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Kris Allen Covers Britney Spears: Hit Me Baby One More Time!

Kris Allen Covers Britney Spears: Hit Me Baby One More Time!

Kris Allen performs a special concert for Seton High School in Cincinnati, Ohio on Thursday (October 15). The school had won a contest and raised over $5000 for breast cancer research.

The 24-year-old American Idol champ sang his hit single “Live Like We’re Dying” for the first time live and covered a Britney Spears classic, “Hit Me… Baby One More Time.” (Apparently it’s his favorite song to sing in the shower.)

For more pictures from the Kris event, visit Q102!

Kris Allen Covers Britney Spears: Hit Me Baby One More Time!
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  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..that’s all he does. stop covering other peoples songs and make your own!

  • Ryo

    Are you stupid or something? He HAS, he just can’t perform them live until the album’s out. next month And he also performed his single. I love how idiots like to run their mouths without knowing a damn thing.

  • Hanna

    I can’t stop listening to his Britney cover. Sexy guy!

  • Ashley

    AMazing.. His voice… So hot!
    @Ryo.. some people just don’t want to realize how talented some people are..
    “One song that you like to sing in the showew”
    He chose the perfect song to amuse this kind of of audience.
    And his new Single “Live Like We’re Dying” sounded awesome!
    here is the vid if you want to listen:

  • AwesomeAllen

    So hot!!! Love it!!!

  • jackson

    Love Kris and his spur of the moment performance. This is awesome the way Kris entertained these girls who worked hard to raise money for a good cause. Kris is such a talented hottie :)

  • SiouXin

    is all that this man does is covers? @RYO Think about it, when have u heard an artist, new or old, that waited till an album came out to sing there single? Not one of the American Idols has done this. You want the fans to here the songs so they buy the individual CD singles then buy the album as well.More of a way to make money. HELLO!?!?!?!? If they did do this it would be because his songs aren’t that good and they are afraid they wont sell so they want the fans to buy the album then hear them. it easy to sing a song great, but can u write a good song? Marketing ploy for an untalented songwriter.

  • Domino

    That’s an original cover from Travis.

  • michaela

    I really admire this young guy and wish him all the best in life.

  • Chambers

    I LOVE THIS! I want to hear a full version without the girls singing along. Sorry gals! I know you raised money and this for everything but I want to hear him! =)

  • chelsea

    i have to give him props, he did an amazing job singing this classic he sung it better than if britney tried to “sing” it now. i wish him all the best.

  • cha

    i go to that school and saw him in person! he is so sos os so so hott – better in person

  • HH

    Love him!

  • JF674

    Ughhhhhhhhh. He’s such a ONE TRICK PONY.


    His Idols performances were all covers of covers and unlike the other contestants, he NEVER gave credit to the original bands and artists.

    THIS IS TRAVIS’S version!

    All his studios sound the same, all his performances were the same, all his post performances have been covers and other people’s demos – INCLUDING his album material.

    He tries so hard to be ‘original’ and ‘controversial’ when he’s just another boring, generic below average singer Arkansas, grannies, the little girls and teenie boppers like.

    “I want to emulate what Elvis and MJ brought to the scene” are you on crack boy lmaaaaaaao.

    He pis.sed me off so much that night on Idol he claimed “I wanted to take an original song and make it my own” THEN TOOK ADELE’S EXACT arrangement of Make You Feel My Love. And stood there smirking as the judges praised him for his “originality”!! ARE you freaking kidding me?

    This is what is meant by don’t judge a book by it’s cover. He gets away with so much because of his Southern accent, plaid shirts and ‘pretty’ boy face. He is NOT even remotely attractive GAG.

    He is balding like a mofo, plucks his brows and has the fugliest hairiest goblin feet I’ve ever had the misfortune of seeing.

    Everytime he talks, it’s something about sweating, peeing, farting, EATING KANGAROO (WTFFFFFFF).

    He would not bother me as much if people didn’t make 20 dozen excuses up for him like he’s some defenceless innocent puppy?! He is a 24 year old snarky married man !

    His interviews are so cringey. When that woman called in and Ryan asked her what she thought of his voice on LLWD & she goes, “his voice sounds sexy”, instead of saying thankyou Kris responded with “eww” & it got so freaking uncomfortable in the studio.

    Like the time he tweeted that the old people should be in bed sleeping. Is he that dumb and slow that he does not realize some things you just don’t say?

    Idol sucks.

  • joel

    he is a lot more sly than people think he is.

  • frank

    @RYO i think what infamouslycool meant was that Kris’ first single itself is also a cover. The original, “Live Like we’re Dying”, was done by an Irish band called The Script.

  • christian louboutin

    you look like beckham,i love you

  • christian louboutin

    you look like beckham,i love you

  • Cinn

    Sorry about your life. I have never seen anyone so bitter before.

    I love this so much, absolutely perfect song for the occasion and it sure sound like the audience loved it as well. I love when the whole audience tries their hand at the high note and then ends up laughing. Kris Allen just has this ability to make people feel happy (well except for poor JF674…again sorry about your life). I am jealous of those girls – LUCKY! What a great cause to be shedding light on and Kris did it all for free. I see Kris as one of those artist that will get involved in causes and work to better our world, rather than vise versa. It is nice to see someone living their dream, such an inspiration for other to try and live theirs.
    For those of you who have not heard it and think Kris only does covers, well you are missing out because Kris has an album he released before Idol and it is amazing, titled “Brand New Shoes”. Some of the most beautiful singing and honest songwriting I have ever heard.
    Way to go Kris!

