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Gerard Butler & Jimmy Fallon: Singing Duo

Gerard Butler & Jimmy Fallon: Singing Duo

Gerard Butler rocks out with his mic out in New York City on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday (October 15).

The 39-year-old Scottish stud talks about his hosting duties this weekend on Saturday Night Live and the various accents he can do.

Gerry‘s new drama thriller Law Abiding Citizen co-starring Jamie Foxx is out in theaters TODAY. Check out the trailer at the official movie website!

Gerard Butler & Jimmy Fallon: Singing Duo
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Photos: Tracy Leeds/NBC
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  • first

    hehe I am the first one. Doesn’t GB look great? Yummy pie.

  • Guinness-second!

    he is one big stud muffin. man of many talents. and Gerard isn’t bad lookin either!!!!!!

  • Lottie

    God, what an annoying f°°ker he is Talk about overexposure. That said, he is worth a f°°k or two, as long as he doesn’t speak or sing.

  • Lilly

    I loved the “murder” discussion. Gerry was so adorable explaining how difficult it can be to get the pronunciation juuuust right.

  • bradd

    He’s really funny!

  • effie

    @Lottie: u dumb cunt. it is apparent that u dont have any taste in men whatesoever. the obviousness of your idiocy is sickening.

  • shangrila

    I read you, Jared about 5 times a day and PHilton about twice a day and that’s it. The main reason why I’m a permanent resident here because you bring to us so much news about Gerry.

  • catalina89

    he is adorable!

  • Happy Girl

    Wish Jennifer and Him can get together!!!!

  • Jessica

    OMG he is alllllll man and sooooo freaking gorgeous…. I love everything about this guy..his arms, his shoulders, his eyes, his crooked smile… and he is just SO DAMN CHARMING!!!

  • @Lottie

    Lottie, You need a good hard f*ck to release some of your hatret toward this man. What, no man wants you? Oh well go get a rubber one. That’ll do. And get your heinous a**s out this thread if anyone give a sh*t about you.

  • Fangirls like effie provoke it

    If the fangirls would drop the mommy complex & stop defending him every five mins then maybe the trolls would eventually get bored with winding people up… & maybe, just maybe, the barrage of anti-G posts would also stop. Just a thought…!

  • sugar

    He’s cute, but he does need to tone down his tv appearances

  • nyob

    Funny interview and he looks good. But he needs to wear less tight clothes. He is clearly uncomfortable in them as he kept pulling at the shirt.


    Not a fan. Gerard Butler is being rammed down our throats.
    You fans can take it but the rest of us cannot wait until this man goes away.

    Can someone PLEASE STOP the Gerard Butler experiment??

    We get it!!!! NOW MAKE IT STOP.

  • Disgusting

    He wouldn’t kiss that fat Greek with your mouth.

    Mannifers is an ugly, short, stupid, OLD drunk who can’t get or keep a man.
    She’s a joke.
    Gerry is on top of the world. Why would he get with the town joke?

  • I Agree with Lottie

    He is not attractive – you have all been BRAIN-WASHED into believing he is.
    His clothes are too tight. He looks like he must have fit into them when he bought them (back 2007 – 300 days).

    Having said that, I agree with Lottie. If any of us pathetic message board souls got close enough to lick him we should. He is a big guy so maybe it would translate into…and well, bragging rights of course.

    But there are many many better looking, sexier, smarter mor charming men in Hwood and abroad. PLEASE!

  • ++++yasmina++++

    bh mentioned he got kicked out of university for failing law?
    i dont understand! how did he manage dat?
    law is an easy degree to complete . how dumb do u have 2 be to fail it? Ah well…no brainer. good job he had looks 2 fall back on hey!
    i still like him even if he is just a pretty rich face. afterall academia isn’t everything.




    You “fans” do realize that the thing that comes in like a lion i.e trendy?
    Is usually the very thing that is a “joke” is coming years??
    You don’t do “it” this way…blow in so hard and fast. You ease i so you have longeavity.
    He has been chase “fame/celebrity” not “acclaim” since 300. Its sad.

