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Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols Hold Hands

Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols Hold Hands

Sophia Bush stops by The Bonnie Hunt Show on Tuesday (October 13) and shares that she’s honored that she was be asked to join the organization Teachers Count because her teachers were so influential in who she has become.

The 27-year-old One Tree Hill actress said, “I think particularly with young people in the entertainment industry, the focus has gotten inappropriate. When people can have careers which consist of nothing but going to parties…and they get paid to go to parties because they’ve been less than clothed…it’s not something I can believe in. The ‘I”ll do anything to be famous’ standard doesn’t last.”

As for what she finds sexy, Sophia said, “I think smart is sexy because that’s all that lasts.”

We bet Austin Nichols is a very smart man, then! (They were spotted holding hands at Sunday’s Hollywood Style Awards.)

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Photos: Sarah Hummert/Telepictures/The Bonnie Hunt Show
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  • Chau

    She seems smart. =)

  • JasonTB

    She looks so beautiful. My fav actress ever!

  • oth

    Finally a true actress with a brain and not just all looks.

  • blahblahblah

    Haters coming out. I bet you her SAT scores is higher than 90% of the haters in here.

  • Love Sophia

    I love her, everything about her. I hope to see some pics of her holding hands with Austin..until then, it’s all rumors.

  • katherine

    @Bella so 40+ event in a year is a lot? Yeah right! That’s not a lot so get your shit straight before you talk it.

  • Anna

    For you Sophia fans, you really need a new hobby.

    I don’t know her, nor do I watch her movies, tv shows, I tried to watch OTH once, but it was horrible and she was cringe-worthy with that stupid voice and the way her face scrunches up in a scary way. Wasn’t pleasant. She is more known for her socialite ways.

    Yes, socialite ways. She should be careful about what she says when her name got out because she married a scum and then used this to her advantage by self-congratulating herself. It is depressing, because she is trying to portray herself as above-the-rest-of-them kind of person, when she is just like everybody else.

    I agree that it is good to put school and education high on priority lists, but her actions and words don’t blend well. She is all about PR if you ask me.

  • Bella

    @katherine: LMFAO okay then what is… I mean from someone who is not even in LA most of the time.

    I can’t wait to see how many she goes to once she lives there. We all know she would go to an opening of a box


  • ana

    she acts like being a rolemodel is so important, but she has never said anything inspiring or original. she just gives the same answers every other actress who is trying to be a rolemodel gives. i find it really fake.

  • blahblahblah

    @Anna: again why are you posting things about her if you don’t care?

  • Luke

    I love one tree hill and also Sophia!!!

  • sandra

    for the all the hater get the f*** out of here already. if you could care
    less about her…why are taking your time to post something about
    her!?! lol obviously you guys are the joke!

    I dont know her personally but she seems awesome!

  • Lynn

    I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My fav actress ever! *—————–*

  • sbush

    she is a smartass. love her

  • Apple

    She looks really cute, and smart !

    This article’s title is ridiculous ! The article talks about Sophia, Ellen, the show, … What does it has to do with the title ? A lil’ sentence at the end ! Ridiculous !

  • nessa

    Hater hater hater go away! Sophia is awesome! she’s smart, beautiful and classy! if you don’t like her why are you here ? just asking.. Stop being so obsesed about her past.. she made mistakes like everybody else! I would like to see you as a public face .. how would you deal with it!?

    Really like her!!

  • Lee

    Love Sophia, Anne Hathaway, Natalie Portman, and Rachel McAdams! PR is part of the job for all entertainers. I admire actress that are intelligent unlike ***megan fox, paris hilton, lindsey lohan***cough cough

  • Cooh

    I love her,amazing,role model

  • Baci

    Wasn’t she at like 5 events this past weekend. Wasn’t she spotted this past summer in NYC with the shortest shorts possible just as she was out getting yogurt. Get off your high horse Sophia, you are a pure and utter hypocrite!! Like your the only educated actress out there or even amongst your co-stars! Really get over yourself.

  • Tina

    “They were spotted holding hands at Sunday’s Hollywood Style Awards.”
    that is a LIE.

  • mich

    @ baci. the fact is that her career is not based off the events she goes to. the majority of her fans know her from her acting work. unlike some whos careers are solely based on public appearances and sex tapes, which is the point i think she was trying to make


    I love her extensions!

  • just some info

    Sophia Bush happens to be right, people today are famous for doing nothing, tabloids are full of covers with people who just simply aspire to be on them.

    There is nothing wrong with attending events, supporting causes, getting out there and promoting your product.
    models, actors, writers, directors, artists, dancers, chefs, athletes, singers, journalists, doctors and so on.

    But to many people are famous who aspire to do nothing, have done nothing. They aren’t any of the above.

    Paris Hiton, Nichole Richie, Kelly Osborne, the Karadashian’s, jon &kate, just to name a few. Famous because of their parents or how many children they had and so on.

    It used to be models aspired to be actors, but they were models.
    Actors aspired to be directors, chef woud become chef critics, band members would wish to launch solo careers, athletes become sports announcers, weather people want to become news reporters, designers want to dress oscars worthy actresss.

    Sophia Bush is an actress, she has been acting on a show for the last 7yrs as well as working on several films thru those years as well.
    She auditioned for he role she has now, and she got it.

    The standards are so low now, you don’t even have to aspire to have a career, just be famous.

  • just some info

    They also attended an event together on saturday as well.
    Several sources have blogged about it.

  • Viva

    @just some info: Not true.

