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LeAnn Rimes: New Songs About Heartbreak and Love!

LeAnn Rimes: New Songs About Heartbreak and Love!

LeAnn Rimes runs some errands and makes her way back to the car on Wednesday (October 14) in Calabasas, Calif.

Regarding an upcoming album, the 27-year-old Mississippi-born country singer told People, “Most of the stuff I’ve written [myself], so it’s definitely my life. [The songs are] down the middle between heartbreak and love. “Part of my therapy is to write,” she says. I write with a lot of my best friends, so most of [our meetings] are therapy sessions that turn into songs.”

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes getting ready to sing about new heartbreak and love…

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leann rimes new songs heartbreak love 01
leann rimes new songs heartbreak love 02
leann rimes new songs heartbreak love 03
leann rimes new songs heartbreak love 04
leann rimes new songs heartbreak love 05
leann rimes new songs heartbreak love 06
leann rimes new songs heartbreak love 07
leann rimes new songs heartbreak love 08
leann rimes new songs heartbreak love 09
leann rimes new songs heartbreak love 10
leann rimes new songs heartbreak love 11
leann rimes new songs heartbreak love 12
leann rimes new songs heartbreak love 13

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  • Lauren

    Home-wrecking cheater.

  • Rhonda

    she is a talented singer, but there’s something not quite right about her. I’m thinking she could probably use some professional therapy.

  • Jose

    Boy she’s ugly!

  • Cristobal

    Hm. She should have a lot sing about.

  • Kim

    bleh she is just plain ugly.

  • blah

    damn this woman is ugly. Eddie has bad taste in women

  • paige


    good thing she can sing and apparently play the skin flute!

  • Halli

    Disgusting, dirty and she looks like a rat. Nasty

  • gwen

    More gloating photo-ops and pr leaks about her “love” for a man who doesn’t even care about how his affair will impact his kids? Since donating that playground did little to improve her image, what does LeSTALKER Rimes do? She pays People magazine to write a fluff piece about her “love life”. So she thinks that she has won the public’s favor because she paid People magazine to glorify/glamorize her affair with a cheater and liar who is having chemistry with another woman on the set of CSI?

    It is pr stunts like this that give support to those stalking and texting reports. LR is a very unstable woman and it is clear that she is doing all of this because she is obsessed with one upping BG. So a part of LR therapy is taking pleasure in the pain that she causes others. What we gather from this article is that EC is cheating on LR/having second thoughts about being with her, for there is no need for these types of stories or photo-ops to keep popping up if she and EC were as happy and in love like she claims. She should know by now that

    EC comes off looking more and more like a lowlife. Why does he sit back and allow LR to be so disrespectful and insensitive to his wife and kids? That’s right, because the only thing that is important to him are the dollar signs. Dollar Signs EC is so “in love” with LR money and fame, to the point where his own kids don’t matter. Now if EC doesn’t care enough about his kids to keep his mistress in line, what makes People magazine and other tabs think that people will believe them when they write those fluff pieces about how her “love life” inspired her songs? Didn’t this man whine about how he is being unfairly treated because he is an actor, and here his mistress goes putting out all of their business. So he has no one to blame but himself because no one would know anything about his affair, if he and his mistress acted with some respect.

    The songs are her life? We can envision the songs that are going to come from this: “Eddie why is that woman in my bed?, Eddie it’s been 30 minutes why won’t you pick up your phone?, But Eddie it’s 2:00 in the morning are your kids even up this late? Eddie I love you so much that I will stalk your wife and kids”.

  • yter


  • Seriously?


    Gwen needs therapy, and she needs to shut up. I’m tired of her ramblings

    I’d rather listen to LeAnn sing than read gwen’s comments on here.

  • cari

    Cibrian must be out of his mind…this girl is fugly.

    and morals supercede talent…so , career over.

    and she’ll get it one day when her brain develops and she is cheated on just the same. and she will be.

    cheaters always cheat. they have NO moral compass. and they never will.

