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Michelle Obama: You Can Make A Difference

Michelle Obama: You Can Make A Difference

The First Family’s work is never done!

President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama walk back to the White House with daughters Sasha and Malia after attending a prayer service at St. Johns Episcopal Church on Sunday (October 11).

Later that week, Michelle attended the Miami Dade College Florida Campus Compact Awards Gala on Thursday (October 11) in Miami, Fla. The First Lady spoke to 500 guests about the importance of volunteering.

“Each of us has a role to play, and all of us have something to offer,” she said. “No matter where you come from or what you do for a living, you can make a difference in someone’s life, and in doing so, you can make a difference in your own life.”

10+ pictures inside of Michelle Obama making a difference…

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Photos: Joe Raedle/Getty, Jewel Samad/AFP
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  • mandy

    luv yah, MO. Great role model.

  • g!na

    omg! malia has the most nappiest hair! ugh!

  • happy girl

    What a stylish family. If I were that age, that is exactly how I would dress – like those little girls – colorful, fun and classy. Both such pretty girls. Nice family.

  • brit

    Malia will be very tall. She’s tall for her age.

  • BO

    who did malia’s hair??? it makes her look so old. a teen should not have my lunch lady’s hair cut. number 2, racist much? it’s the bad style, not the hair. no such thing as “the nappiest”

  • Coco

    Easy Jared enough with the Obama propaganda, with unemployment at 30 year highs, home foreclosure the last 3 months at 70 year highs, and a 1.5 trillion dollar annual deficit, and what his budget will do to the national debt already it’s gone from 2008, 9.4 trillion to 11 trillion, and what happened to his stimulus that he promised would create 3.5 million jobs and critiqued republicans because they said that he was lying and the stimulus was just a trillion dollar boondoggle to all the people that got him elected.

    I’m Canadian, and a trillion dollars is too much Americans tax payers money to pretend it was nothing, people here criticise that the government stimulus added 50 billion to the deficit put at least it put people to work we actually added jobs in August and September, I like Obama but you can’t pursue that type of reckless spending then accomplish nothing for it, it’s all those young people who will have no equality of life paying down all this debt, and he has only stared next he wants unfunded healthcare that they are massaging the books to lie about the costs, again it’s the young who will pay with the forced mandates of $3500 to $5000, mandates he promised he won’t do while campaigning, not to mention that it will at least add 2 trillion to the debt if democrats were being honest,

    I sorry I don’t get why young people are for him and democrats, don’t follow the the John Stewart’s, who I might add is 50, the only people this amount of debt and unfunded entitlements will screw over is the 20 to 30 year olds who voted for him, this is a generational theft from the young to the old, it’s your quality of life that will be effected.

    This generation has no intention of handing a better quality of life to their kids, Europe and now America it’s all about reaping as much debt to live good for themselves while leaving us with a broke government and the rest of the world from China to India in our heals, competition they didn’t have to deal with.

  • Cha-Cha

    Coco – yes, its a post about Obama but its him and his family going to church. So why are you ranting about politics here, on Just Jared of all places? But since we are – people like you who have this attitude of “he hasnt done what he promised” is totally stupid and anti-productive of idiots . He said in his election speech that he can’t do this alone. His campaign motto was “Yes, we can” not “Yes, i will solve every single problem in the world in my first 10 months”

    Anyway, love the family!

  • marne


    I couldn’t have said it better! People love to hi-jack the topic so they can b!tch about Obama . They can’t do anything right in the eyes of conservatives…even going to church is a problem. The family looks great, the girls seems to be adjusting quite well. Malia could be a model with those long legs. Beautiful family.

  • watch

    Malia has grown so much since last year! Michelle makes sure that her “babies” always look good. I just love this family! BTW, I think Malia is rocking that hair style. @ G!na; yes we have “nappy” hair and it looks great….what does your hair look like? IDIOT

  • Andy

    the girls’ outfits are amazing, simple yet fun and stylish, and Sasha is freakingly cute with those baby cheeks ><

  • Malia’s hair…


    They’re called BRAIDS dumb@ss!

  • lexy

    LMAO!!! Unemployment is Obama’s fault?? He’s been President for less than a year and that’s HIS fault. Also, this isn’t any political propaganda. She’s suggesting people do more volunteer work – not pay more taxes. Coco why not worry about what’s going on in Canada and not the US – seeing as that’s where YOU live. I hear Canada’s having problems too. Did I miss something? Is there NO unemployment in Canada? If Canada’s so great why are their musicians and actors all running here to America to be stars?

    JJ – maybe you should send this piece to your favorite celeb Rachel Bilson. Perhaps she could find something to do with her time other than pay you to take photos of her standing around doing nothing, leeching off of her man or calling herself a “fashionista”. Some volunteer work might help raise her public image.

  • Me!

    Agree—was just going to write the same thing!
    Malia was a little girl at the election celebration and now she is a young lady!
    Can’t believe she is just 11!
    Love this family:-)

  • SouthAfricanGirl

    Yes We Can!

