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Rachel Bilson: Passion Tea Time!

Rachel Bilson: Passion Tea Time!

Rachel Bilson slurps on her Iced Passion Tea from the Starbucks drive-thru on Saturday afternoon (October 17) in North Hollywood, Calif.

The 28-year-old former O.C. actress and a gal pal were later seen shopping for a kid’s gift at the Entertaining Elephant store before heading to a birthday party in Los Feliz.

Rachel and fiance Hayden Christensen share scenes together in the new anthology movie New York, I Love You, in theaters TODAY! Has anyone seen it yet? Good stuff?

FYI: Rachel is wearing Degaine Boyfriend Cut-Off Jeans.

15+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson‘s passion tea time…

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rachel bilson passion tea 01
rachel bilson passion tea 02
rachel bilson passion tea 03
rachel bilson passion tea 04
rachel bilson passion tea 05
rachel bilson passion tea 06
rachel bilson passion tea 07
rachel bilson passion tea 08
rachel bilson passion tea 09
rachel bilson passion tea 10
rachel bilson passion tea 11
rachel bilson passion tea 12
rachel bilson passion tea 13
rachel bilson passion tea 14
rachel bilson passion tea 15

Photos: Limelightpics
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  • jessica

    jared is very difficult for you? please do not write the name of hayden when you put crap!

  • Lily

    Rachel looks adorable, I love that bag!

  • karmaisa

    the oc ended years ago, time to get a job!

  • sr120


  • Vera

    The beard has ugly legs.

  • Lily

    She’s in the movie New York, I Love You. Out in theatres now

  • eb

    I really don’t get why you and other sites continue to publish photos of Rachel Bilson. She is so yesterday, has no talent and has absolutely no style. PLEASE STOP!

  • lisa

    Every time I come here l see a post about Rachel lol

  • bob

    seriously justjared you have to post every day about rachel bilson?

  • grow up, children

    love the pics! thanks, jared.

  • too bland, no talent

    Rachel Bilson is has been.
    Bearding for Hayden Christensen and paparazzi pictures won’t help.

  • coco

    What else does she do? Does she have a job? There is a ~ 10% unemployment rate and is it necessary to know that she got a tea from Starbucks? Are you going to report when she pees it out?

  • Tina

    Not to be mean or anything, but she really shouldn’t wear short shorts. You can see her saddlebags and it’s not very cute. Her shirt is cute though.

  • lexy

    If RB couldn’t be bothered to go to her own movie premiere when clearly she had nothing better to do why should we fork up $12 to go see this movie. Not to mention none of the other STARS went or are promoting the movie. EW did the review this weekend – no mention that HC or RB in the film.
    Why are some of you always so surprised to see her here – you know she pays JJ. You don’t see her on any other sites b/c no one cares about her.
    Coco don’t give RB any ideas – next thing we know she’ll call the paps when she emerges from a port-a-potty!

  • Derek

    She always looks like she’s wearing a diaper. Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez have thighs too. But they never look like they’re wearing Huggies when they wear jeans.

  • lakers fan in boston

    another daily post of rachel doing nothing…
    it’s getting old jared, ur overexposing her 2 much
    even i was a fan but im so tired of her now, especially since she’s always pictured doing nothing of importance

    and i gotta say another thing
    a lot of ppl criticize her legs, and as a “legs” guy, who loves chicken legs like gisele and miranda kerr
    for a short person like rachel, her legs arent that bad
    from the knees down she’s good, but her thighs arent great i agree
    but knowing a lot of short chicks, they usually have bad legs, with big thighs because of their shape, bigger than rachels
    that’s why i always give rachel the benefit of the doubt

  • liz

    I bet that Hayden is enjoying the set of Vanishing with Tove and Erin LOL I’m glad he is working and not doing nothing like Rachel :D

  • anna

    i love her, keep her posts coming

  • @14

    Shia LaBeouf and Orlando Bloom are important and them are not mentioned by EW too.

  • she shall remain nameless

    It must be nice to be her since she gets to do small errands everyday…lunch here with her mom, shopping, and stopping for a Starbucks drink. I wish I could live a relaxed life like that!!!!

  • Ahari

    Why on earth is she dressed like that? Does she not realize how ridiculous she looks? Her friend is wearing short shorts, but she looks waaay better, plus she isn’t having to stop and pick the strings out of her nether regions. Everyone says give Rachel a break coz she’s never flashed it, I say just give it time, it’s coming. Desperate is as desperate does.