  • Nec

    Do you think LR is on some kind of hollywood med/pill to keep her from feeling any type of emotions except the happy kind.
    Happy pill or something.

  • Seriously?

    Leanns is not ugly, stop being shallow. If you want ugly, look in the mirror! She’s been gorgeous since she was a teen.

  • Ruth

    Yet another set of PR photoshoots for LeAnn. Wow, her management must be seriously worried about the public backlash. Enough already!

    She is really the most stupid person – she talks about therapy, heartbreak and love? She and her lover ensured that their spouses suffered the most public of humiliations, months of media exposure for innocent people who believed in their partners and found out that they were just cheaters and liars.

    Their lives are none of our business but they could have done it differently and caused their partners less pain and anquish. She and Cibrian are absolutely disgusting and fully deserve the public’s scorn.

  • gwen

    validate/lydia (micheala)-seriously?

    So lydia/validate/micheala has graced us with yet another LR fan? It must be nice to know that when you can’t bully other posters into agreeing with you or someone makes a point that one can not challenge with valid points that, one(lydia/ can simply provide support for one self and LR by typing in a different name. You would think that by now you would have enough common sense to know that everyone knows that any “new” LR fan is you.

    1) “Gwen needs therapy, and she needs to shut up. I’m tired of her ramblings

    That’s your problem, you are too worried about what other posters are doing. Projecting much? Since you are receiving therapy, you think that everyone else should also? If you were tired of my ramblings you wouldn’t be here making an issue of it. What are you 12 yo? So LR employs 12 yo ? That explains the name calling and the inability to see her actions for what they ar.

    2) “I’d rather listen to LeAnn sing than read gwen’s comments on here.”

    Since you took the time and energy to write this post we all know that this is a lie. If you would rather be listening to LR musice, you wouldn’t be here making a comment like this and doing under yet another name.

    3) You bring up an interesting point. If LR isn’t in therapy she certainly needs to go. This type of behavior is not normal. If anyone should shut up it is LR, no one is buying this nonsense that they are in love.

    4) LR should look in the mirror, maybe that’s where she will find respect, sympathy, compassion, sensitivity, and self-respect.

    5) LR is gorgeous? Seriously? Are you serious? When you make all those posts about BG being old/ugly you should follow your advice and take a look in the mirror.

  • serioulsy?

    =lydia, validate, michaela

  • Barr Farr

    LeAnn is pretty,or attractive in an ordinary way.

    She has a great voice.

    If this new cd is about breakups/love,boy I can’t wait for her cd next year about breakups when EC dumps her.

  • lydia/validate/michaela

    =Barr Far, holly, seriously, julie

  • wanda

    i think gwen is a crazy person!!! she needs help! mentally!!!!her comments are too long most people don’t event read it ! they just look at the name and move on.

  • Tony

    Please LeAnn, would you open your blouse a little more so we can see how buxom you are LOL.

  • Tony

    I wonder how cute Eddie will think these photo ops are when Brandi moves away just to get rid of this stalker.

  • Teri

    Yeah dumping your husband for a married man is a real heartbreaker. *sniff*

  • Rake

    LeAnn now lives 35 miles from the center of photop-ville so she is obviously paying for the photogs to come visit. She’s getting her money worth however in that she is desperate for attention and stalking at the same time. I thought true love was suppose to make a woman content and happy. Apparantly, there is something very wrong in LeAnn’s little Eden.

  • John

    OMG!!!! Have you seen the photos of Deane Sheremet with two men. Deane is unshaven and wearing a bandana like a hair net as a disguise but it is definietly Deane. These must be the pictures that forced LeAnn into the arms of Eddie and I don’t blame her. I’ll bet balckmail was involved because these pictures are digusting. Deane is in the middle of the threesome holding a rapturous expression while all three are standing in ovation……….at a Carrie Underwood concert.

