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Jennifer Lopez: Back to School!

Jennifer Lopez: Back to School!

Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony surprise students at the San Miguel Middle School in Washington D.C. on Wednesday (October 14).

Marc, 41, and Jen, 40, spoke to the private all boys Latino school that helps the disadvantaged.

Yesterday, the singing couple brought their daughter Emme to the White House, where they will perform in a concert for the Obamas. The concert will be a tribute to Latin music and will air on PBS and Telemundo later in the month.

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Credit: Gene Young; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Eric D. Midget

    Old hag……she’s sucha bore…….married to another bore…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • blah

    how selfish, she goes to an all latin school.

  • POwersaver

    the J-to-tha-LO dayz are surely ova!

  • nancy S. and paul M.

    What a heffer, as in COW.

  • blah blah blah

    This prima donna is such a bad person to her fans and now it’s coming back to haunt her. Her prima donna demands after all these years are OVER.
    She is so OVER.

  • Jennifer


  • mark

    Can I sing for you one more song?

  • Punjab

    Her butt is too big! She needs to hit the gym.

  • Beth

    What’s their connection to Obama? I remember they were invited to the White House under some bogus pretense. When did the White House become a concert hall?

  • zack

    Want to know the designer of her bag?

  • tpink

    ever notice how latin celebs only do for their own, J.lo, eva longoria, Salma Hayek…the only time they don’t do for their own is when they try to be white I.E christina Aguilera.

  • whatev

    this woman wants to be the next first lady. that’ll be rich! i wouldn’t want to hear anything this high school drop out has to say.

  • Killraw

    Still the queen of butts.

    Alba’s butt is gone.. Biel’s butt is gone… Garner never had a butt…

  • caroline

    Jared, do you have the photos of the White House?She looked so damn gorgeous.
    Anyway, thanks for the photos!!The kids were glad :)

  • carlos

    13# LOL!!
    She is a hot sexy mamma, the butt picture wao

  • barbie

    I don’t see anything wrong in motivating Latino kids to focus on education. It is a known fact that Latinos and African-Amercian blacks are lagging way behind school than Whites or Asians. Oprah Winfrey and many other prominent people, including the Obamas, have been trying to get the education message across to Black kids, for years. So Kudos to people like JLo/MA in at least trying. Latino kids are more likely to listen/react to people of their own heritage, than if someone like Ben Affleck was waxing on lyrical.

  • marc anthony
  • Liza

    Beautiful couple.


    All haters r losers!

  • Shane

    She is not saying that promoting education is a bad thing, what she is saying is that Latino artists seem to only promote their own racial demographic. I wonder if Jlo would have even bothered to talk to the kids if the school was African American.

    Oh well they prob would have entertained the thought but i don’t know if J-Lo would have even went with her Diva ways.

  • lexy

    I think Selma Hayek and Christina Aguilera promote being proud Latinas. They do give back though Christina’s dad wasn’t a part of her life and she was raised by a white woman so she’s really just Latino by blood. Her dad wasn’t around to teach her much about their heritage.

    This chick does nothing for charity or the Latino community. She’s forever running around looking God awful with that blonde hair and it’s probably best she not go poor Latino schools seeing as she’d probably try and convince them to buy her perfume and clothing line!

    I do think it’s a disgrace she never goes back to HER old elementary or high school to speak or help raise money. I think she also went to some after school program where she got into dancing – why not go there or donate some money – it would help with her media whoring AND do something for the community.

  • lexy

    You know she probably is afraid to leave this man alone. She knows if she lets him out of her site too long he’ll father some more kids with yet another woman! LOL! If she takes him to her old high school in the Bronx he might find himself a new young wife from “the block”


    It´s so obvious most part of the haters here are people from Univision who hate jennifer to the death and think Salma Hayeck is God. What Salma has done for the kids?Put an african baby to suck milk from her enormous breasts??Jennifer donates a lot of money to Los Angeles Children Hospital and she is always the host in their galas to collect money. She made conferences. She made a big campaign for the vaccine of the whooping cough. And most important, she created a fundation with her sister with the name of her daughter Emme to provide with pediatric medical to the struggling families. So please DON´T TALK IF YOU DON´T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HER! You people of Univision are so so obssesed with her. If you don´t like her, leave her alone, but don´t tell lies. I don´t give a sh** about you and your obsession


    And last thing “Lexy”, what are you talking about “proud latinas”? Christina Aguilera and Salma don´t talk spanish!! Salma doesn´t want to talk in spanish in the promotions. You are a liar!

  • la

    She looks 40 year old here or even older. what happend ? she usually looks younger than her age.

  • Bella

    Older than 40 ??pleaseeee. She looks young and amazing. Amazing body too

  • tobie

    I’m sure the people at Univision are hip to the fact that Jennifer Lopez only represents herself as Latino when she’s trying to sell them something, or it will garner her publicity – for instance at the White House – other than that she shuns them!

