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Rihanna Toughs It Out In Tweed

Rihanna Toughs It Out In Tweed

Scope out these new pics of Rihanna keeping warm in a killer tweed coat on the set of her new music video in Washington Heights, New York City on Friday night (October 16).

If you missed the first of Rihanna eyepatch pics, check ‘em out!

Click inside to see the countdown to Rihanna‘s special surprise. Less than three days to something!!! Is that when her new single will drop? The music video?

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rihanna tweed coat 01
rihanna tweed coat 02
rihanna tweed coat 03
rihanna tweed coat 04
rihanna tweed coat 05
rihanna tweed coat 06
rihanna tweed coat 07
rihanna tweed coat 08
rihanna tweed coat 09
rihanna tweed coat 10
rihanna tweed coat 11
rihanna tweed coat 12

Credit: Ron Asadorian; Photos: INFdaily, SplashNewsOnline
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  • zxc

    Alien 4 – Resurrection – The movie.

  • umm

    not lovin the hair.

  • Wa

    @zxc ! YOU are a freky Alien! HATER

    RIHANNA IS BACK! With her new Fashion Game!

    SHE WILL BE THE #1! With her new ALBUM!

    Can’t wait for the new hot single

  • Jai

    She looks ugly.

  • Tasha

    Is there some contract with her record label that she has to be on the front page every day? We already saw photos of her from yesterday.

  • express

    Half naked as usual.

  • xxbabyxx

    The boots are great but the hair is ridiculous.

  • Raabe

    I’m just going crazy, want this wait ova NOW *_* Riri DIVA

  • Amber Smith

    She has got to be freezing in that, especially in New York at this time of year!

  • gemini

    She’s got Beyonce thighs now.

  • boots

    The girl needs a new stylist.
    She always looks like a tranny.

  • boots

    …a tranny with good legs, but still a tranny.

  • Greek Goddess

    HAHAHAHAHA #1!!!! best comment ever XD too funny

  • cool spotter

    Rihanna’s doing what she does best — lip synching.

  • JJ

    She has the same format for every video. Strutting around semi-naked.
    Agree, the hair is horrible.

  • suzziey

    no sense of style… AT ALL!
    But maybe she’s cool with that. LOL!

  • vickie

    Rihanna should take a year off.
    She’s reached the saturation point.
    Beyonce too.

  • Cisco

    Her face is looking more and more like a lion ever day.

  • X


  • YUCK


  • LuckyL

    She resembles a Nazi

  • LuckyL

    Cisco @ 10/17/2009 at 1:57 pm

    Her face is looking more and more like a lion ever day.

  • Twilight

    Not a good look.
    She’s trying to be edgy with a new haircut every week.
    Not working.

  • WTF

    What’s up with RiRi’s hair?

  • ewww

    She’s got the “slut look” down pat.

  • mela

    she is so gross!

  • Oh….how…..lovely…

    Wa @ 10/17/2009 at 1:18 pm @zxc !

    YOU are a freky Alien! HATER

    RIHANNA IS BACK! With her new Fashion Game!

    SHE WILL BE THE #1! With her new ALBUM!

    Can’t wait for the new hot single


    Kanye….is that YOU??

  • popop

    …what the hell?

  • Chef de Chefs

    @Jai: You mean FUGLY.

  • sweetie

    she really really looks like a cheap girl who wants to be all over everything… her hair, her clothes her face expression.. she thinks she’s the queen.. look at her before and now.. it’s just shameful…

    she looks like a shemale @ YUCK


  • dfdf

    Oh….how…..lovely… @ 10/17/2009 at 2:26 pm
    Wa @ 10/17/2009 at 1:18 pm @zxc !
    YOU are a freky Alien! HATER
    RIHANNA IS BACK! With her new Fashion Game!
    SHE WILL BE THE #1! With her new ALBUM!
    Can’t wait for the new hot single
    Kanye….is that YOU??



    great post.

