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Rachel Bilson: All Nat's All The Time

Rachel Bilson: All Nat's All The Time

Rachel Bilson, her pet pooch Thurmen Murmen and a few gal pals grab brunch together at Nat’s Early Bite Coffee Shop in North Hollywood on Wednesday (October 14).

The 28-year-old former O.C. actress kept dry in a Burberry trench and Hunter by Jimmy Choo crocodile rain boots.

Rachel‘s new anthology movie New York, I Love You is out this Friday (October 16).

15+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson running in the rain…

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  • j

    i would hate it if i was a dog named thurmen murmem

  • Anonymous

    Think HC just flew by to drop the dog off! Maybe he didn’t want it anymore!

  • kroq

    Wasn’t the NYILY premiere tonight?

  • FACT

    Hayden & Rachel they both didn’t attend the PREMIERE of NEW YORK I LOVE YOU!!! JUST A BUNCH OF Z-LISTS THERE!!! SEE IT FOR YOURSEVES!!!

  • lou

    I think they start filming HIMYM pretty soon.

  • Voice of reason

    Thurmen lives-hope she did not leave him in the car.
    @4 as you posted they did not Hayden is in Detroit and I guess Rachel did the PR she was asked to do via talkshows.

  • Leia

    Thanks JJ Rachel always look charming. Love her outfit!

  • whodie

    Just doing the ONLY thing she knows & what she does best – regularly hiring paps for photo ops!

  • whodie

    Feeling mighty high of themselves?!
    Both of them are also ZListers.

  • Smilehexe

    How I was waiting for a comment like this! LOL And I’m not surprised at all – she provokes such feelings indeed by her omnipresence. I would not cry either if she would “disappear” somehow – and honestly I don’t care where to, just get out of public sight, RB!

  • diana

    CUTE JACKET! I want it! Love you Rachel!

  • bubbey

    She looks haggard

  • Voice of reason

    @ whodie I think the comment was in regard that NOBODY of note was at the red carpet, no Orlando,Andy,Natalie,Shia almost the entire cast was not there.

    @ GRRRR and Smilie wishing someone to be shot in the head no matter how you feel about them shows very low character. It’s your choice to see/read and post to a Rachel board, if you dislike her that much GRRRR you’re willing to pay why bother annoying yourself by being here. Smilie I would have thought better of you than that, if her omnipresence annoys you just let it slide away………

  • kosher

    So many dumb, useless & pretentious people (most esp. in Lala Land), so little earth… No wonder “2012/polar shifting” is fast approaching!

  • amaranth

    And BilTroll’s dog had now resurfaced…
    Isnt it that when the bloggers from her previous threads keep on looking if not mentioning someone &/or something – she would show/tagged them off around on her next thread?!
    Just soo damn sure that she checking out regularly her patronized gossip blog as she got a lots of free time to do it – absolutely & undeniably predictable!

  • lexy

    If none of the REAL stars were at the premier then she should have taken that opportunity to go. She would have stood out since she’d be the biggest “star” there.
    She should use this time to take some acting lessons instead of dragging a dog around to places where people eat.
    As always it’s interesting the paps always “find” her at these off beat places that no real stars hang out at. It’s almost llike she tips them off. LOL!! And we know she wouldn’t do that.

  • sharon

    @bubbey: I noticed that too especially the ninth picture but doing all that PDA will catch up with you.

    headed to his flight, leaving Rachel behind to run a few errands solo. We haven’t seen too much of the engaged duo over the last few months, with the exceptions of their PDA-filled Summer travels and recent Fashion Week cameo. Rachel and Hayden are managing to keep their wedding plans well under wraps,

  • kosher

    @13 & 18
    She’ll definitely on run to looked like her witchy/horsey looking momster. As some saying goes that “like mother, like daughter”. So just keep up on those wayfarers all day & night long…

  • me

    There is no wedding and hayden is working no.19. didn’t her rep said that a month ago. Hayden haven’t said anything about it.and no one talk about it anymore, What about the talk show she suppose to be on? no one said anything about the talk show she suppose she suppose to be last night. Why is everyone covering thing up for her? she don’t need it she knows her relationship is in trouble.Hayden is not coming back for awhile didn’t you see he took all his clothes and she didn’t go with him.Didn’t you read that hayden has a job. and why she tell no one that he’s working and she don’t talk about him anymore like she use to.Rachel is not keep no wedding plan under wraps she is not getting along with him as plan.And who said he brought the dog to her?He’s working people.And don’t want to talk about her relationship going badly.She just want people to feel sorry for her as always.

