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Beyonce and Lady Gaga Join Forces for 'Video Phone'

Beyonce and Lady Gaga Join Forces for 'Video Phone'

Beyonce and Lady Gaga are shooting B‘s video for Video Phone together!

“On Oct. 7, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé were working on the video together at a studio in NYC,” an insider reveals exclusively to Life & Style. “Everything on the set was being kept very hush-hush, and security was extremely tight.”

According to the Life & Style insider, the famous ladies will show off their styles in the video. “Beyonce wears a feathered dress. And of course Lady Gaga wears something wild. The fashion is sick and insane.”

Can’t wait!

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  • fergie

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think i just died and went to music heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lilah

    LOL! Lady no more Gaga.

  • Aylin Celik
  • Bosie

    Lady GaGa…why??? why would you work with such a talentless artist??? UGH Beyonce wants some of the gay following but we have better taste than that….LADY GAGA rules…beyonce is trash

  • the_boyfriend

    meh, they both try too hard and we smell it.
    unlike Britney, who does no promotion what so ever and bullets to #1 on billboard this week, breaking records.

  • BBQ


  • dede

    CAN U SAY EPIC!!! AAHHHH,can u tell that i’m excited!!!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    i hate gaggag but that ugly ass bish has easily taken over the #3 female spot. of course behind #1 beyonce and rihanna.

  • Loves IT

    @ the_boyfriend

    And I guess that tells you about the climate of music if Britney can score a number one with that trash.Records mean nothing, talent is key and both of those ladies have more talent in their pinky than Britney in her entire body. People love a trainwreck, thats what Shitney is for.

    Beyonce and GaGa ftw!!!!

  • doitbig


    Now Beyawnsay has to USE GAGA to stay relevant

    I guess Shakira didn’t get the job done in Ugly Liar.

    Beyawnsay is such an opportunist!


  • Trav

    I hope it’s true. This video will shut everything DOWNNNNNNNNNN!!

  • schoolboy317


    why all the negativity all the time…can’t two great artists do a collaboration without any backlash. another thing, how is Beyonce irrelevant when she is one of the most popular artists of this decade?

  • schoolboy317


    I like Lady GaGa and Beyonce. Beyonce is not talentless or trash. What has she done to make you talk about her in such a way? She has accomplished so many things and in a humble manner. People who talk about her badly in my opinion are just jealous.

  • Ling

    Beyonce is far from trash!! She is a great artist and role model. Britney just got her stuff together and is still a work in progress. As for the “Trying to pull the gays ” comment, trust Beyonce has a huge gay following, just go to one of her shows or youtube fan videos.

  • Cristobal

    I am not a fan of Lady Gaga hopefully she does not ruin the video because I’ve been really waiting for Beyonce to do one for this particular song.

  • Cristobal

    @doitbig: Actually Britney needs a lot of help. Her recent videos are horrible and that new threesome song was done in poor taste.

  • Cristobal

    @the_boyfriend: Only because Britney was trying to kill herself, was being a bad parent and had baby daddy troubles. People are supporting her because she is back and they want to see her doing well. Had none of those things happen she would be out of the news.

  • Cristobal

    @doitbig: It is called collaborating. Get over yourself.

  • juice

    this bitch is always trying to steal someone elses shine. if i was lady ga ga i would have told her to go to hell.

  • Cristobal

    @Bosie: Beyonce has always had gay followers, she does not need Lady Gaga’s help in that department.

  • Barbarella

    All the ugly people can’t take Beyonce working together! LMAO! Yea Brickney shot to #1 but she won’t stay there. How does a broad with 2 diamond albums only have 3 #1s!!!!! LMAO. What a waste of her(Brickney) and her crackhead followers! Kiss B and Gagas next #1 tush!

  • juice


    two pathetic beyonce crotch lickers.

  • Cristobal

    @juice: Thank God you’re not.

  • Cristobal

    @juice: You sound…stupid, for lack of words. How is Beyonce stealing Lady Gaga’s “shine” by asking her to be in her own music video? -smh- If nothing she is boosting it.

  • Devonasa

    I love Beyonce and all, but I hate when she collaborates…she does it so damn much. Not to mention I HATE VIDEO PHONE. Radio FTW!!!

    Oh and @Babarella

    Your comment proved just how powerful and popular Britney Spears is, how is it a woman with 3 #1′s has 2 Diamond Albums lol. Its because shes one of the most popular artists AROUND THE WORLD. You need to take your head out of your ass and realize the music world does not revolve around America. Which is exactly why Britney Spears has 9 #1′s on the worldwide Chart, more than any artist this decade…which is 9 more than Gaga, and 5 more than Beyonce. Give credit were credit is due….and she did this all on her on, with 1 collaboration (i.e. Madonna).

    Oh and to flip the tables on you, how is it a woman with 5 #1′s has ZERO solo Diamond Albums (yes Im talking about Beyonce.)

  • Nole


    U r insane to say such rubbish. Just because your tone deaf ears doesn’t like Beyonce doesn’t mean she’s talentless. Dumb hater

  • Gaga4Beyonce

    @Bosie: Beyonce is far from trash. I’m a Lady GaGa fan to the fullest, but will stand up for Bee, because she has such great talent. Even though I prefer Lady GaGa’s type of music, Beyonce has unbelievable talent (Singing, Dancing, Singing while jumpin around). I, personally can’t wait to see this video. And hopefully it will shut you haters up. Team Beyonce & Lady GaGa all day! It’s gonna be a hit!