  • sweetie

    hahahahahaahahaha soooooooo true… KANYE IS THAT YOU


    rihanna beyonce… they’re all fake

  • sweetie

    hahahahahaahahaha soooooooo true… KANYE IS THAT YOU


    rihanna beyonce… they’re all fake

  • Oh….how…..lovely…

    With a little bit of work this child would still look like sh*t!! Amazing how expensive it must be to look that cheap. I don’t understand why she is trying to bring back the mid 80′s flock of seagulls look. RiRi, there’s a reason they are not still around.

  • sorella

    Ugh she’s so ugly now, what happened to her cutess?! Love that comment that she looks like an ugly lion now LOL, She needs to go away, overkill on her, she’s overexposed. But unfortunately with a new album coming out, we’ll be seeing her crazy hair and styles even more as she promotes it and she’s even more everywhere, ugh, she so not cute anymore, it’s funny, since the whole Chris beating, she is irritating and fugly now and she has no sense of style.

  • Noticias de famosos

    I do not like her new hairdo, has been better, the patch
    does not fit.

  • me

    oh please,you’re kinda jealous or what? she does look good, unusually, she does not like every singer with long hair,curly hair,nice hair.She looks like pirate and OMG,she looks a freaking pretty pirate. Arrgh! and even you call her singing lip synching I still believe that will listen to her song or even album secretly. Do not be shame :)

  • maison martin margiela

    Rihanna I love you!!! My girl ready to shut thr haters down, and takeover 2010.

  • Onyx

    @me: She looks like a male pirate there. What is there to be jealous of? Who would want to like a man if they’re female.
    She sells sex but unfortunately she is not a strong singer. I will not be listening to her unless someone wanted to pay me to do it.

  • maison martin margiela

    Funny how the haters are in EVERY rihanna post. Gots to thank the haters for keeping ri ri hot. Your clicks lead to more attention and more exposure so thank you haters.

  • yipee!

    i think she is getting uglier and uglier……weird.

  • North

    @maison martin margiela: No, they really don’t. This site gets paid to post about her, that’s why you see her so much on this blog. Plus, this is not the type of exposure someone would want.

  • black beauty

    rihanna is so beautiful! i love her and cant wait for the new single and video

  • Laura

    Luv the new look, way to rock it! –

  • Erika Tiurner

    Ri Ri no talent no wow factor especially during live performances.Stop comparing her to Bey this girl has average voice no international appeal at all and she’s 22 and has more sex partners than anyone I know.

  • yeah

    She’s put on some weight. The McDonald’s is catching up or maybe she’s pregnant?

  • MMM

    She does a really god job entertaining people !! .. Even if it’s just haterz on the blogs not going with her style !! .. She can deal with it !! .. Cause there are 7 Billion people on earth .. and I’m shure she has atleast more than enough fanstans with her .. me including !! .. Nobody can bring her down !! .. That’s it !! .. She’s way too hot topic !! ..

  • Lively

    @MMM: She’s not hot. She’s pretty sad. Her strange outfits and bad style probably do entertain people but not in a good way. If she was aiming for taking the focus off her music, she’s succeeded.

  • waffle bowl

    Damn, she’s looking more desperate each day! She’s swagger-jacking Lady Gaga to the max! She’s even becoming tackier and uglier than Lady Gaga, which I thought could never happen. And Lady Gaga is the master of swagger-jacking, so you have to be pretty pathetic to be ripping off her! Except she at least has some talent, which is her redeeming quality. Rihanna can’t do anything except wear weird clothes and be photographed in them. She has no talent. And to think everybody was kissing her ass a couple years ago when “Umbrella” was huge, like she was the best thing since sliced bread. Now she’s already old news. On another note, how can you be 21 years old and look like a 40-year-old streetwalker? Especially she’s black, and black is not supposed to crack so early?