  • monreal

    JJ “title” thread on his tabloid pet hamster are is/are getting cornier & cornier everytime. But on the 2nd thought, there’s nothing really much to tell interesting on these kind of nonsense & vapidness.

  • antwacky

    This “Daily Sell Out” needs to pick up her brain, it’s scattered all over the streets in LA. So any chance that she could go on vacation in “North Korea, in the Middle East or in Somalia”?!
    PS: Anyone could deeply “stare” into her eyes and one would easily realize there is absolutely NOTHING behind them ever since…

  • jessica

    I think the stars were not at the premiere of NY, I Love You because they were working. (?)

    Hayden – Vanishing on 7th Street
    Shia – Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps
    Natalie – Black Swan
    Blake – Gossip Girl / The Town
    Orlando -??
    Christna -??
    Rachel -??
    Ethan Hawke -?? (He is promoting other movie)
    Bradley – The A-Team

    I thought it strange, no one was! Neither Natalie who produced, directed and acted in the film, and I think she is in NY, maybe will have another premiere? I heard a guy saying he was in the NY I Love You premiere and saw Andy Garcia and Natalie Portman but why they were not photographed???

  • jane

    Rchel is dressed like a kindergarten child next door to me. May be bc she is so tiny that she looks ridiculous. She can also add bags under her eyes to the list of her prominent defects like saddle bags and stupid look in her eyes.

  • jane

    Hayden is really primitive wanting to spend the rest of his life with her and has very low standards in the looks and brains department, forget talent, he does not have that himself.

  • me

    No 25 don’t you talk about him he has talented.She the one that don’t .Hoping that he would make her a star in film.It seem that she don’t want to be around him anymore. That’s what get for following around so much.Same way she do guys. if they don’t give her what she want she gets mad.Do you see hayden around her now? Like i said earlier he don’t be around her like he use to.She was the one that cook-up this story about being in engaged and getting married he didn’t.He was at her to go to work last year and that was all.Rachel is the one that jhad all this messed going on because she didn’t want be people to know that was the reason he was with her. She lied about everything including the movie she suppose to be in.She can’t be in every movie he be in. So you should be mad with rachel for lying to everyone about things. But i like what jessica said about what everyone was doing which is the truth.Is rachel going to act like jessica b. about her relationship and career ? Just say it over right now.

  • jane

    I am really surprised at Hayden that he is in this relationship for so many years and spending time with her and kissing her good by. He must be a real moron with absolutely no interests. WOW.

    Did you notice that no one ever responds to your posts? Now, why is that, may bc you can’t face the reality.

  • tonie

    The coat is cute but too dressy for a t-shirt and leggings. She really shouldn’t wear them. They do not look good on her. A little rain and she pulls out knee high boots? Maybe she was expecting a flood. And I have to agree with whoever said she was looking haggard. I would never guess she is only 28. More like 38. Instead of eating out again she should schedule a facial. I just hate her hair. She must too because she doesn’t seem to comb it or do anything with it to make it look nice.

  • rick

    Rachel Bilson is a very stupid and talentless girl without anything special in the looks department. Hayden Christensen is probably really gay, just wants marriage and children and a double life. Perez Hilton is probably right about him.

  • shanda

    The only reason she came out because pics was shown are the set are his new movie. She could went to new york to the permiere are the movie last night. Why didn’t she. She lied about being on talk show cause jj would have posted it.And why she let hayden have all the attention about his work and she don’t say nothing about it?If you’re dating someone you would talked about it sometime she never do or anything else about them.Must be jealous are what he got and she don’t have anything.She can’t work with no one anyway.And with walking the dog again that’s all she do You suppose to help with the movie you in. God knows JJ hype it enough couple months ago.Adam did movie like hayden did is she going to dump him too.Cause she sure not acting like she ‘s into his family like she use too.Are she would have visied them with him monday. And don’t say he went striaght to work and see his family. Rachel is covering up something about her and hayden everything is not fine a it seem. Believe the story about the spilt in august..Just not saying nothing.

