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Gerard Butler's SNL Promos -- FIRST LOOK

Gerard Butler's SNL Promos -- FIRST LOOK

Gerard Butler gets asked a few questions by SNL funnyman Will Forte in this new video promo.

The 39-year-old Scottish actor will be handling hosting duties on Saturday Night Live this weekend with musical guest Shakira.

Gerry‘s new drama thriller Law Abiding Citizen co-starring Jamie Foxx is out this Friday (October 16). Check out the trailer at the official movie website!

Gerard Butler’s SNL Promos — FIRST LOOK
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  • British

    It kills me that he’s started saying his own name the American name.

  • British

    *American way

  • no comments

    No comments yet – possibly coz there’s nothing to say AGAIN!

  • mercy

    SNL has been so awful in recent years, but at least with G on it – there will be something nice to look at.

    I know what you mean – he’s now saying GeRARD all the time. Guess he figures he can’t fight it over here anymore. At one point he even tried “Just call me Gerry,” but GeRARD has stuck.

  • pafan

    That’s the way people in the U.S. pronounce the name, so naturally that’s what has become associated with him here. He can’t change that at this point. It’s too late. I really do like the ‘Jared’ pronunciation best, however.

  • Peach

    I hope they do a spoof of 300…

  • aha

    JJ is so behind the curve. There will be more to talk about after Friday when people see LAC and SNL. I hope LAC will do well but it seems to have a lot of competitions this weekend. There haven’t been many reviews from big name critics. Tomorrow night is Jimmy Fallon show and Friday afternoon is Bonnie Hunt show. I expect the same questions asked over and over again.

  • Stinkylouise

    Rotten tomatoes has the first 2 reviews of LAC. Not good

  • mia

    The critics can stuff it. This movie tested beyond good in its pre-release showings.

  • ugh

    That looks lame.
    And I’m getting tired of Gerry’s mush mouth.

  • Larel


    WTF is a mush mouth? lol

  • hahahahhaha

    It’s a reference to Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.

    Mushmouth — Voiced by Bill Cosby. A chinless, linguistically-challenged simpleton who always spoke in virtual Ubbi Dubbi, tantamount to an overdose of novocaine in the mouth, according to Cosby’s “Dentist” monologues.

  • CUBEdweller

    P!ss on the critics. They hated TUT too and it made me laugh out loud. A whole lot of others felt the same – which is why it was a big hit in spite of the critics turning up their delicate noses. I’m so looking forward to LAC. I think in the age of twitter and blogs professional critics are becoming obsolete. I’d be cranky too if no one listened to me – oh wait, no one does – LOL.

  • Kuvamagh

    He reminds me of Beaker from Sesame Street

  • Carolina

    Gerry is so hot ! I love him !



  • Cavedweller

    Anyone going to GALS convention?
    How many went last year? I maybe want to go!!

    I do think they should one or two of his women to speak – even if just for the sake of watching a live crucification. LOL

  • dee

    Whenever I watch Gerard Butler speak I always wonder if there’s something wrong with his mouth. The way he moves his lips…I don’t know, it just doesn’t look normal.

  • Washington

    He has a speech impediment. It looks like he is always fighting it.
    Didnt someone say he spits when he talks???

    If one of his h*oes goes to the GALS convention to rabble rouse? Hell, I”LL buy a ticket to ride….haha

    Entertainment Weekly says:
    What I mostly noticed is how quickly I’ve grown tired of Butler’s mush-mouthed bravura, and also how much I hope that Foxx, who looks bored, holds his slumming down to this one film.

  • La girl

    I see my post has been removed or maybe it was never posted. STRANGE. I guess you can’t say v a l t r e x here.

  • Mr. Giggles

    Apparently G is JA’s leading man in all her movies now —People will probably think he was in Marley & Me by the time Bounty Hunter comes out……
    ‘Love Happens’

    PG-13, 1:49

    Showing: Oct. 16 to 18 — 2:45, 5:05, 7:25, 9:25; Oct.17 — no 2:45 show; Oct. 19 to 22 — 5:00, 7:10

    Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston play two people who’s given up on finding the right person … until they meet each other.

  • Frittata

    @La girl:
    V*altrex???? What do you speak of??
    DO TELL us GIRL!!!!!

  • Mr. Giggles

    HI CUBE !!!!!!
    I’m listening !!

  • T.

    love love love love love Him

  • Frittata

    I listen to you cube and to stinky. and to a few otthers who post regularly.
    this place is a wackjob funny as hell

    whats this about Valltrex?

  • Money, Cash, Ho*es

    Does he wear a partial plate maybe? or dentures that can come out in the night?

    maybe thats why he schlurs hish wordsch

  • shaman

    Val trex is for genital herpes. It can lead to medical induced Hepatitis which is where all these hep b rumors come from

  • Schlurss Hishh Wordschhhh

    Does Gerry have medically induced whatever or herp*es??
    Where did this come from???

  • monique

    @Frittata: I don’t know what La girl has heard but I think she’s referring to the rumor that Gerry Butler has genital herpes. I think it was some girl in London (who Gerry apparently had sex with while he was filming RocknRolla) who got herpes from him and decided it was a good thing to tell everybody about it. ;)
    I heard about it here in LA, too (the Gerry has herpes rumor). Who knows what is true….

  • alphaba

    Those stupid stories don’t deserve repeating.

  • butlerfan

    The only thing sexier than GB’s eyes is his mouth. Quit spreading medical rumors. I hope they start charging people with libel that say these things… uncall for – not funny.. Love you Gerry You Sexy Thing.

