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Gerard Butler's SNL Promos -- FIRST LOOK

Gerard Butler's SNL Promos -- FIRST LOOK

Gerard Butler gets asked a few questions by SNL funnyman Will Forte in this new video promo.

The 39-year-old Scottish actor will be handling hosting duties on Saturday Night Live this weekend with musical guest Shakira.

Gerry‘s new drama thriller Law Abiding Citizen co-starring Jamie Foxx is out this Friday (October 16). Check out the trailer at the official movie website!

Gerard Butler’s SNL Promos — FIRST LOOK
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  • curious cat

    Here we go again on a crazy thread-ride. Why this dueling dialogue becomes so addictive, God only knows.

    Stinky L@ #8.Thanks for the links to the reviews. Lordy, the critics creamed LAC, didn’t they? A couple of them were positively virulent. It will be interesting to see how this film does. It sounds too bloody for my stomach, but I’m probably too “curious” not to go : )

    @dee #18 and others, I have no idea if GB has a mouth problem, but his mouth has always been a bit crooked. Rather appealing actually. Rakish or something.

    What’s alarming now is that if the promos above are any sample of what’s coming up on SNL, it’ll be pretty damn lame, not funny. It will be an interesting Ger-ARD weekend, for sure.

  • Julie

    You know how sometimes a person will be accused of molesting a child…no matter how innocent that person is he/she will always be suspect.

    It’s the same with STD’s. If someone says a person has one, others will ALWAYS wonder if it’s true.

    Shame on you for saying Gerry…or anyone for that matter… has herpes or any other STD. Even if you knew that to be true, you should kindly keep it to yourself. May you reap what you sow.

  • alphaba

    Well, I’m going by myself to LAC Friday at an early show. That’s my $7 from the sticks. Then I’m going to another showing next week with some other people. We’ve got a big day planned with dinner etc. (Hope we agree on the Long Horn!) I’ll pretend it’s the first time I saw it. LOL.

    Talk among yourselves.

    PS: Some of the peeps who post on JJ should be committed immediately.

  • pafan

    Hey, Alpahba, did you see Wicked in London? It is so great.

  • boring promo

    This Mush-mouthed douche is no comedian. He’s going to suck some serious d!ck come Saturday night. Deep throat.

  • pafan

    Oh, ‘Boring Promo’, go away. ‘YOU’ suck d!ck. The promo isn’t part of the show. It’s just a promo. And, where are you in the world? I’d say at the bottom. In some little room punching away at your laptop keys. Not the hottest guy on the planet? I’m very sure. Jealous of someone who’s got the world at his feet? That’s more like it. Our baby rocks.

  • oy

    Malika, mice share 90% of their DNA with humans. Does that mean we’re interchangeable too?

  • curious cat

    OK, folks. Time to get the gloves on and the referee in. #55 I agree. GB didn’t even seem comfortable on the promo, let alone funny. @pafan, #56, I respectfully disagree with you one once again. “The promo isn’t part of the show?” A promo is supposed excite people and induce them to want to watch the show! When I saw it I wondered if this is a finished product or a first rehearsal that got aired by mistke. It was deadly. Pafan, you make the same old (yawn) arguments all diehard GGG fans do; if someone is critical of anything \GGG (Great God Ger-ARD) does, it must be either because they are a) a miserable mole in the ground with no life and jealous of him or b) they were rejected by him and are hell hath no fury.
    Mr. Giggles @21. That was delightful, airing that newspaper mistake putting GB in JA’s latest movie. Tee hee. Confuse the news!
    @ British #2 I agree. He told us his name was “GER-r-r-ud.” Long ago. That’s good enough for me. Nobody should tell us how to pronounce our own names.

  • Schlurss Hishh Wordschhhh

    I agree that i HATE IT when writers get in front of the camera…
    It’s this intangible “smugness” that they give off or something.
    Tina DID kill ‘EschNL.’ ITAWY.

