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Jennifer Aniston Narrates Book to Inspire Kids

Jennifer Aniston Narrates Book to Inspire Kids

Jennifer Aniston and her dad, actor John Aniston, have narrated a book called “Loukoumi’s Gift” in hopes to inspire kids to make a difference.

The book from author Nick Katsoris will be released on October 24, National Make a Difference Day, and $2 from every book purchased will be donated to St. Jude’s, which pioneers work in finding cures and saving children with pediatric cancer.

For more info on the book, visit

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  • ugh!

    aw cute

  • Cristobal

    I don’t care for her.

  • *** JAMIE ***

    thats sweet

    her dad still looks really good

  • abc

    cute :)

  • Ruth

    I wish them every success with the book and commend the fact that part of the profits will go to such a worthy cause! Well done Jennifer, you are a talented, beautiful and classy lady.

  • African Girl


  • Not impressed with JA

    How ironic.
    How come that notorious child hater narrates book to children ?

    oh well, it’s like the SMART WATER at the school. Everything for the dollar.

  • vi 1004

    that is soooooo cute!!!! i LOVE the cover!

  • barbie

    The book is written by a Greek author, so it’s nice that she is supporting people from her heritage, and this education initiative too.

  • RealityCheck

    @Not impressed with JA: Notorious child hater? You are sick. There’s never been any evidence that she hates children. Just because she isn’t a compulsive child adopter doesn’t mean she hates kids. But Brangie fans never know when to stop, do they?

  • Ruth

    #7 Not impressed with JA @ 10/17/2009 at 4:54 am How ironic.
    How come that notorious child hater narrates book to children ?
    oh well, it’s like the SMART WATER at the school. Everything for the dollar.Disgusting


    And you know Jennifer Aniston personally? You know for a fact that she hates children? How can anyone write something so cruel and stupid. And don’t rehash all the story about her ex wanting children and she didn’t. None of us know if this is true or what really happened except for the fact that he fell for another woman whilst he was still married. End of story.

    I am not a fan of Jennifer Aniston but I think that the ongoing hatred campaign against her is absolutely unfair and disgusting. She deserves sympathy and not hate for what she had to go through during and after the divorce.

  • le

    @Ruth…And you know Jennifer Aniston personally? How do you know what she had to go through during and after the divorce? do you know her personally?
    You don’t know her no more than anyone else. The other poster was posting their opinion just like you are. Your opinion is no more qualified than anyone else.

    Jennifer Aniston is so desperate and pathetic and has no talent. That’s why her movies flop. That’s why she needs to fake a relationship with a douche bag like John Mayer.
    Jen is no better than that douche bag and I have no respect for her.
    The minute that douche bag leaked out that they were back together she should have shot that lie down but she didn’t. Douche bad don’t
    want her he just want to use her name. Well Jen is cut from the same loaf. Since she needs to use his name.
    That’s why I have no respect for her any more. She is common douche bag trash.

  • Not impressed with JA

    Maniston has already said how disgusting she was with Shilow’s birth and let one of her die hard fan attack a pregnant Angelina so that she abort.
    She also insults the JP children in her first interview
    She also said that she wishes children to be beautiful because if not they are not worth it for the parents
    She also support her dear close friend Joe Francis, the Peadophile who likes them underage.
    She is a CHILD Hater FOR MOKING HER THEN HUSBAND for moking his desire to have children, giving him false pregnant testes at his birthday in front of everyone.
    CHILD HATER, through and through like many of her fans who launched fdeath wishes to chilfdren.

  • Casey

    Sinking real low since all her movies will flop all over the place.
    What’s next dancing outside of Wal-mart.
    I believe after J-Mayer use Jenn fans to buy his albums next
    he will leak out that he is back with Jessica Simpson to get
    her fans to buy his Cd. After that he will make out with another
    man to get the gay crowd. That’s how you got to work the media
    for you hits. Can’t just rely on talent.

  • faith faith

    She sure didn’t get her looks from her mother. Awww how cute. John is standing next to his son.

  • Bea

    JA need a man a man before any project of hers will that alone is why she allows that douche bag to be linked to her name.

  • -





  • Sheila

    Her mentality is no better than a child. Hope she is back in therapy.

  • Justsaying

    What’s disgusting is having to fake date a man to sell your wares.