  • Austin Nichols

    Hollywood Style Awards
    Austin Nichols, who wasn’t presenting or receiving an award, played it coy when asked about his status as her plus-one…

    “To be honest, I’m here to drink the free tequila and come to the Hammer Museum because I’m an art lover,” he explained of why he happened to be at the event. “I’m just here to enjoy the party!”

    When asked specifically if he was Sophia’s date for the night (which he was so obviously was), he wouldn’t confirm or deny the hookup. “I’m not gonna say anything except that…I’m here to drink. We were talking before, we have a bunch of friends together, we work together,” he said.

  • Lee

    @Baci: Ok, Maybe James/Joy don’t care to promote themselves or maybe they don’t have that much people interested in them. Did you ever thought about that? Just because 1% of the OTH fans is so high and mighty about James/Joy doesn’t mean the entire world gives a crap about them.

  • Steph

    @just some info: Thank you for saying this! I think some people don’t actually understand the point she was trying to make.
    The fact that she goes to a lot of events doesn’t mean she’s an hypocrite for saying the things she said. She actually has a career, she’s no one of those ‘do-nothing’ that goes to every event just to make sure they get talked about.
    And it’s not because she parties with her friends in NC that she’s you’re typical ‘party girl’. It only proves that she’s a human being and that she knows how to have fun.

    I’m not THE biggest Sophia Bush fan but I think she’s a pretty good actress and I can see why so many people look up to her.

  • Anna

    Bitter B*tches posting again. The CW and OTH have Sophia do this press events and shows because she is FABULOUS at promoting. Sophia has a wonderful education and works for a living. She does not “party” for a living. Sophia can also work outside of acting because she is intelligent. Get over yourselves. What have you accomplished. And getting pissy because your fav isn’t on talk shows, pathetic.

  • lisa

    I agree with everything she said.

  • Steph

    @Baci: Nobody said she was better than her co-stars, so I don’t really where that’s coming from…
    I’m actually a big fan of Joy and the fact that she and James are not seen as much as Sophia is because they don’t really care to since they are much more private. So if they wanted to be ‘promoting’ they would do it.

  • madi

    Good interview. Very well put. =)

  • nan

    Bashers are a joke. Your insecurities just scream out. Sophia is delightful and doing her job. Yet you find fault. I think you need to look inside yourself. Sophia was in Los Angeles for a few days, editing an episode, going on talk shows to promote OTH and honoring a friend. She is already back in Wilmy ready to film. Yeah she is slacker, get a grip.

  • l0la

    first I have to say She looks so beautiful.
    2nd no matter what haters say,she is an amazing role model.if it wasn’t because of her I wouldn’t be studying in university now she really does inspire me I owe her so much.
    so you guys can try your best to say negative things about her but she doesn’t care neither do her fans : P

  • wtf

    Big deal. She’s “dating” Toothy Tile’s man!!!

  • Ella

    Sophia has NEVER said she doesn’t party and enjoy herself. That is your BS. Sophia does not JUST party. Wake up, the girl works all the time. I’d like to see anyone of you match her work ethic.

  • n_S_23_23

    I was huge fan of Sophia now I am done with her. she seen with James, John and now Austin. I loved her really loved her. she was my icon but now I don’t even look at her. she is like …..

  • just some info

    Yes it is true…
    They were together at an event Sat…

    I know for sure..

  • Summer

    Sure whatever.Lol
    I don’t care who Sophia dates or doesn’t date. Her personal life is NONE of my business.
    All I know is that I love her as an actress and I love her for her personality.
    And she looked gorgeous on the Bonnie Hunt interview.

  • Heather

    Get off here.
    Are you desperate or what?
    The woman is lovely inside and out.
    Sophia has been on this show for seven years and has has a TOTAL of three relationships. Not counting that husband. PLEASEEEEEE you probably are with more guys in a week.

  • Summer

    Oh and my comment was directed at #40

  • Kelly

    I love Sophia’s hair like that. She’s so pretty!!!

  • Claire

    Sophia is gorgeous. I love her profile in the Bonnie Hunt pic. So pretty.

  • lol

    “They were together at an event Sat…
    I know for sure..”
    And we know for SURE that Austin is gay and her long-time close friend.

  • Allie

    more sophia? justjared, you are spoiling us fans. i love it!

    she’s amazing!!!

  • Ali

    Probably her best look of the entire time she was in LA. Just a few notes, the Network decides who promotes, not the actors. So just because James and Joy aren’t out there promoting, doesn’t mean they said no or don’t want to be. I believe they are perfecting fine letting Sophia and the others do the promoting because they have other things going on. Also, and this isn’t a bash, Sophia loves to party. The girl can drink most guys under the table. She does love to go out a lot and anyone who is in town for any amount of time, usually sees it.

  • Melissa

    Sophia’s isn’t one of those hardcore party girls like some women in Hollywood are. And I’m pretty sure everyone knows which ones I’m talking about.
    But she does like to go out with her friends to bars and stuff and just sit there, talk, drink or dance. She isn’t and never has been one of those girls who goes crazy when she goes out. She’s responsible. Plus, she’s young and can do whatever the helll she wants. Its not like she’s leaving her kids or something to go out and have fun since she doesn’t have any. She’s living her life but responsibly and there’s nothing wrong with that. At the end, of the day, she’s still human and has every right to go out and do whatever she wants with her life. We’re no one to judge her.

  • http://jestjared ashily margereeta

    my love’s your shows.she is a bib fan.hi

  • Carol

    I loved the part on Craig Ferguson about riding horses and catching frogs. random i know.

  • Chef de Cuisine

    @oth: Right on.