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Grace Park & Tricia Helfer Cover Maxim Magazine

Grace Park & Tricia Helfer Cover Maxim Magazine

Battlestar hotties Grace Park and Tricia Helfer heat up the pages of the November 2009 issue of Maxim magazine.

Grace and Tricia (both 35) will also soon heat up your flat screens when Battlestar Galactica: The Plan is released on DVD on Tuesday, October 27 and on ScFy early 2010.

Sexy Cylon, Tricia, says of the two releases that “there will certainly be a lot more explicit action on the DVD. And I refuse to have a body double, so you will see a little bit of skin from as the Six character. There’s also a new character you’ll see in some very intense sex scenes.”

More sexy pics of Grace and Tricia‘s cover shoot at!

Grace Park & Tricia Helfer Cover Maxim Magazine
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grace park tricia helfer maxim november 2009 02
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Photos: Steve Shaw/Maxim
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  • Tealeaf

    All these skanks can do for their career is take off their clothes in men magazines…

  • Rita

    EW, these girls, esp the one on the right, look malnourished.. and also needs some exfoliating. How is this sexy?

  • ee

    wow. They look AMAZING.
    They look so much younger than most “actresses” in their 20s.
    I can’t believe they are 35.

  • هاك عمري


  • Shar

    Can that Asian chick stick out her non-ass out anymore, talk about pushing what u don’t have.

  • fresh

    35 year olds posing like 21 year old sluts.

  • Em

    I don’t know who these woman are, but holy crap, they make me feel better for being in my 30′s!
    But my goodness, they have bodies of a 12 yr old boy!


  • slfhse

    They look really great! I wonder what their work out consists of and what they eat. Check out Grace Park on wikipedia. Her face looks completely different!

  • Whoever


    WOW! I was like that Asian chick is gorgeous!…. Then I went to her wikipedia page! YIKEESSS!!!That was such a bad pic!

  • portia

    Damn…they look AWESOME for 35!!! Go girls!!!!

  • slfhse

    @ Whatever:
    I know huh! I was thinking the same thing! I looked at some pictures on imdb and her face just looks completely different than the one in the photo shoot. I wonder if it’s just the make up or she’s had work done. She’s gorgeous in that photo shoot but only so-so in her more natural pictures. But they are in shape!

  • hwooddood

    THANK YOU for this amazing post! One of the best shows on TV and these girls are amazingly beautiful!

  • ?

    Totally airbrushed! Believe me, this is so touched up which is why they have the bodies of 12 year olds.


    Great looking ladies!

  • Kata Libria

    Can’t wait for The Plan. BSG is one of the best shows of all time. They do a great job with their characters on the show.

  • Ckayed

    They are gorgeous. For you haters, you’re simply jealous!

  • elle


  • trina

    too thin
    very photoshopped
    to add boobs to add weight
    they are very thin in real life
    no wrinkles or lines here
    can’t believe one shot on magazines anymore
    look like boy bodies
    even with the added boobs on tricia

  • J.

    Wow!…they both look incredible, especially Grace!, she’s especially hot in these photos/video and has the sexiest mouth I’ve ever seen.

  • google

    gross and classless

  • Chau

    Jared, did you misspell Tricia’s last name? It should be “Heifer.” And Grace’s name should be Graceless. Thank you.

  • angela

    They look ridiculous.

    They should have put Lucy Lawless on the cover.

  • k

    Oh my god it’s Maxim people. It’s a sexy mens magazine of course they are airbrushed and tanned and oily. I see all these women calling them unattractive but when I showed my guy friends this post they about died.

  • lavender1960

    Gotta love photoshop however all you 40 year old actors chasing after 20 year olds, you know who you are, see you can find hot 35s right under your nose, oh yeah then brains and experience gets in the way.

  • Jessica

    Lol wow I love reading all these jealousy filled posts from bitter women! I’m embarrassed for you guys. They look beautiful and I cannot believe they are in their mid-30s!!!