  • Suicidal Fish

    The sound of a thousand fangirls screaming will be the soundtrack of my nightmares tonight

  • Dania

    that was cool
    love him

  • omg!!

    i love him ! and if i had the chance 2 buy his a;bum I WILL !! his voice is amazing ! just awesome haters 2 the left

  • Frolix

    Agreed with Domino. He just covered TRAVIS covering Britney. Completely unoriginal.

  • Ali

    wow – you people are bitter – he sang this song when the girls asked him what he likes to singin the shower. and his album isn’t out yet so he isn’t singing the songs from it in public yet.

    really, get over your bitterness or just keep it to yourselves and stop trolling anything written positive about the guy simply because you don’t like him

  • Rhee

    So cute. I’m glad he got to have some fun and I’m sure the girls he was playing for really appreciated it. Wish my high school had stuff like this!

    Can’t wait for his album.

  • Rhee

    JF674, I feel really bad you’re all tore up about some singer you don’t know (and that apparently you’re leaving the same comment on every blog you find that remotely mentions Kris Allen).
    Maybe you should go outside and meet some real people to be so bitterly obsessed with.

  • wm



    @JF674: Wow! You really don’t know what the hell you are talking about! All the Idols did covers on the show. NO ONE sang an original song. Each week was there was a theme and THEY ALL perfomed covers from the past. You sound like a bitter, nasty spoiled child with your comments. Yeah, that’s why Kris won AI, because he is so bad. Get real and grow up! Put a lid on your nasty mouth and please keep your fingers off the keyboard!

  • starr

    He’s such a huge talent! –

  • jezy


    ummm bitter much?

    didnt even read ur shit but by the sheer length, its pretty obvious lol

  • Anouar

    I otherwise think this guy is one of the most talented that have ever been on American Idol!

  • JoCeeeee

    JF675 – I am so sorry for your life!

    Fantastic Mr Allen, loved every moment, can’t wait for future events and future songs and of course your new cd. I liked BNS but you next cd is going to be awesome, now back to listening to HMBOMT!!

  • lily

    Kris .. what an amazing talent .. a sexy soulful voice .. love him to death .. he touches anything and it turn into beautiful uncomparable music .. actually I prefer his version of Hit me baby one more time than Briteny .. sorry Briteny .. love u and all but kris’s version is to die for!

  • KEN

    love him!!!!!!!

  • dj

    great choice, that song is timeless

  • Vicky

    Wow! the glambots are trolling again. Can’t you people just give up? You claim your idol will be big so why do you bother Small Kris who won’t be that half big, by spamming every damn article about him with negative comments?
    I don’t think you even read the article before putting down your comments. If you read it, you’ll realise it said Kris performed his HIT single before covering HMBOMT. You actions speaks insecurity to me. Y’all are scared that the Dark Horse will pull a suprise again and I tell you it will happen because he is Kris Allen.

  • Maryj

    No, Kris is not sly. Everyone of the contestants wanted to win. I am glad Kris won, but you have to be careful what you wish for because it may not be what you expect. I remember Kris saying he wants the industry to respect him, and it is hard hearing that from one who is a praise leader in a church. Any christian can tell you that the world and christianity do not mix. You either love one or hate the other. The industry has a long line of marriage failing and one can be overcome by the want of fame, which comes at a high price. Then of course there is the constant ‘keep you in the competition’ mode from people who are never satisfied. So sad…I hope Kris will figure out, the industry is not first. It will bring much heartache and stress.

  • wm


    Your ramblings and comments don’t make much sense. Kris NEVER brought up his religion or discussed it during AI. Your comment is one of the most confusing and ridiculous that I’ve ever read.

  • Dane


    There are no words to express how wrong you are! He said he was taking a song and making it his on “Aint No Sunshine”. BTW, what would you like to say about his performances of “She Works Hard for the Money” or “Falling Slowly”…. got a cover for that? NO…the deal is that all songs done on AI are covers… ears are obviously so musically dumb that you can’t hear the differences in what he did….only a musician knows…and you are obviously not one. Although you seem to have a hatred for Kris Allen I tend to think you really might love him and his music because you spent a considerable amount of time to bash him.

  • kyle

    Well, guess what, the few of you who are haters. This was not a performance for you. It was a private performance at a girls school that raised ten thousand dollars for breast cancer research in, like, a couple of weeks. Kris performed for them for free, they obviously loved him, and they very obviously loved his performance of this song.
    If you have asome kind of sick need to find a problem with that and ruin it for the rest of us, I feel really sorry for you.

    Kris wrote an entire CD of original songs a couple of years ago. On his new CD he will have writing or co-writing credits on I think at least three quarters of the songs. So wait a few weeks and you will hear many original songs from Kris. And then you can hate them. And think up some more things to put him down for.

  • gene k

    This guy, Kris Allen, is the awesomest person ever to come off of American Idol. He has such a great sense of himself. He has a fantastic sense of humor! He just is so enjoyable and delightful. Musically speaking he’s fantastic. This was such a fun cover, and a wonderful performance. I have enjoyed many of the greats in concert over the years and when they perform covers it’s always so much fun — like Bruce Springsteen, for one. It’s going to be great seeing Kris in concert.

  • pete

    This was GREAT! I just like Kris Allen more and more. Awesome guy, great singer. And the most nice, laid-back guy ever!

    Oh, and as my mom used to say, if you can’t say anything nice, why don’t you try not saying anything at all? Just a thought.

  • Vicky

    Those of you rambling that he’s alwys doing covers, I have news for you. Go to Lyndsey Parkers blog and figure it out. His album is going to feature 9 self/co-written songs out of 12 on the album.
    Lyndsey Parker listened to 7 out of the11 and you need to go read yourself. Rave review and the 4 tracks left are going to be revealed today . People believe the 4 left is the” bomb pack” itself.

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