  • jj

    Any guess what is in the bag? Pregnancy test, she would prance about so paps could snap the bag. LR and EC deserve each other, just sit back and watch the show. Brandi will get his every cent and EC can continue to be LR’s little doggie, cause we know he is on a short leash!

  • Vivien

    She is ugly.

  • Mirabai

    This fug piece of trash isn’t playing the victim is she?! She really has been taking tips from Sienna Miller. If there’s any heartbreak, she caused it by cheating.

  • michaela

    Le Ann looks very pretty in a lot of those photos. She looks fresh and wholesome and she is not going to wither up and go away.

    Such hatred in some people amazes.

  • michaela

    @ John…

    Could you put up a link so we could take a look and say what we see?

    I read that he was caught w/her make-up artist (male) and I don’t want to give his name – though it was in the article.

    But that may be no more truthful than a whole lot of other garbage touted as fact.

  • John

    You need to get a sense of humor honey, there are no such pics. Deane’s straight and a very nice guy. LeAnn’s career is dieing and Carrie’s is just getting started.

  • BeckyL

    I just realized why LeAnn always wears her hair pulled back….it helps keep her eyes open. Those pics of her yodeling were terrible but then her face always puffs up after a hard night of boozing. I wonder if she woke up with Deane after she passed out and I wonder who Eddie woke up with while LeAnn was in NYC.

  • Trish

    @Seriously?: I agree, she cuts/paste same crap all the time!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAWN!

  • Trish

    @gwen: She has lots of suporters, like she has a hater named GWEN!!!! LOL

  • Sam

    @Vivien: Let’s se a pic of you??

  • Sam

    @Vivien: Let’s see a pic of you??

  • Sam

    @Vivien: Let’s see a pic of you?

  • Cutie

    She is so damn homely.

  • michaela

    @ John…

    When you state something like that you need to have proof before anyone will believe you. Otherwise it is conjecture and nothing more.

  • michaela

    @ Trish..

    What a lot of people do is just skip over when they see her name. If you read it once you’ve read it a million times.

  • Seriously?

    gwen, just get over yourself, and stop assuming who people are. You are bordering on being a troll. I’m going to flag your future posts.

  • gwen

    lydia/validate (aka michaela, julie holly, serioulsy)-WANDA

    Would you like a kleenex to dry yoru eyes? I have a joke for you. I didn’t read your post and even though I’m taking the time to write this post, I didn’t read your post. Do you see how silly that sounds? We know that you have read my posts and it is stupid to keep complaining about by posts when you are so invested in me that you take the time and energy to dedicate posts about it.

    The lone fan who posts under multiple names to make it look like LR has support has graced us with yet another “fan”. Everyone take a moment to welcome wanda, another LR fan that Lydia created by changing the name in the name field. How do you keep up

    Crazy and mental is writing posts just to tell other posters that you do not read their posts because you lack the common sense to formulate in argument in support of LR. Just because you are seeking medical attention, it doesn’t mean that everyone else is doing the same.

    LR should also seek medical attention, there is something seriously wrong with a woman who keeps gloating about a man who is only interested in her money and fame.

    Now, you are proving yourself to be quite a liar and sore loser. If you really thought that no one was reading my posts you wouldn’t keep taking the time and energy to write these posts. If you don’t like my posts then do yourself a favor and DON’T READ THEM. You make yourself look bad by writing posts like this.

    PS-So you are going to keep posting these comments under different names? How old are you12yo? So LR lone fan is a teen? Or perhaps the lone fan is LR herself. By the way she hates on BG, it is clear that lydia/validate/holly/julie/wanda/seriously is LEANN RIMES.

  • gwen

    Trish (aka lydia, validate, holly, micheala, julie, serioulsy, wanda)

    Leann has a lot of supporters? No she doesn’t and you prove this everytime you post under a different name to make a personal attack. You are not fooling anyone, everyone knows that it is you ONE PERSON who is making all of these comments. And do you seriously think that you are fooling people when you respond to your different posts Before you criticize soemone a bout copying and pasting perhaps you should take your advice because you are copying and pastiing the same information from site to site.