  • anna

    @Whoever: LMAO iknowright?

  • Marieme

    Sorry, but is this trashy shiite even sexy anymore? We see this crap everyday in the exact same way and I find it incredibly cliche and boring. I don’t think most men even care anymore. They look at it for a few seconds and move on.

    Good luck with your shiitty futures. I’m sure we’ll be seeing you in… well, nothing worth watching.

  • diva

    They look hot and im not een gonna mention thier ages it’s all irrelevant hot is hot plain and simpe!

  • brinn

    Wow, what a great show and hot ladies! –

  • Kyle

    I can’t understand the amount of negative comments on these two amazingly gorgeous 35 year old women. The only conclusion I can come to is that these “Negative” people are EXTREMELY jealous that they don’t and will never look as good. Jealousy is natural though… it’s understandable.

  • silentsophi

    BSG Rocks!

  • cing caw


  • ness17

    don’t know who these girls are but upon googling the asian chick, she looks WAY WAY different to the pic on her wikipedia. Airbrush much?

  • J

    Why laugh at Grace Park.?! Just because she happens to be Asian. All white chicks on Hollywood have rearranged their faces too. I bet the blond girl next to her has done alot too-

  • Lindy

    The one on the right looks very young like 21 and the one of the left looks about 30, both are very pretty.

  • Hegemon

    It is funny yet extremely sad at the same time the amount of hate you all are showing towards these women. The women who are negative are merely jealous and the men who are negative are just bitter that they will never be with a woman like one of these ladies. Let’s do a break down of the comments so far.

    Air brushing? Of course there is air brushing on the photos, it’s been done in the industry for decades and will continue to be done for decades to come. Pointing it out is as useless as pointing out that Santa is fat, we already know…

    People are paying close attention to Grace Park and her apparent photo on Wikipedia. Do you honestly believe every woman who looks beautiful on TV doesn’t have acne problems? Look at the Proactive infomercials for acne treatment and you see stars such as Kelly Clarkston, Jessica Simpson, and Vanessa Williams. While they were all suffering from acne, they used makeup to conceal it. I dare you to find one single episode of BSG where you notice Grace Park’s acne being covered up my massive amounts of makeup. You won’t because she obviously took care of the problem and you can’t photo shop thousands of frames to cover it up. We wouldn’t have had 20 episodes a year if they had to focus on one woman to cover any “flaws.” If you understood the show you would agree.

    A quick comment to the user who posted that Grace Park had all kinds of facial surgery, go back to the 2001 episode of Stargate SG-1 entitled “Proving Ground.” Almost a 9 year old episode and she has the same exact facial features then as she does now.

    For the person who said they didn’t know who these women are, SHAME ON YOU! Watch more sci fi.

    And for the woman who stated “see you in nothing worth watching,” apparently everything you watch must not be worth watching. Every sing show Grace Park has been a major character in has won multiple awards and received many nominations.

  • cosi

    will the real grace park please stand up?

  • holly

    you guys need to take a chill pill. these girls look gorgeous and you KNOW IT. you KNOW you wish you had their bodies. stop the hating, jeezbus.

  • MikeyMike

    No doubt, both girls look great! However, let’s give huge credit where it is due to Grace’s makeup person on this particular shoot. Do a Google images search for previous ‘sexy’ pics of Grace, and you will not recognize the very average and blase person you see.

  • Anthony

    They need “exfoliating”? Your comment surprises me given how airbrushed these pictures are.

  • alan

    Its really interesting hearing from all the bitter women here. Thanks for commenting! It says more about you then it does about these two ladies

  • Nick

    Grace Park is a smoking hottie. I absolutely love her.

  • Stevo

    I would lick Grace for hours and hours.


  • Antonella

    WOW… nice baby :)
    I’ve found Tricia Helfer Nade Video ’10 for FREE

    > > >

    good quality…

  • stiger

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