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George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis: Fantastic Mr. Fox!

George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis: Fantastic Mr. Fox!

George Clooney and his girlfriend, Italian TV personality Elisabetta Canalis, hit the red carpet at the opening gala premiere of his new animated flick, Fantastic Mr. Fox, during the The Times BFI London Film Festival held at London’s Odeon Leicester Square on Wednesday (October 14).

In the movie, angry farmers, tired of sharing their chickens with sly Mr. Fox (Clooney), look to get rid of their opponent and his family.

20+ pictures inside of George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis premiering Fantastic Mr. Fox

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george clooney elisabetta canalis fantastic mr fox 01
george clooney elisabetta canalis fantastic mr fox 02
george clooney elisabetta canalis fantastic mr fox 03
george clooney elisabetta canalis fantastic mr fox 04
george clooney elisabetta canalis fantastic mr fox 05
george clooney elisabetta canalis fantastic mr fox 06
george clooney elisabetta canalis fantastic mr fox 07
george clooney elisabetta canalis fantastic mr fox 08
george clooney elisabetta canalis fantastic mr fox 09
george clooney elisabetta canalis fantastic mr fox 10
george clooney elisabetta canalis fantastic mr fox 11
george clooney elisabetta canalis fantastic mr fox 12
george clooney elisabetta canalis fantastic mr fox 13
george clooney elisabetta canalis fantastic mr fox 14
george clooney elisabetta canalis fantastic mr fox 15
george clooney elisabetta canalis fantastic mr fox 16
george clooney elisabetta canalis fantastic mr fox 17
george clooney elisabetta canalis fantastic mr fox 18
george clooney elisabetta canalis fantastic mr fox 19
george clooney elisabetta canalis fantastic mr fox 20

Photos: Dave Hogan/Getty
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    Minus the tattoos, she is just lovely!

  • WOW

    Looking good mr. Clooney. You lady friend also.

  • fresh

    She’s pretty. Good for George–definitely an improvement from his last fame who-re girlfriend. Let’s hope this girl knows she’s better.

  • Dexter

    uh George, can I have a life like you have?

  • fresh

    EDIT # 3—I meant knows better.

  • LadyB

    why do women agree to go out with him? He goes out with one for a year or two then dump her for the next.

  • truth

    The girl looks good but Clooney looks like Crap. My goodness… his face looks weird! of course everyone will just pretend like he’s still hot.

  • paige


    Perhaps they want to have fun & get laid. No big committment
    just enjoying life!

  • Carie

    Women who date George Clooney have NO self-respect. He has no respect for women and use them only as his beard–to be used and dismissed when he feels like it.

    Jared, had she not been sleeping with womanizer Clooney, pics of her would not be on the site.

  • truth

    The older he gets the stronger the GAY face gets. Seriously. He has gay face. Not that that’s a bad thing but…

  • twpumpkin


  • frog

    Gorgeous woman, but you can see right through her dress !

  • hmm

    george’s women all look like catherine zeta jones. he never got over his crush on her… they had great chemistry

  • nikomilinko
  • Bebe

    imo…GC is closet.
    he’s in love w/Brad Pitt.
    boy, is he ever..look at old pics? LOL

  • hmm

    i got a bad vibe from this lady. like she’s going to burn his house down or something when they break up. such a italian mafia trashy look about her. just saying…

  • Liv

    They will have pretty babies! Not that I think mr Clooney will ever commit to anything with a pulse :/

  • f.

    Another beard for Clooney?

  • to bebe

    @Bebe: Oh Give it a rest. I would hope that he has better taste than that. But then again his women are not all that great looking either. He lives in Italy. He sees better looking men than Brad freaking Pitt on a daily basis.

  • coco

    Sooo Couture Dress FAIT MAISON
    C’est LES CHUTES de tissu et cuire de defiles2010milano…
    c’est pratique et surtout sooo économique est ça fait L’EFFET…
    Nice pantoufles de VAIR

  • Elena

    Grande Elisabetta

  • angie2005

    Vai Eli!!!..che li fai morire tutti d’invidia!!

  • madi

    They’re still together?! That’s a shocker. Gorgeous girl!

  • pretty young girl

    Saggy nuts thinks he’s young.

  • brad

    he just want to be Brangelina……..

  • Chau

    Meh, I could care less about these people. George is overrated. I don’t think he’s hot at all. And his g/f looks like an old horse.

  • coco

    —w2-D format look
    black, gray, and the color of oxidized iron
    She footwear—also amplified the volume moving around the body. (The shoes themselves looked like snub-snouted devil dogs; they almost seemed to be grinning evilly.) —that this earth as of this earth HOLIWOOD

  • coco

    He had sex & attempted relationship with Matt Damon, yet another closeted gay, but it did not work out. Now they just parade around with their beards and have bjs and quickies. Elisibetta is on the Clooney beard payroll until she can’t stand him and then he will put her out to pasture and find a replacement.

