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Alexander Skarsgard Screams BEST VILLIAN

Alexander Skarsgard Screams BEST VILLIAN

True Blood hunk Alexander Skarsgard crouches down to speak into the mic during Spike TV’s Scream Awards 2009 held at the Greek Theatre on Saturday (October 17) in Los Angeles.

The 33-year-old Swedish actor accepted the Best Villain award from his Straw Dogs co-star Kate Bosworth, who wore a super sexy Alexander Wang dress and Alexander McQueen shoes. ERIC? HOT!!!

The ceremony will air on Spike TV on Tuesday, October 27 @ 10PM ET/PT.

20+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard screaming BEST VILLIAN…

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134 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgard Screams BEST VILLIAN”

  1. 1
    Chanice Says:

    Sex on legs personified.

  2. 2
    Willa Says:

    LMAO, he’s so freaking tall he had to squat just to talk, LOVE HIM.

    He and Kate also look cute together. :)

  3. 3
    bliss Says:

    What a cuddy, kissy man!
    Lucky Kate!

  4. 4
    bliss Says:


  5. 5
    true blood Says:

    Alex looks great. Glad to hear he won. Looks like he’s having a great time with Kate.

  6. 6
    Mia Says:

    sigh….I love him.

  7. 7
    liza Says:

    Hes so cute bending down to the microphone. Im happy he won the award. I think its cute be posed with Kate.

  8. 8
    Madge Says:

    So was Kate there just because she was the only one that new how to pronounce his name?

  9. 9
    soro Says:

    they are so dating

  10. 10
    meh Says:

    pure hotness.

  11. 11
    ugh! Says:

    kate bosworth is so lucky!

  12. 12
    anna Says:

    Aww! He is the most adorable man ever! And also the most gorgeous! LOL at him bending down a mile to reach the microphone.

  13. 13
    mari Says:

    Oh my freaking god has that girl lost weight and not in a good way either. I don’t get it, she had been sooo beautiful and now she is still beautiful, but these pictures make me want to feed her.

    But these two look good together. :)

  14. 14
    N Says:

    they are so hot together! I think Kate finally looks really healthy and Alexander is pure hotness!

  15. 15
    pumpkin person Says:

    Look at Kate grinning like an idiot as Askars kisses her. I don’t blame her…

  16. 16
    rosefr Says:

    love them both! soo cute together

  17. 17
    precious Says:

    lol. too funny:

    he’s so hot and adorkable!

  18. 18
    keep it classy Kate Says:

    Where is poor James? LOL.

  19. 19
    Chris Says:

    That dude is handsome.
    They do look very happy together.

  20. 20
    Dee Says:


    look hot adorable he is!

  21. 21
    Kristina Says:

    i love him. he is soooo handosme!

  22. 22
    mesmerized Says:

    LOL, he crouches like a girl!


  23. 23
    CASEY Says:

    Bos-gard!! I like them together. :) Very cute.

  24. 24
    lisa scofield Says:

    I love Alexander and Kate is SOOOOOO lucky!!!!
    Jaimie Alexander was the prettiest one of the night :)

  25. 25
    celia Says:

    Well if Helena Bonham-Carter wasn’t going to win then I’m happy he did.

  26. 26
    really? Says:


    how did you gather that they are so dating from those set of pictures? Actually reading the body language, she is not that interested…not everyone finds Alex attractive fangurls, but I’m sure this pics and other pics will be analyzed by all fangurls and Alex and Kate wil be dating and engaged by tomorrow, poor guy he can’t just be friends with a woman w/o dating her? I guess we can be happy that it is not ERW:)

  27. 27
    katie Says:

    @really?: He’s all over her. And I don’t know what body language you’re seeing, but she’s not exactly shrinking away from him, lol. I like it!

  28. 28
    really? Says:


    i don’t know what you are seeing!!lol..some of you are pure nuts…lol

    He’s hugging her and its not a body teenagers…lol

    I wil sit back and watch this one unfold…how funny!!!

