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LeAnn Rimes: It's You Yahoo!

LeAnn Rimes: It's You Yahoo!

LeAnn Rimes teams up with Randy Jackson for the It’s Y!ou Yahoo! yodel competition at Military Island, Times Square on Tuesday (October 13) in New York City.

The 27-year-old country singer helped promote Yahoo!’s invitation to compete for a chance to be featured in the company’s global advertising campaign and on its home page by submitting videos of themselves online performing their own rendition of the Yahoo yodel before Nov. 8.

American Idol finalist Kimberly Caldwell hosted the event, while LeAnn, Randy Jackson, Jewel, and Pete Wentz were on hand for the event.

30+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes at It’s You Yahoo…

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leann rimes its you yahoo 01
leann rimes its you yahoo 02
leann rimes its you yahoo 03
leann rimes its you yahoo 04
leann rimes its you yahoo 05
leann rimes its you yahoo 06
leann rimes its you yahoo 07
leann rimes its you yahoo 08
leann rimes its you yahoo 09
leann rimes its you yahoo 10
leann rimes its you yahoo 11
leann rimes its you yahoo 12
leann rimes its you yahoo 13
leann rimes its you yahoo 14
leann rimes its you yahoo 15
leann rimes its you yahoo 16
leann rimes its you yahoo 17
leann rimes its you yahoo 18
leann rimes its you yahoo 19
leann rimes its you yahoo 20
leann rimes its you yahoo 21
leann rimes its you yahoo 22
leann rimes its you yahoo 23
leann rimes its you yahoo 24
leann rimes its you yahoo 25
leann rimes its you yahoo 26
leann rimes its you yahoo 27
leann rimes its you yahoo 28
leann rimes its you yahoo 29
leann rimes its you yahoo 30

Photos: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty, Gallo/WENN
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  • Raichill

    She looks masculine.

  • samantha

    She’s so ugly. Why does she always squint her eyes?

  • nativenyker
  • NoName

    Shes a W H O R E

  • GearManufacturer

    I actually like LeAnn Rimes. She’s a decent role model, at least.

  • no

    big head

  • Pandora

    People should smile more often…except when you’re LeAnn. Makes her look even worse.

    @ # 6 are you serious? Or just being silly? She’s a decent role model for…what?

  • averil

    Good to see that she’s happy with eddie! –

  • NoName


    Decent role model for WHAT??? Adultery, unfaithful, sinner, slut, cheater, lack of marriage vows….you tell me???

  • Laura

    She is so ugly how does this ugly, squishy face get guys when beuatiful Jessica Simpson can’t keep a boyfriend. Ugly Leanne has to pay guys to be with her she is a disgrace.

  • Bite Me…

    I guess you’ve also spread your legs for a married man…

  • michaela

    Today she speaks at CSU for the “Lecture Series for the Entertainment Industry” with others from the film industry, the William Morris Agency, music and picture tunes industry”.

    Tonight for 2 hours at CSU Channel Islands.

    So she is now back in SoCal.

  • Jack

    Good grief she looks terrible in pictures that are not staged. I can not figure out what she is doing at this event. The round trip flight from LA to NYC was over 6,000 miles and for what? Has her standing in the music industry slipped to where she has to pose with the 7th runner-up in American Idol and teach yoodling in order to get some publicity. I know she was paid but she doesn’t need the money. In July, she said her new album would be released in Oct. but now she’s pushed the release back six months. The love songs on the album were co-written by Deane who was working on them while Rimes was doing Eddie for the past 9 months. I suppose now she has to re-write the love songs to fit Eddie’s taste but in six months he’ll dump her and the album will never be released.

  • Terry

    LeAnn has to keep her name out there because of all the solo female artists in country music coming with albumns this fall. There is some really good stuff coming out and maybe Rimes pushed her release back six months so she didn’t have to compete. I saw a picture of Carrie Underwood yesterday at usmag and could not believe Carrie and LeAnn are the same age. Carrie is a really pretty girl and seems to have a solid character.

  • michaela

    She looks really good in some of the photos and so-so in others. She has a phenomenal voice and so what if she has to push her album release forward. I would too with Swift getting so much attention.

    She’ll come back and the folks who pooh-pooh were never fans anyway. So no loss there.

    Her talent stands on its own.