  • Schlurss Hishh Wordschhhh


    OMG THAT IS repulsive? Why isnt he using condoms then??
    Ugh. No thanks!!!
    Well, he has this “schtuff” to worry about now:

    Not only is it a hapless crime drama about outrage and revenge, it provides the sad spectacle of a movie far less intelligent than the one its filmmakers thought they were making.

  • Danish :)

    @shaman: What hep b rumors??? Are there rumors that Gerry has Hepatitis?? Hmmm…never heard anything about this before. I heard about him allegedly having herpes, though.




  • What?

    Ignorant questions. Ignorant remarks. This board must be for the mentally challenged.

  • Shut up

    Libel will be the last thing he has to worry about if any of the std rumors are true or can be proven as such.
    Jose Lima – the baseball player – had some girlfriend or FWB that he allegedly gave herpes to.
    The girl SUED his azz and got $950,000 reportedly. Google it if you don’t believe me.

    If Gerry is indeed infected, and does NOT wear protection…can you say CLASS ACTION???

    There is no “spreading of rumors” if someone is asking a question and said “inquirer” is not stating something as FACT.

    Get your sh*t straight people and stop being stupid because you don’t like a discussion topic/inquiry.
    Go to the GALS site.

  • Classic!!!!!!!!!

    butlerfan @ 10/14/2009 at 7:45 pm

    The only thing sexier than GB’s eyes is his mouth. Quit spreading medical rumors. I hope they start charging people with libel that say these things… uncall for – not funny.. Love you Gerry You Sexy Thing
    WAKE UP @ 10/14/2009 at 7:53 pm


    Haha can you say “OWNED???”

  • shaman

    Condoms don’t protect against all STDs. The skin to skin contact diseases (not fluid exchange diseases) such as herpes and warts can be spread even when a sheath is used. Men are particularly vulnerable, not only because of skin to skin contact with a girl, but also because Her cervical fluid can get on the skin area around his pen*s.
    As the saying goes, when you have s ex with someone, you are having s ex with everyone they’ve slept with before you!

  • Elfaba

    Law Biting Citzen looks good i wil go ta cee it

  • *Crickets*

    LOL I guess that just ends that thread. lol

  • stoopid

    @shut up #36

    How do you feel if someone spreads the rumor that you have terminal cancer and only 3 month to live? or you have some heinous contagious disease that has no cure? It’s all happening behind your back and they are just talks and rumors and they won’t hurt you, right? Nobody says they are facts and people are just “inquiring” behind your back and so no harm is done to you, right? Think with your head will you.

  • CUBEdweller

    Thanks Giggles and Fritatta – I heart you too.

    Wow this thread spun into the realm of ick faster than usual. Must be all the attention and excitement for LAC is drawing new posters, and new craziness.

  • Malika

    Nobody gets Hepatitis from Herpes antiviral drugs.. In fact: Acyclovir (found in herpes medications) inhibits hepatitis B virus replication in man. Therefore, that theory is null.
    Another fact: about 60 million Americans have genital herpes. It’s one of the MOST COMMON STDS. Alot of people may be carriers and may never have symptoms or even an outbreak.
    Herpes can be asymptomatic and it’s not lethal or affects anyone’s health in any way. The only effect is that it can be uncomfortable and kill someone’s morale, this is in the case of those who have frequent oubreaks. Condoms do not protect against HPV or herpes. The reason for which they are widely spread.
    So unless you are a nun or married a virgin, chances are you will never be infected with anything.

    Genital herpes and cold sores (oral herpes simplex), HSV- 1 and HSV-2 are virtually identical, sharing approximately 50% of their DNA and are ALSO INTERCHANGEABLE.

  • oy

    Did the film screen with real people for the test or was it just fangurlz?

    TUT did suck. The critics were right. I don’t care how many people try to say it’s great, it sucked.

    It’s funny that he’s pronouncing his own name the American way now. His attempts to pull a Ralph “RAFE” Fiennes didn’t work.

  • yo mama

    Law Abiding Citizen looks awesome. Can’t wait.

  • Jules

    Here we go again. Anyone want popcorn?…sits back and watches the show about to begin. ;)

  • honeyfield

    Love Gerry Butler but SNL $uck$ lately……
    It used to be so great. What happened?
    I can barely make it through the first 5 minutes.
    I wish they could find writers that are FUNNY…..duh.
    Tina Fey killed the show. She had some good stuff but basically killed it.
    My opinion

  • Speech Impediment

    Hi speech impediment is due to the fake caps he got to cover his crooked teeth.

    This guy has had a LOT of plastic surgery. Check out his
    older pictures with weak chin and crooked overbite.

  • tallntan

    What’s a link to some old photos?

  • alphaba

    I don’t think Tina killed SNL. It’s been bad for a decade or more. I’m suruprised it’s carried on this long. What happened to all the good writers?

    The only work G has ever had done was caps to straighten his teeth and I don’t think that was even necessary. They were cute and he was absolutely beyond gorgeous in his young days. That long, black hair and those huge green/blue/gray eyes. Has anyone seen One More Kiss? Lord what a beautiful guy. (When Sarah said “You have such a beautiful face” that wasn’t just a line from the movie, that was absolutely spot on. How about G as Gus in Lucy Sullivan? Certainly didn’t need any work. He was prettier than any of the leading ladies. He has morphed from a pretty boy into a gorgeous, sexy man. I loved the pretty boy, but I prefer the man. He really came into his about the time of Beowulf.