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Miranda Kerr is Corset Cute

Miranda Kerr is Corset Cute

Miranda Kerr dons a corset and then a bikini during a photo shoot on the roof of the Museum of Contemporary Art for Grazia Magazine in Sydney, Australia on Thursday (October 15).

The 26-year-old Victoria’s Secret model recently modeled for Balenciaga, known for their edgy models.

After seeing her on the Balenciaga runway, Grazia’s beauty director Annabel Jones thinks Miranda is changing fashion.

Miranda knows how to put great looks together,” said Annabel. “She’s becoming something of a fashion force on her own. She’s quite cool and glossy, but still cute and accessible. Maybe what we’re seeing is a new type of runway model.”

20+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr posing in a corset…

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Credit: Scope Features/Costas; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, FlynetOnline
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  • Christina

    Umm, if she did not look like a skeleton then I would say she was pretty. I too am a mother of teens and do not want my girls going anywhere near her book or to try and be that thin! My girls already were size 0 and 3 at 17 and 15 for crying out loud! They look at these women in Hollywood and think they have to be this thin! I tell them NO! Be happy and healthy and for crying out loud stop thinking skin and bones is healthy! And no, I am not fat in any way!

    Even out vet said that if you can feel the ribs on the dog; that’s good. If you can grab fat; that’s too big. If you can SEE the dogs ribs; that way too thin! EAT MIRANDA!

  • sara

    She has always been thin, but I think that she either lost weight for the Balenciaga runway show, or lost weight to try to land more HF jobs.
    The fact that the industry demands this of models is the problem, not the models themselves.
    And I think that her book is a good idea. Girls are under pressure to be thin (like Miranda’s normal weight, not this extreme) and so many destroy their health by not eating healthy foods. If a model as successful as Miranda tells these girls that eating healthy foods will help them reach their goals, then I’m all for it.
    I also look forward to the day that the same people complaining that Miranda is too thin, will think twice before they call someone like Jessica Simpson “fat”. It goes both ways, you know.

  • .

    She looks perfectly fine to me. And I have no doubt that all the comments on JJ are from jealous people, jealous people hang out at JJ because they have nothing better to do and feel so crappy about themselves they think it will make them feel better to put down a celebrity who is never going to hear their opinion That’s the way I see it ha. Miranda’s a model, she’s suppose to be skinny, but she’s not just skinny, she’s in shape and takes care of her body, there’s TONS of pictures of her eating so I don’t get the anorexic comments.

  • ls

    I think at normal people seeing these photos there will be a shock. On one of a photo her bathing suit will fasten a clothespin. Miranda is not naturally thin, whether from here it is possible to draw a conclusion is not naturalness beauty and that we wish to see and understand under concept about beauty. On what victim goes Miranda, for to become known and popular.

  • Ana-Lexie

    why are victoria’s secret models considered curvy? i never got that.

    and i always thought miranda had boobs. where are they?

    but regardless of her curvylessness, i still think she’s gorgeous.

  • Too thin vs. body type

    HEY, all you ‘fatties’ criticizing her thin figure — how do YOU feel when people joke about your ‘chunkiness?’ Hmm? But yeah, she looks like she’s dropped a few pounds – but I’m guessing it’s probably because she’s been pressured to since she’s been doing a lot of ‘high-fashion’ runway style assignments lately. Personally, I also like her better with about 8-10 pounds more – the way she looked when she first began modeling for VS was, IMO, perfect. It really IS true that some people are ‘naturally thin’ having more ‘petite’ bone structures/frames – just as others are ‘naturally’ more buxom and ‘curvy.’ Of course there is such a thing as being ‘too thin’ (even when you’re ‘naturally slim’) – yet that seems to be what the modeling world, in particular so-called ‘high fashion,’ demands of its successful runway models.

  • Hilary

    Jared I really appreciate how you don’t discriminate when it comes to the women that you display on your website, but I am appalled at the photo you chose to post of Miranda Kerr. Not only does she look unhealthy, but it also presents a terrible image of what a “supermodel” is to young girls who may be looking at your site. At 21 years old, I hate to think that these women are role models. Please choose your pictures more wisely next time you post. Thanks.

