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Gerard Butler Dons Bodybuilder Apron

Gerard Butler Dons Bodybuilder Apron

Gerard Butler literally wears a pair of bodybuilder pecs and a six-pack stomach while wearing a silly apron on The Bonnie Hunt Show, airing this Friday (October 16).

The 39-year-old Scottish stud reveals on the show how he cheats on his diet (his trainer/nutritionist must be thriller). And Gerry really blows his diet when he eats a deep friend Mars bar. Watch a preview of Gerry‘s appearance on Bonnie Hunt below!

Gerry‘s Law Abiding Citizen is out this Friday and he’s hosting SNL this weekend. Promo video here!

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gerard butler bodybuilder apron 01
gerard butler bodybuilder apron 02
gerard butler bodybuilder apron 03
gerard butler bodybuilder apron 04
gerard butler bodybuilder apron 05

Photos: Mark Davis/Telepictures/The Bonnie Hunt Show
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  • H.

    Aww, love some Gerry.

  • he

    he is so darn cute and he has a very sexy accent and a good sense of humor.

  • lady


  • http://jusjared glo

    me encanta, lastima que no se enamoraron él y aniston

  • WTF?

    A promo for a talk show is news and worth a post?
    Scraping the bottom of the barrell, JJ. Please stop.

  • timetable

    Love me some Gerry. Don’t ever stop JJ. When will Gerry appear on the View? Those ladies gonna rip him apart. LOL

  • too much

    GB’s ‘serious actor’ credibility is disappearing very fast this week. reviews not good so far (85% rotten so far) and the lame SNL to ‘look forward to’? Yikes – not great so far.

  • alphaba

    Thanks for that JJ. Looks like the show is going to be cute.

    #5: Some of us who come on this site are G fans, and we really enjoy this kind of thing. Leave JJ alone. He knows what gets the clicks.

    G was on the View back in the Phantom days.

  • @alphaba


    Are you JJ’s mom?

  • commentary

    GB IS a serious actor and a beautiful human being to match. He has loyal fans around the globe in every continent. How many actors can claim that? Jealousy and distain will only gain more fans for him. The naysayers are too blind to see and too deaf to hear. They act like they have mental blockage in refusing to the light.

  • Suzy

    This show doesn’t come on in my area, so I was glad to see the clip and the photos. Boo to all you negative people. He’s adorable and I’m lookng forward to LAC.

  • butlerfan

    Thanks JJ – this is great – Gerry is so funny and hot. Can’t wait until tomorrow for show – I have DVR set. Also, can’t wait for LAC tomorrow -

  • yo mama

    Over 90% positive response from the general public for Law Abiding Citizen. Can’t wait to see it.

  • iii

    A deep friend mars bar? Oh noes!

  • Karen

    Dang.. Gerry is really pushing this movie. I mean he has been everywhere.. I am sure he wants this on to do better then Gamer.. Can’t really tell how good it is from the trailer. I plan on seeing it some time this weekend.. I don’t like Jamie.. but Gerry is OK..

    But he is really working his as s off on PR. That can be seen as a Good thing or Damn we are Worried.

  • Mr. Giggles

    G’s really saying he could pull more tail after 300…..LOL

  • cheater

    the guy who cheats on his diet will cheat on his women
    the guy who hides his food away will hide his women away

  • heha

    Gerard is a one-man promotion machine. We know all along a lot is riding on LAC, his first job as a producer, he stars in it, first project for Evil Twin, etc. He seems to be doing everything he can to promote this one, which is what he usually does when his new movie comes out anyway. He did quite a bit of promotion for TUT too and that movie’s success may just have a lot to do with the re-release push. In a couple days we will know how LAC is received by the audience and Gerard now just has to do his best and have faith in his work.

  • Sue

    @cheater: illogical. I don’t agree. I cheat on diets all the time, but have never, nor would I cheat on someone.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    So if you spew sh!t and it sounds like sh!t that must mean that you, cheater, are full of sh!t.

  • cheater

    a guy who sneaks is a guy who cheats

  • Jules

    cheater….such words of wisdom..come up with those all by yourself or did you get those out of a fortune cookie?…. (rolls eyes)

  • Al Koallic

    This thread was begun by a rabid pack of floosies.
    Not all of us worship Gerry, ya fu*ckboxes.

    SOME of us think he is squandering potential…yes, that is his prerogative, but it is also my prerogative to say he sucks and to blow raspberries at the TV screen when I see him for giving Paris Hilton his phone number IN PUBLIC.
    He is not a cheater if he is single honey. The man wants to be single.
    If you want to be with him, you are going to have to be with him on his terms it seems – OR you can do what I would do…bang him for a few hours once, spit on him and drive home w my memories.
    If your heart is involved you are already n the wrong with this one.

    When in god’s name did he tape Bonnie HUnt (Culver City)?? I thought he was in NYC rehearsing Sh!tty Night Live???

