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Rachel Bilson: Cringe-Worthy

Rachel Bilson: Cringe-Worthy

After dropping off fiance Hayden Christensen at the airport, Rachel Bilson cringes while making her way to a Culver City movie studio on Monday (October 12).

While the 28-year-old actress is rumored to star in the 100th episode of How I Met Your Mother, Get a Life star Chris Elliott was just cast as the estranged father of Lily (Alyson Hannigan). Chris‘s Thanksgiving episode will air on Nov. 23 on CBS.

Rachel is scheduled to be on The Bonnie Hunt Show this Wednesday.

10+ pictures inside of cringing Rachel Bilson

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rachel bilson cringing 01
rachel bilson cringing 02
rachel bilson cringing 03
rachel bilson cringing 04
rachel bilson cringing 05
rachel bilson cringing 06
rachel bilson cringing 07
rachel bilson cringing 08
rachel bilson cringing 09
rachel bilson cringing 10

Photos: Homero Tercero/WENN
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  • aaaaa

    she looks adorable!

  • http://none Sheen

    Yes first!!!! I love her outfit. She is gorgeous.

  • Smilehexe

    Jared, you obviously were in such a hurry to get yet another thread of your favorite girl on the net that you posted her under “00″ – and “this beauty” won’t be found. Sob Sob…
    And the only ones who are supposed to cringe here is us, the poor audience who has to watch this desperate mess every single day, and sometimes even more than once just because you, Jared, get money to do so.

  • Amnda Dubs

    God she annoys me. What good thing has she been in since the OC? Seriously?

  • lou

    The Bonnie Hunt Show films in Culver City and Rachel is supposed to be on Wednesday’s show. Is the show live or filmed ahead? Maybe she just had to take care of some arrangements for the show.

  • Just Jared

    @lou: Great observation! I’m thinking it is taped ahead of time…

  • sharon

    HMMM Wondering what the asking price for her photo’s are 2.00 ?? well since we’re in a recession 1.99 sounds better!!

  • Smilehexe

    Jared, funny that you don’t talk to me, usually you thank people if they help you out with something, and you corrected the error – guess I hit the nail on the head with your paycheck, did I?

  • Voice of reason

    @smilie anyone can type in blue.

  • Smilehexe

    @Voice of reason:
    Then I must be stupid because I don’t know how, and not all blue links lead back to JJ’s site. ;-)
    Anyway, JJ has done this before (to reply to people).

  • Voice of reason

    Heck smilie BTW that is me above, just wanted to show how easy it can be done, sort of like people changing usernames.

  • Voice of reason

    @smilie I’ll be nice if you put a website under your E-Mail it will make your name turn blue. you can thank me later…

  • Smilehexe

    @Voice of reason:
    Knew it was you (#9). LOL And it’s not that easy once you’re on the list to be moderated out like me yesterday – again. That really annoys me – as JJ lives from our posts, and he lives good from it, plus, other people do use much ruder language than I do, yet they are published.
    Thanks for telling me how that works but I see no reason to print my name in blue, I’m satisfied the way it is – as long as my posts go through. I’m not a fan of censorship, and I also think it’s stupid to rule me out as the result is fewer posts.

  • Why?

    Finally JJ comes up with an accurate headline. Good for you, JJ. BTW does anyone else think she looks like that ex english PM’s wife Cherie Blair.

  • Voice of reason

    @Smilie no problem, can’t understand why you get moderated don’t think I have ever seen you swear and you don’t carry on like others maybe contact the board and ask why?

    Just to keep on topic I like the handbag and scarf that RB is wearing.

  • lexy

    #14 – LOL!!! Great comment!!! I wonder what she’s cringing at – did she see herself in the side mirror on her car??
    It is interesting how people comment and next thing you know JJ has a thread “following up” on the comments people make. People say “where’s Hayden” – he turns up. People say “no PDA” he attempts to give her a kiss. I comment that she’s no Britney Spears that the paps wait outside her house & follow her around – and so RB pays one to follow her to the gas station and home.
    Good thing RB and her people don’t care what others think of them and are living for themselves.
    RACHEL PLEASE TAKING ACTING LESSONS! (let’s keep our fingers crossed).

  • Smilehexe

    @Voice of reason:
    Did contact the board – got no answer.

  • Smilehexe

    “It is interesting how people comment and next thing you know JJ has a thread “following up” on the comments people make. People say “where’s Hayden” – he turns up. People say “no PDA” he attempts to give her a kiss.”
    Same thoughts over here.

  • sterling

    Duh! She would all reminds us of a generated rat-whore. Lets call her Mistress Splinter.
    Consistently promoting herself as a poster child for a Has Been That Never Was!

  • me

    JJ enough with them being boyfriend and girl friend she is the one that called them to see if was going well with them. Still he don’t stay with her anymore like that was just 24 housrs and he gone was buiness as always with him there, He went back home and she didn’t go with him as always. That does change that she has another man on the side.She sat that up herself see she didn;t go home with answer why she didn’t go home with him this time either..Just don’t want to say she don’t have anybody.Not showing the ring again,

  • Why?

    Aside from being a c*** actor, he is effing ignorant in the way he treats her. Don’t understand why she puts up with it.

  • ness17

    She should stop paying Just Jared to put her photos up. If she’s not careful / smart enough, she’ll run out of money since she’s not earning any.