  • Jason

    A short article on People Mag website yesterday is a good example of why I have problems with Rimes. Peoplemag soft peddles Rimes but she could not be forthright even with them. She talked about writing the songs in her new album with her friends and how it was therapy for her but she went on to say how happy and great everything is in her life. She used the exact words six months ago about writing her family album with Deane, her “best friend” as well as the therapy bit. She wants to portray herself with the “image” of thoughtful reflection, happiness, and someone who has life all figured out but her behavior directly contradicts her words. I guess that’s called a hypocrite. I would like to see some real authenticity in this gal but she seems vacant of heart, empathy, and conscience. She clings desperately to the “image” of Margaret Rimes who has come of age so as to keep the sheep in her fan club penned up.

  • Dallas

    Fugly homewrecking cheater.

  • NI

    Check out video from the event…

  • michaela

    Eddie was once engaged to a Julianne Morris (or so the story has been written) who was very pretty.

    No Le Ann is not very pretty though she has some good angles .

    Nor is Brandi very pretty who looks very masculine too. Remove the work she has done and she would look really awful and Le Ann’s veneers are too large for her face.

  • Kelly

    Eddie is a douche but he’s a 10 when it comes studdliness while Rimes is a 4 on a good day. Eddie’s star is rising while LeAnn’s star is plummeting to earth like a firey meteor. I’m sure love will conquer all LOLOL!!!

  • michaela

    @ NI….

    Thanks for that link.

    BTW Le Ann is /was one of the great yodelers. Don’t know if she still has it as the voice changes as we grow older

  • michaela

    @ Kelly

    Looks aren’t everything esp. if they’re based on silicone, restylane and starving oneself to keep one’s husband around.

    “Beauty fades, dumb is forever”…Judge Judy

  • paige


    Thank you

  • michaela

    Why do you criticize her eyes when Taylor Swift has a squinty smile and strange eyebrows and you don’t comment on Swift’s squinty eyes?

  • Jbo

    I don’t understand how she can go out in public or even look her fugly ass face in the mirror??? She’s a backstabbing, unfaithful WHORE – who continue to give women a bad name. I HATE CHEATERS and women who steal other women’s men.

    If given the chance, I’d smack the country-flavored taste outta her fat ugly mouth!

  • Ruth

    I don’t care what she looks like and if she is talented or not. But she is a nasty young woman who manipulated her idiot boyfriend into humiliating their spouses in the cruellest possible way and for that she deserves the public backlash. And it will come, sooner or later.

  • Holly

    I just did a google search on news about LeAnn and she is now starting to talk about what is going to be on her next album. She says that it is going to be about what she has been dealing with in her life since her previous album. She says that she has written a lot of what will be on it herself and with her songwriting friends. According to what is said about it over at the People magazine website, the album will now be in stores sometime in the spring. I love how she song writes as a way of dealing with whatever is going on in her life. (smiles)

    God bless you and LeAnn always!!!

    Holly in East Tennessee (still a day one fan of her)

  • michaela

    People Magazine is almost always fair in it’s reporting. Isn’t that why they have captured about 50% of their niche leaving all the others to scrabble for the remaining 50.

  • lucy

    @ Michaela

    You must be worn out trying to paint this homewrecking horse in a positive light.

  • michaela

    BG has that horsey look as well. He should have stayed with Julianne Morris. Now she was pretty!

  • Mike

    @ michaela
    I don’t understand how or why you insult Brandi. She is the innocent wife who asked LeAnn twice to back off so she could hold her family together. LeAnn said no and everyday threw the affair in Brandi and Deane’s face. LeAnn taunts this woman with two children who is facing an uncertain future because of Rimes’ interferrence in her marriage. Yet, you insult and taunt Brandi as well. You are no doubt on Rimes’ paid staff because only there will people find females as heartless and mean spirited as LeAnn Rimes. If there is justice in this world, then someday may you experience the hell and taunts that Brandi has experienced only I doubt you will handle them with anywhere near the class that Brandi has.

  • twpumpkin


  • Dottie

    Bad mouthing Taylor and Brandi will earn you no points, nor does it make LeAnn look better. LeAnn has put herself in this position and people are sick of her. Why don’t you compliment Ms. Rimes instead of trying to destroy other women who have done you or anyone else no harm. Tell us of LeAnn’s good points. Tell us why you believe in her character and idolize her as Holly from Tennessee does. Tell us what is in your character that so closely aligns you with LeAnn. Tell us why you want your daughters to grow up with the same values and moral as Ms. Rimes. Please share with us blind people the virtues of LeAnn so we can all find just a fragment of good in LeAnn Rimes.

