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Alexander Skarsgard & Kate Bosworth Scream Car Couple

Alexander Skarsgard & Kate Bosworth Scream Car Couple

Straw Dogs co-stars Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgard hop into the backseat of a car together after partying together at Chateau Marmont on Saturday (October 17) in West Hollywood.

Earlier in the evening at the Greek Theatre during Spike TV’s Scream Awards 2009, Kate presented Alex with the Best Villain award for his work as vampire Eric on HBO’s hit series True Blood.

10+ pictures inside of car couple Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth

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alexander skarsgard kate bosworth car 01
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth car 02
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth car 03
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth car 04
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth car 05
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth car 06
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth car 07
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth car 08
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth car 09
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth car 10

Credit: Josephine Santos; Photos: Kevin Winter/Getty, Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • Willa

    Well, if they ARE a couple, they’re very cute. I like her better than ERW, lol.

  • true blood

    Lol. They both look a little tipsy and like they’re having fun.
    Thanks, Jared!

  • bigger

    wow these people look coked up

  • what

    what happened with erw? she is gonna be pissed! there is going to be drama on the tb set this fall!
    sorry to say this but he has the worst taste in women or he is gay and is using these girls as beards!

  • Squirrel

    They look cute and happy together

  • Penny

    @what:LOL, he really does.

  • Lou

    oh no, alex! not kate bonesworth. she’s just an ugly junkie bitch. she’s not even a good actress, cmon. you can do better!
    stephen moyer did way better than you!
    i cannot believe this. i hate sundays.

  • fresh

    @what: I don’t think anything was ever happening there.

  • Lou

    @what: totally agree with you. worst taste ever!!!!


    LOL @ Lou. Sorry, he was going to get a girlfriend sometime and looks like the lucky girl is Kate! I like them together, good for them! And she’s not a junkie, stop spreading malicious lies about her.

  • karin


    Totally agree, but personally I don’t think they’re seeing each other. Alex is known to be a friendly guy who makes friends with EVERYONE. Their body language on stage didn’t look intimate to me. They just finished a long project together and they’re having some fun. End of story.

  • Nicki

    i like him

  • http://justjared damn

    She must be really good in bed because god knows she has no brains and is a walking skeleton with no talent and issues with food .
    Poor Alexander I wish him luck he really needs it he doesn’t know what he got himself into .

  • All Women Stalker

    Yay, congrats to Alexander! I don’t think these two are together, thought.


  • j

    just ewwwww totally gross come on alexander we know you can do better then her…..

  • Lou

    @CASEY: @CASEY: Please. Just look at her face. It’s written “yeah i do drugs”. Cmon. I know there are fan people here but you gotta be honest. And i know he would find a girlfriend one day…but he could find another one! A better one!!!!

  • Duh

    13 – She got into Princeton, so I think she actually does have a brain.

  • Lou

    @karin: hope your right!!!

  • Duh

    13 – She got into Princeton, so I think she does actually have a brain.


    @Duh: You know, it doesn’t matter to these people that she’s young, talented, thin and smart enough to get into Princeton. I was never really a fan of hers before this relationship with Alex Skarsgard, but if he likes her, then she’s good enough for me. His fangirls are all the same–fat, ugly and desperate. They’ll need to see him stripping off her clothes onstage before they acknowledge this coupling.

  • gigi

    She’s beautiful but looks drunk.

  • Gina

    @Duh: Oh yes…she is very smart…she knows how to use people to her advantage. She is very manipulative. You shouldn’t be wishing this on AS.

  • Willa

    @damn: Uhm…Kate was accepted to Princeton.

    I’m sorry JustJared, but you really do have some of the stupidest/craziest commenters on the internet.

  • Katie

    @CASEY: No, she’s not a junkie…but a cokehead…yes! Oy can she snort up Peru. Whoever said she was nice is delusional, girl is a piranha! I worked on 21 and she did every thing she could to break up Jim Sturgess and his girlfriend….even though Kate already had a boyfriend. It was whacked!

  • Lou

    @Gina: lol! indeed! wasn’t kate who first grabbed orlando bloom while he was on magazine covers with his blockbuster movies such as pirates and lord of the rings? lol

  • yeah right gina

    “Katie” and “Gina” and “Lou” all sound like the same crazy, jealous person. No one believes you when you say that Kate is a cokehead who can “snort up Peru.”

  • yeah right gina

    Oh and you “three” are missing the point completely. As much as it probably kills you that your fantasy boyfriend is dating this girl, he OBVIOUSLY LIKES HER. He’s spending time with her. Either she isn’t guilty of any of the things you are trying to say about her, or he approves of her behaviour. He OBVIOUSLY DOESN’T CARE what people think. LOL.