  • sidony

    Rain or Shine… in LA or not… Solo or w/ Company – Douchel never gonna fail to “mediawh*ring” y’ all !!!

  • : (


  • Shadow

    He shud come out of the closet, really. He wud be happier. You can’t be happy when you can’t be who you are.

  • searlus
  • omg

    LOL love the headline, describes how I feel when I hear the name rachel bilson.

  • jane

    How long do you think Rachel would last if suddenly Sienna Miller or Natalie Portman were willing to date Hayden? Really beautiful successful girls with real talent and real money would express interest in HC. The saddle bag midget would disappear in a minute. I know it is unlikely, so RB is safe but think about it. Pathetic situation for her and him.

  • ?

    @jane: should you stop spamming this site? Get a clue, ya’ dork.

  • ?

    @jane: Dork is less offensive than idiot, jane. Try it.

  • jane

    Here you go again. You can’t stand the truth about RB, are you her mother? Is this you Ms. S?
    The only reason what I say upsets you is bc you know I am right.

  • jane

    I agree completely, HC feels safe with RB who is a much bigger failure than he is. He is a joke in HW but she is even worth.

  • PowerGen

    That’s awesome that she’s going to be in How I Met Your Mother!

  • Lily

    Every time I read comments on a Rachel Bilson post I’m shocked. Why is that 95% of you call her unsuccessful ? or that Hayden doesn’t really love her ? Who are all of you to say those things.. she runs errands and her pictures are taken, I’d like to see what you look like when you all run errands. Rachel has been apart of great things- The O.C. Hellllo?! Take her work for what it is but she’s no where near unsuccessful. Not to mention the fact that you all act like you know what their relationship is like.

  • jane

    RB is running around in desperation looking for a job, unlike Natale Portman, who gets the best scripts sent to her. Mind it that Hayden worked with Natalie and it is safe to say that he knows that she is a success in comparison to failure know as RB. He also knows that Natalie is educated and has a perfect body and that Rachel has saddle bags and is a Community Collage drop out. Don’t you think he knows all this.

  • Lily

    @jane: Are you honestly going to criticize RACHEL BILSON’S body for christ sake!? Do you have any clue what the average womans body looks like now a days or do you just study the starlets. Why compare her to Natalie? They’re nothing alike. You could just as easily compare Natalie to someone else; comparing is useless- everyone is different, that’s why Hayden and Rachel are getting married.

  • Lily

    Yeah, Jane, saddle bags alright. You’re crazy if you can even hint that she is fat.

  • jane

    This is what HC has to look at without a stylist and magazine artist enhancements:
    That is the real Rachel Bilson. What do you think of HC taste now?

  • jane

    What man would settle for this unless he could not do better?

  • jane
    Rachel has a terrible lower body, saddle bags and short legs.

  • Lily


    I don’t see saddle bags in the unretouched pictures above! and are you kidding me? What man would settle? How about for love? I know I know, you have yet to experience it and you likely never will because you are a stone cold biatch!

    I love how you act like everyone in the world is perfect except for Rachel, come back down to earth.

  • jane

    What are you denying? Rachel is too short, she is stupid, she hardly gets any work, she is uneducated, she has the ugliest short legs with huge saddle bags. He can only love the fact that he is worshiped, like carrying the key chain from his biggest movie, which he sucked at, it is more gratitude than love. I feel really sorry for her and for him for that matter.

  • Lily

    @45 This is just too comical! I cannot believe that you honestly think you know everything about someones relationship. Maybe she thinks it’s cute and she carries it around as a little joke. Calling someone stupid, nice insult ;)

  • jane


    I don’t know anything about anyone’s relationship, I see what I see. RB is too short, has an ugly lower body, she is also too tiny, she is definitely dumb, she is not a respectable actress and there is no way HC does not know that. In his world he worked with and dated better girls than RB and could not get them. PERIOD. I am done. All the love.

  • Lily

    @ jane
    You’re saying that she is too short, ugly lower body, too tiny- these are all things YOU don’t find attractive. Who are you to say whether Hayden likes her qualities or not? So weird…

  • gilmorie

    Everyone knows that SHE is not really & legally popular much more NOT even really that tad beautiful… but actually full of defects i.e. generic looking, pocket size, disgusting body structure, (flat/sagged t*ts w/ a wide combo thighs) airhead, lazy, ostentatious, shallow… Take you pick. They ALL work when talking about this little hag!
    Yet still & desperately desiring for a HW star status at any cost.
    What a nerve… really got a thick & big face despite being on just an atomic size.

  • jane

    Well, if Hayden likes saddle bags, a brainless valley girl, desperate for any kind of TV gig loser, than it is no complement to him, but I honestly don’t think so. He worked with and liked better girls just could not get them.

  • jane

    Sorry, I meant at #48, Lily, not 49.

  • Roxy

    Wow i go on just jard all the time and i am so surprised at the amount of people who really dont like Rachel Bilson. I love it when you put posts of her on because i love her style and seeing what cool outfit she will where next so keep posting!

  • kroq

    When is the NYILY premiere? Isn’t it tomorrow? I predict that the JJ comments section will go apesh*t. It’ll be the Bilson-Portman showdown for the ages.

    I feel like some of you Rachel haters are going to take this to your graves. Someday you will have to get over the fact that Hayden and Natalie will never be together. SOMEDAY. Devastating as it is, and no matter how much hate you spew at Rachel, it will not change a single thing.
    Time to accept it and invest your time in something more fulfilling.