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Miranda Kerr: Welcome Home Balloons!

Miranda Kerr: Welcome Home Balloons!

Miranda Kerr is greeted by her female friend with “Welcome Back,” “Welcome Home,” and “We Missed You” balloons as she arrives on Wednesday afternoon (October 14) in Sydney, Australia.

What a sweet girlfriend!

Miranda is in town for her David Jones commitments, to launch her own organic skincare line Kora and to attend the Caulfield Cup Carnival in Melbourne.

10+ pictures inside of balloon babe Miranda Kerr down under…

Just Jared on Facebook
miranda kerr welcome home balloons 01
miranda kerr welcome home balloons 02
miranda kerr welcome home balloons 03
miranda kerr welcome home balloons 04
miranda kerr welcome home balloons 05
miranda kerr welcome home balloons 06
miranda kerr welcome home balloons 07
miranda kerr welcome home balloons 08
miranda kerr welcome home balloons 09
miranda kerr welcome home balloons 10

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • Alex

    Walking skeleton!!!! EAT something!

  • @1…Alex

    Don’t be jealous because she’s so stunningly beautiful……..btw she’s a model so she’s supposed to be thin but Miranda radiates good health
    with her glowing skin and shiny hair.

  • just a gal

    i like her blouse, it’s pretty.

  • Ana

    Its nothin to do with jealous! She is too thin and would be look better with some weight more on!

  • baby Gone

    Glowing skin?? I would say oily…

  • Boo

    Go Australia…best country :)

  • Asa

    She is so cute! Ilike her style.

  • LOL!

    A model who is thin? *gasps*
    Yes, she is thin, but she still looks healthy. You can be both, you know.
    And whats this? Baby gone hurling insults? What a surprise.
    She has beautiful skin. But I know you can’t admit that. Just like you can’t admit that Orlando does good work for UNICEF. You might sprain something if you tried.

  • baby Gone


    Oh here you are! We were waiting for you!
    I’m not insulting…if you look at her skin in the last pics at the airport with her boyfriend she looks oily and that’s not the first time! And it’s not me for sure who doesn’t admit he works for Unicef, besides I think it’s good that, for once, they talk about him for something worthy and not for gossip…is taht an insult? Don’t think so! But keep thinking whatever you want honey, I have best things to do!

  • LOL!

    Waiting for me? Oh, how sweet. But I’ve been here baby cakes. That’s why I know that it’s impossible for you to say something nice about either of them. Even now, you only “admit that he works for UNICEF”. How ’bout saying something along the lines of ‘that’s important work that he is doing’, or ‘it’s nice to see a celeb that cares’, or even ‘good job Orlando’. Would it cause you physical pain to type something like that?
    Go ahead, give it a try.

  • abby

    wow. i want her legs!! her friend is so sweet. and her friend looks gorgeous, maybe victoria secret could consider her too. she looks great!

  • Poker Face

    Oh! I see I left this site for a while and then come back and find the same old shippers who can’t accept someone having different opinion fron them…So predictable and so funny!
    I thought you were all there guys waiting for her at the airport and greeting her, not here…mybe next time? Keep trying!

  • nativenyker
  • orli

    I’m sure she is one of these celebs who call paps before they arrive..

  • al

    Awfully, but Miranda it is not natural, her poses and a smile in each photo are identical, the clothes vary only. The girl near to her is very similar on Miranda, it seems that they twins

  • @15….orli….

    Duh….The media knew she was coming months ago because she is here in her capacity as the Fashion Ambassador for David Jones at the Caulfield Cup……She doesn’t need to call the paps because tv, radio, magazines and newspapers will all be covering her and other celebrities at the races.

  • @13

    Yeah, right.
    [sarcasm] Of course allll of the haters respect the opinions of the shippers, and no hater believes that Miranda reads on their idiotic site. [/sarcasm]
    You do realize that your site is the laughing stock of entire fandom, don’t you? When even non-fan sites make fun of you, you know that you are in trouble.
    But please keep at it, you guys are great entertainment.

  • she looks great…

    …especially after a long flight – whew – i’d need some sprucing up!!

  • @18

    You sound like a narrow-minded dumbf**k. Not your job to monitor the comments and fix those who don’t agree with you. You are the one who comes off like a Mark David Chapman-ish lunatic. Believe me, you only hurt your cause.

  • @20

    It may not be their job, but it sure is fun!
    If you don’t like hearing the truth, that’s your problem. And maybe you should step back and try to see WHY people laugh at you. The hypocrisy, double standards, and lies that permeate your site is nothing BUT laughable. We can’t help it. You make it far too easy.

  • @20

    Delphi is where the “UNICEF works PR for Orli” idiocy began.
    They DESERVE to be laughed at.

  • It would be nice to…

    Have a thread of either Miranda or Orlando that does not have something negative about them. Just one at least. I mean this has been going on for years and both Miranda and OB are not going to break up and she isn’t anorexic. I think that’s a mean statement saying that Miranda is anorexic. If you ever see her childhood pics she was always a thin and skinny girl, she is naturally thin. Some people are and Miranda is just one of them.

  • @babygone

    @baby Gone: She is human, she doesn’t have to look perfect all the time, yes she has flaws like anyone else. Even if she did do all of the things the haters wanted her to do, they would still hate her. If she gained weight, stop dating Orlando, stop smiling at the cameras etc.

    The haters would still found something to pick on her with. Just like some haters did with Kate some people back in the day that hated Kate still hate her today and pick on her. I mean the girl has moved on and isn’t with him or in the OB fandom anymore but they still go on with the hate. I think they are always going to hate on Miranda no matter what people say or what Miranda does. She can do something good and they bash her for it.

  • Two cents

    There’s no problem with saying her skin is oily or that she’d look better if she put on some weight. The line should be drawn where criticism turns slander.
    Suggestions of carrying STDs, speculation about her number of past lovers stated as fact or accusations against well respected charity organizations are another matter. That’s indecent and despicable coming from supposed grown ups.

  • @23

    I’m still waiting for ONE logical excuse for visiting/posting on threads for people you don’t like. Aren’t there better ways to spend your day?
    I despise Mel Gibson, so I stay away from his posts. Simple, huh? You would think?

  • @25


  • angel hair

    I’m loving this girl more and more!

  • lakers fan in boston

    if there is one thing i admire about this woman, it’s her perfect legs!!
    they are just oozing sexiness, and that’s with jeans on, imagine bare legs!!
    her friend isnt bad as well, she’s kinda cute

  • polills

    very sweet not is .She have two faces , beauty but false

  • ewwwFAT

    MIRANDA HAS A FAT WIDE MOON PIE FACE. She needs to be dropped from vs or they should hide her big wide face.

    marisa miller, alessandra or jessica white please!