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Miranda Kerr is Corset Cute

Miranda Kerr is Corset Cute

Miranda Kerr dons a corset and then a bikini during a photo shoot on the roof of the Museum of Contemporary Art for Grazia Magazine in Sydney, Australia on Thursday (October 15).

The 26-year-old Victoria’s Secret model recently modeled for Balenciaga, known for their edgy models.

After seeing her on the Balenciaga runway, Grazia’s beauty director Annabel Jones thinks Miranda is changing fashion.

Miranda knows how to put great looks together,” said Annabel. “She’s becoming something of a fashion force on her own. She’s quite cool and glossy, but still cute and accessible. Maybe what we’re seeing is a new type of runway model.”

20+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr posing in a corset…

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103 Responses to “Miranda Kerr is Corset Cute”

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  1. 76
    congrats Says:

    Congrats randa may, you’ve managed to drag your’e fifteen minutes out another one or two with the anorexic girlfriend ploy. Worked for his last gf too, at least for awhile. Shame Buddha Boi lets you kepp dragging his rep down with your games. He’s being blamed for his gf’s going anorexic all across the web and you get the sympathy. Is that how you’re going to play this one? Don’t suppose it’ll end until you take the knife out of his back.

  2. 77
    ?? Says:

    If she does have anorexia and she’s under the risk of dying of a heart attack (?), wouldn’t that mean she is sick? I don’t understand people taking that as a joke or as an excuse to attack her.
    And blaming Orlando Bloom for that is not funny or a joke either, it is of very bad taste IMHO. Anorexia and other self destructive mental problems are very common in the showbiz and they were there before Orlando Bloom became famous. Not to mention that probably struggling to become a relevant actress in Hollywood in Kate Bosworth’s case or struggling to be a high fashion model in Miranda’s case have more to do with a possible anorexia than Orlando Bloom. Just sayin’.

  3. 78
    Not satisfied yet? Says:

    First the brilliant performance with hints at UNICEF taking part in a PR show and now accusations of becoming anorexic to call the attention of the media. Bravo! Who were you calling shallow again?

  4. 79
    @75 Says:

    OMG, sure, models and actresses are under NO pressure to be thin! It’s ORLANDO”S FAULT!!!!
    Designers, casting directors, tabloid editors all bow to his whims. They insult any woman who isn’t 5’10 and 99 pounds because HE wants it that way.
    FTR, Miranda was a model when she met Orlando. In other words, she was thin. Just not HF thin. Is Orlando responsible for the unrealistic views of these mysoginistic HF designers now? Along with being responsible for every other problem in the world? Is it HIS fault that gorgeous Doutzen is considered too fat?
    And as for Kate, she was scrawny when they met, too And if her weight issues were Orlando’s fault, why did she get even thinner after they broke up? Hmmm? Explain that one.
    Orlando has dated larger women, and he had/has the hots for Liz Tyler. There were NUMEROUS stories of people seeing him literally begging Kate to eat. Blaming him is ALMOST as stupid as believing that the UN now works for Orli’s publicist….ALMOST.

  5. 80
    LOL! Says:

    And you idiots wonder why everyone laughs at you.
    Your desperation is hilarious!
    And @77
    Now why are you trying to introduce logic and rational thought to these people? They might hurt something, and they can’t risk losing their two remaining brain cells.
    Models and actresses pressured to be thin????? Why that’s just crazy talk.

  6. 81
    sasha Says:

    Soooo Miranda…who is a model….is only thin because she is dating Orlando?
    Then how do you explain the other 2,364 models who look the same way?
    Is he dating them too?
    Or is this another double standard?
    Thin model other than Miranda = high fashion standard
    Thin model named Miranda Kerr = Orlando, and ONLY Orlando is pressuring her to be thin, it has nothing to do with her chosen profession
    uhmmmm, OK

  7. 82
    It's not Orlando's fault Says:

    Some people posting here (the Delphi loons) are idiotic if you see pictures of Miranda circa 2006/2007 you would see no change in her weight to the contrary I would say she was skinnier so what has Orlando anything to do with her weight ? lol She was always a skinny girl .