  29. 29
    alex Says:

    WHAT!! Helena Bonham-Carter DESERVED that award. His character isn’t even a real villain on that show!
    this is so F**ked up!!

  30. 30
    Amelia Says:

    Have to agree. I didn’t vote for him because as much as I LOVE him, I refuse to acknowledge Eric as a villain. Eirc is SO NOT a villain.

  31. 31
    Amelia Says:

    Oh and “Really?” I totally agree with you. That is not a romantic hug. How do I know? He, at least, is holding his body away from her in the hug. I had a friend, who was actually his hight, who used to hug me exactly in that way. No romance there…

  32. 32
    soro Says:

    her foot popped – love right there

  33. 33
    melissa Says:

    @Amelia: In #13? LOL. You can see his left hand pulling her body in closer to his. If that’s not a close, more-than-friends hug, IDK what is. But okay, go ahead and pretend that he’s celibate and waiting for you to come into his life.

  34. 34
    marissa Says:


    ******** around maybe but dating?

    dont think so

  35. 35
    Squirrel Says:

    I can’t stop looking at these photos. Alex is the perfect man. KB looks good as well.

  36. 36
    Alice Says:

    I am proud that Alexander won an award last night. I am sure he will win lots more in the future. I believe he is dating Kate as well. I find it odd that the women he been linked to all have been “SAID” to be drug users. I hope that Alexander can be a good influence on Kate. In past comments people have commented on his hugging. I have met Alexander and he is very affectionate. He gave my friend a kiss on her cheek and a BIG bear hug. Remember the pics of him hugging Billy Lush at the LAX airport? That is just his personality. BUT…I still believe he is dating Kate. I met her too on the set of Straw Dogs and she seems to be VERY nice and polite. I am glad to see him date her ANY day than Evan Rachel Wood.

  37. 37
    Ew Says:

    Man, if she’s going back to her usual schtick of hooking up with the heartthrob so she can latch onto his fame, couldn’t she have picked Robert Pattinson? Please, Bonesworth, go for the sparkly vampire, not the cool one. He’s more your speed.

  38. 38
    Squirrel Says:

    By the way JJ, it’s not spelled villian… but VILLAIN

  39. 39
    burnt bacon Says:

    Alexander, hon, just because you play a walking corpse on TV doesn’t mean you have to bone one in real life.

  40. 40
    ahhaha Says:


  41. 41
    Felipe Says:

    How can Kate be so pretty? I love her.

    Beats Megan Overrated Fox by far.

  42. 42
    Gail Says:

    They’re gorgeous! Love them!

  43. 43
    really? Says:

    @melissa:, I think we all know that, he will prob. never ever meet any of us let alone date anyone of us…I am just saying that every woman you guys see him with , he’s dating, I seem to think that borders on some sick obsession. He can be friends with a woman and not be effing her or not be in love with her…They can be just that!!!..friends!!! or friends with benefits…who knows, but sorry ladies that IS not a romantic hug…lol

  44. 44
    really? Says:

    BTW ..I think they would make a cute couple and she looks nice ..but at this point no, I do not think they are dating…

  45. 45
    ohnotheydidn't Says:

    @soro: her foot popped? Seriously?……..HaHa!!!!! American women are so freaking delusional, I doubt if Alex will ever marry American…some of you are so crazy. Alex is not crazy about anyone in America….He has a friend in another country that he is very interested in…You women are like Baskin Robbins, there are 37 flavors, and he will taste everyone if you let him…He’s a man ladies!!reality check…..

  46. 46
    Kate Says:

    Ugly dress.