  • michaela

    Saying Taylor has squinty eyes and smile is no more bad-mouthing Taylor than saying it about Le Ann. They BOTH have a squinty smile and Taylor has weirdly arched eyebrows.

    Hon…that’s just a fact!

  • Dottie

    So the best thing you can say about Taylor is that her eye brows are weird? Here, let me help you compliment LeAnn. LeAnn Rimes has an incredibly strong spirit. It is often undisciplined and leads her down the wrong path at times but she is a strong person. No one in the business works harder than LeAnn. Yes, she promotes herself but that is what celebrities do. In the past week she has flown 20,000 miles to perform concerts, dedicate playgrounds, promote yodeling and give lectures in So. Ca.. She is tireless and yes she works for her benefit as well as others but she is no lazy celebrity. She has done wrong intentionally and that has been very bad but it is my hope that she will find her way to a life more acceptable to my value system. That is what you should say about LeAnn.

  • lucy

    @ Dottie

    Well said…..

  • michaela

    USWEEKLY just put up something with Eddie and Rachel Ray…he will be on her show Oct. 19

    And he talks about how we are only hearing one side to this very complicated story. And how he’d like to fight back but at the same time wants to protect the kids from the mud-slinging.

    I’d love to hear ALL sides too thank you!

  • Dottie

    We know who Eddie Cibrian is. He’s a man who spent every year of his marriage having sex with women outside the marriage. He took his mistresses on vacation while his wife was taking care of his son at home and she was 9 months pregnant. He bought his girl friends nice gifts while Brandi was making money stretch to buy the essentials. Eddie and LeAnn were having sex for 9 months while their spouses waited at home wondering where their loved ones were. Eddie is the worse sort of male and speaks in code so that his image might look better. What ever Brandi or Deane might have done that made them less than perfect people, it can not compare with the public display of humiliation that Eddie and LeAnn put on their spouses.

  • lucy


    No you don’t Michaela. Once again using snide inneundo hoping people will finally start to agree with your twisted reasoning. You only want to smear Brandi its obvious.
    Eddie little disclaimer on there being 2 sides to every story is BS double speak.. He can’t fight back because he knows he’s a do*che and a liar. Were you in a cave when he made all those asinine comments about being a “loving and devoted” father and then he and LR pop up like evil genies w/photo ops in Mexico, the KOL concert, the Pomona Fair, comments filtered through the tabs by LR’s “sources”. Eddie DID absolutely nothing to protect his sons. At any given point he could have told LR to STFU but he didn’t. Can you say GOOGLE. He is doing this so he doesn’t come off as being completely lacking as a father. TOO LATE.

  • Dottie

    You go girl. People will try to read anything into something to make their point. I think what Eddie wants to say is that he’s a good father. It has nothing to do with Brandi. He just wants to refute her statements. In a way he has shown himself to be a very protective father when he was looking down LeAnn’s butt crack in Mexico (LOL), when he encouraged LeAnn to cut off his wife in traffice, when he allows LeAnn to taunt Brandi with txts. Eddie is scum of scum and he’s just like LeAnn in seeking publicity on women’s shows to whitewash himself. I hope Brandi keeps us imformed and to hell with this compulsive liar.

  • zoey


  • michaela

    Until we here from all four parties – and we won’t – we can’t judge so harshly.Well you can, but I won’t.

    I’ve never heard one poster say the way in which they went about getting together was exemplary or morally right.

    But what I won’t do is call someone a stalker or any make any accusation that is based on only what a tab reports…which is common practice for some to do. The tabs are protected by their legal disclaimers to fabricate for entertainment purposes or base on rumor, etc. I know I’m not protected by one of those……ARE YOU???