    This year he is “in” – his time will come and go too too fast. But that is HIS handler’s etc

  • Mr. Giggles

    Hi Sugar — glad you’re back !!

  • Brenda Hasteman

    I hope that you fangirls/posters who love him and want him understand that Gerard is a big huge star now and he belongs to the beautiful people. He would never ever “get with” a regular girl who isn’t some model, tall perfect look annoying b*tch, with or without a lobotomy.
    Now that he has been branded as the second-coming of christ, we normal people can’t even get up close enough to touch this man much less a snog session. :-(
    His lips look like he could be really…..
    The truth really painfully hurts.

  • Jules

    Ummm, where’s the video of the singing? Come on, don’t tease us…

  • Jane

    @ lottie, you don’t think he’s attractive, fair enough, I don’t care; personally I think he’s freaking hot (not in 300 though), but uneducated??? seriously?? he was president of the law society and has a freaking law degree; he is certainly not “uneducated”. …. btw yeah Henry Cavill is hot too.

  • sugar

    Hi Mr Giggles, thanks :)

  • DeeDee

    I LOVE him! I really enjoyed this interview, too. He is so down to earth and funny.

  • Lottie Dottie

    @Lottie: Oh please shutup. Like GB would ever want to F you, even if he was drunk or high out of his mind. No way. Don’t act like you’re so high & mighty saying he is worth a F or two. He wouldn’t give your sorry A$$ the time of day. And don’t force your opinion on the rest of us. I think he’s pretty hot, and I like that he laughs a lot. He’s charming, handsome, and sexy….and funny too. Get over yourself, Lottie Dottie!

  • butlerfan

    If some of you are tired of him – quit watching and quit coming to his site where his fans are – don’t look or watch and go some where else. I just don’t get it. I enjoy hearing about him , listening to him and talking about him. But the haters make me sad….

  • anotherfan

    Will this LAC movie bring him some good projects for his future? One wonders.

  • gemma

    Saw LAC this afternoon. It was great! I don’t usually go to movies with violence and brutatlity – but I went to see if Gerry could pull this off. He and Jamie Foxx make that movie, I was waiting for more when it went off. It really was good and my friends that went with me thought it was so good too. I’ll be seeing this one again for sure.
    The only thing that would have been better is if they had shown Gerry from the front when they stormed his house while he was nekkid :)

  • cubedweller

    Hey Gemma – check out the Bonnie Hunt interview for the story of the “nekkid” scene. Funny, and he mentions the infamous sock.

    Butler is an incredibly good sport. He is more than willing to talk about his personal history, and cheerfully goes along with whatever craziness they make him do – including cooking strange fried food. Zuchini-wienies, anyone? So many celebrities sit on a couch like a closed book – giving nothing of themselves. These talk shows more than get their money’s worth from G.

  • anotherfan

    I wonder what this thread would be like if they had shown the frontal shot ?
    I’m sure Gerry’s penis would have to have it’s own Twitter Account.

  • bla85

    Just when I was sure he was gay/bi he comes on Jimmy Fallon and comes off as so manly. Maybe he is just too good of an actor. He looked great….and I love the Doors….even though they were before my time.

  • tallntan

    That’s one of the things that is so endearing about Gerry….he’s so willing to be himself and open up…more so than any other actor I have ever seen. I think he’s extremely intelligent but also very immature. He’s just a big kid trying to figure it all out.

  • saw LAC

    Just saw LAC. Love it although I left the theather with a heavy heart. I won’t give out any spoilers but it was fun ride. For a serious movie the audience got a lot of laugh out of it. Both GB and Foxx and the supporting actors all did a decent job. Totally worth my 8 bucks.

  • pafan

    Oh, MG. Can this one human person get any better? He’s just BEYOND discussion. GJB. I ‘m depressed. I saw LAC today and it left me depressed. You are just magical. I felt for Clyde. I know he was a crazy in this world. But, I cried at the end. Not a happy movie. Very sad. Very, very sad.

  • pafan

    i just adore him.