  47. 47
    whatever Says:

    If they were dating there would have been no comment from publicists. However, kate’s made sure to state they are good friends. effing maybe, but dating seriously no. they grew close and maybe in the future you never know. he is very touchy feely and that is cute. guys awards shows do this all the time. they have a co-star from an UPCOMING movie present something. if anything he is still dating ERW. Alex is private and if he were dating Kate he would not make it this public. they are proving a point of being close and also getting the buzz about straw dogs going. remakes are hard to make successful so they are banking on his popularity to bring it home. its all pr. personally i don’t think he is serious with anyone because he is so damn busy. when guys get that busy and fame comes on fast they have to grab it fast before it is fleeting. also, he didn’t really deserve that win. this was all because the fangirls kept going on there voting 20 times per day per fangirl. if the votes were one per person he would have lost so this is really not that big. it def ain’t no oscar!

  48. 48
    whatever Says:

    besides if he wants to be taken seriously he needs to date a non actress or a REALLY good one who is taken serious by the industry. not some coke head.

  49. 49
    anonymous Says:

    I didn’t know that KB is a coke head. That’s sad

  50. 50
    Duh Says:

    Kate is a good actress, and if Superman Returns it’s not to be taken seriously…I bet you take Transformers seriously.

  51. 51
    crazy chicks Says:

    @ohnotheydidn’t spot on!!! he will marry European or someone with more flavor, more interesting, some actually…smart. believe it or not he comes from a family of artsy academics and he is very smart himself. Of course he is going to have fun but everyone just needs to wait this out. Let’s just watch his acting and talent and see what happens. Kate is always doing this just like Evan. He is not staking claim because he knows what is up!

  52. 52
    Tony Says:

    Dating Kate ???

  53. 53
    Casey Says:

    He’s sexy, she’s sexy! It’s such bull$hit to call her a cokehead. Never has there been any evidence to indicate that – no pictures, no crazy behavior. Her weight loss was all about a breakup and illness & death in her family. Anyone who doesn’t get that is – I’m being kind – insensitive.

  54. 54
    casey Says:

    I never believed that he was dating ERW in the first place. I always thought that was her PR working overtime. I’d much rather see him with Kate, so these photos make me happy. :) Oh, and quit it with the ‘his character isn’t a villain!11!’ crap. Eric chains people up in the basement, kills some, feeds on others, etc etc. That’s a villain in my book. And he DID deserve this win, his fans are obviously more enthusiastic about voting than those of any of the other schmucks that were up for the award.

  55. 55
    Mandy Says:

    Is he gay? Sometime he seriously acts like it. Have you seen the behind the scene interview from Kill Your Darlings? A LOT of times when he goes to events he is with this guy name Bjorne Larson who is in the interview. PLUS last night he had on purple socks and he always wears the same clothes to celebrity events. Go here and watch the Kill Your Darlings behind the scene video. go to blog and scroll down I know he was playing a transvestite but come on it is so obvious in real life. You can really hear his accent in this video plus he had a lisp. I like True Blood but I don’t think he should have won that award last night.

  56. 56
    :) Says:

    heja alex. Vi älskar dig /Sverige

  57. 57
    liza Says:

    @casey: To the people who read the books his character wasn’t a villain. Its on the show they try making him the bad guy and Bill the good guy.

  58. 58
    @ Casey Says:

    I completely agree with you. Kate looks soooo beautiful and happy and healthy. Kate and Alex are hot hot HOT together but I think they’e just friends.

  59. 59
    Tom Says:

    “Is he gay? Sometime he seriously acts like it.”
    Gay (closeted) actors shouldn’t surprise anyone.

  60. 60
    casey Says:

    @liza: I get that he’s different in the books, …and? The award for Best Villain is for the show, nothing else. I’ve never read the books nor do I care to. Alan Ball has said he’s not going to be following those storylines or taking very much from them.

  61. 61
    melissa Says: Seriously the cutest pic ever. I love how she’s grinning and loving every minute. *is jealous*

  62. 62
    LOL! Says:

    “Kate is a good actress”


    Oh wait…you’re serious, aren’t you?



