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Jon Gosselin Plus Eight

Jon Gosselin Plus Eight

Jon Gosselin spends some precious time with his kids as his daughter Hannah runs to him at the bus stop on Wednesday (October 14) in Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, Kate ran some errands near her home, stopping for some gas and then picking up some fan mail outside of the UPS Store.

Jon was ordered by the courts to return $180,000 to a bank join account after allegedly taking over $300,000. Kate responded, “As difficult as this has been for me, I am pleased that the court has ruled fairly on behalf of myself and my children. Now that this matter has been ruled on, I look forward to returning to private arbitration, as we have agreed to do, to resolve any remaining issues.”

10+ pictures inside of Jon Gosselin plus Eight…

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  • Sam

    Oh my goodness! How could he take that amount of money and then lie about it? That is so sad.

  • Seriously?


    Sam, Kate is guilty of doing more things than Jon! Kate is guilty of child abuse. How is THAT for sad?


    I think Jon is a world-class jerk, but if there’s one nugget of truth in this whole sortid and sad saga is the plain fact that he loves his kids and his kids really love him. As usual, Kate looks absolutely stunning no matter what she’s doing.

  • umm

    I am confused. Where’s all the money? I am pretty sure they have more money than this and Kate is bickering about John taking it? I know she must have her own stash. Come on she is controlling so that means that she must have some stash hidden away from John.

  • nikomilinko
  • coco

    Hair plugs are a big FAIL – see pic 3. He needs the $$$ for more hair plugs. Hopefully douch.ebag does not blow it on Ed Hardy and cubic zirconia earrings.

  • countrygirl9595


    kate ever abused her kids!

  • suzanne

    You can tell on the kids faces that they do love their Dad, no matter what he has done. You never see any pictures of the kids running to great Kate.
    Aren’t these kids kind of big to still be buckled into car seat? Why don’t they have booster seats. Does anyone know if it’s PA. law for them to still be in car seats?

  • he stole his kids bill money

    Even Jon through all the bickering says Kate is a good mother. Kate through all the bickering says Jon is a good father.

  • Lauren

    That’s so sad, you can see the children’s face and see how much they love and miss their dad. World’s Worst Dad goes to…..

  • he stole his kids bill money – check that. Jon FINALLY admits that he took some money, but still says he did nothing wrong. Oh yeah? well then why was he ordered to give the money back? HA!

  • caro

    Regardless of everything, those kids adore their parents. People seem to not bother acknowledging the most important things.

  • New York Housewife

    Gee, Kate has to carry all of those boxes by herself. I guess she doesn’t have a bodyguard to help her anymore. No money, no bodyguard.

  • Apple Cider

    And are these poor kids ever off camera?

  • brown sugar

    Kate doesn’t look very happy. I guess she is thinking about having to go back to being a nurse. Kate needs to wake up and smell the coffee that she is always drinking.

  • M

    There is no one like a loving, attentive mommy and daddy. I’m praying that both Kate and Jon are successful. Many men “drop out” if they are not successful and begin to believe their chldren are better off without them. If Jon can’t offer his children much financially, I hope Kate can provide that and that Jon will always know that his love and devotion to these precious children is priceless.

  • nan

    Hannah is really growing up to be a beautiful child. I think it speaks volumes about both parents that neither of them is pitting the kids against the other parent. No matter how idiotic and misguided Jon and Kate can be, I do believe that they love their kids and it’s clear that the children love them right back.

  • kim

    I love Jon! poor kate is miserable. she can’t control him like she used to before! ha ha

    have you seen kate lately? her face is sooo longgg ang sagginggggg

    ha ha

    oh jon jonnn jonnnn ahhhh ahhhh

  • the truth shall prevail

    @kim: Sure Kate is miserable. She can’t control Jon anymore. That’s all that Kate wants to do is control other people. Kate has really aged in the past few years and it shows.

  • ick

    Is anybody else disturbed by the fact that Jon was paid for these photos? He has arranged for the kids to be photographed whenever he has custody, and these are just part of the deal.

  • birds of a feather

    Classy Kim is a prime example of a Kate hater. Name calling and horrible spelling and grammar are so typical!

  • lexy

    Kate looks gorgeous?? Ugh! This tired, pathetic hag needs to get a grip. She’s a miserable b!tch and any man would have left her. Heck I doubt any woman would want her either. They’d get sick of her miserable a$$ and negativity pretty quickly.
    Who cares if Jon wears Ed Hardy t-shirts? Is that a crime? How cares that he cheated on her – she deserved it. She’s lucky the man didn’t smother her in the middle of the night to shut her up!
    I’m so glad Jon pulled the plug on the show. Maybe once Kate stops running around crying broke victim the publicity around them will die down and these kids can have a normal life. I sure wish child services would get involved.

  • he stole his kids bill money

    @the truth shall prevail: New york housewife/brown sugar. you are really up Jon’s butt. yuck!

  • zoey

    Haha. You speak the truth–the kids love Jon and he loves them back. Pictures speak volumes. As for hagatha looking stunning, I agree–stunningly bad. WTF with those hooker shoes.? Yikes.

  • AutumnM

    Aww the kids are so cute! And they always seem happier around their Father than that witch Kate!

  • lol


    Classy!: Is that you Hailey?

