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Reese Witherspoon Covers 'InStyle' November 2009

Reese Witherspoon Covers 'InStyle' November 2009

Reese Witherspoon looks like a golden goddess on the November 2009 cover of InStyle.

The 33-year-old actress finally opens up about love, family and life with her boyfriend, actor Jake Gyllenhaal. Talk about finally!

The mag also delves into the “Best of the Web,” listening 220 sites InStyle loves. A JJ reader wrote in to say that is mentioned in the “Editor’s Note Section” by Ariel Foxman. Wahoo!!!

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  • ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    Jake’s beard is fugly.

  • Jennifer

    She should lose some weight and fix those ugly teeth, and what is with that dress. In Style is out of style.

  • Reese stinks

    The 33-year-old actress uses gay and fake bf to promote Avon perfume.

  • Nay

    Washed up hag!

  • izzie

    wow with the haters in here. I LOVE Reese and she looks gorgeous.

  • Carolina

    She should do a nose job.
    She is so fugly.

  • kitten

    I think she is beautiful!
    Whats with the lose weight??? NOT

  • Nat

    I really like Reese…! I’ll probably pick this one up. Thanks for sharing.. (:

  • coco

    How do you know Jake is gay? I need proof.

  • loyal

    Reese is adorable and Jake is very good looking. Very talented and family orientated, both of them. You people (most likely the same ugly inside and out person) who spew stupid stuff make everyone sick. Ignorant and contemptible.


    What’s the beard going to say about her fake bf? That he’s really supportive and loves to go shopping? Funny how Jake hasn’t said ONE WORD about her. Almost 3 years this farce has been going on…you’d think he would say something about her and their great “romance” after 3 freakin years. It’s all been about Reese selling herself. She’s the biggest phoniest PR whore in Hollywood.


    WHOAR (since JJ doesn’t allow the real spelling)

  • Jan

    She is so pretty, Go Reese, haters just have to spit out their jealousy!!!!!!!! They should post their pics, so we can judge them!!! lol

  • Pattycake

    Get a hold of yourselves! Reese looks beautiful here. How much is the real Reese and how much is photoshop? Well, Reese is a good looking woman but I’d say they took about 5-6 years off of her face. That’s to be expected. BUT, why? Why is she on this cover AND also on the Australian Maria Claire mag for November? She doesn’t have a movie coming out. Is someone jealous of another blonde actress who is getting a lot of Oscar talk? How would RW like it if someone had done this to her when all the talk was about her June Carter? Shame, shame, missy. Very insecure. I look forward to hearing what she has to say, “about love, family and life with her boyfriend.” I’ll bet it will be inspiring, in a creatively self pitying way…to judge from past quotes.

  • alycia

    LOVE LOVE LOVE reese witherspoon!

  • Ava

    I can’t believe you were so anxious to get out a new Reese story that you posted what is clearly someone’s subscription copy, with the address label whited out. Where’s the fire? It’s just Jake’s beard selling perfume.

  • Sgt Friday

    I have no issues with Reese, but InStyle magazine has really gone down the toilet. It used to be a fun read, but now it’s just dull. And who the heck can afford $600 shirts, shoes and purses, even if they are “classics that will last you 25 years”?

  • UGLY

    Her chin is a third elbow

  • Reese’s Life With Jake

    Mon 7 am meet @Peets for coffee pap pics Tues 2 pm J coming over & we drive in Benz to yogurt shop w/kids for pics (act surprised) **pay attention to kids** 4 pm call PR make sure pics get in JJared asap Weds – J day off – Thurs 8 am pics @starbucks (call J house @7 wake him up) – Fri 10 am car ride w/J to BH med center for pics (act pissed) make sure preg rumor gets in Popsugar (add m. proposal?) Sat shop/lunch Venice w/J take J’s big hairy dog?? (yuck) ~ call pap to confirm appt!!! Sun 2-4pm walk/shop town w/J (go in lingerie store room & bump wall for 5 min – giggle & hold hands leaving) – confirm on Mon “sex in dressing room!’ story be in major tabs following week (RP movie premiere) Mon & Tues – J days off, shop pm (maybe w/Ava?) wear gold twisty band on ring finger (be coy) Weds 9 am meet J @yoga for pap pics/coffee (smile/happy) ~ give him next month pap sched.