  • im dina p so let me talk

    dawnnnnnnnnn i thnk cb might have beat her fasion sence out of her
    well idk u never oh 49 i so agree with u and black people are not to pose to crack like what not to be mean but is riri black (dont take the wrong i’m just wrding) hey i i think i can post this i/ve trying to get this on here for a whlie but it wouldn’t let me IT ABOUT CB & RIRI SEX TAPE Rihanna and Chris Brown have a sex tape scandal sizzling in reports which is stated that the two may have video taped themselves having wild and kinky sexcapades on camera.According to reports, the tapes may show a side of Rihanna that many would not believe. In a statement to Star, sources say Rihanna would dress-up and play the role of a dominatrix during Rihanna and Chris Brown’s most “intimate moments” and now she’s worried that these “racy tapes” could ruin her image.
    The source goes on to state that Rihanna is “already traumatized” at how “terribly humiliating” the alleged assault news of her being assaulted by boyfriend Chris Brown has been and fears the racy tapes of her and Chris Brown’s sexcapades would only make matters far worst even though the source claims Rihanna has “no issues” with her sexuality.
    The rumors now have fans and the public highly anticipating evidence of the supposed Rihanna and Chris Brown sex tape which may or may not exist. AND THERS MORE When R&B sensation Chris Brown turned 18 earlier this year, he became a man.
    Now it appears that the teenage singer has some grown man problems to deal with.
    That’s because located a woman who claims to be carrying his baby.A 33 year old woman has come forward
    claiming to have been intimate with
    Chris a few months ago at the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans.
    The woman tells, “I didn’t really listen to Chris’ music but I work in the [music] industry, so I was there on business
    .” She continues, “We ran into each other back stage and I thought he was so cute in person …
    we talked for a little while and I was surprised at how much swagger he’s got.”

    And the two ran into each again other a few hours later – this time at a celebrity party. She explains,
    “We were in a group talking and all of a sudden I felt [Chris] grab my hand and motion towards the door …
    I hesitated at first, but then I thought – you only live once.”

    Then, according to the woman, Chris took her back to his suite and the two shared a night of passion.
    The woman explains, “It was crazy. As soon as we walked in, he was all over me – tearing off my clothes.
    When we finally [had intercourse] it was good, but fast. He [was finished] in about a minute.” The woman adds,
    “Luckily he was ready for more. And the second time was amazing.”

    But that’s where things went wrong. The woman tells that during their second go around, she and Chris were unprotected. She tells,
    “We tried to use a condom, but it kept breaking …
    After the third time [that the condom broke], Chris was like forget it and we continued without it.”

    Now the woman, who already has three children from previous relationships, is claiming that she’s pregnant. She explains,
    “I never meant for this to happen. It’s not a great situation for either of us …
    But I don’t believe in having abortions, so I’m keeping [the baby] … And I know that Chris will make a wonderful father WHAT THERES MORE April 15, 2009. The saga between Chris Brown and Rihanna may have taken a turn FOR THE WORSE!!! spoke with a person close to both young singers who claims that the two of them had a “big fight” over photos surfacing of Chris and his new rumored girlfriend Natalie Mejia.According to our insider, Rihanna saw photos online of Chris and Natalie coming out of the tattoo parlour and she blew up. The insider explained to, “While Chris and Rihanna weren’t together [for the last few weeks], they promised each other that they wouldn’t date anyone else.”And when Rihanna saw the pics, she knew that Chris was back to his old ways. Our tipster continued, “Chris tried to explain himself, but Rihanna wasn’t trying to hear it. There was a lot of arguing, and [Rihanna] ended things for good.”But that’s not all. The following day, Chris’ mom and his aunt visited Rihanna in her home. They were photo’d leaving a few minutes later carrying suitcases full of items.When asked our tipster whether the suitcases contained Chris’ items. The insider replied, “yes.”

    DAWN if i was cb (when really i dont) i would get down to buzziens not THAT buzz i mean working