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Miley Cyrus & Kim Cattrall Pucker Up For Sex and the City

Miley Cyrus & Kim Cattrall Pucker Up For Sex and the City

Miley Cyrus and co-star Kim Cattrall pucker up in the same Matthew Williamson dress while shooting a scene for Sex and the City 2 at New York City’s Ziegfeld Theatre on Friday night (October 16).

Samantha (Cattrall) reportedly tries to dress young and hip and winds up wearing the same sparkly mini dress as Miley! Can’t wait to watch this scene!

10+ pictures inside of Miley Cyrus and Kim Cattrall puckering up for Sex and the City

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miley cyrus kim cattrall pucker up 01
miley cyrus kim cattrall pucker up 02
miley cyrus kim cattrall pucker up 03
miley cyrus kim cattrall pucker up 04
miley cyrus kim cattrall pucker up 05
miley cyrus kim cattrall pucker up 06
miley cyrus kim cattrall pucker up 07
miley cyrus kim cattrall pucker up 08
miley cyrus kim cattrall pucker up 09
miley cyrus kim cattrall pucker up 10
miley cyrus kim cattrall pucker up 11
miley cyrus kim cattrall pucker up 12
miley cyrus kim cattrall pucker up 13
miley cyrus kim cattrall pucker up 14

Credit: Jackson Lee; Photos: Fame Pictures, SplashNewsOnline
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  • sweetie

    i’m sorry vut isn’t it kim catrell and co-star miley cyrus…?

  • Dani

    you’re so right Sweetie!

    Can’t wait for the movie!!!!!!

  • wtf

    this movie looks like crap

  • Sara

    This scene will be hilarious! Can’t wait to see the movie!

  • lala

    Miley looks stunning!
    Beautiful and gorgeous!

  • LuckyL

    Jared, who the f*ck is the star of the movie? Fire your writers. I know you just copy and pasted this sh*t from the diaper page.

  • Katherine

    Umm, excuse me? Miley Cyrus and CO-STAR Kim Cattrall? Yeah, I don’t think so. Get your shit straight Jared.

  • dfdf

    this whole thing should be a joke.

    miley the disney star along with the free samantha..

    wtf is happening?

  • Sarah

    miley cyrus has on wayyy too much makeup here! *gag*

  • martin

    CO means companion, kind of equal, so it doesn’t really matter whose name is in front.

  • jami

    when i first read that miley cyrus could possibly be in the sequel, i thought, no, i’m not seeing this movie. but putting her in a scene such as this is pretty hilarious. good ol’ sam trying to grab onto her youth only to wind up in the same dress as the sl ut of the new generation! classic.

  • anna

    thye ruined the movie with her, she has nothing to do with the cast, cant believe producers like white trash

  • yipee!

    miley’s gross.

  • Ashley

    miley look horrible!!!!!!

  • Susan

    I don’t understand why people are making such a big deal over this. Miley’s cameo is going to last what–all of 30 seconds? The Sex & the City writers/producers haven’t let us down yet and I’m sure they won’t now. I personally am looking forward to this movie and am willing to make a bet this scene, like all the others, will be great!

  • Regina

    Why?! I loved the show. It was witty and had a realistic view on sex and relationships. But I can just see myself only enjoying the fashion, just like the last film, which was OK, but didn’t have the same vibe as the show. They really jumped the gun with this one. Kind of a stupid ploy to get teenagers to come along.

  • Eric D. Midget

    Old hag…..Girlfriend is caked in makeup……Kim looks fuked up as well…..

  • kathy

    i agree!!

  • Who Cares

    This is the true face of celebrity. Ew.

  • dundies

    cheap ****. bitch probably thinks this is her defining moment of her career

  • dundies

    cheeks and gums

  • Ange

    I love Miley, she is so beautiful

  • evy

    she shuldnt be in this movie; shes gonna ruins everything!! and her “fans” are way too young to watch it!!!!!!!!!

  • 12345


  • Me

    It appears that Kim has taken that same route as all the others – straight to the plastic surgeon’s. I’m disappointed as she looked good without surgery. She also made comments about those who did too much work and said she wasn’t going to.

  • Jessica

    Wow, this is great. Two hot women! Luv Miley!


    You haters are sooooo STUPID!!! She is in the movie for like 30 seconds to 1 minute tops. That isn’t going to ruin this movies. The movie already sucks on its own. If anything, she is helping. And this is coming from a NON MILEY FAN.

  • lilah

    I agree with you… With all that make up she doesn’t look like herself.

  • g!na

    Miley is a baby prostitute! She is a 16 year old child dressed like a sl*ut! Billy Ray Cyrus is pimping out his daughter! I would never let my 16 yr old dress like this!

  • hayley

    This is gross! Miley is showing cleavage and he rboobs are popping out! This should be against the law to show pics like this of a child! Here comes all the pedophiles to fantasize about this pic! ugh!

  • lakers fan in boston

    i dont think u should be calling kim, miley’s costar
    i dont think u meant it in a bad way, but it sure does sound like it
    miley is most of a guest
    horrible outfit by miley
    that dress goes with some sexy shoes not ugly boots
    she looks kinda cute in the pics with the tights

  • team_jen

    miley looks awesome same for kim

  • she shall remain nameless

    Seriously, why her??? Did she sleep with one of the producers to get the part??? There’s better actresses her age who are more fit to be in the movie.

  • Nat

    Film Sex and the city and then go over to Disney to film Hannah Montana?> XD

  • BillRay

    They look like 2 drag queens. Kim realllly looks bad. Like the cat woman lady in NYC. Cyrus looks like Lohan. Yuck. Hang it up trannies.

  • Nay

    So much makeup!

  • aimee

    s-l-u-t much??? i love how mileys wearing a collar and leather gloves.. how appropriate for a SIXTEEN YEAR OLD!!!

  • christine


  • *** JAMIE ***

    The sex and the city girls are so old now, just saying…

  • KaSheri

    i love those boots on miley cyrus in this picture…love, love, love them!!! could anyone possible tell me what designer is this and where can i get them? thanks!!!

  • ‚óŹ shy

    Lovin’ her hair. The dress is okay to me, not the best one I must say, but fine + the gloves on her, but to mix it up with those boots, oh, please. Girl, you can do so much better! xoxo ;*


    Miley’d only appear in this red carpet scene only right and not any of the others? Then it should be ok, although it is still…

  • yuck

    come on people, she’s an ugly, bucktooth hillbilly at best
    she’s just so full of herself

  • Dean

    And Miley is Kim’s CO-STAR. They’re co-stars to each other.

  • liza

    Never was a fan of Sex in the city, but its not a film for a silly 16 year old girl. But hey Miley is the new first class trash of Hollywood now next to Lindsey and Paris. At this rate she will walk out of a car without underwear.

  • Kellie

    Oh i just love that they’ve shoved that low rent piece of crap in the sequel. I hope they cut her scenes out!

  • lalla gurjar
  • Jen

    way to ruin the sequel by putting his girl in it. Btw why do they dress her like that, shes just 16, looks 30

  • jessie

    ewww miley looks so OLD for her age with all that makeup and her outfit looks so much worse than Kim’s.. why oh why is she in this movie?!

  • Namerequired

    Guess I can cross Sex and the City off my list of movies, I have no desire what so ever to see Miley or hear tween fans at or in any movie I pay good money for. Have fun with the tweens at the theaters ladies.