  • mommys

    Are quick to defend their boy

  • defend away

    Nuttin wrong with defending their boy. It doesn’t hurt anyone. As a kid might say, “Hurts you?”

  • gary

    He looks really atractive! –

  • Wow!!

    OMG I thought Gerard was here in NYC!!! He was in LA today???


    @VincentCinaglia How is it I never realized how hot Gerard butler is? Geeze! And he’s openly bi! Call me. We can cuddle afterwards I swear!

  • HottieinNYC

    OF COURSE Gerry cheats honey!!!
    Wouldnt you if you were him??
    He is rich, smart, hot and can HAVE JUST ABOUT ANY WOMAN HE WANTS IN THIS WORLD. He wont settle down now.
    He is going to find the hottest, tallest exotic funniest chick he can find, but that doesnt mean he wont find another hot tall exotic chick to add to the harem

    I am pretty attractive. I am being honest. I have about four boyfriends. No, they dont know about eachother…I just do not make promises. There are too many men to choose from so why just be with one? GB prob thinks how I do.

  • shareathought

    Those eyes are so gorgeous in the 2nd picture.

    Jamie Foxx said GB is a bit shy and unsure of himself sometimes which I have suspected for some time. He can appear macho strong and manly but he also comes across as vulnerable unsure and fragile sometimes. I think this combination of manliness and vulnerability is the main reason why he is such a big draw for women. He brings out the instinct of a lover and a mother/protector in a woman simultaneously. He is a man and also a boy whom you want to care for.

  • #29

    is a gay man

  • bla85

    Gimme a break – a little hednosim is good for you – he can let lose his oral fixtation on me any day! Oh the things we could do with chocolate!

  • HottieinNYC


    You’re wrong ;-)…
    I am however, a girl LOL and an LA import. WE don’t think like the rest of the country’s women do. We are always on the lookout for Bigger Better More.
    Because WE ARE SMART. And like men everywhere else, we WONT AND DONT SETTLE for less than what we deserve from ANY relationship

    Romance is a joke. Get yours. Gerry is getting HIS, isnt he??

    Tsk Tsk Tsk…poor girl who thought Gerry cheated on her. Chances are — he didnt even know they were dating!!!

  • oy

    So you want to f/ck your son, #30?

  • cheater

    don’t defend men who don’t give a rats a!ss about you
    gerry boy wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire
    coddled men are weak men

  • Huh?


    Then don’t read. These are great caps, and I for one am enjoying the hell out of them. Thanks JJ!

  • #33

    IF you have a vajayjay you are still a gay man; in drag.
    Play a game of pass the peen
    and Smart LA girls will be full of STDs

  • xxx

    @ManLESSton, I likely:

    Try to use bigger words instead of just cussing, if you have an opinion. You are ignorant.

  • bonnie hunt

    FYI -Gerry taped the Bonnie Hunt show last week – the same day he did Leno.

  • @#34


    Of all the posters on JJ, you stand out and alone as having the toilet of a mouth which has not been flushed for a week and is piled with your own feces. Oh yeah, you also have the mind of a pervert who is in thought of committing incest constantly.

  • @44

    Ya taking this WAAAAY too seriously

  • WTF!!!

    NoName is #44. She (or he) likes to talk to herself! alot


    Maybe if you ugly guys were as gorgeous as Gerard Butler, you could get dates with girls like those!!!

  • alphaba

    Has anyone seen him on Fallon tonight? End of discussion. Stick a fork in me, I’m done.

  • tallntan

    @alphaba…no kidding…he is too cute almost like a kid

  • GButt

    He shaved and looked a bit puffy. He needs to buy a new shirt, keeps wearing the same ugly brown thing he’s had for 2-3 years. Fallon did a good Jim Morrison. Gerry look a little insecure but did a good job singing.

  • pafan

    Well, you already know what I think.

    Hardly puffy.

    Just the hottest human on the planet. Great job of singing with the band. Gawd, I would have loved to have seen him back in the day with Speed. Any video? That would be worth something. Someone, somewhere must have something.

  • sad situation

    I watched Fallon tonight. That bit about the wives of the show was really funny.

    OK. on to Gerard. He was so hot. There has never been any man that pretty on the face of this earth. What’s a girl to do? I’m sad. Depressed. I’ll never know him. I’ll never even see him in person. I’ve looked around all over the place. Surely there is someone else, somewhere that good looking. I’ve checked out guys at the mall, at work (funny), everywhere I go. Nope. He’s ruined it for me just by existing. Da#n you G. Da#n you.

  • The Fantastic Fourskin

    definetly a gay dogger. no two ways about it. cant wait for the mass fangirl suicides when he finally comes out.

  • To #55

    Certainly not. No suicides.

    We’ll just carry on to show him the error of his ways. But, it’s G forever. Straight, gay, bi, whatever.

    You just don’t get it. He’s IT. Go away gay guy, unless you get IT too. We welcome all. Just as long as you know GJB is the man.