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Suri Cruise & Katie Holmes: Running Partners!

Suri Cruise & Katie Holmes: Running Partners!

Run, Suri, Run!

Katie Holmes takes her daughter, Suri Cruise, to the track and they go running together on Tuesday (October 13) in Boston, Mass.

Suri, 3, was giggling as she jogged around the track in her ruby-red shoes! Mama Katie jogged for awhile and mixed in some wind-sprints as well.

Maybe Suri will join her Catholic school track team in the future!

15+ pictures inside of running partners Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes

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suri cruise katie holmes running partners 01
suri cruise katie holmes running partners 02
suri cruise katie holmes running partners 03
suri cruise katie holmes running partners 04
suri cruise katie holmes running partners 05
suri cruise katie holmes running partners 06
suri cruise katie holmes running partners 07
suri cruise katie holmes running partners 08
suri cruise katie holmes running partners 09
suri cruise katie holmes running partners 10
suri cruise katie holmes running partners 11
suri cruise katie holmes running partners 12
suri cruise katie holmes running partners 13
suri cruise katie holmes running partners 14
suri cruise katie holmes running partners 15

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  • zbe


  • Chin Hater

    She’s pigeon toed.

  • camie

    Katie looks weird when she runs, and suri looks cute….but y would she go to a catholic pre-school when her dad is this Scientologist lunatic, I mean Katie was a Catholic but she converted to this cult, she was sooo pretty and then once she married Tom her beauty slowly faded away.

  • Sassy

    I used to do this too, and have the kiddos count how many times I passed them. Kept them involved!

  • LuckyL

    I feel so sorry for Katie. She’s one of those people whose (legs) can never get thinner no matter how many diets or how many runs.

  • chris

    She’s going to have to be fast to get away from the horny old Preists.

  • NiNi

    I feel sorry for this little girl. When she grows up, like 20 years old, and sees how her life has been documented and all the shit spoken about her and every little thing twisted, it’s going to really mess her up. How can people honestly hate on a toddler? She won’t even remember these memories, but see them on the net and see the negativity. Poor kid.

  • Suri is a doll!

    Well now, where are all the morons who call this sweet faced little girl “Autistic” and “ugly” and much worse??? Come out from under your rocks! Lets see the usual hate that comes out of your mouths!
    Meanwhile the clan who dresses for Halloween, (saw them Shiloh in People and cant believe how she looks, what a shame!) gets the usual ‘how beautiful pass”…LOL But anyone with a brain now knows this is the JP wacko fan club, and any other celeb and children are all wrong. Suri looks adorable, God bless her.

  • Stupse

    Who really Cares?

  • Shannon

    Katie has cannon balls for calves

  • rita

    what an adorable little girl!!!!!!! love the shoes! that smile on her face says it all, and should close the mouths of all the haters on here.

  • rita

    Shannon, and youd’ KILL to look like her! get real. better then rail thin, too thin, Ange.

  • s

    @camie: i think from the start katie and tom said suri was being raised catholic

  • wendy

    This kid is the cutest thing ever!! LOVE seeing her pictures, what a darling, and so beautiful.

  • Carolina

    Suri is so adorable ! I love her !

  • All_that

    she could have at least dressed her kid up in sneakers.. this women is such a retard

  • plez

    @Suri is a doll!:

    Aren’t you as big a moron as those you criticized. Probably bigger a moron because you know this type of negative words toward a kid is wrong but yet you did the exact same thing. The Jolie Pitt girls are adorable,sweet lovely girls just as Suri.

  • Tom

    I miss Dawsons Creek. Katie use to be so cute. Now she looks worn out. It is nice that she runs and trys to stay in shape. The kid is cute.

  • nikomilinko
  • clueless

    why doesn’t this kid have sweats and sneakers on. she’s running in a chiffon dress and slippers. It is cold there, katie has work out gear on, at the very least suri should have pants and socks and shoes. I’m a mom, I would never let my kids go out in 50 degree weather dressed like that, even if they pitched the hugest fit.

  • Suri is stimming

    Just look at how her figures arch in every single picture.

  • Michelle

    HOLY CRAP. This is at my school! It’s Boston University’s track.

  • one way

    Suri looks super cute here (she doesn’t look cold, but I would think leggings would be appropriate)…
    Wow, that one picture of Katie is really harsh. But I don’t think I would look any better.

  • yipee!

    awwwww! how cute! like mother like daughter…..except suri is a lot cuter!

  • GleeLover

    this was at Boston University on Nickerson Field literally right outside my dorm window. i was unfortunately in class. but yea its weird that they don’t say exactly where she is…

  • clueless

    okay #25 what’s the temp

  • iron chef

    they are so cute!!!

  • pathetic

    Jared please stop using info. from trashy magazines and blogs. Suri will be homeschooled like Isabella and Connor.
    Why will Suri go to Boston when they dont even live there? stupid!!!