  63. 63
    yep Says:

    Wow A.S. is perfect I’m so glad he won he deserves it he plays Eric so well in True Blood

  64. 64
    crazy chicks Says:

    @ohnotheydidn’t btw who is the girl from another country that people speak about on other threads. is she from sweden? what does she do? has anyone ever got a pic of her or seen her?

  65. 65
    jessie Says:

    Oh geez, the phantom girlfriend/soulmate from north africa rumor again. lmfao. I feel like it’s the same poster in every AS thread who tries to perpetuate that rumor.

  66. 66
    April Says:

    Good grief this guy it too sexy for words. Glad he won he deserves it. He’s just so yummy as Eric on True Blood.

  67. 67
    ani Says:

    aww he’s presh… And so tall omg! I don’t think they’re dating, nor do I think he ever dated ERW, Villa or any of the women he’s been associated with, just because he’s been in the same picture with them. Like someone else said, he’s just a really friendly guy. He always has an arm around whomever he’s being photographed with and he seem to hug and kiss his friends as well as his fans. And everyone’s that worked with him/met him say he’s so nice. Even his dad was asked what does Alex have that you don’t, and he said “looks and great social skills” But people thrive on gossip, even if it’s true or not. That aside, I would not mind if he dated Kate. She seems sweet, despite all the ugly rumors.

  68. 68


  69. 69



  70. 70
    ganymede30324 Says:

    Best ‘villain’? They’re reaching, big time. The actor’s cute and all, but Eric on TB hasn’t actually pulled off ‘villain’ yet. Michelle Forbes did it perfectly on TB, and if you want to see ‘villain’ done right, catch wht Ian Somerholder’s doing as Damon on Vampire Diaries! Villainy with character nuance and depth, as well as humor!

  71. 71
    @LOL Says:

    Kate’s a very good actress. Have you ever seen Wonderland or Girl In The Park? She is GOOD!!!! I like all her films and can’t wait for Straw Dogs.

  72. 72
    chef de chefs Says:

    super sexy????

  73. 73
    jessie Says:

    Kate is a fine actress. She’s not the best but far from the worst. I like Blue Crush and Wonderland.

  74. 74
    Renata Says:

    I’m glad he got it, o voted for him, and True Blood. They all look great, Anna’s dress is cute!

  75. 75
    ohnotheydidn't Says:

    @jessie: nope not fact it was a guy that initiated that comment the last time…several people did see her on the comic con interviews..It is a rumor dear, right now. However, she is said to be in some of the comic con footage. HBO footage. Jessie it is a rumor about KB also, so…take it how you like. I now for a fact its not from the same person though, several people have actually seen her, I have not.

  76. 76
    ohnotheydidn't Says:

    @crazy chicks: I have not seen it but they say you can see her on the HBO footage as well as some of the comic con footage….

  77. 77
    Gina Says:

    Here’s the truth for all of you that are so happy to see Alexander with Kate and not Evan Wood. Believe what you want…but this is the truth…
    He is not dating Kate. And…I hope he doesn’t start…she is one of the biggest ******* in Hollywood. And a has a BIG time cocaine habit. That is the truth. She knows how to play the movie star game…but, she’s a climber, an opportunist, a party girl who is not a nice person regardless of how innocent she “looks”. Ever wonder why her message board on IMDB is almost blank? Her people keep it that way for a reason.

    You are all a little shallow thinking that Bosworth is the better prize because “she’s so pretty” and she “looks so nice”. I hope Alexander is not as shallow as that…but, I do think he stopped dating Wood when all the fans started putting her down. So…you can all pat your selves on the back for that…just don’t wish for him to be with Kate Bosworth!

  78. 78
    arwen Says:

    Alexander Skarsgard hasn’t been given a lot of air time on True Blood – yet. So, it’s a tribute to him that he beat some big name stars to win this award. The fact that he beat out some huge names could not have escaped HBO and Alan Ball!! BTW, if you’re interested in Alexander Skarsgard’s acting, check out Generation Kill. I decided that his star was on the rise when I saw his performance in Generation Kill. He is a fantastic actor!!!!!

