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Miranda Kerr: Caulfield Cup 2009!

Miranda Kerr: Caulfield Cup 2009!

Miranda Kerr dons a fancy floral Nerida Winter head-dress at the BMW Caulfield Cup at Caulfield Racecourse on Saturday (October 17) in Melbourne, Australia.

The 26-year-old Victoria’s Secret angel rubbed shoulders with model/actress Megan Gale and model Didier Cohen (remember their sexy photo shoot together in February?)

Designer Alex Perry created Miranda‘s beige silk dress specifically for her. “It fits like a glove,” Miranda told The Daily Telegraph.

20+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr at the 2009 Caulfield Cup

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miranda kerr caulfield cup 01
miranda kerr caulfield cup 02
miranda kerr caulfield cup 03
miranda kerr caulfield cup 04
miranda kerr caulfield cup 05
miranda kerr caulfield cup 06
miranda kerr caulfield cup 07
miranda kerr caulfield cup 08
miranda kerr caulfield cup 09
miranda kerr caulfield cup 10
miranda kerr caulfield cup 11
miranda kerr caulfield cup 12
miranda kerr caulfield cup 13
miranda kerr caulfield cup 14
miranda kerr caulfield cup 15
miranda kerr caulfield cup 16
miranda kerr caulfield cup 17
miranda kerr caulfield cup 18
miranda kerr caulfield cup 19
miranda kerr caulfield cup 20

Photos: Robert Prezioso/Getty
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  • pup

    cute, cute.

  • http://justjared love Miranda

    She looks great I love the dress not sure about the hat though lol.

  • coco

    the hat must go

  • laura

    Miranda looks amazing! So pretty and natural.
    Megan looks OK, but she looks like she is posing so hard she may throw out her back.
    Hate both of the hats.

  • Not a good look

    I realize these events require strange hats, but this one looks ridiculous! Megan Gale looks far more elegant. The two of them have strange chemistry – they look awkward posing together.

  • tee

    The dress looks gorgeous on her however not a fan of the headpiece. Miranda & Megan do look awkward in some of the shots, i wonder if perhaps there is any jealously going on between the aussie supermodels?

  • lakers fan in boston

    i dont think the hat is even that bad, altho i am biased since inm a big fan
    she looks gorgeous once again, sexy dress
    and i really think she has one of the most perfect legs
    i like gisele’s better but damn, her legs are amazing

  • yes!

    I love Miranda!
    She looks fantastic!
    I hope that she has fun at the BBQ. Even if Orlando couldn’t make it.

  • she shall remain nameless

    Miranda has the same kind of beauty like Alexis Bledel. They’ll never age and can always look 5 years younger. She does look beautiful in the dress, but that hat is just wrong.

  • idiotic

    The black hat balanced precariously on her head against the n.ude color of the dress is a dreadful look

  • sara

    Miranda looks so beautiful!
    Love her!

  • ness17

    I swear Megan Gale is wearing spanx

  • faye

    She looks like she ‘s wearing a giant cabbage on her head.

  • *** JAMIE ***



  • Miranda…elegant and lovely

    For those who don’t have a clue…’s all about the hat at the races and Miranda’s is very stylish and sophisticated and complements her Alex Perry dress beautifully…she looks gorgeous, perfect for the Caulfield Cup.

  • Em

    It’s not a hat – it’s a fascinator. And from my experience of the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival (the Caulfield Cup is one of the bigger races) fashion, that is a conservative fascinator, a beautiful one at that. Very stylish, but a million times better than what a lot of people would wear.

  • asdfg

    AWESOME body…

  • WTF

    Walking skeleton…

  • liza

    she looks good dress and make up wise. but I dont like the big ashy looking flower hat on her head.

  • merli

    She looks like a littel girl.And she has a big Moonface.And she ist too skinny.

  • http://justjared loves it

    I like both dresses I would wear both of them Megan looks great too Miranda is my favorite though lol.

  • Kathy

    Some people should stick to WalMart for their fashion tips.
    Both Miranda and Megan look fantastic! Megan chose a more common hat, and as #’ 16 and 17 said, Miranda’s is very stylish, beautiful and sophisticated. Maybe that’s the problem some are having. They don’t understand style and sophitication?
    Anyway, both ladies look great! But Miranda wins over Megan in style.

  • Kathy

    Also, OLove just posted some pictures from the benefit barbeque that Miranda attended.
    Wearing a casual maxi dress, she looks amazing. She also looks like her normal self. Model-thin, but not skeletal. I guess that it really was the poses and camera angles that made her look so terribly skinny.

  • WTF

    Oh yea, definitely…you could see a hole in her shoulder and her ribs, not talking about her back, but it was tha camera angle for sure…

  • Kathy

    I said that she was model-thin, which means that you can often see their ribs. If you don’t like that, take it up with the industry. But the pictures of her back were the ones that were scary. She looks thin, but very healthy at the barbeque.

  • Lou

    As long as there are models like her, who accept to lose weight to make tha jump from commercial to HF, there’ll always be stylist like Lagerfeld who are pro anorexia and pro ultra thin models. Models should be the one to put a stop to this thread in the industry.

  • @27

    So it’s the models’ fault?
    I don’t think you understand the power of designers, and how no model can dictate change.
    I think that we can all agree that Doutzen is one of the top models in the world, right. She has many campaigns and is just unbelievably gorgeous. If she, with all of her clout, can’t get a designer to change their views, and is summarily kicked out of a runway show because of her weight, what chance does any other model have?
    I think that you are placing the blame on the wrong shoulders.
    The only ones who can stop this trend are the consumers. Boycott Karl Lagerfeld, and only then will he and his ilk listen.
    The models are the victims, not the bad guys.