  • g!na

    I didn’t like the pic of Kate spanking Leah! Hannah does love her daddy! Jon is probably less strict with them! He’s like a playmate to them! I still think his a fool but so is kate!

  • yuck


    Can you haters ever say anything that doesn’t involve swearing, name-calling or horrible grammar and spelling?

  • anonymous

    I really feel sorry for these kids and its all our fault. Society in general has contribute to these kids miserable life by putting then on the air and causing their parents to split. Why does America has the highest divorce rate?

  • Kaleen

    These kids must be so confused. They are all at an age where they don’t understand what divorce is all about. Thank heaven that this show is ending.

  • abby

    Jon needs to hire a hit-man and do away with Kate. The kids would be much happier, and so would Jon.

  • jessica

    I just want TLC to stop filming the family!
    the kids are bigger now and aware of what is happening around.

    also, it is always kate that is ON camera anyway. she is so annoying.

    always kate being interviewd, kate yakking about this and that.
    kate kate kate
    why not make it TLC loves Kate show. lol
    the kids really love their dad. but it sucks that jon is getting paid being photographed with the kids. that is just so sad.

    as for kate, whatever, kate. go hump a log!

  • anon

    Haven’t you all seen the videos and pictures of the wooden spoon in Kate’s vehicle she uses to beat her kids? It also goes along with the video clips caught with the red plastic spoon and the stories of the kids being beaten by Kate.
    If the kids dare say they don’t want to film, mommy beats them into submission.

  • vicky

    @anon: This is very sad. Kate abuses those children left and right. That is a sin. I can’t wait till all of those kids get older and tells the whole world what a terrible mother Kate was to them.

  • Jaye

    In most cases having ONE bank account for 2 people doesn’t work, even when they’re happily married. I knew he was weak and pretty much lazy, but I didn’t know how much of a scumbag he really is. He has no idea how life really works, he continues to make BAD decisions and he lies all the time. Yeah he let his wife disrespect him and run his life, but that was HIS choice.
    Kate isn’t a saint, but she has some common sense; she knows not to bite the hand that feeds her and her kids. I don’t admire either of these clowns and I hope their messy relationship and divorce won’t leave a permanent scar on the kids. No matter what the parents did, the kids love them both. It’s sad that they BOTH decided to make their personal issues public. Court filings are generally public records, but they don’t have to stir the pot by talking about their issues on tv and tabloids. They should learn to just shut up.

  • had enough

    Jon and Kate need to fade into the sunset, forever.

  • Nat

    This is the saddest thing going on in the media right now. The whole thing is a total joke. Although, they will never be as f____d up as Nadia Suleman or whatever her name is.

  • Mommy

    Both Jon and Kate love their kids, but I think Jon is allowing his anger for Kate to cloud his judgment. His behaviour has been appalling. I really do hope that Kate gets custody because the kids are really so wonderful and should be spared being around the likes of Lindsay Lohan’s father and Jon’s many flings. But I agree that it would be good for Jon to continue to be active in his kids lives. Once he’s over his mid-life crisis he’ll be able to contribute in their nurturing.

  • Amanda


    The kids don’t run to Kate because they live with her, they see her all the time. When i didn’t see my dad for a while because his work schedual and then i finally saw him after a few days i ran to hug him as well.
    Those kids are 5 years old and probably weight under 50-40 pounds. Now a days you can get car seats that have higher weight limits. I have a 3-1 car seat for my son and he can use the car seat up until 80 pounds. There are certain stages and weight limits car seats have now. Safety first :)


    Get it straight peeps kate told jon it was “over” a year ago.
    SHE booted him.
    As a result he has made dumb and dumber decisions.
    He was ALWAYS the better and more caring parent. She ignored the kids and bitched at him to take care of the “dirty” work.
    And to think my family and I had bets on when he would ditch her!

  • Jane

    The money is just as much his.

    Kate was bound to lose Jon sooner or later, a man will not stand for mistreatment for forever, they eventually leave and find a woman who will be good to them.

    Just look at those kids faces when they see their dad. Pure love.

  • Jan


    A spanking is hardly child abuse.

  • Jan

    @he stole his kids bill money:

    And they both deserve kudos for that.

  • Jan

    @brown sugar:

    Doesn’t it burn your tail that Kate doesn’t have to do anything you say she “needs” to do?

  • Jan


    You sound so dumb. You can’t tell what someone is thinking/feeling by photographs. Are you sure you’re not describing your own existence?

  • Jan

    @kim: @birds of a feather:

    You have that right.

  • Jan


    Your hatred blinds you to truth. Look at all the people around you in a store, tomorrow. Very few will be as attractive as Kate is. That’s where you lose credibility. You can’t get past your hatred, don’t know how to express yourself, so you attack Kate’s looks. Why is it that all the haters have a fascination with Kates shoes and feet. Fetish, perhaps. “an inanimate object worshiped for its supposed magical powers or because it is considered to be inhabited by a spirit.” in case you don’t know what a fetish is.

  • hayley

    @anon: i saw the pic of Kate spanking Leah because Leah was talking while kate was on the phone! not a good reason to spank! :rolleyes:

  • Jan


    Kids will be excited to see a parent they haven’t seen in a while. Maybe they think he’s coming back to join the family–

  • Jan


    You weren’t there. You surmised something from a photograph.