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Halle Berry: Medical Building Babe

Halle Berry: Medical Building Babe

Halle Berry rushes out of a medical building on Saturday (October 17) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 43-year-old actress, who has basically said she’s not pregnant, was seen with her boyfriend Gabriel Aubry at LAX airport in Los Angeles earlier in the day.

The couple had just returned from New York City, where they attended Keep A Child Alive‘s 2009 Black Ball at Hammerstein Ballroom.

10+ pictures inside of Halle Berry‘s medical building rush…

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halle berry medical building 01
halle berry medical building 02
halle berry medical building 03
halle berry medical building 04
halle berry medical building 05
halle berry medical building 06
halle berry medical building 07
halle berry medical building 08
halle berry medical building 09
halle berry medical building 10

Credit: Miguel Aguilar, Hot Shots Worldwide; Photos: INFdaily, SplashNewsOnline
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  • walt

    SO? Talk about something interesting Jared.

  • lisa

    Why is the only news about Halle is she is going into or coming out of some medical building..

    Man it really is a slow news day. I thought Halle had a film coming out soon.. Does anyone know anything..

    Hey I may be talking to myself. I doubt this thread gets over 30 comments. Halle is drop dead gorg.. but other then that nasty display with Jamie Foxx.. she is not that interesting.

    And that display still plays in my mind.. and not in a good way.

  • http://JUSTJARED boring

    i hope she is going in there for her brain, becaue other than that, who cares, i agree with everyone else, nasty display for attention, and she does have man legs, maybe she had to go get his sperm put in her. she is in menapause. boring

  • ann

    What does her saying she was not pregnant has anything to do with this article? After wearing that black number at Keep Child Alive or something like that you can tell she is NOT preggers.

  • Walt Lisa Boring

    PR stunt. He doesnt really like her. He’s is stiff. Everyone says so on other sites! Hurricane Chris lies! Please believe me. I’m running out of names. I am one who posts as many. I can’t wait. Another Halle Berry post gives me purpose. I hate Halle. Black actresses. Joan Crawford. Evil eye. I just saved a ton of money on my car insusrance by switching to Geico.

  • alex

    It must be a weird life to be with your man and your agent all the time.
    She is all about business. Does not look like she knows how to kick back and have fun!!!! GO ON A VACATION HALLE!!! GET AWAY FROM THE PAPS AND TAKE NAHLA WITH YOU!!!! Whose with the baby? Poor Nahla. Seems like she is never with her mother. All you see is Halle either alone or being chased by the paps or with her agent or on the red carpet or at an event.
    Sigh…oh well, guess she is trying to resurrect her career.
    Cute little dress…..but they both look hard to me.

  • groundcontrol

    This is completely inappropriate. She is coming out of a medical building and people think it’s okay to take her photo and blogs think it’s okay to buy these photos and post them.
    Wrong. Just wrong.

  • LuckyL

    Even I’m bored. Just plain abrasiveness.

  • blah

    #5 go suck on a rotten egg!

    Other than that Halle sucks and i really dont care about what she does in life

  • Ny_yanks

    She’s just a lump of nothing. She looks more and more like a dude, even with a dress on. I’m sick of looking at her actually….geez

  • Lizzie

    He always looks like he can’t wait to get the hell away from her.

  • asdfg


  • izzy

    @ann: Didn’t you know Jared’s nickname here other than Halle’s a$$-kisser is Perez Jr.? Of course, she’s not, nothing more than her probably doing her cock tease with the pappis.

  • izzy

    @alex: Guess you haven’t been following Jared w/his numerous posts of Nahla. She’s probably with her mother, the real nanny or a friend or the real baby daddy (being half serious).

  • izzy

    @lisa: Frankie & Alice still doesn’t have a distributor or release date. Film has been in post-production since January.

  • louisa

    Jared, what does the “basically said she’s not pregnant” crack supposedly mean? She flat out said she wasn’t several times and you posted pictures for weeks that clearly shows she’s not. Never with Nahla? It’s rare that Halle isn’t with her.

  • sandi

    Maybe she’s there for another nose job.

  • Darya

    Boring. Halle Berry comes out of a medical clinic. And this is news how? She’s not pregnant and your comment is very odd.

  • alex

    IZZY @ 14 LOL true true. Have not been following. lol
    Halle needs to take another trip to the beach with her baby and enjoy her while she is young. She will be all grown up soon. Before you know it, we will be looking at a teenager. GOD I hope we are not looking at the same ol photos by then!!!! (REALLY JOKING)

    Have a great day!

  • izzy

    @sandi: or another botox/collagen tx

  • izzy pt2

    @sandi: oops I forgot to mention maybe she was getting another one of her colonics that Jared loves so much to write about.

  • Jared use UR brain!

    @izzy: Jared use brain, on Leno she said she was definitely not pregnant has worn close to definitely prove she isn’t then why do keep insisting she could be when you live in NYC and have no idea what kind of doctor or queens out with preggers rumors every time the woman wears a sundress? Dude, the woman has been in negotiations with a couple of movies plus the others she has in production. Jared your a total idiot!