    That analogy to schpreading of rumors is kinda lame, sorry, public figure = comes with the territory. Besides, I don’t hear anyone spreading herpesch rumors about Tom Hanks or Hugh Jackman. Sometimes, where there is smoke there IS fire schweetie. Again, PUBIC FIGURE.

    That typo was intentional.

    I noticed we totally GLOSCHED over something from the last thread…Gerry gives chicks his EMAIL ADDRESS instead of his phone number?????!!
    Hahahahahaha that’s pathetic. Talk about writing on the wall, right the f*uck away.
    “Oh yeah, take my email address is comes to my phone.” hahahaha

    Speak of the devil, G has been unnaturally “quiet” the past few days (as far as club sightings go)…sometimes I can hope that some of the ish we spit here is heard by the powers that be…and they take THAT message to GGG, himself. Tool.
    Either get a steady lover or come out, come out…either way we fans really don’t care just stop the partying.
    “sober.”….of course. And he doesn’t smoke anymore either.

    I love the moniker Frittata for some reason, lol.

  • Orangutan’s Butt

    @curious cat:

    GER-urrrrd. Perfect pronunciation of how you are “supposed” to say that name, cc THANKS

  • JurisDoc

    @boring promo:
    “This Mush-mouthed douche is no comedian. He’s going to suck some serious d!ck come Saturday night. Deep throat.”

    LMAO why did that make me pee in my pants??
    I must need sleep. I thought it was funny. Some of you take yourselves waaaayyyy too seriously *cough* pafan *cough*.

    And whomever postd that lame lame lame “child molestor” theory about ehy we can’t ask questions about something we heard regarding a celebrity would get laughed right out of court. Sorry.
    And yes, I am an atty. And yes I DO surf the web at night when I can’t sleep to relax!!!!!

  • Mr. Giggles

    G and Jamie got some chemistry goin’ on …
    new ET vid

  • Rabidator
  • I hate Gerards

    Have you noticed that ‘Gerard’ is a very annoying name. Even its pronunciation is annoying. From now on I will punch every person I meet who has this name, first or last..I am not satisfied just simply talking about it so I’m going through the phone book right now…

  • HaHa

    @I hate Gerards:


  • Retard Buttf*ck

    LOL at Roger Ebert calling Gerry, “Gerald.”
    Still not there yet, GB!!! lmao

    You know what? I think if he is ‘bi’ – that I might think he is sexier…
    I am female b4 you start the whole, “all gays want all guys gay” sh*t.
    You guys – another thing to PONDER: sometimes men that have low sex drive are hypersxualized….meaning, they seem to need attention from females all the time, but do not “follow through” meaning he talks a big talk and acts a big game – but really does sleep alone, not for lack of willing partners…but bc he has a fear of not being able to perform.
    And he’d rather get a BJ or just jerk off.

    Laugh all you want but that “misogynistic” attitude and behavior fits the profile of someone with low sex drive/lower hormone test levels.
    They tend to be HYPER-sexual in everyday behavior. But can’t seal the deal.

  • achoo

    lol@ @I hate Gerardswhat a wacko!

    as for this promo he did look uncomfortable and nervous. ryan reynolds snl promo on the other hand was pretty decent. shame

  • Summer’s Eve

    Alls I have to say is NO PRESSURE but if GB effs the SNL thing up he can kiss any semblence of credibility that he had left goodbye.
    I still cant get over he gives these dumb chicks his EMAIL ADDRESS??! wtf?

    Did that Esquire have any pics of what his house looks like inside? Decor?
    If so, is it fancy?? manly?? over interiorized????

  • Shanna Moakler

    ‘And he’d rather get a BJ or just jerk off’

    Read more:

    He also likes you to motorboat his moobs. And I thought Travis was a freak!