  • Claudia Hasteman

    Ok lets get one thing straight here;
    NONE OF YOU, I should say “us” because I am not stupid enough to keep myself out of the category –
    So – NONE OF US will be sharing a bed with GB anytime soon so Lottie, #28, any of the psycho GALS, get over it, fast as just enjoy the man and his talents, please???
    I watched Fallon and my mouth just waters. He is gorgeous, smart, talented and successful …perfection in man!!

  • Tammy from FL

    Does GB ever make it to Boca raton?? ;)
    He is single, right?

    Do Gerry’s girlfriends/ho*s from NY or LA ever visit these boards and spill??
    Or does GB have them all under tight control??


  • DCfan

    am i ridiculous for wondering what gerry is like in bed…?
    what noises he makes and if he talks and how he moves…he is pure sex no red-blooded woman can help it
    tammy i doubt gerard’s womenfolk come to this board. lol though for the fireworks alone, I bring popcorn for that.

    u see, the phangurls can probably sniff gerry-pieces through their computers and from that moment forward theyd be on a bloodscent hunt – anyone that can say that they banged nasties with gerry would be tortured, mocked, ridiculed.

  • Marlena Deposa

    OMG these Lysol commercials are grossing me now!! I can;t even eat after I see on the tv screen!
    Is anyone else here disgusted by this commercial and they come on the tv???
    Can we write the petishun to Proctor, gamble to take them off?? they are so dusgusting, nasty, gross make me to throw when I see the tv!!!

  • Cravin

    re 2009′s comments ?????????????????????????????????????
    Where did that have it’s birth?!? How did you navigate away from x-rated websites? The reason people enjoy this man is because he is real. He makes mistakes the same as we do, he admits his mistakes, he puts on no airs. He has problems just like we do and he tries to deal with them, he pokes fun at himself. Take a look at what Tallntan said: he’s a big kid trying to figure it all out, aren’t we to some degree the same. It is rather enjoyable to watch someone who is not a creation of Hollywood. One reason that fan’s react to Mr. Butler the way they do is the way he reacts to them. Watch when they show the video’s of him at a premier – he has more fun being with the everyday person because in all honesty that is just what he is and he knows that it’s because of GALS and all fans that he is able to be in the position he’s in.

  • butlerfan

    Saw LAC – very good and exciting thriller. I also left with a heavy heart. Clyde lost everything and lost his way. It is not a feel good movie (except when the true murder, gets his) but it is about the times we live in. Go see it, an exciting ride that you never know what is going to happen next. GB wonderful and right on as always..

  • Downlowinfo

    Either Gerry is that good, generous, or something…cause his chicks don’t talk. Before anyone says anything, if there are boys they aren’t talking either (don’t believe he’s gay, jmo). These makes me think they must have it pretty decent with him. Cause you know if you piss a bitch off she will put you on blast. So far, nothing.

    Yeah, I’ve seen some of the GALS fans, and they seem like nice ladies but def not in Gerry’s alleged size, race, and age range….but whatever! People can dream…let them.

  • Retard!

    @Cravin – get over yourself.
    If GB saw a GAL coming he’d run for the hills – FAST.
    He DOES NOT know what you freaks are capable of.

  • lavender1960

    Wait a minute Lottie and friends, if you are so tired of Gerard Butler why are you even here bothering to comment – you know there is something called scroll…….like I just bypassed all the items on Kardashian family members. Methinks you doth protest too much.
    Love or hate him people can’t seem to stay away…..because the more everyone posts the more likely JJ is going to keep posting stories on GB

    funny how that works, eh?

  • alphaba

    LAC was #2 at the BO Friday.

  • luv

    …with 7.5 m and could reach 20 m this weekend. you rock Gerry.

  • cafan

    I am not gushing here but it is undeniable that GB has one of the best screen presence of all the actors in Hollywood. Everytime he is on you can’t help but be taken back in a good way by his height, stature and his intense expression on his face. He was born to play kings and heroes and bigger-than-life characters. His long arms, long legs, big hands, massive chest and rugged facial features all add to his imposing presence. And those eyes.. need I say more?

  • dear fug

    What a sad, bitter person you must me. Hope things get better for you.