  • lucy

    @ michaela *sigh* this is like pulling wings off a fly…

    We have heard loud and clear what Leann and Eddie are all about. Their actions have spoke louder than any words they have to say. Last time I checked adultery doesn’t come with a clause that makes it a okay in certain circumstances. As for judging harshly, every chance you get you throw in the snide remarks that Brandi might have cheated w/ Eddie back in the day are, you protected by a legal disclaimer? You have no proof, no pictures, no nothing. Just grasping at straws hoping something will stick so LR doesn’t look as vile . If the stalker comment made recently was false…PR would have been screaming by now. This isn’t something they would ignore. Because it’s more than true they try to divert the public’s attention with Leann’s playground building, Leann and Deane still talk, Leann yodeling(trying to keep a straight face)look for a deluge of Leann, Leann, Leann in the next few days. This is backfiring if it wasn’t they wouldn’t be trying so hard. It’s also a constant reminder of how they handled this(BADLY)

    Eddie’s main demographic is women hence the Rachel Ray show. He thinks he is so pretty that woman will be blinded to the fact that there is nothing there but a pretty shell. This is a man who threw his family away for fame and only pulled the caring card out when the backlash started to hit the fan.

  • michaela

    @ Lucy…

    Wrong again. every post I ever made was ALWAYS certain to say “not confirmed” or words meaning exactly that. I recommend that to you since that precedent setting case in Tn., where the accuser is going to jail for a year.

  • stacey

    LeAnn smile says it all. Both she and Eddie have beautiful smiles!Thanks JJ for the pics.

  • michaela

    @ deb… con’td

    Though the chances of that happening are probably greater than the odds of winning a lottery it can happen… so its better to play it safe by using words “may”, “might be true”, “as reported by”, “heard this from such and such a source”, etc.

    Just some friendly advice since we don’t have those same protections.

    Calling someone names is our personal opinion and okay. Accusing someone of something we didn’t witness or have facts to back the accusation up with is another ball of wax. Better safe than sorry!

    Have a good evening! Michaela

  • lucy

    Okay my disclaimer… I left out the word likely in that it MIGHT be more than likely true. Why would Brandi say it if it would get her in hot water? Do I know that it is fact NO…..however once again why would BC state it? Lets see if you can explain this without sly snide innuendo’s on something that may or may not have happened in the past. You seem to want to rationalize all of the bad behavior LR and EC have put out there publicly. There is nothing cute about what we have seen so far.

  • michaela

    @ Lucy

    You don’t know if Brandi said that. It was reported that she said many things and some of them have turned out to be not true i.e. that she and Deane were consoling each other. Now we have heard from both of them that that isn’t true.

    Read the legal disclaimers first.

    If the stalking accusation is true we’ll see some restraining action soon enough or hear it from the horse’s mouth – no pun intended even though I think both Le Ann and Brandi have a horsey look about them.

    See you later…

  • lydia/validate(michaela)

    =stacey, holly

  • gwen

    Why would anyone believe EC? This is the same man who said that the media made up the affair by piecing together moments in time to create an affair that just didn’t exist. This is the same man who said that he was a devoted father and then missed his kids first day of school just so that he could be photographed rubbing sun tan lotion on his mistress. I could have also thought that this was the same man who said that he wasn’t going to give interviews about the subject because he has been respectful/senstitive/keeping things private. EC is a liar (and there is not “innocent until proven guilty” because there are tons of photos and EC own words to prove EC guilt), so nothing he says can be trusted.

    What did he think was going to happen, that LR money would buy them out of trouble or that people would look the other way just because he took off his shirt or showed up to his son’s soccer game? So now that people still have more sympathy for BG and no one (except the tabs that LR pays) is praising their affair, he wants to whine about how there are two sides to every story? How can he look at himself in the mirror? He is just burning yet another bridge because instead of taking repsonsiblity for HIS actions or showing remorse, he blames it on someone else.

    The best pr strategy is to be honest and aplogize. EC and LR have not and are not being honest, they should stop trying to convince people that this is love and that being in ” love” justifies what they did and are doing to 4 people. And they should stop acting like they are the victims. The fact of the matter is EC and LR CHEATED and even when they had the chance to come clean they didn’t. So the more excuses they make, the more someone blames BG and DS, and the more gloating that LR does; the harder it becomes for LR and EC to gain any sympathy from the publc.

    If his marriage was as bad as someone keeps claiming, then EC should have left a long time ago instead of putting 4 people through unnecessary humilation. Just because EC and LR smile, it does not mean that he is in love with her. He smiled with his wife too. So with every smile that means that EC is cheating on LR. If LR and EC were happy, there would be no need to keep paying People magazine and tabs to write fairytales about their “love” and LR wouldn’t be buzzing around BG.