  • Suzi

    Oh yeah $hit happens bumbed.
    I forgot about that. No wonder she is
    fake dating Mayer again.

  • glee

    Mayer money comes from women.
    How hilarious since he has no respect for them.
    Women with low self worth deal with him. Jen and Jessica S
    are just a like.

  • lmao

    If Jen and John should have a child that child will have the longest chin in the world.

  • lmao

    Looking forward to the bombing of Baster.

  • christine


  • Le-an

    Jen should take about 2 years off to find herself.

  • Abby

    I can’t stand that horrible douche bag Mayer why do she feel the need to have anything to do with him is beyond me. I’m disappointed.

  • Oh please

    If Jen has not found herself after the age of 42 then she is irretrievable.
    She needs to go sit in the dunce chair with retarded Madonna.

  • someone

    She has been a spokesperson for St. Jude for a long time…good for her!

  • ellie’

    The book will be a sucess for such a worthy cause…… Jennifer you classy talented and you Father still looks great.. Your a kind person..

  • someone

    WoW..I almost forgot what site I was on, its the “Lets run Jen down into the ground site”..You haters need to get over it. Your blood pressure is rising, and you will all eventually stroke out, wait until Brad and Angie split your therapist now, get a head start!!!

  • ellie’

    I also love the cover .. Its so adorable…

  • Kuvamagh

    She could easily spare a few million and donate it directly to St Judes but this way she will gain publicity for it rather than hard graft or giving away her precious money. She could also forgo paying $50k for her hair for a few days and that would save probably a few children.

  • lennie

    no need to wonder where Maniston got her chin from, it’s gross

  • lea

    The REAL reason Brad Pitt broke up with Jennifer Aniston – REVEALED!!!

    she didn’t hank her husband ,she’s so classy !!
    she looks drunk
    she has a face and a large chin to receipt golden shower

  • teri

    Aww sweet but does she really need the extra 18 dollars, really? Donate it all to St. Judes and people will start to come around and actually think your not so shallow. With 120 million sitting in your account it should go elsewhere. Sorry Jen but you act so stingy and don’t have anyone to care for besides two dogs.

  • Montana

    That book cover is adorably cute!

  • ohreally?

    @Not impressed with JA: That’s a hideous comment. Bet your Angie would be thrilled that such lunatics worship her and her children, YOU ARE DISGUSTING.

  • Mary

    Linda!!! Jen is the best!

  • lmpressedbyJA

    @le: You’re an idiot.

  • lea

    you wd think she ‘d narratre with her mother
    her dad left and abandonned her
    and now he’s grandad narrating a kid’s book?
    go sit down , clown

    where is her mother?
    she needs money for helthcare
    poor woman

  • liverwurst

    Lonn comment #14-23 are all the same poster. You know how we know? YOU KEEP MAKING THE SAME GRAMMAR ERRORS. And there just isn’t 2 separate people that stupid. LOL!

  • La sigh.

    Such a goodhearted woman! Love her xoxo

  • prettyisasprettydoes

    Movies are supposed to be entertaining and Jennifer’s always are. I think she does her job very well, obviously I’m not alone because every movie she has ever been in makes a profit! (or I guess they wouldn’t keep hiring her now would they?)

  • pffft.

    John Mayer has a huge trouser snake.

  • lovealwaysjen

    Fantastic! This girl has a heart of gold.

  • americassweetie

    So nice how Jennifer and her father have remained close after a divorce unlike some people we know.

  • americassweetie

    And Jennifer has also made amends with her Mother.

  • teri

    Wouldn’t it be great for Jen to just write out a 5 million dollar check to St Judes hospital? Just like the smart water, only 3-5 cents went to obese children. Is she really that hard up? I’m sure her fans agree that she is stingy. My heavens you’d think she’d at least try to outdo Paris Hilton in charity. Her fans rag on and on about JP not doing anything for America but 24 million dollars in America alone is huge. Guess it’s just different circumstances when it comes to jen even though she could but doesn’t give her share. Her fans should hold her to higher standards for once.

  • kitty

    what’s that thing in her cheek, it looks like a tumor. Two round balls don’t suit her. She should have them taken out.

  • spankme

    is jen going to be on cougar town with Courtney?