  79. 79
    jessie Says:

    What “HBO footage” has this alleged north african soulmate on it? lol

  80. 80
    ohnotheydidn't Says:

    @crazy chicks:

    exactly..I don’t know why people get so bent out of shape and try to make him date these girls…I just want to know , the ones that are so gung ho and insisting Kate is dating him….do you have lives of your own? If not FREAKIN GET ONE!!!!lol

    btw he is not dating ERW either..people get over it..that man wants a career first, he is not going let pedussy get in his way!!!

    The Swedes are dying laughing over the way American ladies are acting about this guy.The don’t even see the attraction that have you ladies, crying, stalking this guy and arguing over who he is dating… Really ladies, he is a dime a dozen in Sweden..believe me…

  81. 81
    karin Says:


    ani, ITA with everything you said.

  82. 82
    ohnotheydidn't Says:

    @jessie: Jessie are you bent out of shape because she’s african? i think I just explained it in detail , 100% of reading is comprehension. I said , that I have not seen it yet..but SEVERAL people have..get over it, just because he is blue eyed and blonde , does not mean he likes the same. Alex strikes me as an all around nice guy, and he was raised to accept all cultures, like a lot of Eurpean people have. Unlike in America, because it seems to pissing you the H”-ll off, please think whatever you want…I have a life…lol

  83. 83
    ohnotheydidn't Says:


    Exactly…!!!!very private man..he’s just really sweet and accepting of all people….even the linebacker fangurls that hand thier babies over for him to sign…

  84. 84
    jessie Says:

    @ohnotheydidn’t: Right, you have a life, which is why you are on Just Jared, getting bent out of shape, in the first place, right? LOL. And I said “north african” because that’s what was stated in other AS threads. No, I’m not racist. Get a grip on yourself, think before you hit that Submit button. You sound like a moron, flipping out over a few comments on a JJ thead. And if you’re going to report on this alleged footage, be prepared for people to ask you to BACK IT UP AND PROVIDE DETAILS AND LINKS. Which is what I did and am still waiting for. Guess you don’t have any, huh? Oh okay, we’ll just take your word for it, random idiot on the internet. Christ. Take your meds.

  85. 85
    HE'S GAY!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    End of Story.

  86. 86
    ANV Says:

    Wowww! I’m sooo happy!
    I voted for him and I was crossing my fingers!
    He looks lovely!
    Does anyone know why Stephen Moyer had a cane?

    If there are some Alex Skarsgard/ True Blood fans out there and want to contact me, this is my email address:

  87. 87
    @ Gina Says:

    You must be very connected to the film industry to know all the inside scoop on Kate. Incase it went over your head, I’m being very sarcastic. I have no idea if AS is dating ERW or KB and nor do I care. What I don’t like is when people like you spread malicious gossip about people they know nothing about. Get a life!

  88. 88
    casey Says:

    @@ Gina: I think the admin on ERW’s big fansite is the one who’s going around to each and every Skarsgard thread and trying to convince everyone that (a) AS and ERW are dating (they’re not), and (b) that Kate Bosworth is a cokehead (she’s not).

  89. 89
    lol Says:

    Well done Kate happy to see she dumped James to sleep with someone who is actually famous lol.

    Before his fans get exited about this because she seems “cute” as an Orlando Bloom fan let me warn you about this girl she is one of the biggest fame whores in Hollywood she will use her relationship with him for press because she doesn’t get any on her own NO ONE CARES ABOUT HER she jumps from one bed to another for fame and being in a relationship with James didn’t stop her she had sex with a producer and world on the street is she had sex with Jim too .

    When Alexander will try to break things with her it won’t be easy for him she will lose weight to make him feel guilty clinch into him only to speak about it and blame him for it in the press after he finally dumps her ass she will say she lost weight because of her heart break even though she will be with her next victim pardon boyfriend two minutes after the break up with Alexander .

