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Leighton Meester - 'Somebody To Love' Lyrics

Leighton Meester - 'Somebody To Love' Lyrics

Leighton Meester just released her first single “Somebody To Love,” off her debut album. The song, which features R&B crooner Robin Thicke, was produced by Mike Caren (Flo Rida, T.I.).


The 23-year-old Gossip Girl actress told Ryan Seacrest the song is “definitely about what’s going on in my life and I think anybody can relate. You’re crazy, you’re busy, you’re young and you’re running around and it’s really hard to find somebody to love. People love you but you don’t really love them.”

Check out the song and follow along to the lyrics inside…

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  • saida

    LEIGHTON MEESTER,Russia loves u!!!

  • Duda

    AHHHH BRAZIL LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dundies

    omg forget the song! that advert on the right for McD’s California Classic looks YUM

  • Christina

    AHHHH BRAZIL LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! [2]

  • Carolina

    AHHHH BRAZIL LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! [3]

  • T.

    Brazil loves you Leighton!!!!

  • Carol

    AHHHH BRAZIL LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! [3]

  • LuckyL

    Lame, same f*cking posters

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    generic water-down pop-trash. robin thicke made it bearable, but.. is this the kind of music she expect to create a successful music career out of?!? simplistic pop collaborations? lets see how long it takes for her to release a ‘good’ song on her own.
    oh yea.. you can tell they’re trying to hide her not-so-good voice by lowering her vocals and raising the beat so high it damn near drowns her out. ahahahahahaha.. britney 2.gossipgirl. hahahahahaha..

  • Gen

    Actually, its REALLY good. I expected it to be bad, but it sounds really nice. Im lovin it :)

  • Karla

    Love the beat to it. And her voice is pretty darn sexy :p

  • Brooke d

    are you an actress or singer ?? as actress this goes but since catastrophic singer
    please stops singing you are not bethany joy galeotti so

  • Pey

    PARIS HILTON sings better which ohhh goood
    on top of that she speaks they can not conscript her to sing

  • lais

    leeighton ! brazil loves you!

  • Lil

    leightn is amazing .. your voice is sooo sexy ..<3

  • jesel

    leighton PHILIPPINES heart U!!!

  • Anna

    AHHHH BRAZIL LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! [4]

  • Carolina Chianca



  • anastasia

    LEIGHTON MEESTER,Russia loves u!!! [2]

  • In The Know

    Typical take the current tv cutie and make an auto tuned record pro-tools to death by the flavor of the moment beat programmer to see if it sticks……………..IT WON’T

    Ashley Tisdale can’t sell out a theater, and Ashlee Simpson had to buy back tickets to call venues sellouts with the same flawed formula.

    The music business is gasping in its death throes.

    IT DOES NOT WORK and never will. TV cannot drive a music act beyond 6-8 months……… any of you remember the AI runner up two cycles ago……………..I don’t!

  • Whoever

    I am loving Robin Thicke!

  • naty

    leightonn u r perfect
    love the song
    a hitt comingggggggggggggg :)

  • juliana

    AHHHH BRAZIL LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! [4]

  • JM

    Nothing against her but she doesn’t sing, she just kind of speaks the words. Robin Thicke sounds good though, but he a singer. hhhmmmm….probably won’t go anywhere anyway

  • rodrigo

    Watch DOLLHOUSE ON Friday at FOX!
    It’s such an amazing show.

  • davidhot

    I know she’s cute but WHY??? every young celebrity has to sing nowadays. STOP!!! Singing is not for everybody, you have to have a good voice! and learn how to use it.

    I love music but real music :-) lets face it 9 times out of 10 the records of these young celebrities are crap.

  • Missy

    emm I like the song! I’m happy for leigh :)

  • Marie

    Between “je t’adore” and “turn aroun” she says “tour de taille”. You could add it…

  • Peace


  • caduca


  • Save The OC

    Not bad at all… Congrats Leighton!


  • hello.

    love it.
    plus for those who say she can’t sing: check out bette davis eyes, body control, or good girls go bad.


    Poland loves Leighton Meester. This song is amazing <3

  • martin

    I’m still waiting for Sara Paxton to bring out her album. She sings, too, you know.
    About Leighton, the song isn’t bad at all. This is only a single, how does the album sound?

  • Corbin

    It’s tolerable. But she basically recites the lyrics. Doesn’t really show off her “vocal range”. I agree that Robin Thicke carries this song — he was amazing in his parts. You can clearly tell a distinguished singer from a fake.

  • linda

    omg!!! i love this song!

  • urm

    omg this was amazing!

  • mini

    australia hearts you leighton <3

    this song is so catch! i have it on repeat since today morn.

  • Sarah

    I like the song!
    Keep going Leighton! (:

  • YouKno

    I like it I think it’s really
    catchy I think before people
    judge we should here more
    songs from her =]

  • anne

    BRAZIL LOVES U LEIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Júh

    AHHHH BRAZIL LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! [5]

  • cutesie

    i was expecting something wayyyy better than this i loved her voice in good girls go bad but this song is horrible! im dissapointed especially because i’m a fan. I hope her other songs are wayyy better.

  • Yeaok

    loved her voice in betty davis eyes… THIS SONG IS HORRIBLE

  • sheryl

    No offense but this song sucks. BAD.

  • j

    i actually like this song.

  • Nicole

    I love Leighton! :)

  • lexy

    Eeeks! Love Leighton but not another actress/pop star.

  • Nay

    Can’t sing for sh’t!

  • octavvia

    leighton, SINGAPORE loves you!!! :)