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Jennifer Aniston & John Mayer: Still Close Friends

Jennifer Aniston & John Mayer: Still Close Friends

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer are back on, according to reports.

“He really got to her, and she’s hooked on him,” a source tells Us Weekly. “She just can’t let go… There’s something about John that she just can’t resist.”

A Mayer source adds, “They are very close. They remain great friends. He thinks she’s amazing, nice and smart, and he has nothing but respect for her.”

People reports the twosome has always “remained close” and recently spent a night together late last month at New York City’s Bowery Hotel.

Jen was there on the arm of John and they were all very lovey,” says an onlooker. “She was in casual clothing as was he, and she seemed very comfortable around his crowd of friends.”

DO YOU THINK John and Jen will get back together again?

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  • Rita

    They use each other whenever one of them needs to promote something.. seriously, nobody beileves it, so give up the act please!

  • Silas

    LOL…goodness I hope so. Mayer is the gift that keeps on giving.

  • goya

    I agree Rita. Jen’s needs to secure financing for “The Goree Girls” and Mayer’s album is dropping in the next 2 weeks. Can we say CAA???

    Jen’s gay. She won’t come out of the closet because she thinks she has lied too long and her fans won’t support her. Sad!

  • michaela

    Who needs what now?

  • AB

    Lies..I never believe USweekly or People..they always have false stories.

  • Kuvamagh

    Promotion time kkkkching$$$

  • NotJill

    Actually, to be fair neither of them ever confirmed they had broken up, did they?

  • NotJill

    US Magazine is always doing PMK’s bidding. They have a long-standing relationship. look at all the suck-ass polls they do to puff Jennifer A. up and the vile discussion board they run that smears Angelina and Brad every time there is the tiniest item.

  • teet

    sure. why not? I think this is a hard pill to swallow because everyone thought she was hung up on some other idiot. But it’s been John Mayer she can’t get over ;) how funny. Rita , I think she needs HIM more than he needs her. He has real musical Talent. She’s a talented on sitcoms but for some reason she won’t go back to that. she’s not a Move star material.

  • ace11

    desperate and pathetic..she is so sad

  • http://justjared glo

    que estupida mujer si vuelve con él… la creí más inteligente… se pasa de inmadura… por eso tiene tan mala suerte, porque no sabe elegir a las personas con quien se relaciona, él es un muchachito y al rato la deja otra vez..ella necesita un hombre que sepa lo que quiere… aunque primero es ella quien tiene que definir que es lo que quiere…Jennifer eres una mujer muy inmadura¡¡

  • Bebe

    He just KISSED A GUY again!

    PR & so fake, it’s insulting.

  • didie

    oh god!!pleeeaaassseeee get back together!!i love them together..

  • teet

    @Bebe: He was having some silly fun. What’s wrong with you?

  • UrbanCowboy

    Thats good…Maybe the should do a movie together.

  • Janeth

    They make a cute couple, why not? people should really leave her alone… she doesn’t ask you for shi* so back off people!!!!

  • Nic

    No, I don’t think so …they are friends but not dating again and if they are I hope the best for my lovely star Jennifer she is the best and deserves the best ………………………………Jen4ever.

  • J&j

    Jen is happy with her life! she said she didnt care if her movie suck she just want experiance it! she just want to do something that make her happy so Plessse!!!!!! stop talk trash about her because no one very no her except for her friends and her self

  • …..

    John was at a gay club kissing another man, she wasn’t doing something right. Not sure wtf she’s doing wrong to push so many guys away but I’m sure that must sting.


    US Rag? Please, the people in the mountains of Kentucky use that rag to wipe their a** with.



    He was just goofing. Why you taking having fun as serious?

  • chin can’t act

    well, if this is true Bet should be happy. God, I hope it is true. he is a womanizer so they will be perfect together.

  • Chef de Cuisine

    She looks so haggard.

  • …..

    Fvck Jenn! She’s ran her big mouth for the last 4 1/2 years on Angelina knowing full well she done nothing to her. I can’t wait for the meet up between these two and I hope Angelina knocks this cvnt for a loop.

  • chin can’t act

    J&j @ 10/15/2009 at 1:44 pm

    yes, making awlful movies makes her happy. now, that’s funny.

  • s.a.k.i

    I think it’s sort of nice. Brad and Angie are happy and are soulmates. After being married to a man like Brad, it would be real hard to go on to something equal or better. Yet, Jen has done exactly that with John. He really lights her up. I would wager to say she’s even happier with him than she ever was with Brad. So although the fiasco 5 years ago was heartbreaking for everyone it seems in the end each has moved on to a better life than they even had before. I say good for all of them. And I think Jen and him were just on a break while they got their work done. Now they can spend time together again. People say they don’t seem like a good pair, but perhaps they are more alike than we all know. Afterall, we don’t really *know* them.