    But she’s sooo Latino and political now, all up in Sonya Sotomayer’s face for publicity, but when the Obama campaign asked them to use their celebrity status to help get out the Latino vote during that crucial time of the election, we all know they did absolutely NOTHING to help him because JLO said Obama had to ask her in person, (more publicity for her) and Obama didn’t so they refused, but now that he’s the President she’s all up in the cameras like they’ re good friends. She is such a fake.

  • hmm

    @barbie: black people don’t have a listening problem. they’re just tired of hearing the same old nonsense in school (that they’re slow, dangerous, criminals, dirty, scary, bad, drug dealers, going no where, not worth the investment, etc.) they have pracically been eliminated from american history even though they’ve been there for 400yrs. also latinos means nothing. there are black, indian & asian latinos who do not look to these people for inspiration.

  • emily

    Everything they do is for PUBLICITY ! If they did it out of goodness of their heart there would’ve been no pics and obviously no video of the event.It’s well known they have an agreement with Access Hollywood and Us weekly and other tabloids not to write anything bad about her and Skeletor.In turn she gives them exclusives to her birthday party and tips them off when they can take pics of them in public.
    They’re about as exciting as seeing wall paper dry.Boring!

  • lexy

    Why would I watch Univision? I don’t speak Spanish. YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ME BUT YOU’RE TALKING TRASH RIGHT?

    Anyway Jenny is from “the block” in Bronx, NY – why not go THERE and try to be encouraging? Why not go to her former high school and do something? Other celebs go back and do stuff for the neighborhoods where they grew up – Jenny’s not from the block in LA?? There are plenty of children’s hospital’s here in NY that could use her publicity/money.

  • lexy

    Wait – does she do stuff for this hospital b/c they helped her have her babies b/c we know she didn’t have them the natural way like she claims.



  • People

    Why does it matter where the hospital she’s helping is located? Y’all are a bunch of idiots. As long as she’s helping someone and giving back to A community, it doesnt matter which community. Get over yourselves and instead of criticizing and whining, you should go and try to help people and get all that anger out of y’all.

  • http://NONE NICOLE

    WHAY SOME MUCH HATE ABOUT J-LO ….DONT MAY SEND .I DONT SEE SHE IS BAD OR A MONTER ….WHY BECAUSE SHE DONT FEED KIDS BREATH FITTLING….MEXICAN PEOPLE STOP THE HATE .YOU ARE THE MOUST BAD PEOPLE IN THE WORLD ….A HATE MEXICAN PEOPLE..LOS MEXICAnos se creen la gran mierda y los dioses de la tierra y son la gente mas malay matona e hipocrita de la fas de la tierra …..

  • Sick people

    Yeah haters of Univision stop the hate you are a bunch of sick people. Most part of you are mexicans who hate jennifer and are always bitching about everything and who insult her children in El Gordo y la Flaca, we know you very well! Jennifer is doing great things for children with her fundation, what are you doing in your personal life??You bast**ds, nothing but be obsessed with her.

  • lexy

    I’m not Mexican and I do plenty of things to help those less fortunate. However I don’t have J-Lo’s money or the amount of free time she does. Most celebs go back home and try to do good in their old communities. Look at Jay-Z – he’s the perfect example of someone successful who doesn’t forget where he’s from.

    Please look at her when she was on in Living Color – where she wasn’t pretending to be white vs. now where she’s suddenly a blonde with straight hair?

    Considering she sang a song about being from “the block” and she’s always trying to promote how she’s just a regular girl from the Bronx – it’s funny she never goes back THERE to help!

  • Mrilyn

    @Eric D. Midget:

    When did 40 become old? Stop hatin, she’s doing a good thing. Geez!

  • Mrilyn


    What’s wrong with that? White people are obviously not doing a damn thing for them. At lease they are trying to do a good thing.

  • People

    @ lexy- Can you please explain to me what difference does it make if she helps the community where she came from versus any other community? That’s the same stupid argument about people who adopt children abroad v. kids in the America… WHAT DOES IT MATTER? Children are being helped and that’s what matters.

    Also, her appearance has nothing to do with her being being proud of her heritage. Or are you gonna say the same thing about Beyonce, who’s definitely NOT naturally blonde? Or how about Shakira… have you looked at her pictures lately? She’s completely blond and we all know that’s not her natural color. So please, find something else because your arguments are ridiculous.

  • Skeletor

    OMG. What’s up with the leggings and her vajayjay? You cannot wear your tight big ass leggings with a short top. She’s so 1995!!! JJ please don’t waste your space on this has been diva!

  • asdfg


  • Queila Edelweiss

    Hi Jennifer.I know you are so simple person, I’m Brazilian and i’d like so much to meet you cause i love your movies, your musics are part of my life.
    If you don’t read that, i want that just it be in.
    Lov you, God bless you.
    You’re so pretty everytime hum?
    Kisses bye.

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