  • Leanne

    She is probobally naturally quite thin- but she has deffinately lost alot of weight recently.
    It’s upsetting and I think people should understand that If she’s doing it on purpose she has a problem.. that’s not something to have a go at.

    As for the whole media thing- parents wake up already. Your kids are going to see alot worse than this. Sadly it’s life, spend time with your children and teach them.

  • Gone too far

    I’m one who has always thought Miranda was a very pretty, healthy-looking girl despite the fact that she’s always been quite slim. But even I think she’s taken it too far here whether it’s because of pressure to be ‘ultra thin’ in order to maintain her status as a top model – or what. In some of these pics she really does look borderline emaciated to me – and in my opinion that’s not a pretty look. I know she says she tries to follow a healthy lifestyle but I don’t think anyone who looks this extreme represents the “picture of health.” It’s a shame models are STILL being pressured to keep their bodies on the verge of skeletal just to be ‘successful’ on the catwalk. She was so pretty just a year or so ago but I don’t find this look attractive.

  • I’m so broke.

    One word-anerexic.

    Sorry if I mispelled. I do not have a dictionary handy.

  • Danni7

    Another very underweight and malnourished model. Nothing new to see here.

  • Danni7

    @Too thin vs. body type:

    Right, cause all all of us who have eyes who can see her ribs and lack of skin on her legs must be fat.

  • @60

    No, there is a difference between over dieting and being anorexic.
    I think that she lost the weight for Balenciaga, and just hasn’t put it back on yet. Plus, she works out a lot, so her muscles are very apparent, which isn’t helping to soften the effect of the weight loss.
    As others have said, blame the system not the model. How are the models supposed to respond when women as stunningly gorgeous and well known as Doutzen are “too fat” to walk the runway for high fashion? Unless the public starts to hit these idiot designers in the pocketbook by boycotting any that use emaciated models, they won’t stop. And if every woman stopped buying Vogue until they started using fatties who wear a size four instead of the minus 10 below zero models that they promote now, nothing will change.
    But blaming the models isn’t helping.

  • lakers fan in boston

    damn that’s pretty sexy
    yah, she could do with gaining 5-10 pounds but she still looks great
    she doesnt look unhealthy imo, usually anorexic models have baggy eyes and look depressed while miranda is pretty much always smiling and happy
    say what u want but she’s hot
    more miranda, jared!!

  • tsk

    “She looks perfectly fine to me. And I have no doubt that all the comments on JJ are from jealous people, jealous people hang out at JJ” BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA…. (SHIPPERS ARE BLIND).

  • xxx

    She has a beautiful face but she is getting waaaay too thin! Eat some pizza Miranda!

  • she’s…

    very thin here, and agree with post 52 she did that for HF runway shows. Blame the industry not the model. I also thought she looked great for those first two VS shows. However, I still think Miranda is very beautiful. That may have been an goal of hers to work in HF. I can only imagine how hard the fashion industry is. I really feel bad for the young women who have a normal weight and are considered fat. And even though her boobs are small I am soooooo happy she did not get a boob job. I hate that! and I really like little tits.
    I also love Miranda and Orlando together, he is very thin too.
    having met them both I was surprised how tiny they both were. The tall little people.

  • she’s…

    very thin here, and agree with post 52 she did that for HF runway shows. Blame the industry not the model. I also thought she looked great for those first two VS shows. However, I still think Miranda is very beautiful. That may have been an goal of hers to work in HF. I can only imagine how hard the fashion industry is. I really feel bad for the young women who have a normal weight and are considered fat. And even though her boobs are small I am soooooo happy she did not get a boob job. I hate that! and I really like little tits.
    I also love Miranda and Orlando together, he is very thin too.
    having met them both I was surprised how tiny they both were. The tall little people.

  • julia

    That’s a bad angle.

  • @jealous much???

    @jealous much???…..:

    That seems to be your answer to everything,
    criticism to you = fat and jealous

    you need a reality check – most people will find these photos disturbing

    I wonder if Karen Carpenter would have had the same support from you – not that it matters anymore of course, she died from anorexia

  • @#69

    Bad angle? lol Sticking out bones didn’t come from that. But blame the angle if you feel better then.