  • hmm

    @Coco: we americans will forgive you because of your mental delayment and your self righteous passive aggressive temperament. focus on canada’s growing unemployment rate & downward financial spiral instead of american politics. With the brain drain, mafia criminals, tax haven for foreigners, conservative racist government and lack of exports that is happening on your turf, all i can say is… your next for the financial sh-t pit.

  • nativenyker
  • missy

    You all will be volunteering very soon. Things are beginning to be clear about the Obama’s and none of it is good. check ot the video of Obama’s communications director talking to a group of high schoolers about her favorite hero, Mao, is a communist who murdered 70 million chinese in order to take power. Their school safety czar is a homosexual who is involved with the North American Man Boy Love Association and wrote queering elementary. vin jones a known communist has already been let go due to pubic demand.

  • Shiolo

    @G!na- Malia has nappy hair, so what???? What an idiotic comment! She wears her hair the way she wants to unlike perhaps your chicken feather soft hair which cannot be styled in any other style. Get over it Sasha loves her hair and didn’t ask for your opinion or approval.

  • sillyme

    I love Malia…and her hair! Why is it that usually when you have a really pretty daughter, the other daughter turns out to be lacking in the looks department. Poor Sasha has her mother’s looks.

    As for volunteering, I’m a tax preparer and I was planning to work at one of those community centers and do some taxes for free next season. Not anymore. The Obamas bash businesses so much that all I want to do now is go out and make as much money as I can. After all, someone’s going to have to pay for all these government handouts he’s creating with no money.

  • Roxanne

    G!na–you’re an idiot.

    Coco–please calm the hell down before you bust a blood vessel, there’s medication for rantings like that.

    Cha-cha, Marne and Lexy…Thanks for being the voice of reason and posting something intelligent.

    I’m sick of these racist idiots who comes on a site and post their stupidity…when in reality they will NEVER go up to a person and say you’re hair is nappy, because they know they will get knocked the F**K out.
    FYI her hair is not nappy, it’s called twisted braids.

  • Rhonda

    Well they sure like layering and color! f k volunteering WHERE’s THE JOBS!

  • Pandora

    Not a fan of this woman and her fashion choices, but…I really like her outfits in these pics. A lot. They look great on her, and the girls look really cute too.

  • http://justjared KK

    Thank you for trying, Coco – you are right but the Kool-Aid is still being guzzled here, unfortunately.

  • melikey

    I like what she’s wearing in the solo shot. Lovely colors. I wish I could see the entire ensemble. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks.
    ps. some people just talk too damn much (i.e. coco).

  • madi

    Hmm.. everyone has something to offer, eh? Well what does Obama have to offer? Because he hasn’t done poop so far.

  • Rhonda

    this is what they wear to church?

  • Rhonda

    they could at least comb that hair, no need to go out looking so nappy

  • Roxanne

    @Rhonda: Again with the nappy…i’m done I can’t entertain ignorance.

  • Morgane

    OMG! the first daughters are horrible. shame on you Obama family!

  • Rhonda



  • roundrhonda


    The Obama girl does not have a nappy (or diaper) on her head. Get your eyes checked!

  • lissa

    Michelle Obama is now the honorary head of the Girl Scouts, is she gonna work on her ” I never been proud of my country” badge lol

    what a freaking joke

  • g!na

    @BO: you’re just ignorant as hell! her hair is nappy & gross! nothing to do with being racist! It’s a fact! Her hair is nasty! duh!

  • hayley

    Malia’s hair looks fried! braids or not, it’s nappy & disgusting! put a wig or a weave on that sh*it! Sasha’s hair looks good! Sasha got all the looks! poor Malia!

  • ARRA

    The children are just beautiful – I cannot believe how tall and grown up Malia is!

  • lakers fan in boston

    for once i actually like what she’s wearing
    most of the time i think she dress a bit 2 mature
    but i like her here

  • julie

    what a great family, thank god he made us all different and i so appreciate it, i am 49 yrs. old and black and look great, my white friends have had 3 or 4 face lift by the time they hit 40. so talk all you want about black people, we come out on top at the end.

  • hilda

    Wow, she is awesome! –

  • tina

    maybe michelle should stop spending so much on her clothes and get her teeth fixed. she totally looks like a piranha which makes her look so incredibly mean.

  • JoGee

    Roxanne, darling, someone should take some Comet and wash your mouth out with it. Do you really think bad language is the answer to anything? Also, you would be better off to forget the name calling and, especially, accusing someone of being racist.


  • Halli

    Malia is going to be tall… so beautiful and Sasha looks so cute in her little leggings.

    Whoever is the same poster obsessing about Malia’s twists… get over yourself. That child has long shoulder length hair, twists make it look short. BUt I agree its not the best look since she’s so young, maybe she likes it. But the envy coming from you is palpable. All you can talk about is hair when what you’re really thinking about how much you hate the incredible life these young girls are leading and will lead into the future. Piss off.

  • Georgia

    Beautiful family :-)

    Same old tired angry bitter racist comments coming from one or two people posting in multiple user names.

    Such sad lives you have.

  • Greg

    Malia is going is so pretty.

  • Jade

    Gorgeous family. So happy they’re in the White House and not that fame-w*hore fat cow Megan McCain and that hillbillie family the Palins.

  • Jacob

    Love the Obama’s!

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