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Adam Lambert & Drake LaBry: 7-11 Kissing Couple

Adam Lambert & Drake LaBry: 7-11 Kissing Couple

Adam Lambert plants a kiss on his boyfriend, interior designer Drake LaBry, in the car before grabbing some food from their local 7-Eleven store on Tuesday (October 13) in Los Angeles.

Looks like the couple ran into R&B singer Brandy Norwood at the 7-Eleven. Um, random!!!

Later that night, Adam and Drake hit up the 5th Anniversary Party of Star Magazine at Bardot.

10+ pictures inside of 7-11 sweethearts Adam Lambert and Drake LaBry

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adam lambert 7 11 kissing couple 01
adam lambert 7 11 kissing couple 02
adam lambert 7 11 kissing couple 03
adam lambert 7 11 kissing couple 04
adam lambert 7 11 kissing couple 05
adam lambert 7 11 kissing couple 06
adam lambert 7 11 kissing couple 07
adam lambert 7 11 kissing couple 08
adam lambert 7 11 kissing couple 09
adam lambert 7 11 kissing couple 10
adam lambert 7 11 kissing couple 11
adam lambert 7 11 kissing couple 12

Credit: Hellmuth Dominguez; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • Ashley


  • Weber from Brazil

    Viva la Vida guys

    equal rights for everybody

    but honestly, I don’t like this Adam’s boyfriend

    whatever, pretty couple \o/

    The world is gay hahaha

    luv it

  • Alyssa

    I’ve never seen someone so excited to be photographed

  • Cooh

    noo :( glambert should go both ways

  • HAL

    Ick…we do not need to see that, gay or straight!

  • Alex

    Adam planted no kiss. All Drake.


  • Alex

    And really, Drake, you’re a grown ass man, you don’t need to walk arm and arm with him in freaking 7-11!

  • vanessa


  • Jake

    There’s so hot and sweet together.

  • Sophia

    I love these two together. They have as much right to be seen and photographed as any other couple in HW.

  • hmm

    is interior designer code for unemployed?

  • Austin

    I’m so jealous!

  • Jackie

    Adam Lambert is such a media hore

  • the_boyfriend

    lol@ hmm..

  • Pandora

    Umm…couples kiss. This is neither gross nor odd nor anything worth getting your panties in a knot over.

  • sillyme

    Which one is the girl?

  • forever56

    I just got punched in the stomach. seriously, this does not need to be photographed…


    can’t wait for your cd.. adam :/

  • Simone

    Drake is a lucky man, lmao.

  • Shiolo

    Ewwwwhhhh!! Gross!

  • skip

    Seriously WTF

  • Ilia


    Love Adam, but that guy is really “gay”, in a sense that he is quite peculiar; attention whore! There is nothing gross about this – please. It’s the haters!!!

    Put out the album adam and stop playing around with that boy’s mangina, please!

  • OMG!

    EWWWW! barf

  • Mary

    How sweet is that?

  • I love it!!

    cutie cutie!!!!!
    both of them !!!!

    i´m a straight person and i don´t see anything wrong with this!!!
    stop to discriminate with stupid words!!!

  • Suzyq

    I just want our fabulous Adam to be happy and right now Drake makes Adam happy. Hope not too many girls’ hearts are broken over this video. TMZ chased them down, not the other way around. I think our gorgeous talented glittery alien needs a haircut! Too much hair hiding that handsome face! Looking forward to the movie song and video, AMAs and most of all “the album!” I know that all will thrill and excite us.

  • Rachel from BRAZIL

    Oh boy, this is grosssssssss.

    Can I throw up now? [/ vomit]


  • RORo

    He’s only doing this because of those breakup rumours. Shameless! Also, his face will get beard burn.

  • Rachel from BRAZIL

    @Weber from Brazil:

    Vc q eh uma bicha, não o mundo.

    And for those who do not know Portuguese: YOU IS A FAGGOT, NOT THE WORLD.

  • use your head

    @RORo: Don’t be silly
    - Adam fans would PREFER single Adam!

  • madi

    I’m clearly behind the times because I thought he was still in denial of this.

    P.S. ew.

  • Adam and Drake

    Homophobia SUCKS!

  • Jake

    People should grow up. There is nothing gross about two people in love, be it a straight couple, two men or two women. I am really tired of all the homophobia. And yes, saying you are “okay” with a gay person as long as they don’t engage in pdas like straight couples is homophobic.

  • elle

    couldnt have put that better myself :)

  • suzy q

    Media Whore! Who makes out for the cameras?

  • Gata

    I LOVE Adam, but I am not a fan of Drake…whoever it was above that said, Drake need not be holding on to Adam while he “switches around” and hands the “limp wrist syndrome” Adam is sooooooooo in need of a different type of dude. Drake is FAR TO EFFEMINATE for my tast.

  • Vicky

    @suzy q: Adam and Drake!
    They want to piss off haters like you.

  • BBQ


  • Clay

    What are you talking about? Adam is a top :)

  • dee

    i dont understand gay guys, i may understand lesbians but not gays, what’s so sexy about two men having sex? plus its totally not necessary to see this!!

  • ONTD

    I hope this annoys the shit out of all of those people who were like ~ he rubs being gay in our face too much, like I don’t care that you’re gay just stop talking about it! ~ when all he’d done is say he was gay in Rolling Stone.
    How’s that for rubbing it in your face?
    Suck it, closet homophobes.

  • Duh!

    “what’s so sexy about two men having sex?”
    Two c0cks are hotter than one!

  • mrsefron.

    i dont even care.



  • mrsefron.



  • Time for Miracles

    Adam Lambert – Time for Miracles (HQ)

  • suzy q

    I love how if you don’t like Adam Lambert his fans will dismiss you as a homophobe. It’s very strange how obsessed THEY ARE with his sexuality.

  • Zizi

    Get lost.

  • suzy q


    Oh if you only knew the truth…

  • Zizi

    What truth?

  • Angela

    FLAMER!!! They put the MO in HOMO! Why? What’s the point in the sideshow? Sickening…

  • Jake

    I don’t see all you people screaming “sideshow” and “sickening” on the posts showing straight couples kissing.

    And don’t play dumb. Nobody says you have to like his music. You can write about how much you hate it all you want and nobody is going to care. It’s the complaining about pdas with his boyfriend that is homophobic. And by the way, if you’re not a fan, why are you even bothering to post here. Oh, I know, because you want to tell everyone how “gross” you think gay men are when they kiss. What are you, 15?