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Tyra Banks: First Televised Colonic!

Tyra Banks: First Televised Colonic!

Tyra Banks the will air the first-ever televised colonic performed by a licensed colonhydrotherapist on Friday’s The Tyra Show.

Yes, that is a container ready to be filled with fecal matter via the rectal nozzle. Ewwww!!!

Tyra also speaks with Gold Medal swimmer Ricky Berens who recently made headlines when he mooned the entire city of Rome due to a wardrobe malfunction with his swimsuit during the 2009 World Championships.

Tune in on Friday @ 4PM on The CW to see the first ever televised colonic! Check out the preview below –

Tyra Banks: First Televised Colonic!
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tyra banks colonic 02
tyra banks colonic 03
tyra banks colonic 04

Photos: Michael Loccisano/Warner Bros
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  • Becca

    Tyra’s looking really slim these days!
    She looks good!

  • Liv

    Why the hell would she do that????

  • Rhonda

    our entire society has jumped the shark!

  • Rita

    Is this really necessary… eeek

  • All Women Stalker

    I’m wondering how much that volunteer is getting paid. Because that procedure is not the most comfortable in the world.


  • Gaga

    Is that really necessary?

  • jaye

    Uh, she might have gone too far. It’s ok to TALK about it and explain why it might be important to have it done, but I could live the rest of my life without seeing it on TV. Well, heck, I’m NOT going to see it lol My mom ( she didn’t participate in the procedure though ) worked for a woman who did those and it’s suppose to make a world of difference in how you feel.

  • f.

    She is so annoying. I don’t understand how she’s allowed to have a show.

  • tina

    I’m glad she’s doing it Tyra doesn’t care about what the public thinks negatively she goes for it and I admired that! She is looking so amazing these days!

  • Jackie

    Um. At a loss for words. Why?

  • Sally

    Tyra is a gross pig, anything for ratings. I have not and will NEVER watch her show!

  • the dq

    It’s called an ENEMA!!!!! And, it’s barbaric and totally unnecessary!!!!

  • the dq

    Wouldn’t let me enter E*N*E*M*A? W*T*F???

  • ugly

    watssup with her legs? EWWWWWWWWWWW

  • Bebe


  • Jamie

    Been done years ago on Dutch television, you’re waaaay behind.

  • Pooter

    Hilarious and not necessary at all….in fact, it could do more harm than good. Google it!

    Why in the world……would one air this procedure? Mamograms next?

  • Simone

    Tyra’s looking good.
    Wow she’s lost weight.

    & it isn’t the first televised one, they used to show it on You are what you eat all the time, but that was over here.

  • lexy

    I’m wondering why she lost weight? Wasn’t she crying about how she didn’t care what the paps thought and she was proud of her larger body (which wasn’t that large)?? If she was so comfortable why lose all that weight.

    She’s become the new Jerry Springer. She’ll show anything the network will allow her to for ratings. But I guess some idiots must watch b/c she’s higly paid for this stupidity.

  • JJ

    Way to keep it classy Tyra.

  • Jeannified

    Is she trying to be the next Oprah? What is the point of this stunt?!

  • SiouXin

    First time done on tv????? wasnt this done by Katie Couric or someone like her like 5 yrs ago and didnt some Europeans do this as well? Shes trying to hard to be the next Oprah. In my opinion: i find Tyra quite annoying!

  • Wrong

    WRONG! It’s been done before at least once. One time I saw it on an English documentary on eating habits and healthy lifestyles etc.


  • LOL

    Ummmm, I saw margret Cho get on on HER show….Sorry TyTy FAIL!!!

  • ;asldkfjs;ld

    Not True!!!! I saw a colonic on CURRENT TV about a year ago!!!!

  • Nay

    No thanks.

  • Taylo

    Gross, stupid, immature and weird.

  • Ing

    Yeah it’s even been done on Jackass. Are they the morons or do they just think we are?

  • Deb

    I effing LOVE this stunt! Mainly because it’s disturbing the constipated folks on this thread but also because… Well, because.

    Disturb away, Tyra!

  • J

    Tyra is ugly. She has a harsh face and looks mean which she is. She is obsessed with promoting blacks. Always talkig about black power etc. Go Asians.

  • jerk

    Johnny Knoxville had a colonic on a Jackass special Christmas episode like 8-10 years ago.

    Tyra Banks wants to be Johnny Knoxville, but she’s no Johnny Knoxville.

    She could be Steve O if she put a fishhook through her face and swam with sharks, or dangled her junk over alligators.

  • are you sure?

    This is NOT the first ever televised colonic, I am somewhat horrified to report. Dr Gillian McKieth has been doing this on British television for years.
    I do love the way Americans claim that anything THEY have never done before is a “first” or somehow record breaking even if it has happened elsewhere already.

  • nelle

    it’s not the first. there was one done on a program in australia years ago.

    also, ew.

  • taryn

    also, jack osbourne did it on his show.

  • N

    Actually, the first televised colonic was on Jackass. So… she’s copying Johnny Knoxville… Time to pick up the knife, maybe?

  • Troy

    They showed a colonic on Penn and Teller’s show Bullshit! on Showtime.

  • amber

    eeeeew, gross! Who in their right mind would volunteer to be that person? Tyra annoys me anyway and she is really awkward as a TV show host. I don’t watch it nor do I usually care about what she’s doing but that’s just nasty.

  • xander

    tyra should bring the psychic twins back on her show
    they are AMAZING!!!!!!

  • Hal Hanson

    Tyra did an amazing thing by showing mainstream America a medical protocol that had been chased out by greedy pharmaceutical companies. The simple concept of cleansing the colon of toxins can not be patented and is not addictive so therefore the evil pharmaceutical companies and the doctors and hospitals they control seek to disparage colonics and other effective treatments. People, and in particular, ladies, need to know that a program to detoxify your body will naturally cause you to lose that fat, get beautiful skin and feel better. But unfortunately this will stand in the way of the beauty industry selling you chemicals (toxins) so again this effective method will be disparaged. The biggest problem here is not the evil corporations bent on maximizing profits. No, it’s us. We like the idea of “take a pill” for that and rub some cream for this and paint over the beat up shabby surface rather than fix it.

    So, Tyra, kudos to you for having the courage to tell the truth. I admire you for talking about things that need to talked about.

  • http://yahoo johnna

    @Sally: Sorry you feel that way because she has done so much for everyone she can and if you don’t like her then don’t watch.

  • margaret from brooklyn

    What school do one attend to become a LICENSED COLONHYDROTHERAPIST? How much does it pay?
    How long is the course? VERY MUCH INTERESTED.