    So no I wouldn’t wish this girl on Alexander he seems like a nice guy and no I don’t find him attractive so I am not jealous as I said I am an Orlando fan and he moved from her years ago so I am not jealous about that either just wanted to speak my mind about how Kate Bosworth operates that’s it .

  90. 90
    Duh Says:

    Why are you all repeating gossip like it’s the gospel truth? Kate Bosworth is a coke addict? Alexander Skarsgard is dating a bajillion women simultaneously because he has been photographed a handful of times with them? And last I heard, Kate Bosworth was still dating her boyfriend of several years. Get a grip, people! Quite spazzing out until there is actual proof of something.

    And btw 54, not all Americans are vacuous loonies. Some of us are actually smart and interested in the arts as well. Quit stereotyping.

  91. 91
    L Says:

    She is emaciated.

  92. 92
    arwen Says:

    Is Alexander Skarsgard attracting a lot of internet buzz or what? I’ve been surfing websites featuring stories on him and the comment sections are long!! There’s this one story on his father’s (Stellan) new marriage and child. The comment section isn’t about fans talking about Stellan Skarsgard – it’s basically all about Alex, Alex, Alex. When Stellan’s name is mentioned, it’s to thank him for producing Alex! LOL!!

  93. 93
    Kate looks pretty hot! Says:

    Skarsgard ain’t all that imho. Sorta ‘pasty’ looking. Kate looks hot here. She’s gained much-needed weight and looks downright healthy – even sexy!

  94. 94
    arwen Says:

    Alexander Skarsgard is beautiful to look at and he has real acting chops. He got two great roles back to back — Generation Kill and True Blood. He rocks in both and he’s bloody sexy in both. Now his star is climbing! Can’t wait to see how his career progresses!

  95. 95
    @89 Says:

    The most shocking part of your post is that Kate Bosworth actually has sex. Seriously, she’s one of the most neutered-looking people I’ve seen in a while. She’s, like, the anti-sexy.

    And before any of her stans start up with the “ur jus’ jellus’” crap, no, I’m not an AS fangirl. I like him, but no. Now, Eric Northman on the other hand…*mrowl*

  96. 96
    Hannah Says:

    He does look really affectionate with Kate unlike prior co-stars/guest stars he was ‘rumored’ to be dating based on a few pics. I don’t know if they’re dating but they do look really cute together and I’ve heard Kate’s a nice person. Maybe it’s a genuine hook-up but if anything’s going on, it probably won’t last like most set romances.

  97. 97
    clash of the fandoms Says:

    @casey: No there has been people from the Orlando bloom fandom that used to hate on Kate because she used to date him. They always called her mean names and accused her of doing drugs. Even though Orlando and Kate broke up 4 years ago they still on around anon blogs and forums spreading their hate for her. They even have a livejournal called katehate or hatekate, whatever.

    This is why when Alex finds a girlfriend im not going to be to focusing on to that. I would rather just be a fan of his acting and look at his pictures than over analyze his personal life and hate whoever he dates or is seeing. He can date anyone he wants to and when he does find the right person I will be happy for him. And one last thing Kate has a boyfriend already shes been with for 4 years now, a british model.

  98. 98
    @97 Says:

    Well if you are a Kate fan I wouldn’t say she has a boyfriend if I where you lol otherwise the above pictures make her look bad because she is cheating on the said boyfriend lets pretend she broke up with him lol.

  99. 99
    lawl Says:

    It seems silly to dislike KB because of who she’s dating when there are so many other good reasons to dislike her. She’s an all-you-can-eat buffet of lame.

  100. 100
    hate kate Says:

    @ 99 Well said

    @ 97 I am a huge Orlando Bloom fan and it would be stupid on my part to be jealous of whoever he dates I will never meet him let alone be his girlfriend so it is stupid to say people where jealous of Kate because of Orlando people don’t like Kate because of Kate End of Story.
    I really like some of the woman Orlando was linked I was a “shipper” of him and Penelope Cruz and I was sad to see that didn’t work out .
    Now I love him and Miranda Kerr he seems to be happier and in a better place with her they seem to have a better relationship than he Kate had and I am happy for him and happy he dumped Kate .
    So you see your argument is invalid .