  • Summer’s Eve

    just watched snl promo…wow he is tired and stressed looking.
    hasnt he been doing lac interviews radio and tv for days on end now???

    no wonder he and the butt boys take off for a month after. berlin and norway for the movie and then where???
    he may come back looking like joaquim phoenix ha

  • Anon

    Richard, Howard, Edward, Leonard, Bernard, Gerard…
    Have I missed any?
    Out of that list, the latter three are the only names I can think of that have variable pronunciations
    It really Isn’t that difficult to pronounce these names properly. I have yet to meet anyone called Ed-Wah-rd, Rick-HARD or How-ARD.
    I have met plenty of retards though.

  • highcottonquinn

    @Shanna Moakler:

    Shanna is a bathroom banging whore who wasn’t worthy of Travis. Bitch wouldn’t even get out of bed on Christmas Day to open presents with Trav and their children. Lazy golddigging worthless slut. Not even De la Hoya’s crazy mexican ass was stupid enough to put a ring on that slag’s finger.

  • kathleen

    Some of you need to wash your filthy mouths out with with fairy liquid and cillit bang. There is no excuse for such apalling devil-speak.

  • reviews

    Ouch! OK, its early days for the reviews to be in, and of the 8 online so far, 2 are decent, but 6 are awful. I know that the fannies will mop up and forgive, but will the backers and the studios? some are shockingly bad. I think that it might be a long weekend!

  • Anon

    Oh pfffft….
    A critic is the sort of person that Reverend William Archibald Spooner would have called a shining wit.

  • thanks 4 the laugh, #14

    I googled ‘Beaker’ and ‘Sesame Street,’ and now I can’t stop laughing…the resemblance is uncanny!

  • reviews

    still.., there are out there for all to read!

  • Lil Miss Calamity

    if he is after longievity then he should consider critical acclaim to be just as important as BO sales.

    although, i do often feel sorry for actors who get a lashing in reviews.
    i wonder if they get upset about it in private.

  • @71


    Good point. When you see the name “Gerard”, just think how you would pronounce “Richard” or “Howard”. I think the Americans always think of the French actor Gerard Depardieu when they see the name Gerard. The French pronounce Gerard “GeRARD” . The British way is “GErard”. Gerard is more of a French name, therefore most Americans pronounce it the French way. Sorry Gerry. I think you are stuck with GeRARD I am afraid and I am glad you go along with that too.

  • film critics

    A critic who trashes is a critic who is revered. Common knowledge. His/her job is to not sing praises but to break down and nit pick to show how important and smart he/she is. A lot of them are biased and they have certain actors they like and some others they hate. Their preference always shows in their reviews. To them some actors can do no wrong and some will always stick up like a sore thumb. So keep an open mind when reading reviews.

  • Anon

    @Lil Miss Calamity:
    Critics are just overpaid self-opinionated balding idiots with low self-esteem, wearing their tight black turtlenecks and thick-rimmed glasses with nothing better to do than swan around cafes, sipping on their skim-soya-chai-caffeine-free lattes.
    For what it’s worth, when I saw POTO in the theatre, I thought it was pretty good. I had no idea that it had bad reviews. It was released not long after my 26 year old brother died, so I was a mess and wasn’t really enjoying any movies at that time, let alone reading reviews. So that says something about critics.
    (my crush on Butler only started 12 months ago btw, so my opinion was unbiased LOL)

  • GGG can do no wrong

    I feel the approach of the fangirls defence of their GGG

  • Anon

    @GGG can do no wrong: Nah, not me, sometimes he’s just nice to perv on ;o)

  • Amusing Juniper

    Anon, you are exuding rabid fangirl fumes. we can spot your kind a mille off.

  • Amusing Juniper

    And for what its worth, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera WAS total pants.The critics were bang on.

  • Anon

    @Amusing Juniper: Please slap me then. Hard. You have my permission, I don’t want to go down that path, ever. LOL

  • Summer’s Eve

    POTO SUCKED THE BIG D*CK sorry. Emmy Rossum has ZERROOOO SEX APPEAL. Just bc you are pretty doesngt mean I wanna hit it.