  • la

    She is attractive who knows george is 50 next year it no more fun to be alone. She could be the one she is here in the right time.

  • susan moore

    doesn’t hold a candle to Sara Larson..who is so much prettier and sweeter…this one will be a BAD BREAKUP

  • K

    She totally looks like Hope from Days of our Lives.

  • ellie’

    Shes a beautiful woman .. just like George always has..

  • rosie

    1. She looks like trash
    2. Clooney is looking OLD
    3. Clooney is probably gay

  • LadyB


    Carie I so agree with you.

  • lakers fan in boston

    love elisabetta
    the only bad thing about her are those tattoos and her smoking which is kinda taking a toll on her face already
    he’s a lucky bastard tho, beautiful italian woman

  • lizzie

    Where are you people ????- look at the entire suite of photos – they are fighting, can hardly stand to be in each other’s company. He should come out soon, because SHE is going to OUT him…

  • lulu

    Prettier than the waitress. but GC is aging, he is showing his age.

  • barron797

    SHE IS HIS BEARD. I agree with everyone who says Clooney is closet gay.

  • honeyfield

    This woman looks like so many other Hollywood types.
    Hey George, if you are gay, just come out already.
    We’ll still love you and go see your movies.
    Don’t torture yourself anymore, no need.
    This woman looks like a freak. Too sleezy for my taste.

  • nancy S. and paul M.

    She does have a horse face.
    I agree
    To #28:
    I heard that story too! From a very reliable source.
    Clooney likes the beautiful, young Italian boys.
    This woman is going to rock his world when he dumps her.
    Things get weird once you turn 50.

  • Canalis = Larson, take 2!

    Okay, this outing is so funny it’s unreal. Firstly, folks, she is just another paid arm charm, not at all his “girlfriend”. Anyone who buys that she is hasn’t been following this dog and pony show of his much the last 2 or 3 years. This is George helping to scratch his pal Berlusconi’s back in a multitude of ways, much like he was scratching the backs of the Palms Casino just a short while ago for a bet he made that he lost. This current bitch is a skanky little piece whose claim to fame is bouncing and giggling on tv for one of Burlesque-oni’s many degrading shows in which the men are there to speak and digress and the women just dress like cheap ho’s to cheer them on in the sidelines. Italy is not the place to start a career in entertainment if you’re a woman … and a woman who values herself. That’s why this bag has her tattas and twattas all over the internet and calendars and crap.

    Now those photos. Let’s start with the burlap sack she put on. My god! That dress looks like it was sewn together by some emo 9 graders in their home-ec class who found scraps from an old car seat at the local rummage sale. Thing sits crooked and saggy and see-through, right to the grandma pants underneath. Let’s not forget the completely unmatched jacket of different fabric she threw over top of it. It’s so obvious she dressed herself and perhaps her per diem didn’t allow for a real designer.

    And that make-up must have come factory-direct from Wet-N-Wild. Because it never fails, her make-up looks trashy and bad once again. Kinda like a wh-ore in church type of look. And the shoes …. heavens to Betsy!!! There are a type of shoes for old women with gnarled feet and bunions here in the states called “Soft Spots”. And darn-it if grandma canalis ain’t wearing them right there!

    Now let’s move onto George. Man is fine, that is of course, unless he doesn’t get much beauty sleep the night before. All I can say is that for all the freaks in attendance of this premiere, Clooney and Crawford look absolutely HAGGARD. Was it jet lag? Late night phone sex? Too many benders the night before? Alcohol does NOT look good on you Clooney, sweetie. Even his DAD looks fresher in photos than him. He looks like he’s replaced food with a bottle of Boone’s. That’s how ripped and sh-it faced he looks. Lay off the drugs and boos, man, ’cause holy CRAP!!!

    And of course we must examine the BODY LANGUAGE. Behind those clenched teeth of Canalis is an angry and scorned escort whose contract called for better tailors and better press time. You can tell bitch has already tired of her end of the bargain and is counting down the hours till this contract expires. And George isn’t looking any more fond of it, but he’s the dumb schmuck who signed on to have another dim-witted tap-dancing monkey a la Sarah Larson at his side to scare up some PR on his end. He and his publicist Stan Rosenfield just brought the time machine back from 1950 and had a brilliant idea to craft a beard for him to hide behind and the stupid public bought it!!! Gotta love the ’50′s man! Those were simpler times, but boy do their PR tactics still hold water. Now, speaking of body language, how do you all love the photo of him snapping at her through his teeth and the dazed and dumb look about her manly mug? Notice the forced smile of her’s follows in all the photos thereafter, as if to deny that anyone witness via camera lens the fumes that are ready to pour from her ears.