  • girlygirl


  • Keepitpositive

    WoooooooWWWW!!! I really hope this is true, I love them both!!!

  • Deon

    Devonasa kick rocks! how is that a woman with 2 diamond albums only has 1 grammy? Shes a joke just like the rest of the zombies that follow her. She’ll put crap out and watch all the rehab rejects go crazy like she just put some Michael Jackson music out. You people are idiots! Before this crap dropped she was about to be forgotten about. The only way she stays relevant is touring, dropping babies, and wearing pink wigs while crying on street curves. Poor poor fans. You’re so gullable.

  • Nisha

    @Devonasa, Dangerously In Love went diamond… why do crazed Britney fans never do the research?

    Oh, that’s right. They’re too busy checking the news to see if she’s finally gone completely off her rocker and/or ended up dead yet.

    At least Beyonce has kept her shit together all this time, and if anything this ‘duet’ is going to help both of them by giving each other a little bit of the other’s fans (not that either of them need any more). Both of their re-releases in November are gonna be hawt, and this video, well it speaks for itself!

  • schoolboy317



    Let me tell you something. Call me another name over the internet and i’ll show yo ass a crotch licker. I was tryna be civil and nice about the comments but dumb ass hoes like yourself want to come at me incorrectly. Bitch get yo ass beat

  • the_boyfriend

    blah blah..the numbers don’t lie, Britney’s record breaking debut at #1 this week proves it and people aren’t buying it because they feel pity for her, it’s because it’s a killer track, Rolling Stone just gave it 4 stars.
    it’s the most added track on radio all year, her tour is the best selling, i could go on and on…in fact i will, nobody has entered @ #1 since 1998! chew on that.
    Beyonce and GaGa have a gay following yes, but not like Brit does and one thing about us Gays, we’re loyal, good times and bad.

  • oreally??

    If britney doesnt need help then why does the bitch have about 16 different opening acts on her tour..and Beyonce has none…Seems like Britt is the one trying stay relevent…something Beyonce doesnt have to do..thanx!

  • lalalove

    Nice… this should be interesting!

  • Mizz Thang

    Once these 2 egotistical twat twits rub their clits together, let us bow our heads and pray that they explode and are heard from nevermore.

    This farce of a “collaboration” (i.e., how many hairdressers can dress lip-synchers?) makes me ill. GO AWAY, non-talent!

  • bretty

    @oreally??: acctually beyonce tis years had 1 more opening act girlicious rich girl and ciara…..and btw dangeroouslly in love didnt go diamond in the us…. britney sold diamond in the us and double diamond world wide…com back when you got the facts people. btwi love beyonce she is insperational but compaired to britney she is just starting this buisness.

  • bretty

    @oreally??: acctually beyonce tis years had 1 more opening act girlicious rich girl and ciara…..and btw dangeroouslly in love didnt go diamond in the us…. britney sold diamond in the us and double diamond world wide…com back when you got the facts people. btwi love beyonce she is insperational but compaired to britney she is just starting this buisness.

  • bretty

    @Nisha: no world wide it went diamond.. but uhm huny not in the us. britney went double diamond!come back when beyonce can sell out a concert thanks. BUH BYE!!:)

  • rickyluvsit

    Luv Gaga, can’t stand that Beyawnce! Her music is soooooooooooooooo ANNOYING!

  • Maya What

    Here we go with this sh*t. Beyonce kills me. Everytime some female artist blows up she wants to work with them or steal there style. I’m so over her all she wnats is money, money, money and she dosn’t care how she gets it!
    She will be begging Rihanna soon to work with her ugh!

  • el polacko

    egad !! the day the music died ! is this what we’ve devolved to ?!?

  • cainvx

    great, then we’ll have 2 drags in 1 video!!! enough is enough!

  • CC

    I co-sign with Maya What.

  • rose

    Britney sells SO many albums that she doesn’t need to sell singles an she has had 13 no. 1′s in IIreland , for starters, the world is not the US . Britney is a worldwide phenomenon………..And has just won Best Celebrity Mom with a whopping 74% of the vote with Christina 2nd with 12 %….Iconic

  • OhMy

    @ #41Maya What

    U R Stupid! Beyonce would make Rihanna look so small if she was EVER to sing on a Track with her as a duet….

    Ur Delusional!!!

    I think this Collaboration is Great!!! Beyonce Collaborates with people who want to work with her.

    Gaga and Bey are the biggest females in the music business & they are just meshing to build an even bigger fan base for both artists benefit!

  • Mya What!

    @ #46 OHMY
    Sorry sweetie Beyonce is just trying to get a bigger pay-check! Last time I checked the song Video Phone is a solo act now she’s adding Lady GaGa to it for more hype which Lady GaGa will bring. Please Bey is talented and yes the girl can sing but we all know she been jacking people style and she has been doing it forever! Please don’t get me started up in here about Ms. Bey!
    All she see is DOLLAR $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Marilyn


    So true why LGaga? Beyonce knows she’s hot so she’s going to try and steal her style!

  • Mrilyn


    Omg so true! She did teh same thing to Shakira, then stole her look and moves!

  • slob

    i’m sorry but why does beyonce have to collaborate with women who are btter than her? She’s trying to pull the same bull she did when Shakira became big and doing that hieous music video to “Beautiful liar” where we all know Shakira dominated and still dances way way way more better then Beyonce. . .Lady gaga is in a class of her own, beyonce jus wants to get some of what she knows she doesn’t have. I know she’s classy and all but i think she’s real fake and only goes after whats going to make her money even if her heart isn’t into it