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Gerard Butler's SNL Promos -- FIRST LOOK

Gerard Butler's SNL Promos -- FIRST LOOK

Gerard Butler gets asked a few questions by SNL funnyman Will Forte in this new video promo.

The 39-year-old Scottish actor will be handling hosting duties on Saturday Night Live this weekend with musical guest Shakira.

Gerry‘s new drama thriller Law Abiding Citizen co-starring Jamie Foxx is out this Friday (October 16). Check out the trailer at the official movie website!

Gerard Butler’s SNL Promos — FIRST LOOK
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115 Responses to “Gerard Butler's SNL Promos -- FIRST LOOK”

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  1. 101
    mia Says:

    I’ll bet some waiter was sent out to bring their food back inside. G didn’t want footage of him gathering up plates and glasses. That would just prolong the filming. I think he handled it well by just waiving, then getting up and going inside. Nothing to egg them on. He said in one interview that paps photographing him while he is eating does get to him.

  2. 102
    shaman Says:

    Val trex does not cause Hep B which is a virus but Val trex can, like many other drugs, cause medical-drug induced Hepatitis. The point was that if someone gets Hep there can be confusion as to which type and thats when rumors can start.

  3. 103
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    This stint on SNL is going to be interesting. The promo isn’t funny but at least it was not as bad as the Drew Barrymore promo from last week. I’m not expecting a lot but I will watch.
    As for watching Butler eat, gimme a break. Who wants to watch anyone eat? Kinda lame on the paps part.
    Oh well, so is the price of fame, right Gerry!?!
    Seeing LAC tomorrow. Can’t wait. Sometimes the critics are right and sometimes they are not when it comes to what I like. I will have to make up my own mind. he he

  4. 104
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @shaman: Enough about the STDs folks. Aren’t we likely to catch them if we are chatting about them this much…

  5. 105
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    ********** NEW THREAD **********

  6. 106
    steve Says:

    He looks raveshing! –

  7. 107
    bla85 Says:

    94% postive ratings on LOC from the fans – not so good from the critics

  8. 108
    MY OPINION Says:

    The fans are the bottom line. Look at Titanic. Not that I’m comparing LAC to that monster hit which BTW started out slow but just kept going. But the critics didn’t like it. The people did not pay any attention to them.

  9. 109
    Chanice Says:

    Pmsl at I hate Gerards: Troll comment of the month.
    As for the rest of the unfulfilled hausfraus who are losing sleep over this idiot, you need professional help. Gerard Butler is nothing special. Alex SkarsgÄrd is much hotter.

  10. 110
    laugh a minute Says:

    I had never even heard of Alex S until I saw that lame music video with Lady GaaGaa or whatever her name is. He’s definitely not hot, imo. But, everyone doesn’t like the same thing. I wouldn’t even comment on him if someone hadn’t brought him up first. I prefer to talk about what I like.

  11. 111
    bart Says:

    I don’t think he has any STD! –

  12. 112
    Erszi Says:

    I just can not wait for Gerry to be on SNL…I love that his Scottish accent is nice and thick again. I was beginning to worry that he was losing it! I love him to pieces!!!! Sexy Sexy Sexy!!!!

  13. 113
    butlerfan Says:

    @Chanice: then go to his site…whoever Alex S is, if he has a site….

  14. 114
    Anniebell Says:

    He’s just a man doing a job stop picking on him.If I was 10 years younger I’d have a good time just trying to figure him out.There has to be something wrong with little gerard as he’s still single isn’t

  15. 115
    Stephanie Duchoix Says:

    Only the wisest and the stupidest of men never change. Their dirty shirt.

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