    So according to you, anyone who does not trash BG is “hating LR”?
    LEANN RIMES is that you? I don’t owe LR and EC a thing and I am not obligated to write positive things about her. She has no one to blame but herself. If she is stupid enough to keep pulling stunts like this, then she should be woman enough to accept the consequences of her actions.Posting name calling and insults about me under different names does not help your cause. You come off looking like a SORE LOSER, you know those people who want to scream that othersare cheating because they don’t have what it takes to play the game.

  • gwen

    micheala (aka-trish, lydia, validate, holly, julie, serioulsy, wanda)

    “What a lot of people do is just skip over when they see her name. If you read it once you’ve read it a million times”

    1) What you mean by a lot of people? It’s just YOU , the ONE person who is posting under different names.

    2) You skip my posts when you read my name? Really? If you skipped my posts when you saw my name, posts 33, 34, 40, 41 would not even exist. I know that this is difficult for you to understand, but everytime you make comments like this you just make yourself less credible. So what everyone sees is a SORE LOSER. In other words you can not come up with a valid argument to support LR, so you resort to name calling and insults.

    3) Why is the “I hate Brandi” poster such a hypocrite? Where doyou get of saying “If you read it once you’ve read it a million times” when you keep posting the same ostuff over and over. That’s right, you are a sore loser.

  • gwen

    seriously (aka-lydia, validate, michaela, holly, julie, trish)

    1) ” just get over yourself, and stop assuming who people are. You are bordering on being a troll. I’m going to flag your future posts.”

    Perhaps you should get over yourself. You can not get mad because you are being called out for posting under mutiple names. You put yourself in this position, so deal with it.

    Projecting much? Since you are posting under different names, that makes you the troll dear. But of course everything that happens to you is always someone else’s fault.

    EVERYONE BEWARE-LYDIA IS FLAGGING POSTS because she doesn’t have the brain power to come up with valid argumens. That’s very immature. You don’t like being called out for posting under different names so you falsely accuse other posters of doing things that they are not? You seriously need to some help.

  • lydia/michaela/validate

    =wanda, serioulsy, trish, holly, julie

  • michaela

    @ seriously…

    Best thing to do is IGNORE…otherwise it is like giving a misbehaving child attention. Some kids get addicted to negative feedback and it becomes a bad habit. Don’t feed the addiction.

    Never address anything written or give the time of day.

  • gwen

    How do you know that things are looking bad for LR or not improving for her?

    1) The one fan posts under multiple names to make it look like LR has support and that others hate BG.

    2) The lone fan offers support and back up to one of the “different” names that she is posting under.

    3) The lone fan makes personal attacks against those posters who defend or support BG.

    4) The lone fan falsely reports your posts as spam.

    5) The lone fan keeps trying to depict BG as the villain.

    6) The lone fan writes a post just to tell you that she didn’t read your post or that she isn’t going to give your posts any attention.

  • me say

    Hey guys. Leanne has just lost her mind. She’s not pretty, but she’s not ugly either — in-between. She married too young to a man who always looked a little fruity to me. He just always looked gay in photos, plus he’s a dancer — of all things. Leanne was young and didn’t know any better. The problem is that Eddie is a real man who is gorgeous. His looks are powerful enough, but he’s straight and I think he gave Leanne some really good loving that she never had before and it’s made her go loopy. When women get like this, they can’t control themselves. They will go to the ends of the earth with a man who gives them that maddening lovemaking and passion. Because Eddie is a cheater and a Romeo, Leanne will bear great pain until the pain of being with Eddie becomes too much and she learns a great lesson. There is NEVER an excuse to cheat on a spouse. Eddie should have said bye-bye first to his wife.

  • michaela

    @ me say…

    LOL…you put it so well. I agree totally.