    And please Kate has been looking anorexic even after Orlando dumped her just look at the pictures of her that Jared posted today she looks scary .


  8. 83
    Asa Says:

    Is Orlando a bad guy?

  9. 84
    @83 Says:

    He’s a bad guy because he doesn’t bend to the beck and call of the ‘fans’ who think that they can run his life from the internet.
    He’s a bad guy because he is dating a model, instead of a plus size girl.
    He’s a bad guy because he does charity work behind the scenes instead of calling a press conference for every check that he writes.
    He’s a bad guy for accepting the title of Ambassador of Goodwill from the UN because everyone knows that they are just a front for the celeb PR machine.
    He’s a bad guy because he is a guy who is loyal to his friends (Liv Tyler’s words) and doesn’t dump them to hang out with trendy stars.
    He’s a bad guy because he is so well liked by everyone that he has ever worked with.
    He’s horrible. Just horrible.
    Can’t you tell?

  10. 85
    New Pics from Australia Says:

    Just wanted to let everyone know about the pics of -

    Miranda Kerr attended The BMW Caulfield Cup at Caulfield Racecourse on October 17, 2009 in Melbourne, Australia.


  11. 86
    @85 Says:

    She looks gorgeous!

  12. 87
    aww Says:

    looks like Orlando may not make it to the BBQ.
    He’s evidently in Dubai, at the Film Festival.
    Someone tweeted a photo of him on stage. It’s blurry, but it sure does look like him.

  13. 88
    aww Says:

    don’t know if links are allowed….

  14. 89
    @ 87 Says:

    How far is Dubai from Los Angeles? He was just spotted in Los Angeles this past Thursday. When is the Dubai film festival again?

  15. 90
    @89 Says:

    The festival is going on right now.
    And I’m sure that you could get to Dubai in less than a day.

  16. 91
    @89 Says:

    If you got a non-stop flight, it takes about 16 hours.
    Very do-able for a guy so used to flying.
    That film festival would be a great place to search for funding and/or distributers. LOTS of money in Dubai. LOTS.

  17. 92
    @89 Says:

    Dubai is in the United Arab Emirates, to the north of Saudi Arabia. That’s several thousand miles from LA but you can make that distance in less than a day.

  18. 93
    @ 87 Says:

    thank you. strange we did not see pics of him at any airports though.

    just saying. I know he has gone thru the airports unnoticed many times before.

    It just seems strange since the paps have been getting pics of him about every other day since he got back into los angeles.

    here is the October 13

    Then the other ones I posted on the 15th above.

    It definitely does look like him though doesn’t it. Who is standing next to him on stage if it is him? Wonder what film they are introducing?

  19. 94
    @ 87 Says:

    here is an official photo of him on stage and an article about what he is presenting.

  20. 95
    @93 Says:

    There are many paparazzi pictures of him when he’s in LA because LA is as full of paparazzi as it is of celebrities. That’s why you’ll always see more pics of him when he’s in LA than when he’s in any other city/country. And the same applies to other celebs. Many buy properties in Dubai because there isn’t much ‘paparazzi culture’ there, and also because Dubai is a place designed basically only for rich people.

  21. 96
    @95 Says:


    Infact the strange thing is that he was able to leave LA without being noticed and it’s not the first time he managed to do this…casualty wants he’s spotted in airport only when hes with Miranda…really strange!

  22. 97
    @96 Says:

    You seem to have a very selective memory.
    He’s been papped in the airport by himself DOZENS of times.
    But since that doesn’t fit in with your agenga, you will ignore it, right?

  23. 98
    @97 Says:

    Oh yes…as you wish….:rolleyes:

  24. 99
    @98 Says:

    No wishing, just the truth.
    You know…truth? That thing that you haters twist so often? Yeah…truth. Maybe you should look it up.

  25. 100
    WTF Says:

    Again with this thing shippers/haters…oh please!

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