  101. 101
    Sintia Says:

    I love him! He’s just too cute beyond all the hotness !

  102. 102
    @100 Says:

    You’re right, but her stans can’t comprehend the idea that someone could ever dislike her on her own merits, so “ur jus’ jellus” is the only possible explanation for some people. Managing to hook up with heartthrobs who have lots of fangirls is her Get Out of Jail Free card. It doesn’t help that there ARE plenty of crazy “b!tch, get away from my man!!!” types around, because it makes it that much easier to tar everyone with the same brush. From what I’ve seen, a lot of the people who snark on Kate seem to like Miranda, so that invalidates the whole “she had Orlando and ur still jelliz” argument.

  103. 103
    nesssa7 Says:

    He should be with Kate! they would make such a cute couple!!!!!!!!

  104. 104
    wellwell Says:

    It looks like alexander has gone all stupid and hwood on us and is messing with the coked out kate. check out the link above.

  105. 105
    CASEY Says:

    @wellwell: Great link, thanks! I was right after all! I like them as a couple. :)

  106. 106
    s Says:

    Hot damn!!! The things I will do to him…

  107. 107
    Gina Says:

    @@ Gina:
    Yeah, I am connected to the industry. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I do know about these people.

  108. 108
    yeah right gina Says:

    You don’t work in the industry. You know nothing about these people. Go troll elsewhere, no one believes your jealous BS.

  109. 109
    Warning to AS fans Says:

    If you decide somewhere down the line that you don’t like KB and criticize her in any way, be warned: her fans are BRUTAL when it comes to defending their princess. They take that shizz personally. A shot at KB is a shot at THEM, and all I have to say is plan on getting trolled big time. Also, don’t reveal any personal information about yourself, including your real name, where they may find it, because they’ll dig that up and use it against you if you p!ss them off enough.

    Been there, done that, still have the gouged, battered armor if you want to borrow it.

  110. 110
    casey Says:

    Kate Bosworth fans, be warned: Alexander Skarsgard has some of the scariest fangirls in Hollywood. They have NOTHING on the Robsten shippers and you know how those girls are. Skars-girls are extra scary because they follow him around the country, spend hours waiting in the lobby of the hotel that he’s staying at for him to come out of the elevator, and make him autograph their babies. Yes, babies, these women are married and have kids and they behave this way.
    If AS is ever seen with a woman, they are automatically “just friends, or simply costars” even if there is evidence otherwise, because the Skarsgirls are so pathetic and desperate and delusional that they can’t bear to think of AS being with a girl that isn’t them. His private life is “nonexistent” on his fan forums because the admin can’t bear the thought of him dating, either. Posts referencing Just Jared, TMZ, eonline, etc are deleted and users are “warned” from discussing it.
    Bosworth is in for more abuse (like what she had with Orlando psycho fans) because Skarsgirls will spend every waking moment online making sure that they make her look like a cokehead, a girl who cheats on her boyfriend, an idiot, a bad person who abuses animals… they will grasp at any and every negative thing that they can (they’ll make stuff up if they have to) because they can’t stand thinking that AS might actually be dating her. Skarsgirls are scary, really truly scary. Beware.

  111. 111
    AutumnM Says:

    Kate=Bag of bones

    Girl needs to eat a sandwhich, everytime I see her, I just want to feed her.

  112. 112
    @casey Says:

    Why so serious? She’s getting a sh!t tonne more attention out of this than she has ever gotten for her acting. Not trying to be mean, it’s just a fact. Just enjoy her new visibility and don’t get so butthurt over people not liking her.

  113. 113
    Anne Says:

    She bugs.