  • sophie

    What’s up with her? Last few photo ops her face has been taking a dive. Haggard and pale with bags under her eyes the size of suitcases! We all know she’s not working that hard, so it can’t be over work and it’s certainly not a case of ‘too much bed and not enough sleep’ as HC is hardly ever with her. So what’s the prob, Rachel?

  • Sad

    Used to think she was a fox in the OC, she sure ain’t sexy now :( It’s that p**bag HC’s fault she looks so bad. He’s taken a fun, sexy girl who had everything going for her & turned her into a mess. He should get out of life so she can be happy & free again. The Ba.stard’s really done & screwed her up.

  • Anonymous

    @j: Why? I think it’s a cool name for a dog, better than Fido or Rover or Tinkerbelle etc

  • periwinkle

    Who really ever believe that Bratchel and Christonesen are always/24/7 together?! If that is, she wouldnt let it go w/o any visual evidences just like the way she gets papped (deliberately) running her errands.
    And their last photo ops at the airport is such another scheming stunt yet another good excuse on why is it that they wouldnt be seen together “again” for a long long long while.
    But then she might follow wherever her catatonic fiancee is (a real big possibility) when Bratchel would crave again to be seen & heard; tagged along w/ new pics, plot & location that would be post by her gossip master, JJ.
    So check that out very soon!

  • tristgrey

    Whoa and she got full of bags all over herself : she’s a Hobag, got a saddlebags, even eyebags… name it she got it! And her bff might passed up as douchebag too to make it more complete LOL

  • shadowy

    @ 13 –
    Beauty, Talent & Brains – She’s lacking all of them.
    She’s a real & one of its kind a -“Fartbuluos Sh*t”-!

  • lakers fan in boston

    once again another post of rachel
    i wouldnt mind if she was doing something but the fact is she’s never doing anything
    dont like her outfit either, it’s pretty boring imo

  • O

    Oh, plump little legs and squished in fatty bits. What happens when she takes off her jeans?

  • lexy

    I almost never have anything nice to say about this girl BUT I will defend her in that a lot of celebs who are dating other celebs don’t talk about their relationships or keep the info to a minimum. Not everyone is like Tom Cruise and jumping on the couch. It’s stupid she and Hayden don’t seem to acknowledge in other in the press (not that RB actually is in the press promoting anything) but she could simply say yes they are together/engaged but she likes to keep that stuff private. Beyonce & Jay-Z do it, Scarlett and Ryan do it and people are fine with it. Also, with the PDA’s – they don’t have to hold hands and be all lovely dovey in public, however the could walk next to each other. I don’t understand why he always seems so far ahead of her. That’s just rude. If he was with his sister or brother or friend I’m sure he’d at least walk next to them.

  • S

    She was asked on Bonnie Hunt Show if Hayden is her BF in real life. She said, yes, on better days. LOL

  • Crap addict

    Mixed ‘views for NYILY…all best bits in 2nd half of film. 1st half mostly duds. Not quite a turkey.

  • Crap addict

    HC unconvincing, wooden as always. Diamond District, with NP one of the best segments. Two stars and that’s pushing it.

  • jeezzum

    I actually seeing 2 DOGS… one is t.m. and the other one on a white coat is somewhat looking like chihuahua or a pekingese LOL

  • no-kidding-sherlock

    OTHERS FEEBLY FALL FLAT, such as the segment directed by Japanese actress Jiang Wen in which Hayden Christensen…

    As expected, predictably & consistently thing to happen that … its just another JUNKper performance version 2.0 from these 2 hacktor/hacktress… they must /should just stick on “stirring up tabloid tales” – its what they’re good at somehow & sometimes…

  • @43

    I thought Jiang Wen is a chinese actor/ director.

  • tonie

    #39 That is funny. I don’t watch that show so I missed the interview. What better days was she refering to? The ones where they are apart or the ones were he is ignoring her and walking 20 ft ahead. Strange couple. Did she remember to at least promote the movie this time?

  • S

    You can watch the video about the show on youtube or on rachel

  • Pat Casey

    Jared, Jared, Jared, why don’t you just take her away from Hayden, then maybe we won’t have to look at her so much. It seems like you have a hard-on for her anyway.

  • cosi

    somewhat haggard looking for being only in her late twenties