    And he does look like beaker…

    As for Shannon Moakl, a joke. Have you ever seen her on any red carpet but for the ones that she can share with Tila Tequila and Coco (Ice-T’s wife)???
    Didn’t think so. Z-list has its privileges.
    I’m doubt her Twitter was ever hacked into. She “hacked” herself for publicity bc perhaps G Kelly Bensimon’ed her
    (flirt-fest night, with no “seal the deal”).

    We can smell a phangurl four blocks and two Entemenn’s cheescakes away. Show your azz!

  • wayward

    Roger Ebert gave LAC two thumbs up and 3 stars out of 4.


  • Gerry’s Old Career

    @Lil Miss Calamity:

    Personally I don’t think Gerry’s BO will sell anything, Miss.

  • Shannon….

    I have no career! I had no choice but to Twitter that and blame a hacker!
    What was I supposed to do!!!!!!

  • Ya Mo Be There

    UM, let’s be real here.
    Can any of Gerry’s FANS watch anything with him in it with an objective eye?
    Thats like asking someone’s MOM to critique their child’s drawing.
    They can say they will – but from an outside viewpoint they wont be able to.
    We need critical takes AND the average theatergoer’s take. Maybe a guy.LOL

    Because, honestly?
    Evil Twin could produce a movie called PS Gerry Farted and the fangurls would attend the theater in droves, buy commemorative tshirts, have conventions and blog about it.

    I am a fan of gerry’s, but not the rabid, psycho, Gerry is the second-coming variety.

  • Dori Grabonski

    Speak for yourself. I wouldnt go to see any PS I farted starring gerry even if gerry himself rode through the theater bare back and naked on a white horse during the screening.


  • ??LOL
  • alphaba

    Looks like it might be an employee? Did not look like any romantic get-together but the fans will likely have her SS number by tonight.

  • Oh well

    awww….was hoping to get some dirt on the But man.
    Catch him snogging some modelizing hottie. LOL
    us fans love to hate him.
    But yes – that is an exec. from evil twin. whats he name again.
    im sure the gals know.

    Damn x17 you got us all excited for a new manhunt!!

  • @lunch

    FFS let the guy eat his lunch in peace. It looks like they both just gave up and abandoned their food. How rude – he is not on display at the zoo,

  • lunchtime

    He took HUGE bites off that sandwich and that’s my kind of man! Me likes the scarf thingy around his neck. That brown leather jacket again? Cock hat is back!

  • ana

    Why doesnt he have business dinners in private if it bothers him that much? And why go to a pap hotspot?

  • oy

    #91 wins “Comment of the Month”

    #98 makes a sensible point. The fangurlz will be on your case now.

    The reviews are mixed, but most at Rotten Tomatoes seem to say the film is awful – really awful. That trailer with him telling Jamie Foxx that he didn’t really have a confession made it look really stupid in how he explained everything out. It makes the filmmakers look like they think the audience is stupid. Of course, they are used to the fangurlz paying for anything, so they have a point.

    I’m going to see Paranormal Activity. That looks goods and is getting great reviews all around.

  • curious cat

    #96 totally agree. I felt for the guy in this case. And his friend. Somebody not just snapping a quick, discreet souvenir but standing there making amateur footage of him chowing down. It does look as if they just abandoned their food. I wonder if they paid for it. That was indeed rude, also sad.

    #59 Schlurssh you are hilarious. #71 anon. Funny as hell. #60 orangutan Love your name. Thanks.
    @Summer Eve, no pictures in Esquire of the house. Only him suited, in a T-shirt, and in his convertible.

    French pronounce Gerard with a soft G, like a J, “jehr ARD.” I never know how to designate the French “r” since they kind of half swallow it almost like a w rather than really r-r-r-roll it like the Spanish and Italians.
    (I grew up with a French last name and hated it when people butchered it without even TRYING to get it right. I never gave up correcting people, just got married. )

    @#66 Retard. Interesting theory. No doubt true of some.
    @ JurisDoc #61. Cute handle. Thanks for setting us straight on libel. When you can’t sleep, you can be official legal adviser to the threads. :)

    This is one funny crazy thread!