  • Unnatural standards

    Eating “pizza” or a “hamburger” isn’t necessarily the answer. Being addicted to “junk food” can be very unhealthy. I admire the fact that she’s always supported a lifestyle (and diet) that basically promotes good health but am disappointed that apparently she’s succumbed to the “dictates of fashion” by taking weight loss to this extreme. She looked healthy and fit before but now looks ‘bony’ rather than just slim. I don’t think she’s anorexic. I see it more as an attempt to conform to ‘fashion industry’ standards, standards that are unreasonable and imo unnatural. I hope she doesn’t jeopardize her own health in the process.

  • How about

    She’s always been praised for her figure before so is it really pressure what got her to lose weight? Maybe traveling so much and doing so many photoshoots stresses her and changes her biorythm.
    Maybe she should take it easy for a while.

  • Lucy

    OOhh!MK says that she’s feeling sad for all newspapers are writing about her weight….she doesn’t feel thin cos she fills her body with nutrients….
    Why she repeats always the same thing??? Maybe someone suggests her! She could tell the truth! Lost some weight for fashion!!Is it tooo difficult to say??..BUT…WAIt…which nutrient??? It seems she suffers of malnutrition…
    I’m agree with all those mothers that fear for their child….media have the worst influence.
    JJ shouldn’t publish those kind of photos

  • Eatyourheartmusclesout

    Isn’t it always the high(LOL) fashion models who end up having these fatal heart attacks caused by their anorexic lifestyles? Just sayin’.
    I guess she’s the new thinsporation for the ani crowd here, out to defend her to her death. Why is it always Orlando Bloom’s girlfriends who end up like this( oh heave off I sure as heyck am not the only one noticing this)? They don’t start out all bony and emaciated, they start out normal.

  • congrats

    Congrats randa may, you’ve managed to drag your’e fifteen minutes out another one or two with the anorexic girlfriend ploy. Worked for his last gf too, at least for awhile. Shame Buddha Boi lets you kepp dragging his rep down with your games. He’s being blamed for his gf’s going anorexic all across the web and you get the sympathy. Is that how you’re going to play this one? Don’t suppose it’ll end until you take the knife out of his back.

  • ??

    If she does have anorexia and she’s under the risk of dying of a heart attack (?), wouldn’t that mean she is sick? I don’t understand people taking that as a joke or as an excuse to attack her.
    And blaming Orlando Bloom for that is not funny or a joke either, it is of very bad taste IMHO. Anorexia and other self destructive mental problems are very common in the showbiz and they were there before Orlando Bloom became famous. Not to mention that probably struggling to become a relevant actress in Hollywood in Kate Bosworth’s case or struggling to be a high fashion model in Miranda’s case have more to do with a possible anorexia than Orlando Bloom. Just sayin’.

  • Not satisfied yet?

    First the brilliant performance with hints at UNICEF taking part in a PR show and now accusations of becoming anorexic to call the attention of the media. Bravo! Who were you calling shallow again?

  • @75

    OMG, sure, models and actresses are under NO pressure to be thin! It’s ORLANDO”S FAULT!!!!
    Designers, casting directors, tabloid editors all bow to his whims. They insult any woman who isn’t 5’10 and 99 pounds because HE wants it that way.
    FTR, Miranda was a model when she met Orlando. In other words, she was thin. Just not HF thin. Is Orlando responsible for the unrealistic views of these mysoginistic HF designers now? Along with being responsible for every other problem in the world? Is it HIS fault that gorgeous Doutzen is considered too fat?
    And as for Kate, she was scrawny when they met, too And if her weight issues were Orlando’s fault, why did she get even thinner after they broke up? Hmmm? Explain that one.
    Orlando has dated larger women, and he had/has the hots for Liz Tyler. There were NUMEROUS stories of people seeing him literally begging Kate to eat. Blaming him is ALMOST as stupid as believing that the UN now works for Orli’s publicist….ALMOST.

  • LOL!

    And you idiots wonder why everyone laughs at you.
    Your desperation is hilarious!
    And @77
    Now why are you trying to introduce logic and rational thought to these people? They might hurt something, and they can’t risk losing their two remaining brain cells.
    Models and actresses pressured to be thin????? Why that’s just crazy talk.

