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Jennifer Garner & Violet: Promenade Pair

Jennifer Garner & Violet: Promenade Pair

Jennifer Garner goes on a stroll with her 3-year-old daughter Violet while in Boston on Monday (October 12).

The 37-year-old actress is back in Beantown as her husband Ben Affleck directs his latest movie The Town.

Speaking about her kids, Jen recently shared what her kids think she does for a living.

“My kids come to work a lot but the little one is (eight) months old (Seraphina) and doesn’t really get it,” Jen said. “The older one (Violet) thinks that I work in a trailer, and my job is getting hair and makeup done because that’s as far as she’s made it.”

FYI: Jen is using her BOB Revolution Stroller!

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Credit: Swarbrick/Thornton; Photos: INFdaily
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  • nativenyker

    Give these folks a day off!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest Garner affleck fan

    I love this family but the paparazzi seriously needs to leave them alone

  • Susie q

    Why is it that Violet and Jen are in Boston wearing winter jackets and Suri is in Cambridge wearing at sundress???

  • Killraw

    She’s had that same jacket for ages.

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest Garner affleck fan

    oh by the way jared made a mistake jennifer and violet are not in boston there are in cambridge

  • mimi

    Jen is keeping a close eye on Ben. Blake is back in Boston for shooting.

  • regina

    It´s about time she should start WALKING! She looks ridiculous in his stroller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nikomilinko
  • Me!

    Now look how Violet is dressed compared to the freak show Suri Cruise!
    Both are in Boston and it is getting really cold here!

  • ddd

    love them

    best wishesh Jen and Ben!

    God bless them

  • QueenOfTrashin

    …and while Suri freezes in nearby Cambridge, Violet is in pants, shoes (most likely WITH socks), a hooded Winter jacket and mittens. Suri just gets a blanket wrapped around her….occasionally.

  • Lisa Harris

    Mimi it is not Blake Jen has to worry about it is Rebecca Hall.. Seeing
    how much time the two spend together…

    THESE ARE OLD PHOTOS..FROM Since this is the brown jacket
    is from when Jen did her play.. these are not recent..Jen wore
    the same jacket to the park and there are photos of both of them
    strolling through New York..It is right she should be walking …

  • coco

    Suri and Violet should have a playdate.

  • Two

    Her parents feel she doesn’t need a jacket, #3.

    Don’t call her a freak show and quit comparing kids, #10.

    Ben Affleck isn’t breaking up with Jennifer Garner anytime soon, #13. Or ever most likely.

  • Kate

    @Two: #15 stop bosing people around. No one cares what you think. And stop acting like you know everything cuz you don’t.

  • …..

    wow no baby bottle or pacifer, I know right? I’m shocked and so is the world! I’m pretty sure that kid still wears diapers too.

  • wrong

    Hey Two

    How are you so sure that Ben will not be breaking up with Jen anytime soon. I’ve heard differently.

  • not again!

    Enough of this b!tch and her kids.

  • Tina

    @Two: Divorces are expensive and Ben wants kids.
    Why should Ben care, he f*cks around all the time.

  • LuckyL

    Where’s the cute one?

  • Two

    I don’t know anything and never implied that I did, #16. I’m not bossing anyone around.

    You heard wrong, #18. How many times were they ‘supposed’ to break up but never did.

    And you know all this how, #20?

    They both are cute, #21.

  • Kate

    @Two: yes you just boss people around by their numbers and try to correct them but you cant because it is their own opinion and it wont matter what you say to them. and yes you did imply that you do because you said theyll never be breaking up?! and pleaseee tell me how you know that! even in 5-10 or so years you still know for sure? ha wow.

  • sonia0404

    So nice to see Violet so warmly clothed and never has to be exposed to the freezing cold wind.
    And her parents do not let her get out like Lolita in junior hooker heels.
    So sweet to see her.

  • Lynn

    If Jennifer wanted the paparazzi to leave them alone she would have driven a car to starbucks to pick up her coffee instead of parading violet on the streets of Boston, Jennifer doesn’t mind the paparazzi she has said they don’t bother her. The paparazzi, violet and ben are the only thing keeping jennifer garner famous, the invention of lying bombed big time at the box office, even worse than elektra or catch and release.

  • lexy

    Why should Jen pack up Violet and drive to Starbucks??? Americans are lazy enough. Should she keep the kids home all the time and not allow them to leave the house too? The paps need to leave her and her kids alone.

    Someone must like Jen other than the paps – she manages to get acting jobs and endorsement deals unlike JJ fave Rachel Bilson!

    Blake and Ben aren’t thinking about each other. Some of you are worse than the tabloids with the foolishness you come up with. Turn off Melrose Place people! Welcome to real life! Men and women in HW work together all the time and don’t end up dating or married!

  • simple truth

    The paparazzi, violet and ben are the only thing keeping jennifer garner famous, the invention of lying bombed big time at the box office, even worse than elektra or catch and release.

  • Hollywood

    “Men and women in HW work together all the time and don’t end up dating or married!”
    No, they just f*ck like Blake and Ben.

  • Garfleck Fanatic

    Jen and Vi are so adorable. Jen manages to get her exercise in while spending time with her little girl. So refresing to see a celeb carrying on just like any other mom who is not rich and/or famous.

    Love them more and more with each passing day.