  • to …

    @…..: You must be a Brad Pitt fan. most Angie fans couldn’t care less about Aniston or what she says. We don’t even like Brad. :)

  • to …

    @s.a.k.i: are you nuts? What is so wonderful about Brad? I don’t think it would be difficult to find someone like him. His looks are generic and he’s a cheater. Blond hair, blue eyed cheaters with bad skin are not hard to find. Mayer is better looking and he’s not afraid to be himself. Pitt is not even a good father as Quentin Tarantino revealed on that radio show he was on.

  • J&j

    well that is just your option CHIN ! i dont why you dont like her but what ever it is i dont care no one care

  • percival

    yes, i hope they get back together… have baby trolls and leprechauns together, snort coke together, go to rehab together, act all pretentious and full of themselves together, get facelifts and liposuctions together, whine about how pathetic they are together, tan on the beach and get skin cancer together….

  • Hugh

    I used to not like Brad for cheating, but I don’t blame him anymore. I mean, who wants to be with a woman who’s a trash like Jen and dates John Mayer? No man wants a woman who’s associated with John Mayer. Look at Jessica Simpson.

  • Soulmates

    s.a.k.i @ 10/15/2009 at 1:59 pm

    Well said. just because jen & brad’s marriage didn’t work out doesn’t mean is brad’s fault or jen’s fault. perhaps they were not meant to be together. i think people should stop blaming brad, jen or angie. marriage break up all the time. they are not the 1st couple the got divorced. I think some people are having a hard time letting go the golden couple image. get over it. perhaps brad is meant to be with Angie and Jen meant to be with John. We don’t know. the only thing we do know is that brad and jen have moved on and they don’t give a sh!t what you people think of them. while they are living their lives you are all here (after 5 years) still blaming him or her for the break up. well, if you don’t have a life please continue to post the blames.

  • chin can’t act

    J&j @ 10/15/2009 at 2:06 pm

    bet, is that you? anyway, my name says it all plus i just can’t stand her long long chin. i don’t like her because she is self absorb and superficial.

  • d

    The biggest loser in hllywood!!

  • J&j

    @chin can’t act:

    how could she be self absorb and superficial when she have alot FRIENDs and alot people in hollywood talk nice about her

  • J&j

    CHIN how could jen be self absorb and superficial when she have alot of friend and very down to earth person and alot of people in hollywood talk nice about her

  • Allen Woo

    She has been friends with Mayer all along. You people who think she is obsessed with Brad are loonies. She is more into Mayer. Go worship Brangalina, and leave Jen alone!

  • N99


  • beth

    his b-day is coming up, and he probably didn’t want to be alone. what a loser!!

  • Allen Woo

    @N99: First of all, learn how to spell before you shout, Loon.

  • J&j


    yes Agie is beautiful but i like jen beter. i dont care what you saide but FOOL TOO for believe that EVERYONE in hollywood is fark

  • chin can’t act

    Allen Woo @ 10/15/2009 at 2:40 pm

    well, she couldn’t get brad because he dumped her @ss so she will get any one including a loser like urinator who is willing to put up with her. i am happy for them if that’s true.

  • chin can’t act

    to … @ 10/15/2009 at 2:04 pm


  • Allen Woo

    @chin can’t act: Put up with her? He could have any one he wanted and so could she. Whatever, you are just mad because Jen is getting some and you are not!

  • N99


  • chin can’t act

    yes, she could have any one she wants but the problem is no man or woman wants her. this story is probably not even true but I hope it is. i hope he plays her just like he played with other women.

  • bet

    i just feel like a teenager , i have am very happy for them. i wish it is true. i have a feeling they have strong bond between them . i hope it is true.

  • Allen Woo


  • gracie

    Remake and round three! If it is true, It should be called “The jerk and the loser” Episode 3. Maniston and her fans are pathetic losers. How many times can a guy dump you before you get the message. This is just like all her movies, the same repeat over and over until it becomes too embarrass to watch . Doesn’t she have any pride at all? What will her fans do when she is dumped the 3rd time, considering she told the world on Oprah that he will never do it again and he did. As a woman, I am embarrassed for this loser. So much for her fans telling us she is a strong and independent woman, she is definitely nothing of the sort. She is a joke!!

  • bet

    i think he is the only guy who make her glow. We see her with a lot of smile recently, i am sure it must be john.