  • ocsethummer

    Rachel may fly to the set of the new movie, the threads that refer to the chemistry with his co-star may cause her to rush to his side. Watch further JJ posts!
    I noticed the ring is back on, in yesterday’s post she didn’t have it on
    She also not dressed for the cold like yesterday.
    Thank goodbness the posters can guide Rachel and save her thinking for herself.
    If the whole HC and RB thing is a lie, I feel sad for her, because being in a fake relationship limits her chances to be happy and be loved.
    No amount of fame is worth that.

  • Ahari

    @22, are you saying you think Rachel is letting the comments here guide her? Seriously? OMG, I’m almost speechless at the thought. How completely ridiculous, how completely pathetic is your life that you have to look to a bunch of complete strangers, most of whom apparently hold you in the lowest form of disdain to pattern your day to day useless existence? Wow. That’s really something. That brings her to a whole new level of “low.”

  • Felipe

    One of the hottest women alive.

  • Nay

    Is this a Rachel Bilson fansite or something?

  • jane

    the ugliest legs in HW



  • @25

    yeah, is updated daily and has more photos than other sites on rachel.

  • Wow*

    she looks like MEGAN FOX

  • Ahari

    Megan Fox will probably sue you for that, lol.


    I know, she looks exactly like Megan Fox, she is also number 1 on Empire and FHM, o wait, she did not make any of those lists and Megan Fox is gorgeous and to think that she is like her is just insane.

  • ness17

    Seriously, GO AWAY Rachel Bilson and take your side saddle with you

  • eb

    people – who cares about her body. she has no talent and no style. period. it’s ridiculous instyle gave her a column.

  • Leia

    Rachel always look cute… And she is in NYILY and she have more protects too.

    Jared please continue post more photos and info of her

  • Leia

    Why do you compare with Megan fox? Megan fox is a bitch!

  • Carol

    Rachel is done…
    I was a fan and honestly i gave up on her
    she is always doing nothing, have no job, i don’t know how she still have money to shop shop shop
    I liked her a waay much better when she was summer.

  • Carol

    *she was a way much better when she was summer

  • *** JAMIE ***

    i love her outfit

  • yikes

    Does she not realise her panty pads are showing? And why on earth is she wearing 2 at once. Must be a double-heavy period this month !

  • lola

    Why is everyone so mean? Are you all really that much better looking then her?

  • OMG

    @lola: The other day she was wearing a winter hat and coat, now she is wearing shorts. Is the weather in Cali really that inclement, or is the problem Rachel? I think she has a virus of the brain.

  • @lola

    Too much time, too many people, too much attention spent on the most trivial of people. This is the emptiest show on the road. An airhead lauded and applauded by airheads.

  • nickky


  • life goes on

    Wondering if this could be true or just another PDA ,surprised Jared hadn’t caught wind of this and as always her publists comes to her defense the same one who doesn’t comment on her private matters (LOL) :

  • liz

    I don’t understand Hayden and Rachel, they are never together, Hayden came to Los Angeles and spent a day with her and go, why she not go with him? She preferred to stay in LA to be photographed every day instead going with him to a different city. I don’t believe and starts laughing when I read what the haters writing saying they were a couple fake, but now I think all the haters are right.

  • lexy

    @ #19 They show a picture of Shia in EW so we can see he’s in the movie. JJ only mentions RB in this movie – as if she’s the only person in it. Plenty of OB and SLB threads on this board but none mention that they are the “stars” of NYILY.
    I don’t know if RB lets the posts “guide” her but it’s always interesting that posts mention something and the next day it happens. Someone mentions the ring, JJ calls RB’s publicist to confirm they are engaged and RB starts wearing her ring. RB is walking around Los Angeles like she’s in the mid-West with a coat and hat, rain boots, while other celebs are walking around LA like normal folks in shorts and t-shirts – so suddenly RB turns up looking like a normal person walking around LA. People ask JJ where’s HC – suddenly he turns up with her.

  • @46

    She lives for JJ, it is her only forum. Someone in her camp monitors everything said on JJ. She is beyond desperate and pathetic. It is not going to work or help. You need a good part in a real film to become known, she stands no chance. There are so many talented and truly beautiful actresses out there that she has absolutely no chance what so ever.
    Please forgive me for bringing this up, but on Hayden’s website, gallery, there are pictures of him with Natalie and later with Rachel and I must say he looks completely in love with Natalie and not at all with Rachel, it is not surprising but truly pitiful.

  • @47

    No doubt the wittering worshippers of blockhead Bilson will put it down synchronicity or coincidence. Those arguments don’t wash, sychronicity does happen but not that regularly. You are right, it is pitiful.

  • @liz

    We all told ya. Yeah, they’re a couple, so we are led to believe, they say they’re a couple – ish, she wears a ring, sometimes. But, hey, the proof of the pudding etc. Being a couple is more than just saying, it’s doing too. They say, they don’t do!

  • curious

    what do they do for sex? low libido ppl or what?