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Gwyneth Paltrow Designs a Line of Holiday Cards

Gwyneth Paltrow Designs a Line of Holiday Cards

Gwyneth Paltrow has designed a line of holiday photo cards to support Robin Hood, a charity in the fight against poverty in New York City.

Proceeds from the cards sales will be used to support Robin Hood’s response to a city in crisis and the hardships felt by New Yorkers in need during the recession.

Gwyn says, “Card sales raise much-needed funds for our less-fortunate neighbors, and every single card spreads the word about Robin Hood’s vital work in New York City.”

A line of cards have also been designed by illustrator Maira Kalman, Chinese painter Yue Minjun and New York graphic design firm MSLK.

Starting November 2, Gwyneth‘s holiday cards will be available at

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  • shamrock7

    Great idea! Thank you to Gwyneth and others at her status to contribute strong efforts to good causes such as this. Look forward to purchasing these cards on NOV. 2nd! Keep lighting up the path Gwynie~


  • lissa

    Is this woman looking for a life? I want CHRISTMAS CARDS, not this political correct holiday crap.

  • Suki

    That is a good idea. Much better than Goop.
    At least this is going to a good cause.

  • michaela

    No thanks ! Can’t you get a movie role any longer?

  • rhonda

    I thought she was going to cook? girlfriend needs a hobby!

  • babou

    Whj not design cards now? She has nothing better to do with her time that Goop, go to fashion shows and the like. She’s no longer an A-list actress and the roles have dried up for her, so keeps her busy I guess.

  • Sally

    AS #6 says, guess it will keep her busy, and for a good cause. Yet another has-been actress trying to do “something” with their lives. Pretty sad.

  • Pinkrose

    Not sad at all. At least she is not one-dimensional. She has a family to take care of and she contributes to society. I can think of a few so-called actresses who will have nothing to do but turn to drugs full time when the roles dry up.

  • Infinite

    @Pinkrose: Sure, but full time drug use isn’t the norm for most actresses. Most are productive and support good causes.

    GP doesn’t work much these days so at least she’s donating some time to charity.

  • mike

    @lissa: UR so right, she makes me gringe why doesn’t she try a wife swop with a hobo in NYC little miss prissy priss. Oh sorry she married one Chris Martin I nearly forgot!!

  • Julia at Robin Hood

    Hey Just Jared

    Thanks for posting about our partnership with Gwyneth Paltrow. Her support of our poverty-fighting work will help thousands of families in need. Her cards can be ordered now at:

    Robin Hood be selling more holiday cards starting in early November and will announce it on our twitter feed @RobinHoodNYC. Follow us for updates on when they go live!

    Julia, Digital Media Associate at Robin Hood

  • tera

    What a classy woman! –

  • just me

    She’s still not classy but this is a better idea than Goop. It’s supporting a charity rather than lining Gwynnie’s pockets.

  • lissa

    she will do anything to get her picture in the paper. Do anything, Sell anything, Wear anything.

  • mickey

    Lovely. Holiday cards from someone who looks and has the personality of the Grinch.

  • mandy

    lol her life is so boring she is making holiday cards. I always found her boring anyways. But at least its for a good cause…

  • Chef de Chefs

    Someone has to look out for Ruth Madoff.

  • ewww

    F her I wouldn’t buy anything she endorses or puts out. I think she look fug!!!