  • Lou

    In fact Doutzen never tried to change her body, she just kept on doing what she’s always done and didin’t adapt to the stylist’s clichè. I don’t think models are the bad girls, and I agree that consumers too have to do something, but it should be a bilateral reaction, both from consumers and models.

  • Lou

    In fact Doutzen never tried to change her body, she just kept on doing what she’s always done and didin’t adapt to the stylist’s clichè. I don’t think models are the bad girls, and I agree that consumers too have to do something, but it should be a bilateral reaction, both from consumers and models.

  • melli
  • @30

    Unless you reach the ‘supermodel’ status of Gisele or Kate, models have no power. If you don’t conform to the designers standards, they simply don’t use you. The “reaction” that the model would get would be a pink slip. Doutzen has contracts galore to support herself, she doesn’t need runway work, so she didn’t need to change. But you can’t expect that from 99% of the other models out there. Most don’t have Doutzen’s career. And remember, Doutzen wouldn’t change, so she didn’t get the job. You can’t blame other models for wanting to be employed in HF.

  • @lou

    Doutzen tried to buck the system and was kicked off the runway.
    You will have to someone else to use as an example of a model succefully breaking the too-thin-trend. If Doutzen had kept her weight, and stiil was able to walk the show, then THAT would have been a good example for your stand. As it is, she is just more proof that the models have no power.
    Only the consumers can change things. Only they can get the designers to listen.

  • Karyn

    Megan Gale is quite pretty. Looks something like Megan Fox.

  • lux

    @*** JAMIE ***: I think the same…Megan Gale is the authentic face of DJ’s…Miranda will never truly take her place…Megan is sooooo far elegant and unique beauty:she’s the face of Australia…In Europe nobody knows Miranda…..

  • lux

    @Karyn: AHAhAh!Megan Fox is Gale’s rough copy.

  • lux

    @Kathy: Megan has a refined style. She’s the essence of elegance.Coco Chanel said elegance is nothing but semplicity…..Miranda is a muddle of dress material…

  • lol!

    I love how a couple of people are on here proclaiming their love for Megan, when I bet they didn’t even know who she was before Miranda started working for David Jones.
    Megan is very pretty, but she is definitely NOT as well know as Miranda outside of Oz. And she is definitely not known in Europe or the US. She may be the face of David Jones because she has been there longer, but Miranda is on her way up, while Megan is on her way down.
    Megan is over-posing in all of these shots, yet you say she is refined? hardly. And Megan’s dress and hat look like something that you could buy anywhere, while Miranda’s looks couture. Miranda shines in these photographs. Megan looks desperate for attention.

  • @ melli

    I just clicked on the link you provided from elf lady, and I read about the threat that was made on Miranda and Orlando by an unknown man in Queensland.

    Talk about scary. I hope everything is going to be all right. It is post # 311 at the link below.

  • @39

    Isn’t that horrible?
    And the idiots at delphi think that it is hilarious. That attitude just proves what disgusting excuses for human beings post on that site.

  • @ @39

    I have no idea what the delphi link is. I have just heard lots of references to it, but no one has ever posted the link to it. I don’t think I would go on there anyway. I have enough negative co-workers to listen to. I would not intentionall search out a board that was like that.

  • @41

    Most people go there for the LOLs, but they may have gone too far this time.
    Some things are just too crazy to be funny.

  • well

    It looks like the media ran with another story without checking their facts.
    Miranda has denied that any threats were made against her and Orlando.
    The reporters probably saw her bodyguards and jumped to conclusions.

  • mia

    Threats to her AND Orlando? Where is he? With her or somewhere? It is going to be very difficult for Mirandas security to take care about Orlando if he is on another continent, isnt it? What crazy things we have to read.

  • @mia

    The press had been speculating that he was going to join her in Brisbane. Until pics showed up of him at the film festival, not even his most die hard fans knew where he was.
    Reportedly, the threats were made to him as well.

  • Karina


    I’m italian and I can tell you for sure that Megan Gale is well known here, she worked on italina Tv, was part of italian movies and made a commercial for vodaphone who was transmitted on Tv.

  • Douchen Screws

    Thank you gals for always bringing in my name in other models’ threads.

    Watch out for my Tiffany & Co. and maybe Versace ads(replacing Gisele) this S/S of 2010:)

  • Douchen Screws

    Not all HF models are skin and bones….

    Look at my fellow Douchie, Lara ‘the HF goddess’ Stone

  • Thank you mia

    Here is the article about Miranda denying that there was a threat against her and Orlando….



    Miranda Kerr has hit back at reports that she and her boyfriend Orlando Bloom were subject to threats by an Australian man.

    The Victoria’s Secret model, who recently flew back to the US after a quick visit to her home country, had apparently tightened security after being threatened by a Queensland stalker.

    Talking about the rumour, Kerr told a Brisbane radio station: “It’s definitely not true.”

    The 26-year-old attended a charity function in Brisbane on Sunday with her mother and was flanked by bodyguards, fuelling the rumours. Kerr told the crowd that she had left Bloom in Dubai despite his initially hoping to join her on the trip.

    Kerr was spotted looking gaunt at a Sydney photoshoot last week.

  • @47/48

    (ignoring the stupidity of your ‘name’)
    I love Doutzen. She was brought up as an example of what is wrong with HF. It is telling that someone as gorgeous as her is considered too fat to walk the HF runway.
    And yes, ALL HF RUNWAY models ARE skin and bone. None are any larger than Miranda. THAT is what needs to change.

  • wow!

    She looks amazing in Grazia!
    Such gorgeous pictures!