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Kate Bosworth: Scream Awards Ready!

Kate Bosworth: Scream Awards Ready!

Kate Bosworth walks to her car after having her hair done at the Byron & Tracey hair salon on Friday (October 16) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Tomorrow, the 26-year-old actress is expected at Spike TV’s 2009 Scream Awards held at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. Also recently added to the talent roster: Harrison Ford, Morgan Freeman and Christina Ricci. The after-party will be held at the Hollywood Cemetery. The ceremony will premiere on Spike TV on Tuesday, October 27 @ 10PM ET/PT.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth ready for the Scream Awards…

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kate bosworth scream awards ready 04
kate bosworth scream awards ready 05
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kate bosworth scream awards ready 08
kate bosworth scream awards ready 09
kate bosworth scream awards ready 10
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Credit: Anthony; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • N

    Such a sweet face. The tshirt is really nice, and I love the oxfords.

  • Felipe

    Love her. So beautiful.

  • Yelena

    WOW, I thought that was jessica simpson

  • *** JAMIE ***

    dont really care for her, she thinks she is really attractive, but those skin and bones do nothing for me, she is mediocre. She looked best in the movie Blue Crush, her body was stunning then.

  • Liz

    Kate is so chic. But her face is growing old…stop tanning!

  • cute

    She’s beautiful.

  • cantstandza

    She’s really pretty. Loved her in The Girl in the Park.

  • http://justjared damn

    She is so skinny such a horrific thing to look at who tolled her she looks sexy like that?

    This woman should get help I am always tolled I am skinny and should put on same weight but there is no way in hell I look like that and no woman I know or look in the street looks like that no way her body weight is normal .

    And to think THE CAMERAS ACTUALLY PUTS WEIGHT ON YOU I am scared to think how she actually looks HORRIBLE .

  • cubanita

    She actually looks healthier than I’ve seen her in the past.

  • celia

    I still don’t like her for some reason. I think I’m still holding a grudge because she dated Orlando Bloom. lol. I had a huge crush on him in high school, but now that I’m over that…Kate is alright now.

  • elle

    what happened to her career?

  • @8

    For the love of God, it’s TOLD not “tolled”.

  • hahaha

    Where is her Askars anchor necklace? Hahaha….totally know they are hooking up! They just tried to cover that up because he is looking like the total douche that he is. Maybe that bruise is from ERW kicking her a** and getting the necklace back.
    She is another CoKate! Such a coked out skinny tramp. Orlando Bloom is so smart to have dumped her drugged out a** and go for someone who is actually gorgeous, sweet, spiritual, and someone who gives back to the world. He is head over heels in love with Miranda Kerr and who can blame him. Believe me he is thanking his lucky stars that he got rid of Cokate Bosworth.
    What is up with Alexander Skarsgard’s taste though? He has like the worst taste in women known to mankind. So busy trying to get a starlet he will take anything.
    C’est la vie.

  • liza

    Oddly enough I like the outfit, the shorts, t shirt, and shoes. Those shoes had to grow on me though but now I think they are cute.

  • khristi

    I love this outfit

  • coco

    I still hate these shoes even though they are supposed to be in style. I have made mean comments about KB in the past but I actually think she looks good here. She does not look deathly thin like she has in the past – she just looks like a normal thin person. Please keep eating Kate – you look so much better. Having no meat on someone’s face and body shows every tendon and muscle making them look like a med school skeleton!

  • Ew

    Remind me why everyone’s fapping over her “timeless beauty.” I’ve seen better-looking women at WalMart.

  • @hahaha

    I predict we won’t hear another word about that grand love affair until it comes time to start promoting the movie. Then she’ll be clinging to Skarsgaard like a booger like she did with Jim Sturgess.

  • talen

    The girl is gorgeous. She does look like she put on some wait which is a good thing.

  • talen

    oops. weight. late night .lol

  • Twilight

    @hahaha: There was never anything for ERW to get back. As for anchor necklace, maybe Askars let Kate borrow it, but he’s too smart to hook up with either of these low rent starlets.

  • vickie

    Interesting that Kate will be at the Scream Awards like Alex.

  • becareful


    I was thinking the same thing…

  • Ice

    The girl has a fivehead but her face sure is pretty.

  • lovely

    She’s very pretty. Her hair is getting really long.

  • umm

    wow…she looks great here. i remember when she was just sticks and bones but omg…..her legs are soo sexy here.

  • Chef de Chefs

    @talen: I agree,she looks much better with some meat on her bones.

  • cassie

    she looks cute in just casual clothes =)

  • Looks good

    She actually looks healthy here! Some girls just naturally have smaller builds – but she’s not ‘scary skinny’ anymore. Always thought she had a very pretty face. She’ll never have the body she had in ‘Blue Crush’ because to get there she had to work out constantly and really bulk up on muscles. I don’t think she’s into that sort of thing in her normal everyday life. But she looks pretty good now.

  • hahaha

    @Twilight Maybe your right but I think hookup he might do. Make them his woman I don’t know bc he appears to be one thing and acts another. If a guy lets you wear a necklace he is known for wearing that speaks to we are effin right now. Heard that he cheated on Roda Monroe, the singer, with ERW and Kate Bosworth and she kicked him to the curb. Don’t know how true that is but it’s on the internet. I think he is trying way to hard to be accepted by Hollywood. I thought he was cool for a minute but everything he says sounds like old studio soundbites and then his actions speak to “low rent”. Even Roda Monroe is low rent compared to his past gfs. So sad but he could have done so much better. Guess we will see at the Scream Awards. Funny but the word at the Straw Dogs wrap party was that CoKate stayed away from him and all hugged up on James Marsden(in a friendly way). While Alex stayed to himself and other cast mates including Hoyt from True Blood and his fans. Something is definitely fishy with him and his “ladies”. Actually this is getting good and funny because you know when evan comes back around she is going to climbing all over his d***.

  • hahaha

    Honestly I think they are trying too hard to squelch the hookup rumors because he is supposed to be with someone and that someone is not happy about kate. That is the word out there in hwood. Too bad he is becoming more known for what he does between the sheets than for his acting abilities. If this keeps up and he keeps messing with these stupid starlets he will soon be forgotten and go the way of tv land actors who tried to be movie actors.

  • neelu

    Isn’t funny how Jim STurgess acted with both of alex’s hookup girls. But he is a whole lot classier and a better actor too with amazing range. He would never be caught with them.
    He is quite handsome too..

  • W

    @hahaha: Wrt Wood, doubt it. Let’s just say Alex is much better informed now. *wink*

    Kate is cute but if there’s something there, it’s probably just a fling.

  • aqua

    Kate looks much healthier these days.
    She really is beautiful when she isn’t starving herself.

  • jette

    killer, killer legs

  • Lauran

    She is looking good, is she dating Orlando? –

  • rox

    Looks like Kate borrowed Lohans self tanning lotion. They could be twins.

  • @36

    Uhmmm, where have you been for the last three years?

  • liza

    JJ keeps talking about the scream awards like its the Oscars or something. Anyways its kinda stupid complaing about Kate and askars, i mean they are working on a film together so they have to be around each other. Isnt she dating that british model? James is it?

  • orange hair

    does anyone else think her hair looks orangish and brassy?

  • Gail

    Her hair doesn’t look brassy at all – it’s a gorgeous blonde. She is so beautiful. Most women need a lot of makeup to look anywhere near as good as Kate looks here and she’s not wearing any makeup. Her body looks wonderful too. I want her legs!

  • @ *** Jamie ***

    She IS really beautiful. She’s a natural beauty!

  • Hank


  • Shannon

    She’s 26? Jeez. She looks 36.