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Jessica Simpson: OMG QVC!

Jessica Simpson: OMG QVC!

Jessica Simpson smiles for photographers while attending the QVC/FFaNY Shoes on Sale event at Frederick P. Rose Hall at Lincoln Center on Tuesday (October 13) in New York City.

The 29-year-old commented at the event about the loss of her puppy, Daisy, telling UsWeekly, “Daisy meant the world to me. I hold her memory very, very close. It was an unfortunate thing what happened. That I don’t have her every day… It’s a very hard thing to talk about. I haven’t really thought about another dog yet, but maybe sometime.[Daisy] would want that.”

25+ pictures inside of Jessica Simpson supporting shoes with QVC…

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jessica simpson omg qvc 01
jessica simpson omg qvc 02
jessica simpson omg qvc 03
jessica simpson omg qvc 04
jessica simpson omg qvc 05
jessica simpson omg qvc 06
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Photos: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images
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  • christine

    Her dog died?? HOW? The dog was so young. She probably didnt take very good care of her. I have had similar dogs and they’ve all lived long. You have to b careful what you put in their bodies and how you take care of them. They have delicate organs. Even certain mixed breeds that dont live long, can live for a very long time. I’m just smart in how I take care of my pets. And I dont put that much time into them. I especially do NOT trust the popular vet clinics, groomers and kennels in LA. They were better in NY. I’m simple in how I take care of my pets, but treat them preciously. Otherwise, you’ll tax/stress them to death in ways that you are unaware of.

  • Tina

    @christine… A coyote took her dog! :(

  • Sandra

    @christine: Actually, her dog was snatched by a wild coyote right infront of her but there was nothing she could do about it.

  • LuckyL

    @christine #1
    Christine the cat-lady is always here on these boards.
    Take some time off go outside for a change.

  • **Jamie**


    Her dog was snatched by a wild coyote right in front of her. She could do absolutely nothing about it or she would probably have lost an arm or a leg to the beast.

    Don’t judge when you don’t know the facts, because losing anyone or anything close to you is very hard to deal with, whether it be a human or a pet.

    Jessica gets too much slack. She is not a complete morron, she is a grown woman who has had pets for years that she has looked after well.

    She looks great here too.

  • lexy

    She has not had pets for years. And if she had ot taken better care of that dog she’d be alive right now.
    She’s going to milk this dead dog thing for all it’s worth – seeing as her music and acting careers have gone no where. Just like with her alleged weight issues. Trust me any day now she’ll be pitching a reality TV show to someone about pets dying!
    She and her untalented sister need to go away – fast! Too bad that wild coyote didn’t grab them!

  • lolol

    @lexy: toooooo funny

  • Me!

    Ha, ha #6—that is too funny!
    Jessica looks awful in this outfit. Nothing young about it at all.
    She happens to have a weird shape to dress.

  • Frenchy Maria

    At least she is one of no many celebrity who care about her dog. She should take an other little pet.

  • lizzie

    Poor Jessica,
    She generally looks out of it these days. I wouldn’t be surprized if she wasn’t experiencing some depression overall. Loss of boyfriend, loss of dog, loss of her young body, loss of her celebrity. I wouldn’t want that world for anything.

  • sophie

    She didn’t look after Daisy properly, that’s a fact. She was always hauling her around in ugly bags, in which Daisy looked miserable, then she left her out to play in an area she should have known was dangerous. She’s using this for sympathy, evil greedy Simpson that she is.

  • Gibber

    She’s very arrogant, you can see it in half her poses to the camera, she looks down on people. I don’t know why given she’s so ugly and stupid, and those shoes are hideous. She’s very lucky to have earned the amount of money that she has and she should start acting appreciative instead of constantly telling people they should feel sorry for her. I sure don’t.

  • nativenyker

    A more interesting story is the mayhem that ensued at this stop-and-repeat where fights broke out to get pics of this has been in black! LMAO.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • ellie’

    First of all Jessica is a beautiful woman.. Has said some silly stuff..So what she doesn’t harm anyone.. Her line of shoes are quite nice.. I know b/c a lot of people are wearing her sandals..

  • Linda

    OMG! SHE LOOKS GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! I think this is one of her best looks in a while…

  • lexy

    LOL! are you implying that JS actually designs the shoes & bags? I was under the impression someone talented did that and she lets them use her name for money. Is she a designer??

  • Ckayed

    Jessica needs to lay low for about six months or longer – too much exposure and too much negativity. I feel sorry for her because everyone makes fun of her. She really needs to stay out of the public eye for a while.

  • xanax

    Does Joe have her on antidepressants or is she just drunk in all these pictures? Either she’s under the influence of something or crazy. Look at those psycho eyes.

  • anonymous

    She is so thick and stumpy. She’s bow legged too. She never looks good.

  • anonymous

    Worst piece of journaliaim yet.. people do your friggin homework.. This was a charity event done for Breast cancer awareness. There were many other manufactures there & over 30 million was donated for this event.
    It is absolutley tactless for Jessica to even be asked about her dog & its even more tactless that this site seems to think it’s even more worthy to continue & lose sight of the fact for what QVC was doing & did.

    This was a benifit that funds research & finds cures & if anyone was watching it would find that Jessica’s shoes sold out in minutes. Everthing donated by her & others was sold at half price.. This saddens many that some would rather ridicule Jessica for absolutley everything then really appreciate what was given for a good cause..

    Just Jared this is rediculous. Start printing all the facts,not just print to create drama.

    People just pay attention to the bullshit you read.

  • anonymous

    Xanax.. take some for yourself & do your homework. JOE was not at this event.. Joe was home in LA.

    Quit travelling under different names to spew your same shit.

  • anonymous

    “This saddens many that some would rather ridicule Jessica for absolutley everything then really appreciate what was given for a good cause..”

    How do you know what was given was for the good cause and not for some publicity for Jessica Simpson and her shoe line? You don’t know what her motivations were. Isn’t it possible she used the donations to this charitable event to promote herself? If she did, that’s really what should “sadden many”.

  • christine


  • twpumpkin


  • anonymous

    Honestly, those clothing lines, accesories and shoes are all out of bad taste. She got bad taste. Looks like she’s changing her looks now, trying to imitate Jennifer Aniston, black clothes, straight hair, etc. No way she can get it, you need to be able to carry anything and look classy, no matter what. She should marry and stay home. Just saw her Operation Smile video singing UGGGGGGGGH. And you can tell how she enjoyed the photogs crazy to get her pics. Don’t understand it. She cant sing, she cant act, cant carry her clothes well, cant event talk w/ sense and why does she always cry when talking? Geees. She’s even done that in concerts. Her parents should keep her home. Her sister is better looking than her but Ashlee got so thin her face is not as good anymore.

  • megan’s my babe

    @christine: we all know a dingo ate her baby!

    she’s sucking in her gut…

  • lakers fan in boston

    omg stfu
    ur dog probably committed suicide
    i hate her so much, she’s just a pointless ho
    her music career is done and now she’s on a VH1 show, as low as it can get
    being on the same netork with flavor flav and rock of love