    People, get it together. You keep buying this man’s rag dolls as his girlfriends. Have you ever seen “love” look this shitty and tired? I have seen much better acting, personally and I sure as shit ain’t buying this once again. You will see in short order she will fall off the face of the planet – thank God – just like Sarah Larson. Only next year Canalis will either be the minister of Public Relations in Italy or she will be selling hand-knit sweaters for doggies online. If – and I say if – Clooney is truly gay, this is only selling the notion much much more to the general public. We’ve seen this stunt and it didn’t work the first couple of times. If he’s a control freak and a jerk to be around, his women’s expressions aren’t helping, ’cause yeah … it looks THAT bad. If he’s frustrated, aging, and unhappy as I suspect that he is, he’d do better to slow down, assess his actions, and start believing that the real thing will come to him because I do believe he drowns himself in a bottle because he honestly believes this is all the better he can achieve … to pay these bitches to come and then pay ‘em to go. Reminds me of the scene in “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” … he wears a sign on his forehead that clearly says “No Love”.

    And don’t get me started on the comparisons to Cindy Crawford. She is dressed much better but her face is saying she’s going through hell and back. Just a little inside scoop.

  • Lizzie’s right (poster #36)

    @Canalis = Larson, take 2!:

    @lizzie: I agree!! This is just another put-on “relationship

  • Clooney & Canalis Catfight!!

    I agree #36 and #41. This is yet another showdown between employer and call girl. A repeat to the George and Sarah Show (a.k.a. “G.A.S.S.”). Only this is the Betty and George Show (a.k.a “B.A.G.S.”). Appropriately so, they’re all a bunch of GASS BAGS!!! What the bejesus does he bring things sk-anky thing with him all around for? It’s like she’s a purse. Stuff her full of crap and c-um, throw her in a dumpster when she’s outta style (I don’t believe she was ever in style, to tell you the truth). And who the devil comes up with these ideas year after year? Do you all think this is his stupid publicist, Stan, or is his stupid publicist, Stan, trying to cover up for a bad idea of George’s? I mean, hello. Do these dumbbells ever read the internet??? What entertainers do for publicity is just such a joke. In the meantime, there is probably some gay lover of his back at home that keeps telling him, “George, all this is only making you look worse every year,” but George is stubborn as can be and insists on doing things his way until he’s completely screwed up his fan base. Either that, inside of George lurks a teeny tiny shaking scared little child who is afraid to have his heart possibly broken again by a real relationship and so booze and escorts will have to suffice until he’s either ready to throw in the towel and man-up, or until he’s selecting a fancy coffin to be buried in. Ask anyone out there, this guy has made an absolute mess out of his image the last 3 years. It sure ain’t pretty watching stars fizzle out and die, is it folks??

    Look at these two scrapping away at each other on the red carpet? She no-doubtedly forgot her psych meds and he must have forgotten to get drunk again!

  • @ Pippi


    I’m Itailan and you’re such a stupid person…..

  • Elisabrutta Canalis winnies!

    someone tell this beyotch her bloated belly under the dress looks nasty. unless she’s preggers (let’s hope not with his brat), that’s just gross. suck that gut in and stand up straight. plus, white undies under a black dress just looks so skan-ky. sure it’s sheer, but put something on that looks a little less stripper-ish and a little more “I’m trying to make this look like they paid for this ugly dress”. the leather backing and train on the dress looks more like a skunk stripe. good thing it’s there, otherwise the paps behind her would be having a hey day. oh well, we surmise that even Italy needs it’s own trashy Pam Anderson type. by the way, what happened to Elisabrutta’s breast implants? did they deflate? pop? because she actually looked somewhat more feminine with them … to help disguise the fact she has such a manly face. now she just looks like any other tranny out there. the make-up applied with the spatula only makes her look more tranny. gotta say this is just as silly as the Sarah Larson fake relationship. is he gay or what? i know all these escorts worked for charlie sheen, but what really is clooney’s deal anyways? his aunt would be rolling over in her grave. at least clooney hasn’t introduced this stripper to his parents like he did when embarrassing them with vegas “waitress” (ie: casino escort) greasy pig Sarah. everytime I see canalis, all i can think is, “this is what Italians call beautiful”?. it must just be the men from there that are good looking because the women all resemble horses, especially horsey-faced elisabrutta canalis.

  • bellinas


  • Canalis is FUG!!

    Look at this b-itch and tell me that’s not a man! She is FUG!!! If she smokes even six months longer, those lines on her face are gonna transform her into the Wicked Witch of the East(ern Europe)!! This chick has seen waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy better days!! Looks like she was ridden hard and put away wet!!

    Check it:

  • Stop picking on the horsewoman

    Somewhere I bet this gal is crying over a cigarette with her girlfriends, wishing she had never signed that darned contract.


    Bellissima Eli.

  • washotonce

    Another actor that’s fairly young in years but looks like a relic. I don’t rate him has an actor but his voice is quite pleasant . He seems charming, but there’s just something fake about the man. His lady looks nice.