 hours a day trying to get photos so you beaches can see what your pus celebs are doing… You are all on this site looking and reading…. hypocrites !