  • mimi #2

    Jen is keeping a close eye on Ben and I am keeping a close eye on Jen. She is my favorite of all the celebs. I wish I could be just like her.

  • lol

    @mimi #2: You wan’t to be fake-nice b!tch and cheap PR wh*re like Jennifer Garner ?
    Good luck with that! lol

  • Jill

    Nice to see a mother who cares whether her child is dressed for the colder weather. It was 54 degrees in Boston today. Yesterday it was 58 degrees. Here is Violet dressed for the weather. Katie needs lessons, I think, on how to dress her precious Suri. NOT in a sleeveless sun dress with bare legs, that’s for sure. Both Tom and Katie desperately need parenting classes !
    Kudos to you, Jennifer !

  • Two

    They can post their opinions but address them as so, #23. All I know is that you’ve always been wrong about them breaking up.

    Lolita, #24? Hooker heels? You’re sick.

    That’s crazy, #25. She’s a human being and has the right to walk on a sidewalk like a normal person without people accusing her of trying to get attention.

    Would you people shut up already about Suri Cruise’s wardrobe and stop comparing, #32?

  • lexy

    Simple truth where are you getting that these films bombed? Are you comparing them to Will Smith movies? JG isn’t paid Will Smith money to make films so her movies aren’t expected to make Will Smith or Jason Bourne type money. She’s in romantic comedies – which end up being sleeper hits. Everyone has a few duds – including the big dogs like Adam Sandler, Will Smith, Bruce Willis, Tom Cruise, Jack Black and Will Farrell – and there movies are more expensive to make so they are big time duds!

    Again to make it in HW you have to be making money – if her films were not making any money, she wouldn’t get any jobs. It’s that simple! She keeps getting jobs so the films must be making money!!

  • g!na

    grandmother what big ears you have! omg, this kid could fly to the moon with those ears! lol.

  • Lexy is PIPPI

    Lexy, stick to calling yourself Pippi your comments sound like the crazy rants of Pippi, you can change your name but you can’t change the crazy way you are and post.

  • lexy

    Who the heck is Pippi?? I assure you I post on this board all the time and use the same name. No need to change my name – Jen’s got plenty of fans – that’s one of the reasons she keeps getting job offers. If there was any truth to the trash some of you talk she wouldn’t be fending off job and endorsement offers.

  • s.i

    Jennifer looks so pretty! She is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen! And what a great mum and actress she is! Jen rocks! She is almost perfect! Violet is so sweet, she looks so much like Jenny! Great family

  • Agua

    So glad to see Violet so well dressed, no high heel, no bare arms and legs exposed to the weather. And she doesn’t seem to need to be bribed with sugary cupcake to perform for the paps.

    What a nice little girl to see!!! Love that child and Jen is beautiful.
    I admire Rick G, so whoever he vets to make a film together, I admire too.

  • Lol

    @s.i: You must be mentally insane. Go get help

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest Garner affleck fan

    @Kate: you know want mind your own business what i wrote thats my own opinion if you don’t like it don’t read it!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    at least jen is changing her clothes often
    not 2 long ago she would be wearing the same pants and shirt for days
    at least she’s trying is good
    isnt violet a bit old 2 be in a stroller
    imo as soon as they can walk pretty well, it’s off with those

  • Pippi

    Wow, I can’t believe that after all this time people are still making comments on this thread. Especialy those who pretend that they are not one of her many fans. I knew she was likable but come on guys, isn’t there anyone else that you can comment on?

  • HAHA

    @Pippi: likeable? you sure bout that? hahaah

  • lexy

    Lakers fan I’ve heard that a lot of times celebs will wear the same clothes b/c it’s not good for the paps business – makes there photos less valuable. I remember there was something about it with Jennifer Aniston always wearing these camoflauge pants. You know the paps follow these celebs around while they do nothing (like Jen going to Starbucks) but no one’s going to care if Jen is going to SB every day and wearing the same outfit. How many pics does ET or the other sites need of Jen going to SB in the same outfit.
    @#39 – if you are interested in the mental health of others please contact your local politicians. It’s an election year so they are listening. Tell your local representative you want to insure the health care bill gets passed so Jennifer Garner fans can receive the mental health you think they need!

  • HAHA

    @lexy: shut up already

  • doesn’t matter

    You’re wrong. In Scandinavian the kids sit in a stroller ’til they are 4 years old.

  • Hahaha

    @doesn’t matter: Wtf?!?!?! Who cares about kids in Scandinavia and this isn’t Scandinavia anyways you freak!!!!!

  • doesn’t matter


    I wrote my comments and you wrote you comments…Sry, if i have told the truth. Really sorry….

  • Hahaha

    @doesn’t matter: Huh??? You make no sense. This is america not scandinavia so stop going on American websites

  • atenar

    The haters always have something to comment on jennifer garner and her daughter violet. I cannot fully understand why there is so much hate on this family. What is wrong with you people? Does Jennifer and her child have done something bad on you?
    Are you all fans of JLo? Up until now you can’t accept that Ben Affleck did not marry your Idol? Well Wake Up!
    For those who say that violet should not be in a stroler anymore. In our country it is normal when a toodler sits in a stroller up until the age of 5. It is ok because she is still a child. What is abnormal is you people saying bad things on a 3 year old innocent child.