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Sarah Michelle Prinze: Post-Baby Body!

Sarah Michelle Prinze: Post-Baby Body!

Sarah Michelle Prinze flaunts her post-baby body as she gets a little pampering done with a gal pal at Anastasia salon on Friday afternoon (October 16) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Just less than a month ago, the 32-year-old former Buffy actress gave birth to daughter Charlotte Grace Prinze.

SMP‘s husband Freddie Prinze Jr. joins the TV drama series, 24, for the upcoming season. Day 8 kicks off @ 9PM ET/PT on Sunday (January 17) with a 2-night 4-hour premiere on FOX!

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Photos: Agent 47/WENN
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  • that guy

    I like that we are calling her Sarah Michelle Prinze. I know, I know she officially changed her name and this new name works! She should put that on the VERONIKA DECIDES TO DIE MOVIE POSTER… when is that being released?>

  • ck

    She looks great :)

    Unfortunately, her career is still struggling. HBO didn’t pick up her pilot (The Wonderful Malady’s) for series :(

  • coco

    i like her scarf

  • bf

    she looks greatt.

  • Ana

    Wow, very pretty. She looks great!

  • Jennifer

    Women who don’t lose weight after they have children are nothing but fat, lazy slobs who deserve to be cheated on by their husbands.
    Sarah Michelle Prinze had a baby a month ago and already looks 100% fabulous.
    There is no excuse for gaining a hundred pounds and keeping it on after child birth.

  • DarkEmpress

    When did she stop being Sarah Michelle Gellar???/

  • amanda

    Very beautiful!

  • anna

    @DarkEmpress: agreed and btw, i cant believe she was a ball less than amonth and now she is so thin, WOW

  • Kasey

    Jennifer, your comment is sad. I hope for your sake you’re already a mother and aren’t saying this as a sweeping generalization made by someone who’s never been pregnant.

  • Kel

    Wow….Can you be anymore of a b*tch???
    If you’re not pregnant or never have been, I hope you get pregnant soon and I also hope you AREN’T able to lose any of that “baby fat”.
    You should really get your brain checked out because your comment was not only INSANE, but it was uncalled for.
    And if you actually knew what the h*ll you were talking about, you’d realize that some women just aren’t able to lose any weight they gain from being pregnant. Not every woman is built the same and no matter how much you excersise, some women can never get back the body they used to have prior to pregnancy.
    You practically just insulted half of the women in the world with that f*cked up comment.
    I’ve seen plenty of women deal with this. So the next time you open up that nasty mouth of yours, I’d think TWICE if I were you.

  • HH

    Buffy! I LOVE her!

  • Sarah

    Jennifer-kamra-watch out!

    She looks great. But, you know these actresses are under pressure to starve themselves to get back to their pre baby weight.

  • Sarah

    lol KARMA I mean.

  • Greek Goddess

    I totally agree with you Kel # 11! Karma is a b!tch, Jennifer, you’d better watch out. Hope you won’t be able to lose the baby weight too. Except if you’re an immature insane stupid brainless rejected little 12 yr old boy. Your mama must not have given you love huh? Poor you. Get a life. I think pregnant women are extremely gorgeous and hot. Pregnancy is sexy. Normal women lose their baby weight a while after the birth, we’re human being for God’s Sake!! Anyway, I know she was married to Freddie for quite some time but I didn’t know she was now called “Sarah Michelle PRINZE” lol. Good for her though. I can’t waiiiiit to see the baby girl!!!!! She must be so pretty with beautiful parents like that!

  • Michelle

    fat skinny whatev-she is hot and richer than the haters

  • Brandon

    DAMN! she’s still fabulous!

  • *** JAMIE ***

    beautiful name for the baby

    she looks good, forgot that she actually gave birth already

  • Liz86000

    WOW!!! She & Ellen Pompeo both look so great a month after giving birth!

  • chrissi

    she looks fantastic

  • Montana

    She looks great! You wouldn’t have even guessed she was pregnant.