  114. 114
    naomi Says:

    They make a cute coupel! –

  115. 115
    Holly Says:

    He’s beautiful, she’s beautiful. If they’re dating, good. If they’re just friends, good. Either way, they look like they have a good time together and genuinely like each other. BTW she looks very healthy. She’s at the perfect weight for her body type.

  116. 116
    katkat Says:

    Wooo!! I’m so glad Alex won!! :D I voted for him every day!! :)

  117. 117
    J J bowles Says:

    It was well worth sitting up all night two nights in a row to continue to vote for him. So glad he won.

  118. 118
    Lois Says:

    She creeps me out.

  119. 119
    really? Says:

    @AutumnM: lol

  120. 120
    Marieme Says:

    What’s with people cheering them as a couple? I despise the idea. She needs to stay with her boyfriend!

  121. 121
    Sarah Says:

    Well, I preferred him with ERW..but I suppose him and Kate are cute (I just get irked by her serial costar dating reputation).

  122. 122
    Jay Says:

    I love him so much. Sorry gals, this one plays for my team! that doesn’t mean you can’t love him though ‘cuz he is gay. You know what is funny? I always thought that Stephen Moyer was short but actually he is about the same height as Alan Ball, Sam Trammell and that other dude up there. Alex is just gigantor… just the way I like ‘em.

  123. 123
    Molly Says:

    He isn’t gay. Go find a real ***** to fall in love with, Jay.

  124. 124
    papho Says:

    @Jay What makes you so sure he is gay? Proof….not how he dresses or his friend…real proof. What have you seen and heard coming out of Hollywood? Do spill!

  125. 125
    Liz86000 Says:

    Love him & Stephen screaming at Sam, lol!! Love Stephen period…

  126. 126
    Liz86000 Says:

    Oh! And Jared? Could you give us more pics of Stephen & Anna please? There was just ONE pic here! *pout*

  127. 127
    @124 Says:

    I’d imagine he’s gay in the same way every other attractive young actor in Hollywood is gay (never bisexual, because that would involve those shameful vaginas, just gay). Which is to say that he may or may not be, but if it helps some people’s fantasies to insist that he is, well…

  128. 128
    Francine Says:

    So is he dating Evan Rachel Wood? Christina Ochoa? Sara Tun? or Kate Bosworth? Make up your mind Jared!!!!!!

  129. 129
    Lou Says:

    she creeps me out!
    bad choice, Alex. Too bad.

  130. 130
    Giddy aunt Says:

    Love him, love him, love him. I like her a 1000-times better than ERW. The thought of him dating ERW was a dagger to the heart. But AS and KB seem like a proper couple. She looks fabulous in these pix. Not too skinny at all. Actualy pretty healthy for a HW actress. Probably a sign that she’s happy and getting laid on a regular basis. So good for them to be dating.

  131. 131
    Anita Says:

    Stephen Moyer won for Best Horror Actor.

  132. 132
    Libra Says:

    I don’t think he was ever dating EWW.
    Not sure if he’s dating Kate but they do look chummy.

  133. 133
    Kylie Says:

    Wait…he didn’t win it for playing Eric, did he?? Eric’s not even CLOSE to being a villain….

  134. 134
    Brooke Says:

    Hello, isn’t being a famewhore part of the job requisite for an actor/actress looking to be a star? I’m just saying…I’m a female and straight, but I think Kate is pretty and classy, I do not think she is a coke head, but I do think she may have an eating disorder or had one. It’s ironic that she played Sandra Dee (for those of you that do not know this Sandra Dee had a huge eating disorder and a anti social disorder as well I assume, after her marriage broke up with Bobby Darin she stayed way out of the spotlight and eventually lost her fame) in a movie and then seemed to mimic her a bit. If KB is dating AS then good for both of them. Kate seem like a sweet girl and she’s pretty, good for her for not only latching on to OB when his fame was starting to rise but now doing the same with AS, that’s smart. I”m an OB fan as well and an AS fan, but I still think Kate’s a nice girl. I liked Kate a lot better than the girl that OB is with now.

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