  • Les

    Wow, two friends shared a car ride…..shocking………

  • Lou

    @yeah right gina: lol no, we’re not the same person. we’re only people that can see the obvious, the reality in front of our eyes.

  • Katie

    @yeah right gina: Don’t care what you think. I know what I know. Why should I be jealous btw? I just think it’s funny the way people always miscalculate the way people are based on their looks. I could care less if AS gets used by this woman. Sounds like he deserves it to me.

  • yeah right gina

    @Lou: actually i would say that you have a problem with reality. a big one.

  • Lou

    @yeah right gina: yeah well..same as you. lol

  • Mandy

    Birds of a feather flock together. They both looked messed up too me. I really think Alexander is just as bad as her. She looks like Skeletor from he-man, I am sure ERW who is probably into the same “stuff” as them both. So sad poorly played Alexander poorly played!

  • yeah right gina

    @Lou: No, I don’t wander around the internet perpetuating vicious lies and BS about an actress I don’t know. And you don’t know her. You don’t know anything about her. But you are completely and absolutely jealous of her because AS is choosing to spend time with her. This is killing you, isn’t it?

  • Katie

    @yeah right gina: HaHaHa! I’m sure he hasn’t seen her true colors yet. She’s too smart to play her entire hand upfront. Or maybe he is just smitten with all the attention from a “movie star”.

  • Lou

    @yeah right gina: sure im jealous. im a fan. and i want whats better for him. but im not a daydreamer. unlike you who are defending this girl which you don’t even know (at least you are saying so). omg! whats the price for that??? for god sake! i have my opinion. u have yours. and that does not make you better or worst than me.

  • yeah right gina

    @Katie: Sure, because having a movie star father and brother, and working in the industry for a couple of decades, he’s just a shy country boy who isn’t used to all these famous people. And he’s spent the last two months with her, I’m sure he knows her pretty well at this point.

  • Lou

    @Katie: there are people who just enjoy buying fights for nothing.

  • TC

    I think this is at best a booty call or a friendly flirtation and really there’s nothing wrong with that between two consenting adults. At least she’s not leaking quotes about how she’s found love to the tabloids…yet. :-)

  • Lou

    @Katie: there are people who just live for buying fights for nothing. poor souls

  • yeah right gina

    @Lou: You want what’s best for him? How do you know what’s best for him?!? He’s a 33 yr old man, he can decide for himself who to date. And if he’s decided that she’s good enough for him, she’s more than good enough for me. Stop hating on her. She’s done nothing to you except date your fantasy boyfriend.

  • Katie

    You hit the@yeah right gina: Actually Gina…he is a rather shy country boy, from Sweden, who’s father was not a movie star until after he grew up…he said that himself. He grew up going to the theatre in Sweden with his dad. Also, remember, most of Kate’s scenes were with James Marsden, so he wasn’t just with Kate for two months, so, I don’t actually think he knows her that well yet. Time will tell if Hollywood, and Kate, will eat him alive or not.

  • wot?

    I thought that Kate was with a male model. Or is she just cheating on him like she cheated on Orlando?

  • Sydney

    Get it gurl. Guess ERW was just a fling.

  • Katie

    @wot?: Oh yeah…she does cheat. Seen it first hand.

  • Lou

    alright. i don’t know whats better for him but i think it’s not that girl. you can just look at her and see that. it’s not that difficult. and it’s my opinion. and it’s not your problem why i hate her or not. didnt you say that you don’t know her? then why you care so much and try to convince me? keep your opinions. you arguments trying to get me down will not change my mind. so just stop this and go celebrate this “perfect match” which you’re so much in love with.

  • megan

    I actually am a Kate Bosworth fan and it’s been quite awhile since she and James R. have been seen together. They’re pretty C-list so I doubt a breakup would make headlines, and considering he didn’t accompany her to these awards, and she’s acting all cozy with this guy, I’d say that she and JR are done.

    Oh, and the drug rumors aren’t true. Crazy Orlando Bloom fans liked to spread those around because of their crazy jealousy. Please don’t be like them. It’s really not fair to her, she’s really very nice, smart and sweet, and obviously this guy Skarsgard has figured that out also.

  • Lou

    everybody wants to cozy with the new sensation guy now. first ERW, now Kate. it’s the business world. it’s hollywood.

  • Maria

    Not surprising really. Hasn’t she been always trying to pull the most famous and talented actors of the moment?? I would be weary if I were him…she seems to be just after the press attention and getting in the pictures. What a shame!

  • Katie

    @megan: I’m sorry Kate Bosworth fan…the drug rumors are true…I have seen it first hand. Sorry to tell you. She does look better now, but during 21 and press for 21…well, just go look at the old pics. Maybe she is not as bad now, but….she does look coked up in that pic. All red faced and giggly.
    I am not an Orlando Bloom fan, btw.