  • davidhot

    Damn! She’s such a MILF :-)

  • lexy

    Sarah looks great and I too would like to know when she changed her name to Prinze. I could see her doing it personally but keeping Geller for business. Either way great to see her!

  • Carlos

    I like Sarah Michelle Prinze.

    She looks great!

    I would definitely not be surprised if there was a buffy movie! Edward, watch your back!

  • Jo

    Sarah looks amazing ! Thanks !

  • j

    loveeee herrr.

    and she changed her last name a few years ago. im not sure when. but i remember reading an article saying she changed it on her anniversary with Freddie as a gift to him.

  • Mickey von Dutch

    Thanks to all my fellow commenters who put #6, Jennifer, back in her place. In order to write something like this, you must either be really stupid, lacking in experience or out looking for trouble.

  • Death!


  • Chef de Chefs

    What’s this the 1940′s? You call that flaunting?

  • lexy

    If she changed her name all that time ago why did JJ just start calling her Prinze? I mean JJ had plenty of pics of her walking around pregnant and he called her Geller. Jennifer Aniston had changed her name legally to PItt but still used Aniston as her professional name.

  • rosie

    Jennifer, you’re a troll. You’re probably not even a woman. I can say anyway, that if you are a woman, you’re not much of one. Would you go around stealing pregnant women’s husbands? Or encourage new mothers to diet and develop an eating disorder – thus forsaking her health and that of her baby’s?

  • Carla

    WOW ! She looks amazing ! I love her shoes btw ! Does anybody know where I can find them online?

  • mish

    Wow, she is looking good, way to go fred! –

  • T Star

    She’s a Prinzess :)
    I know that show, 24. Norman Powell Produced it while in it’s second season. You know Dick Powell’s 1st son. (Richard jr. came years later.) but I digress.
    Looking good Prinzess – gratz on gig Prince jr.

  • T Star

    @T Star:
    oh, look the stage name for Richard was considered vulgar.

  • T Star

    “The Squeeze” staring Dick Powell is a black & white classic.
    Watch his name be censored again. It’s not listed as Richard Powell it’s DickPowell.

  • sarah Bercar

    she look so cute …. cant wait to see charlotte I just love her…. ps: for me always she will be Sarah Michelle Gellar with Prinze sound so Bizzard and very gear

  • retardalert

    Jennifer obviously has no kids. It’s really easy to lose the weight and the pooch that ALL women struggle with post-delivery IF you have a C-section and immidiate tummy tuck, which is what ALL these stars do, with the exception of a few. Now go F^&k yourself.

  • Rocks31

    She is beutiful, Brazil love her

  • wateverz

    Maybe Jennifer’ is some stupid Jerkoff that cheated on his wife cos she couldnt lose the baby weight or maybe just some crazy bitch.

  • Maggie

    Sarah changed her last name for their 5th wedding anniversary in 2007. She is commonly referred to as Sarah Michelle Gellar and Sarah Michelle Prinze. I have been her absolute #1 FAN for well over a decade, so I try to be correct in calling her Prinze…but she’ll probably always be Sarah Michelle Gellar to me! (I named my pet Gellar in her honor, so of course she’s a Gellar to me. And yes, I am an obsessed fan hahaha). Also, Sarah has always been quite thin. I am not surprised that she lost her baby weight so fast because SOME women are that blessed. However, Jennifer, many women do work hard and do not have the same luck. That’s what it is: luck, because some women can do nothing and every ounce gets lost. Some women work their butts off and yet NOTHING comes off their butts! A small number of women are lazy and do nothing to try to lose the weight, but that is usually not because they are lazy…it’s usually because they have about 1000 other things to focus on and are sacrificing their own health and looks to take care of more urgent issues. So think twice and stop being so judgmental for crying out loud!

  • Caz

    She looks brilliant, but she’ll always be Sarah Michelle Gellar to me :)

    Also, the poster who judged women for not losing their weight after having a baby sounds like an idiot. I’d rather a woman feel happy about being a mother, rather than focus on dieting and losing weight straight after having a child.