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Paranormal Activity Stills Scaring Up Audiences

Paranormal Activity Stills Scaring Up Audiences

Due to over 1 million demands, Paramount Pictures is beginning the nationwide expansion of their hit movie, Paranormal Activity, starting TODAY! Critics have been loving it — so far the flick has an 86% on Rotten Tomatoes!

“I don’t think it necessarily takes a big budget to be scary,” director Oren Peli told Access Hollywood. “If you look at Blair Witch, that was done on a very small budget and that was very effective. A lot of the stuff that is really scary in the movie is very subtle stuff – what happens at night, when you are asleep and you are the most vulnerable.”

Private Practice‘s Kate Walsh and her new boyfriend just saw Paranormal Activity last weekend! Also spotted seeing the movie: Gossip Girl‘s Connor Paolo and Taylor Momsen as well as Ugly Betty‘s Mark Indelicato and Fame‘s Paul Iacono.

TELL JJ: Has anyone seen it yet? How scary is it???

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  • sam

    honestly theres only like two actually scary parts, its mostly talking, kinda boring

  • Cristobal

    I want to see it.

  • Tessa

    My friend got really scared and didn’t want to go to sleep. What he said was that a lot of people in the theaters would talk really loudly which obviously affected everyone’s view on the movie because they couldn’t get into it


    Very boring movie.

  • Julie

    scariest movie ever! def go see it

  • Afam

    this movie is boring but scary. most of it is just talking talking and talking

  • Carolyn

    Watched it yesterday. Wasn’t that scary for me. I was more annoyed rather than amused or scared.
    Had a friend watch it though and they couldnt sleep with their lights off for a few nights. Guess its different for everybody.

  • Rocky

    There is a very slow build. And if you require a lot of action, blood, guts, and gore, then this movie is not for you. But the slow build is perfect, and the pay off is even better.

    I loved this movie. The ending was terrifying. I recommend seeing this with a big audience as the full audience experience makes it even better. Not sure if it will translate on DVD.

  • polly

    just saw it last night, it was NOT scary at all. wasted of money..i was actually laughing at some of the “scary” parts. i have seen way more scary stuff happening in real life.

  • Lois

    Yeah, it’s slow at times, but I couldn’t sleep for days!
    A review:

  • LB

    yes, it is a creepy movie that will freak you out….I saw it last friday and still have problems sleeping.

  • Jenny

    I get so scared watching scary movies but this didnt freak me out at all…which means it wasnt that scary, i didnt see what the hype was all about.

  • Aj

    This was not scary at all, it was actually more funny, than scary

  • Come on

    Jared, you should mark advertisements as such instead of disguising them as your editorial content.

  • Mary

    More creepy than outright scary. Works on you later. But there were several people in my theater who were crying at the end.

  • tera

    Wow, I can’t wait to see this! –

  • Brenda

    I was very freaked out. I was so scared I had to sleep with all the lights in the house right. We saw the midnight showing of it…im still getting freaked out by it lol

  • longhornforever

    Two of my co-workers were talking about this today. They both love horror/suspense movies and they both said this movie was very lame and not all at scary.

  • najy

    not very scary. anti-climactic. all the scariest parts are in the trailer.

  • sarah

    well, in my opinion i thought the movie was scary ; others are scared by gore and lots of blood – but i just find it disgusting and obviously fake. if it weren’t for all the idiots in the movie theater that talk and laugh when a part isn’t even funny – thats when everyone’s tension just calms down which makes it impossible to be scared.

  • C

    I thought it was the best scary movie I have seen in a long time. The point of the movie I think is to make you feel like it is happening or could happen to you. In a big budget movie if a door open and closes by itself it is not that scary b/c it doenst feel real, but if that crap happened to you at 12 am in your house when no one else was there a majority would be super freaked out. To me that is whatt the movie does I felt like I was watching these people that could live next door to me go through some scary stuff. Also the build up night after night to the final scene is so suspensful I was shaking when we walked out. I normally dont get scared easy,but I am not gonna lie I slept with the tv on that night.

  • james.

    OHH MYYY, its worth watching. especially the ending (x

  • katkat

    I’m a horror fan and I thought the movie had its scary moment that will leave you gasping and sit still in the dark theater. I’ll admit…later that night I could not go to sleep! It’s worth seeing it.

  • Chris

    the movie was sooooooooo funny!! i cracked up durring every scene

  • candice

    im afraid 2 c it . ahh

  • AMy


  • Chef de Chefs

    I’d go, but I’m afraid I’m afraid of scary movies

  • cc

    Ehh i saw this last night and it was not worth my money. It was like a hour long You Tube video

  • Liz

    This was without a doubt one of the most boring movies I have ever seen. All the hype is beyond explanation. The comparisons to The Exorcist, the scariest movie ever made, is ludicrous.

  • Riley

    This movie honestly was scary as hell for me, probably because I am complete wuss when it comes to the horror genre. Damn, when the thing just pulled her out of bed, I was freaked. Not to mention the freaky exorcism which is bound to give me nightmares sooner or later.

    As for the sleeping problem, you can’t let it stay in your head otherwise it really will stay permanently. I only had problems sleeping the first night, when I couldn’t even turn out the light. That was it. After that I slept fine.