  • beltway


  • movies

    Lovely mom and precious baby

  • anonymous

    Boston and the world loves them. I met them at the Bakery and they are so humbly happy and beautiful.

  • no-more-bailouts

    Cant wait for Tom’s movie to come out and MI-4 to begin filming.
    His girls are beautiful.

  • susan

    What’s wrong with this picture? An autistic child dressed in inappropriate clothing and ballet slippers running on the track while deadhead mother runs with an Ipod stuffed in her ears. If her child were abducted, she’d never hear her scream.

  • poor J=P kids

    Katie is trying to do something about her GIANT legs. Her legs are so huge I am not sure much can be done about them. IS the hugeness just going to turn into Muscle so that she ends up with GIANT muscular legs? Hmm! At least Suri doesn’t look high like Brangelina kids. Brad PItt is already giving them a contact high by smoking weeed in their home.

  • sky

    Nicole is a runner. I guess Katie is copying her.

  • spooky

    Katie makes running so easy and fun. She did the NY marathon so hopefully in the future she will do the Boston marathon.

  • @nini

    You know the comments aren’t right, but Tom Cruise has CHOSEN to make her every move public. He said she has to learn to deal with it. They pimp her out constantly when they don’t have to. They are richer than Midas yet they cannot find private exercise areas and other venues for this child to interact with children and to exercise? No Tom just figures he’ll be 80 years old and the paps will be following him. Haha. No other A lister pimps their kid like this. Not the Afflecks, Stefani etc. Brangelina has said they don’t wnat their kids to think having their picture taken is normal and they have tried to cut way back on activities where their kids are photographed. Johnny Depp protects his kids privacy as does Will Smith and a host of other A listers. It is only TomKat that seems to feel they have to pimp their kid out for photograph after photograph, Even A listers of yesteryear–Liz Taylor, Debbie Reynolds, and that crew didn’t do this to their kids.
    So personally I’d blame Tom’s asinine philosophy for providing so many opportunities for haters, lovers and the like..

  • Nay


  • Suri is supercute but autistic

    @Suri is stimming: Just look at how her figures arch in every single picture
    Her hands! She is stimming. in. every. single. pic.
    And she still refuses to wear socks… and refuses to have her hair pulled up into pony tails, as yesterday… Yesterday, she wear socks and pony tails… but she was crying and seemed furious on some pics (tantrums?) …

  • danielle


    Katie copies everything Nicole does or has done. Just finished the book Nicole and Katie is just imitating everything Nicole has done. Modeling, horror movie, play, dance etc. It is amazing.


    Hard soled red sequined ballet slippers are NOT what a small child should wear to play. Period.

    A barrette to keep the child’s vision clear would also be appropriate.

    Shorts or pants as well.

    I’m not quite certain, Ms. Homes THINKS!

  • Boston 48 Degrees Tuesday

    That was the high temp at noon.

    Suriis bare legged and wearing a chiffon sheer ballet skirt.

  • amway

    So fanfreaking adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Suri is supercute but autistic

    Sensory Integration and Autism
    Sensory processing disorder (SPD), sometimes called Sensory Integration Dysfunction (SID), is extremely common among individuals on the autism spectrum.

  • &

    The All American family. They got the real family values and such wonderful people to those around them.

  • hooray

    Tom Cruise in Boston

    Very important video for Americans to remember

  • LuckyL

    Boston 48 Degrees Tuesday @ 10/13/2009 at 10:29 pm

    That was the high temp at noon.

    Suriis bare legged and wearing a chiffon sheer ballet skirt.
    And rainy.

  • Suri is supercute but autistic

    Approach to Asperger Syndrome and Autism: By Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman
    Terrified With Violent Reactions
    Clothing that was too tight or that rubbed him uncomfortably was intolerable. He flat out rejected shirts and pants…. From the age of three, he refused to wear socks and he could not stand to have his nails cut.

  • peter

    It’s so cold in Boston now… Why is Suri in a dress w/o tights, leggings? Just looking at her makes me cold.

  • Suri is supercute but autistic
    Autism Information
    “Socks and Shoes
    …Mason already struggling at school…well his spec. ed teacher just called and said that all afternoon Mason has been pulling his socks and shoes off.

    So I’m wondering if one of his problems isn’t this…he absolutely hates wearing socks and shoes…we have a “ritual” where I put his socks and shoes on and says they feel wrong, pulls them off and I start over…we go through this like 10 times ….”

    “RE:I have this exact same problem with… my son. He just refuses and it’s a battle he’s won. … even after the teachers doing battle with him over it…he still won. He doesn’t wear socks or shoes in school.Wish I could help but if it feels bad to them, they won’t do it. These sensory issues are interesting, aren’t they?”