  • sasha

    Soooo Miranda…who is a model….is only thin because she is dating Orlando?
    Then how do you explain the other 2,364 models who look the same way?
    Is he dating them too?
    Or is this another double standard?
    Thin model other than Miranda = high fashion standard
    Thin model named Miranda Kerr = Orlando, and ONLY Orlando is pressuring her to be thin, it has nothing to do with her chosen profession
    uhmmmm, OK

  • http://justjared It’s not Orlando’s fault

    Some people posting here (the Delphi loons) are idiotic if you see pictures of Miranda circa 2006/2007 you would see no change in her weight to the contrary I would say she was skinnier so what has Orlando anything to do with her weight ? lol She was always a skinny girl .

    And please Kate has been looking anorexic even after Orlando dumped her just look at the pictures of her that Jared posted today she looks scary .


  • Asa

    Is Orlando a bad guy?

  • @83

    He’s a bad guy because he doesn’t bend to the beck and call of the ‘fans’ who think that they can run his life from the internet.
    He’s a bad guy because he is dating a model, instead of a plus size girl.
    He’s a bad guy because he does charity work behind the scenes instead of calling a press conference for every check that he writes.
    He’s a bad guy for accepting the title of Ambassador of Goodwill from the UN because everyone knows that they are just a front for the celeb PR machine.
    He’s a bad guy because he is a guy who is loyal to his friends (Liv Tyler’s words) and doesn’t dump them to hang out with trendy stars.
    He’s a bad guy because he is so well liked by everyone that he has ever worked with.
    He’s horrible. Just horrible.
    Can’t you tell?

  • New Pics from Australia

    Just wanted to let everyone know about the pics of -

    Miranda Kerr attended The BMW Caulfield Cup at Caulfield Racecourse on October 17, 2009 in Melbourne, Australia.


  • @85

    She looks gorgeous!

  • aww

    looks like Orlando may not make it to the BBQ.
    He’s evidently in Dubai, at the Film Festival.
    Someone tweeted a photo of him on stage. It’s blurry, but it sure does look like him.

  • aww

    don’t know if links are allowed….

  • @ 87

    How far is Dubai from Los Angeles? He was just spotted in Los Angeles this past Thursday. When is the Dubai film festival again?

  • @89

    The festival is going on right now.
    And I’m sure that you could get to Dubai in less than a day.

  • @89

    If you got a non-stop flight, it takes about 16 hours.
    Very do-able for a guy so used to flying.
    That film festival would be a great place to search for funding and/or distributers. LOTS of money in Dubai. LOTS.

  • @89

    Dubai is in the United Arab Emirates, to the north of Saudi Arabia. That’s several thousand miles from LA but you can make that distance in less than a day.

  • @ 87

    thank you. strange we did not see pics of him at any airports though.

    just saying. I know he has gone thru the airports unnoticed many times before.

    It just seems strange since the paps have been getting pics of him about every other day since he got back into los angeles.

    here is the October 13

    Then the other ones I posted on the 15th above.

    It definitely does look like him though doesn’t it. Who is standing next to him on stage if it is him? Wonder what film they are introducing?

  • @ 87

    here is an official photo of him on stage and an article about what he is presenting.

  • @93

    There are many paparazzi pictures of him when he’s in LA because LA is as full of paparazzi as it is of celebrities. That’s why you’ll always see more pics of him when he’s in LA than when he’s in any other city/country. And the same applies to other celebs. Many buy properties in Dubai because there isn’t much ‘paparazzi culture’ there, and also because Dubai is a place designed basically only for rich people.

  • @95


    Infact the strange thing is that he was able to leave LA without being noticed and it’s not the first time he managed to do this…casualty wants he’s spotted in airport only when hes with Miranda…really strange!

  • @96

    You seem to have a very selective memory.
    He’s been papped in the airport by himself DOZENS of times.
    But since that doesn’t fit in with your agenga, you will ignore it, right?

  • @97

    Oh yes…as you wish….:rolleyes:

  • @98

    No wishing, just the truth.
    You know…truth? That thing that you haters twist so often? Yeah…truth. Maybe you should look it up.

  • WTF

    Again with this thing shippers/haters…oh please!