  • phony

    fake ass bitch

  • the more you know

    covers =/= on the cover of


  • xuyini

    well…… jake is just way too perfect for this old lady who doesn’t deserve some cute guy like he is

  • ace11

    not ugly..just plain….and her life is so snooooooooooze

  • me

    she’s brilliant. Sometimes just try to remain silent,sometimes it would help you to look a little bit more intelligent. But with some with you.. I’m not sure it would help anyway. Reese makes me smile all the time when I look at her,independent and bright :)

  • Carrie

    She is even prettier in real life, I saw her and Jake around Tribeca last weekend, they looked like a very loving couple.

  • lexy

    Carrie – that’s cool that you saw them.
    Reese looks great and she’s got a great smile! Someone must like her b/c she keeps getting movie roles!!

  • Marcia

    Reese is gonna talk about love, family & life?! haha is having a gay fake boyfriend, having a life? I guess Witherbeard needs some publicity.

  • Simone

    Yeah movie roles in some of the crappiest movies you ever saw!

  • Jon

    Didn’t Reese win an Oscar some years ago? now she gets only romcoms? What the hell happened to her career? awwww poor Reese!

  • ugliest smile ever

    That phony b!tch has the ugliest smile ever!

  • LYNN

    I like some of her movies, Man on the moon, Vanity fair,…..her boyfriend doesn’t do it for me, sorry, guys, I don’t think he is good looking, you know beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I guess recently there’s been more media attention on other raising stars like Adam Lambert and so on and the paps have forgotten Reese and Jake , that’s why I think she is doing the cover,to get some media attention back, maybe a movie coming soon, I don’t know,…….just my opinion.

  • curious

    She has nothing to promote except perfume but she’s going on all the magazines selling her life and relationship? That is strange to me.

  • emma

    Heard she is prudish, but she did a lot of nudity early in her career. –

  • chef de chefs

    I wonder how much IN STYLE paid for this ad???

  • essie

    they photoshopped her weird.. her face looks too big for her body

  • selenakristen

    It’s people like you (yes, numbers 1, 2, and 3) that keep the Hollywood people obsessed with being pure perfection. Get a hold of yourselves. Are you for real? You’re an ass and an ignorant jerk. Reese is perfect because she is herself. Stop insulting her, and move on. She looks gorgeous. Don’t insult her because she’s moving on. Her ignorant, self-righteous ex served to make her feel like nothing before. DO NOT continue that chain. Numbers one and two, you need a life. Reese looks healthy. Do you want her to start looking like an anorexic individual? NO! Three, you need therapy. She’s gorgeous! Rock on, Reese!

    Oh, #12: Ryan cheated on her! Remember? GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT, BITCH FACE. GO REESEEE!!!!

  • LOL

    ^^Reese’s PR @5:07

  • lakers fan in boston

    i think they photoshopped her a bit 2 much
    and her chin is really noticeable in these pics
    but i like her so doesnt matter tbh

  • Reese is phony

    Can’t stand that fake-nice, smug and annoying hag !

  • AutumnM

    Big forehead. Ugly teeth. Chin looks like the crescent moon. Think i’ll pass on this one.

  • Anne

    That is a strange pic of her chin.

  • Glass Houses


    Wow…I agree…Let’s see what all of you guys look like. Why so bitter? Why so angry? Why so blind?

  • Janis

    @Glass Houses:
    “all of us guys” are not on the cover of Instyle pretending to be gorgeous. (uh, not to mention the photo shopped pic). No one is bitter or angry we just don’t like fakers.

  • Eva

    LOL a person doesn’t have to be blind, angry, jealous, ugly, fat or bitter to figure out that B!tchface is a pathetic egomaniacal phony.

  • madmax

    has anyone actually gotten to read the article? I’d like to know what she ‘finally’ opened up about her and Jake? The mag will probably be in stores this week.

  • madmax

    has anyone actually read the article? I’d like to know what she ‘finally’ opened up about her and Jake?

  • HatersLookAtYourselfB4YouJudge

    Reese is amazingly pretty and a great role model! Can’t wait to read this issue.


    Ya’ll are some haters. she looks great!!!

  • f*ck off Reese

    That chinny fake b*tch is annying like helll

  • madi

    I honestly cannot relate to the haters at all on this one. She looks stunning!! On top of it all, she’s a fantastic role model. Every interview I’ve seen with her has put a smile on my face or left me laughing about it. She seems so down to earth and not your typical caught up in the hollywood crap type celebrity. She’s fantastic!!