  • gabriel is stiff

    @Walt Lisa Boring: WOW! I just said that the other day…how stiff he is…he does nothing to compliment her…he makes her very boring…Halle hurry up and get a new boyfriend and a good movie! I’m sick of seeing this chick leave grocery stores and medical buildings…with big bird…

  • too much business

    OF COURSE THE MANAGER IS THERE WITH THEM…When are people going to realize that Gabriel and Halle are just business…he gave her his sperm…she has her daughter and now they appear everywhere with her manager for publicity purposes…clearly Jared is on their pay roll….if I was her boyfriend — her REAL ONE — that would annoy the h*ll out of me to always have her manager around…I now see why David Justice and Eric Benet could not hang with her…

  • Izzyblah Lizzie

    We are one who posts as many. Halle sucks. Go Phillies. Evil eyes. Trash interracial love affairs. White power. Joan Crawford.

  • Jared use UR brain!!

    How many names do I have to post under before you stop with all the Halle posts? I am running out of names! Evil eyes. Joan Crawford.

  • body language

    Gabriel’s body language is very telling…he’s like walking two feet ahead of Halle….he looks so annoyed and done with this craziness…I know this life bothered Eric…so it would not surprise me if Gabriel ops for a more basic lifestyle with another woman or man….

  • body language

    I was studying him the other night through high powered binoculars. I know where they were going. I always know. I study Halle. I stalk Gabriel. It’s all very tell. Yes, telling. Geico.

  • Ny_Yanks in Boston Lakers Fan

    I so hate Halle. She sucks. I’m tired of looking at her. That’s why I post under all her threads. ‘Cause she sucks. I want her to go away so I can’t post anymore. But then what will I do? I lie with evil eyes. Joan Crawford.

  • Mya

    LOL, I never even noticed that….

  • jerri

    I luv her, they are a cute couple! –

  • chef de chefs

    I wonder if she’ll ever return that hospital gown.

  • patty

    Most love today is interracial. Hispanic/white unions are through the roof in border states. And in elite circles, Asian/white unions trail but a bit.

    Soon, at least in heavily dense recent immigrant states, there will be very few pure whites.

    Final thought, early in American history, quadroonic men would cross the color line and become white. If you have deep roots in America, the chances of not having at least one quadroonic ancestor are very slim.

    Finally, Halle is probably about 65% white herself. Given that her father was not pure African. So, she’s actrually dating someone more similar to her in background than a pure African.

  • Heather Settlers

    Halle’s PR team is def calling the paps

  • Heather Settlers

    I am the paps.

  • lizk

    With all that money….? What an absolute slob.

  • Dana

    Go Yankees!

  • Dana

    No I am the paparazzi

  • Dana

    @patty: Who gives a crap. She hates black men herself. She is a douche wad!

  • Dana

    @izzy: You know why it doesn’t have a release date or distributer? Because we are sick and tired of Halle showing those raisin nipples cucumber sagging tired used old breasts with powdered milk of hers. Nobody is going to pay $5 to see that bootleg movie!

  • http://JUSTJARED movie

    who wants to see frankie and alice, she can not act, that like looking at a kid play in shool, we seen her flap jakes already, what knew, her wearing wigs. so , what about the acting, don’t waste your money, and for that make believe boy toy, you should ask for more money to be around her, those lies are going to get him in trouble, so get all the money you can, and don’t sign any papers on your daughter.

  • Lenny

    Halle, one word of advice. Stay away from real acting okay. When I heard you were stalking Benicio del Toro and nearly ruined his beautiful blossoming career I almost had a heartattack. Keep your sagging wrinkled breasts away from Clint Eastwood and keep your herpes mouth away from Benicio! Keep your D list acting to those horrible $ 2 movies where you show your old crotch and keep up the bad work making an ass out of yourself trying to be catwoman. My 96 year old blind deaf wheelchair bound great grandmother acts better then her.

  • Yankees!

    Halle, please – leave us alone!

  • The Dana Lenny Movie

    I hate Halle’s berries. They are so perky and real. Mine never grew in like mom said they would. And my 96 year old deaf blind grandmother lied about that too. Now she’s a funny smell in the basement. Tee hee. No one lies to me and gets away with it. The voices tell me that I’m special. So I’ve stopped taking the pills because they quite the voices. I need them. They are my friends.

  • Lizk with Do You for 12.99

    I have no money, but I have kneepads and no gag reflex. Any takers?

  • Yankees!

    Go Phillies!

  • Camille

    She was probably having a check up on her newest nose job. Her nose looks a heck of a lot smaller/thinner than it used to. Don’t believe me? Go and do a search on Google.

  • lalalove

    Nice. She’s gorg. Man black don’t crack for sh*t.

  • http://JUSTJARED beautiful


  • HalleGabriel

    @patty: What in the world are you talking about? Do you even know?