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Suri Cruise Is Headed To Catholic School?

Suri Cruise Is Headed To Catholic School?
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33 Responses to “Suri Cruise Is Headed To Catholic School?”

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  1. 1
    ... Says:

    Pauvre enfant =(

  2. 2
    LeviKlein Says:

    Haha, the first comment cracks me up.
    But really, what do we know about her life?
    Maybe she’s happy, once alone with her family?
    Mais c’est vrai qu’elle me fait pitié quand même, la pauvre petite.

  3. 3
    sweden Says:

    Suri attending pre-school? OMG….watch out kids and teachers! She may not know how to behave and the poor teachers will for sure have their hands full!

    Maybe there….they will see that she has some form of autism and can get help.

  4. 4
    Celia Says:

    We will see how long that lasts for Suri. She will probably be removed because of her problems. Maybe then, she will get the help she really needs and her stupid parents will finally realize it.

  5. 5
    Lou Says:

    HUH? WTH !

    she is gonna have a brat fit! Those poor pre-school teachers and helpers! Better have lots of diapers on hand!


  6. 6
    nativenyker Says:

    Well there a sure fire way of making sure little Suri gets all messed up!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  7. 7
    sonia0404 Says:

    Do you really believe this rumor? think about it.
    They are not going to live in Boston long, Tittytom will move all his belongings back to their castle back to CA.

    What does this insider mean that Pauvre enfant is enrolled in a daycare center? for how long? a few weeks?

    Anywho, if it’s true, I feel very sorry for the teacher and other kids.

  8. 8
    me Says:

    No jj justin and jessica are not together anymore.

  9. 9
    100mph Says:

    Is this why this little girl get’s her own site so these Ass-holes can bash her?? some of you spineless MF are plain Nuts.
    Never understand the pleasure (jollies) from trying to bring down
    Adults!!! fair game, But! children bashing is punk-ass and lower
    than low.

  10. 10
    Karen Says:

    Well, Kate Holmes, that’s really strange, that’s the way to ruin your marriage.
    If she is Catholic, she has to submit to her husband. “Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord”.
    Ephesians 5:22

  11. 11
    25mph Says:

    # 9

    WOW….you must have a very low IQ with that nasty low class language of yours. If the negative posts regarding a brat bothers you…..go put your head in a hole.

    # 10

    That catholic crapola rule is outdated and something from the middle ages. This is the 21st century….so grow up and get an education. Those books/bibles as you want to call them are also middle ages writings.,

  12. 12
    666 Says:


  13. 13
    _666_ Says:

    [altar of sacrifice, curse of the damned
    Confronting the evil you dread
    Coalesce into one your shadow and soul
    Soon you will meet the undead]

    Enter to the realm of satan!

  14. 14
    Rock Says:

    Suri is TEH awesome!

  15. 15
    To Sicko # 12, 13 Says:

    # 12, 13… are sick. There is no such ” satan’ ..nor “hell”

    Go back into your black cave and seal the opening!

  16. 16
    jmo Says:

    Suri looks like Khole K.

  17. 17
    mia Says:

    classy family the Cruise

  18. 18
    red Says:

    the Suri rumor is just baloney

  19. 19
    April88 Says:

    Why are so many of you assuming that Suri is a brat?? You have no way of knowing that. To many assumptions! By all accounts Connor & Isabella are nice,well-behaved kids,so why should Suri be different. Just b/c KH chooses to dress her well does NOT mean she is a brat. And I’m not even a Cruise fan and I hate Sci-tol, but making judgments from a few pics of celeb kids is just dumb!!!

  20. 20
    April88 Says:

    #11 You have a go at Post #9 saying he/she must have a low IQ b/c he did’nt agree with you,but you showed you are are mean,vile person by stating that the poster should put a hole in his head. I know who sounds worse-YOU! Shame on you!!!

  21. 21
    **Jamie** Says:

    Well growing up christian will probably make her fit in with the rest of society more than with going to a Scientology school.

    But whatever makes them happy, its their life.

  22. 22
    Agua Says:


    Suri is a certified brat and Lolita!! Do your own research before calling other people names. Can’t say anything about the other kids, for they are never pimped on daily basis like Suri.

    You apparently didn’t see how Suri climbed on top of the sneezeguard in the ice cream shop. What’s funnier is her grandmother was holding her up there.

    What a freak show.

  23. 23
    sadie Says:

    # 20 (april88)

    YOU must be dumb too and can’t read very well.
    Poster # 11 did NOT tell poster # 9 to put a hole in his head. Read it again.

    Go back to reading school.

    As if you don’t know……this site has nothing to do with agreeing with what people post or not. The majority agree that Tom and katie are idiots and their poor child is a brat. face it….You are outnumbered.

    SHame on YOU for not taking the time to read carefully.


  24. 24
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    im kinda surprised tommy girl went along with catholic school
    hope that FOB song is good

  25. 25
    jenny Says:


    do you know katie and tom? suri?

    NO> you don’t know who they are. where is your evidence that Suri is any brattier than any other 3 year old out there?


    you are totally right. why make assumptions about peiple you don’t know, right?

    #4\what problems does she have exactly?\

    explain them to me, considering how welll you seem to know katie and tom.

    (if you’re being sarcastic, which you prob are)

    and you would know?

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